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Gambia: We will not “cave in to pressure on homosexuality”

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  1. I hope he gets no help, horrible man. Doesn’t even care about the people of his country, makes me feel sick.

    1. The president actually cares about his people which is why he is opposing the militant gay lobby because allowing them would lead to an increase in AIDs, suicides, mental illnesses, immorality, drug use etc.

      Also, he also cares about his people in opposing it because allowing it would be a major distraction to the important developmental challenges his country face. We are all witnesses to what has happened and would be witnesses to what would happen to countries who abandon important issues to focus on LGBT rights. Words like ‘recession’, ‘cuts’, austere measures’, ‘eurozone crises’, ‘debt crisis’, ‘bailouts’ etc would sound very strange to the so called ‘homophobic’ countries but I am sure people in the so called lgbt friendly countries are familiar with it. Thats what you get for misplacement of priorities and developing countries want to avoid that

      1. Funnily enough it’s the deeply homophobic African countries where AIDS runs rampant, and the most liberal, tolerant and LGBT-friendly northern European ones where it is least common and on the decline. So you fail on that score. Also, given that homophobia is a form of mental illness, and homophobic bigotry is a form of immorality, reducing those would actually make the African nations much healthier, much more moral places. I needn’t remind you that those selfsame tolerant northern European countries are consistently the ones with the highest standards of living and happiness in the world.

        And economic issues are entirely separate from LGBT human rights issues. And if you seriously think that the economic problems of the developed world are even a fraction as bad as the crippling poverty, economic dependency and underdevelopment in places like the Gambia then you’re a truly stupid individual. But your blatant homophobia kind of makes that rather obvious already.

        1. You need to look at your HIV statistics again. HIV is on the decline worldwide but is still dramtically increasing among gays even in Europe! It may also interest you to know that the bulk of HIV patients in African countries have had men to men sex on the prompting and following the encouragment from gay expatriates in their countries.

          In any event, the fact that the rate is high in these countries is the more reason why their governments should take practical steps to reduce it , including shutting out the militant gay lobby and banning homosexual practices in their countries.

          1. It’s not “dramatically increasing”, it’s just not slowing down as much as it used to be. And that thing about HIV patients in Africa mostly having had sex with men is pure unsupported baloney of the highest order. It’s a lie pure and simple. A piece of nauseating propaganda made up by the bigoted hate lobby. Can they make up nothing so ridiculous that prejudiced idiots like you won’t swallow it?

            And practical steps to reduce HIV rates would be things like LISTENING to LGBT rights groups, promoting tolerance and equality and sexual emancipation, and cutting out the vile conservative repression immorality altogether. Those are what reduces HIV rates – your kind of hateful repression only makes them worse.

          2. And a comparison of those statistics with the early 1980s will show that the problem is nowhere near as bad as it used to be.

            And if you like links then try this one


            Since we’re on the subject of West Africa, you will note that an estimated 80% of infections are due to unprotected sex with infected female sex workers. You will also note that LGBT people are not mentioned once.

      2. This moron thinks he can cure AIDS with his special herbs.

        1. Well, Ken would make a good match to him, Ken is as much an economist as this man s a doctor with his “cures”.

          Go figure, the wonder of religion on a foolish mind.

      3. @Ken, Interesting view – You did conveniently forget to mention that Africa has AIDS/HIV in epidemic proportions among it’s heterosexual population.

        Much scientific research also pinpoints Africa as the likely source of HIV/AIDS.

        Secondly – the reason they have not heard of cuts, bailouts, austere measures is because there is no economy to cut, austere, recess – The aid money sent to Gambia does not usually make it any further than the back pocket of Yahya Jammeh.

    2. This person who calls him self “Ken” is proof that evil anti gay Christians come here to post their lies and propaganda about LGBT people. It is these evil people like Ken who are the ones with the mental illness who are socially destructive to other human and they try to influence others with their lies and propaganda, like they did the President of Gambia if he is not in fact also a mentally ill evil person who also has hidden thoughts about killing people they think can harm them. These are the anti gay Christian terrorist who stalk and disrupt LGBT people or any person or groups they think might be a threat to them. In that case people like Ken and the President of Gambia need to be locked up in padded cells.

  2. I feel horrible for the people of this country. Their president doesn’t even care about them, especially if they’re LGB.

