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Sheffield: Call for public art tribute to early gay activist Edward Carpenter

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Reader comments

  1. It’s difficult to believe that a memorial to Edward Carpenter doesn’t already exist.

  2. He was also a major inspiration for the Pagan revival; much of his poetry and writings are Pagan and/or pantheist. One of his friends was Goldsworthy Lowes Dickinson, another gay activist and early proponent of Paganism. (See Ronald Hutton, “The Triumph of the Moon: the rise of modern Pagan witchcraft”.)
    Carpenter was also a major inspiration for Harry hay (American gay activist and founder of the Radical Faeries).

    1. Harry Hay also founded the Mattachine Society in 1950.

  3. Is there a house that still exists, where he once lived???

    1. Millthorpe has been demolished??? Advise??

  4. I think it’s still there

  5. David Waite 23 Apr 2012, 7:28pm

    This is wonderful news. Discovering Edward Carpenter in the ’50s was one of the things which kept me sane. The fact that he lived openly as himself, and was at the same time a huge and positive influence on his neighbors, was a major influence on me as a teenager. I’m betting Mr. Carpenter had that kind of effect on thousands of us, worldwide. I will definitely be contributing to any memorial to him.

  6. Thanks for this information Pink News.

  7. I am delighted about this. Well done and about time!!! Sheffield should sing the praises of Carpenter as much as Bessemer.

    Hannah Dee’s excellent Red in the Rainbow (2010) highlights Carpenter’s life, too.

    1. Thanks for recommending the book.

    2. I agree, Sheffleld should sing the praises of Carpenter, especially his involvement in socialism (Sheffield has always been known as the red city), and access to education for all.

      Pity Shefflield are also considering allowing the first creationist School to be built in the city

  8. I recommend Noel Greig’s play ‘The Dear Love of Comrades’ which is about the life of Edward Carpenter.

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