    1. The president actually cares about his people which is why he wants to ‘preserve’ them

      1. If that were so then he wouldn’t be supporting hateful bigotry against his people – he would be trying to stamp out harmful cultural prejudices like homophobia while modernising his country’s approach to governance and encouraging the kind of tolerant, liberal, enlightened attitude that makes Europe much more successful and a much nicer place to live.

        1. Europe ‘much more successful’?
          Have you not heard about eurozone crisis requiring bailout for a number of countries including Portugal, Iceland and spain?
          Do you know the number of Portuguese migrating to Brazil and Angola in search of jobs?
          Do you now know that the bulk of the money being given to IMF to bailout distressed and bankrupt European nations comes from other continents?
          Did you not hear George Osborne statiing that the UK borrowed to be ‘successful’ and has now gotten itself into TROUBLE?
          You really need to study recent trends and future projections for world economy.

          1. Because the economies of Gambia, Mali, Sudan, Chad and Tanzania are all in wonderful shape I suppose?

            If you’re seriously trying to suggest that the economic problems of the developed world – where the economy is suffering from instability – are anything like those of the developing world – where there is hardly any economy to lose – you are a grade A idiot.

            How do you think it is that we have the money to give them in aid in the first place, and they’re the ones who still need the aid?

          2. Of course the economy of some European nations is CURRENTLY better than many developing countries. However, this was because of the policies European nations took at a time when Europe did not give a hoot about LGBT right. In other words, Europe became successful inspite of their being homophobic.
            LGBT rights and gay ‘marriage’ is a fairly recent phenomenom and is now coinciding with economic problems in Europe. In other words, Europe’s embrace of LGBT rights have brought about the collapse of thier economies. It may interest you to know that Iceland, spain and portugal are among the few countries to allow gay marriage and today the economy of Gambia and Tanzania is better that theirs. Indeed, Gambia, Tanzania etc have experienced better growth rates than Europe and would want this to continue hence their opposition to LGBT rights.
            LGBT rights has brought nothing but economic woes for Europe and Africa should be supported to avoid a repeat

          3. You really are clueless aren’t you? The economies of Spain and Iceland are FAR more successful than those of Gambia and Tanzania, and standards of living FAR higher, even at the nadir of the depression. And the really LGBT friendly countries – Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Canada – have hardly been touched by the economic downturn. Which, incidentally, has everything to do with financial mismanagement and greed and precisely nothing to do with greater LGBT equality. Why are Greece and Italy the worst hit countries in Europe? They’re pretty homophobic by EU standards. Why is Germany doing very well indeed for itself? Your contention that there is any connection at all is utterly laughable.

            Why not go and talk to some real economists. They will be able to set you straight on these matters. Or, y’know, just go…

          4. You must be living in the past Vic.
            I recommend this link. It was written by ‘real’ economists. Its tells you where the global economy is now and where it would be in 2050.

            NB. I am posting links because I think you really need to be reading. Your comments are so uninformed!

          5. Ken. Yawn. What a joke you are. You think the equality of gay rights is to cause for the worlds financial problems. I just can’t believe some of the cr4p that the troll’s write on this site.

            NB. I’m just writing this Ken because I think you really need to know that no one is interested in a word you write.

          6. I see. Well let us just have a look at that big ole link you just put there.

            It makes predictions as to what the biggest economies will be in the next 40 years. Okay, that’s the sort of thing economists do. What does it say the top ten will be?

            China, India, USA, Japan, Germany, UK, Brazil, Mexico, France, Canada.

            Hmm… seems like the ones that are doing pretty well at the moment to me. But okay, lets go further down the list to see this predicted great leap forward for the tiny, backward economies of homophobic sub-saharan Africa. The next ten maybe?

            Italy, Turkey, South Korea, Spain, Russia, The Phillippines, Indonesia, Australia, Argentina, Egypt.

            Well, in at 20th spot we’ve got an African country at last. But still no joy in our search. The next ten?

            Malaysia, Saudi Arabia, Thailand, The Netherlands, Poland, Peru, Iran, Colombia, Switzerland, Pakistan

            Nope, no sub-saharan Africa in there either. Though we have hit some big homophobes. Have you actually read your own link?

          7. The argument is not about African countries but about countries with LGBT rights. That said, it is clear from the list that many African countries would move up from their current positions while many European nations would slide down.

            On the list I can see many countries that ban homosexuality doing very well. Saudi Arabia, Russia, China, India, Phillipines, Thailand, Poland, Peru, Iran, Pakistan, Turkey, south Korea, Egypt etc are doing very well or projected to do very well DESPITE their ‘bad’ record on LGBT rights.

            The fact remains that all the Europeans nations that now allow gay marriages would slide down the ladder while most countries that do NOT give a hoot about LGBT rights would move up.In conclusion, your point that countries with LGBT do very well while countries without LGBT rights perform poorly is WRONG. Europe’s hitherto good economic performance had nothing to do with LGBT rights and the more they have focused on LGBT rights, the more their economy is crumbling!

          8. ken you moron, Poland never criminalized homosexuality.

            homosexuality was never illegal under Polish law. This was formally codified in 1932, when an equal age of consent for homosexuals and heterosexuals was set at 15. Poland is one of few countries where homosexuals are allowed to donate blood.

          9. “and the more they have focused on LGBT rights, the more their economy is crumbling!”

            You really should read more Ken, you’re ignorance is astounding.

            “Studies show that an expansion of civil liberties can promote economic growth by reducing social conflict, removing legal impediments to participation in the economy, encouraging adherence to the rule of law, enhancing protection of property rights, increasing economic rates of return on government projects, and reducing the risk of project failure. Additional research has shown that civil liberties have a positive effect on domestic investment and productivity, increase the success of investments by international actors, enhance economic freedoms, and can bolster growth through the freedom of mobility for individuals”


            You bare proof ken, that religion is a poor substitute for education, and a crutch for your stupidity.

          10. @Ken

            Whilst there are some economic problems in Europe and some nations have had credit ratings reduced, however the Gambia have had their entire credit rating suspended as it has stopped trading international bonds due to the extreme fragility of the economy.

            Other African countries ratings include:
            Angola BB-, Benin B, Botswana A-, Gabon BB-, Ghana B, Kenya B+, South Africa, BBB+, Uganda B+, Zambia B+

            Whereas European ratings include:
            Austria AA+, Czech Republic AA-, Denmark AAA, Ireland BBB+, Luxembourg AAA, Malta A-, Netherlands AAA, Portugal BB-, Sweden AAA, UK AAA

            European nations have a higher credit rating than Africans (although credit wise Botswana is performing well).

            You compare Angola to Portugal – Portugal whilst having problems outperforms Angola on credit worthiness.

            If we look at comparable statistics in the performance of the economy eg PPP, Trade figures, average wage then consistently Europe outperforms Africa. If we also consider the impact of good economics eg health, welfare, housing etc – Europe has performed better than Africa.

            Your economics appears to be blinkered by your indoctrination too!

      2. “The president actually cares about his people which is why he wants to ‘preserve’ them”

        Then he should use formaldehyde, because gay is not going away any time soon, Ken.

  3. Withdraw all aid, bully them into submission. Horrible heterosexual sinners!

  4. im thinking that maybe the USA will start invading Africa and killing their leaders, Hussain, Gadaffi, have gone perhaps this guy is next.

    1. Not helpful

    2. johnny.33308 23 Apr 2012, 12:50am

      Sorry, we only invade places with oil, and that would be North Africa or Nigeria…..Nigeria has way too many problems to bother with and North Africa already sells most of its oil to our ‘nominal’ allies….we do not invade to make a place safe for its people….it is all about OIL! Well, and money! This is the horrible truth of the USA…people do not matter to America unless they are rich and white, oh, and heterosexual and male…..our country has devolved substantially….it is no longer recognizable to most of us….we are powerless to resist overwhelming force and the Fascism that has overtaken our country, enslaving The People to the wealthy (as it was in Britain in the 18th century)…..history repeats again….it has become class warfare here, or will shortly…..

  5. But it is not Un-African to just take your money, money, money….

  6. Why are the most backward countries often the most homophobic? Or does the question answer itself?

    1. Not the most backward, the most religious. Oh, waitaminute, they’re the same thing. Backwards and religion, that is.

    2. Based on current trends and future projections on world economy, political and military power, I would rather be a Russian than a British.

      1. Then you are a confirmed idiot who knows nothing about global geopolitics or macroeconomics.

        I myself would rather be Dutch, Norwegian, or on the outside Japanese. Y’know, the nice places where people are happy and social problems are at a minimum.

        1. At least you also do not want to be ‘British’. Anyway, I would rather be a Russian than a Dutch or a Norwegian.
          By the way, since you know about global geopoliticals, can you tell me the last time Norway or Holland vetoed a UN Resolution? Maybe, you can also tell me the last time you heard their ‘voice’ on the global stage.

          1. Actually I am British and am very happy being British thank you. I would just like Britain to be more like the tolerant, socialistic utopias of northern Europe and Canada. Indeed, I would like the rest of the world to take a leaf out of their books – because the model works. I can’t see why you have such a fondness for Russia, given that it is so backward and undemocratic and has rampant political corruption, appalling human rights records, a dire education system and restrictive censorship laws.

            And I think it is perhaps BECAUSE the Norwegians and the Dutch don’t try to throw their weight around on the global stage, but rather focus on making things better and happier at home, that they’re in such a good place right now. If everyone did that rather than cleaving to a screwed-up version of outdated early 20th century imperialistic ambition then the world would be considerably better off.

          2. Off you go then, Ken – I’m sure the Russians would be delighted to welcome you to their fair nation. At least that way you’d cease boring us.

          3. By the way VP, are you aware that even the Dutch economy is in recession and its government is about now collapsing due to this?

            “Although the Netherlands has relatively low levels of national debt, its economy is in recession and it is expected to post a deficit of 4.6% in 2012—well over the 3% mandated by European rules.”

      2. Ben Foster 23 Apr 2012, 4:41pm

        To quote Westside Story ‘I know a boat you can get on!’. By, don’t forget to write. (Not)

      3. “I would rather be a Russian than a British.”

        And I would rather be intelligent than you.

        There, we’ve all cleared out minds, haven’t we Ken. So, about being a loser, how’s that working out for you? You DO seem to have a lot of time to spend on a gay site for someone who thinks they are “winning”, no?

    3. Robert in S. Kensington 23 Apr 2012, 2:20pm

      Because of institutionalised homophobia introduced by two of the world’s major religious denominations, Anglicanism and Roman Catholicism followed by Islam.

      1. Staircase2 24 Apr 2012, 2:20am

        Homophobia, like racism and endemic corruption are tools used by the West to divide-and-conquer.

        Religions were merely tools used to subvert Africans into willing collusion; so that the West could exploit Africa’s enormous wealth & natural resources.

        Here’s a clue: Religion is a red-herring in Africa – its a Trojan Horse – not the driver…

  7. ” you will not bribe me to do what is evil and ungodly” – Of course rights of equality and basic human rights are condemened by God and treating LGBT people like everyone else is evil, How could I doubt him

  8. What a historic moment. As over 400,000 Gambians live in rotten slums, Yahya Jammeh vows to defy basic human rights and solemnly declares his firm rejection of international aid money towards improving the lives of his people. Why hasn’t he been sainted? I’m sure such a morally good, harbinger of peace brings a tear even to the eye of God.


    1. LGBT rights are NOT ‘basic human rights’. They are not mentioned in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights or any international human rights instruments.

      1. LGBT people are human beings too. Thus LGBT rights ARE basic human rights. It’s a simple question of basic morality, not that we would expect someone like you to understand. And actually there is an awful lot of provision for LGBT rights in international law. Yet another subject you fail desperately at, bigot.

      2. Rachel Haytread 23 Apr 2012, 2:10pm

        You are tiresome and irrelevant. Please go away.

      3. “LGBT rights are NOT ‘basic human rights’.”

        That’s your opinion. As you are shown to be a bigot and and unschooled fool, I suggest that your opinions carry little weight.

        The Treaty on the Functioning of the European Union makes in Articles 10 and 19 provisions for combating discrimination on the grounds of sexual orientation. These provisions were enacted by the Treaty of Amsterdam in 1999. Article 21 of the Charter of Fundamental Rights asserts that “any discrimination based on any ground such as … sexual orientation shall be prohibited.” The Charter was agreed in 2000 and became legally binding in 2009.

      4. In the words of Hilliary Clinton:

        “… gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender people, human beings born free and given bestowed equality and dignity, who have a right to claim that, which is now one of the remaining human rights challenges of our time.”

        “Some have suggested that gay rights and human rights are separate and distinct; but, in fact, they are one and the same. Now, of course, 60 years ago, the governments that drafted and passed the Universal Declaration of Human Rights were not thinking about how it applied to the LGBT community. They also weren’t thinking about how it applied to indigenous people or children or people with disabilities or other marginalized groups. Yet in the past 60 years, we have come to recognize that members of these groups are entitled to the full measure of dignity and rights, because, like all people, they share a common humanity.”

        “This recognition did not occur all at once. It evolved over time. And as it did, we understood that we were honoring rights that people always had, rather than creating new or special rights for them. Like being a woman, like being a racial, religious, tribal, or ethnic minority, being LGBT does not make you less human. And that is why gay rights are human rights, and human rights are gay rights.”

      5. “It is violation of human rights when people are beaten or killed because of their sexual orientation, or because they do not conform to cultural norms about how men and women should look or behave. It is a violation of human rights when governments declare it illegal to be gay, or allow those who harm gay people to go unpunished. It is a violation of human rights when lesbian or transgendered women are subjected to so-called corrective rape, or forcibly subjected to hormone treatments, or when people are murdered after public calls for violence toward gays, or when they are forced to flee their nations and seek asylum in other lands to save their lives. And it is a violation of human rights when life-saving care is withheld from people because they are gay, or equal access to justice is denied to people because they are gay, or public spaces are out of bounds to people because they are gay. No matter what we look like, where we come from, or who we are, we are all equally entitled to our human rights and dignity.”

  9. johnny.33308 23 Apr 2012, 12:40am

    Since when does an African leader care about his people? Name one besides Madela who demonstrates ANY concern for his people! Bigots! Please spend NO gay money on such a place or products from such a place and lobby your governments to give no aid to countries like Gambia, Uganda, and all of the other barbarian lands who persist in persecuting LGBTIQ people….by the way, most such countries have no problem killing “witch” children or sacrificing children for strange reasons like getting rich or regaining virility….just saying the truth here……why save any country like that from any sort of disaster? Let them be destroyed by their own evil….on this continent it is customary to butcher one’s neighbors with machetes….we see this countless times, and it will not change…see history…there is nothing worth saving there at all… more aid to these places! Let them go to hell.

    1. The threat of withdrawing aid is actually a very empty threat. Western nations give aid to developing countries so as to facilitate access to markets and natural resources. China has learned the trick and now gives more aid and loans to developing countries than the West and the world bank put together in order to facilitate access to resources. As such any cut in aid would not affect these countries as China and other BRICs nations would happily step in. Have you ever wondered why since Cameron and Obama made the threat, they are yet to put it into action?

    2. and then no more aid to Saudi Arabia? No more aid to Russia? No more aid to China? Come of it guys…you are loosing the aid propaganda. Look for another decoy apart from this aid thing that your leaders are using to fleece you for their own selfish deeds.

      1. Aid to Saudi Arabia?!

        1. Ben Foster 23 Apr 2012, 4:43pm

          I assumed he was being sarcastic. If not, I am equally puzzled.

  10. Errol Semple 23 Apr 2012, 1:27am

    No problem. NO AID.

  11. I feel sorry for the population of Gambia, but then again other deserving causes are available.
    If he wants to play the hubris card and pretend he has the moral highground, it’s his loss.

  12. My thoughts are with the oppressed people of that nation, especially GLBT. I hope this evil man rots in hell.

  13. and who suffers? lgbt gambians. you can’t bully them to change they will not lose face. you must engage

    1. Ben Foster 23 Apr 2012, 4:48pm

      I rather thing ALL Gambians suffer from living under such a regime, regardless of sexual orientation. I feel sorry for them. But I agree with not sending aid that will probably never help them anyway with corrupt governments creaming it off.

    2. David Myers 24 Apr 2012, 10:26am

      Any aid given to such totalitarian bigots would certainly not go to their GLBTQ citizens and probably not even to their ordinary people. It is probably used to make the corrupt even richer.

  14. Paddyswurds 23 Apr 2012, 10:39am

    When the people of these tinpot dictatorships realise that the money has stopped they will soon realise which side their bread isn’t buttered on, indeed no bread or butter. The gay taxpayers of the UK and the rest of the western world who pump billions into these countries are saying enough already and no more until proper democracy and human rights are enacted in these areas un-African or not.

  15. Taunton Abbé 23 Apr 2012, 10:41am

    Clearly he has caved in to obesity though.

    1. Taunton Abbé 23 Apr 2012, 10:44am

      Have you noticed how often the leaders of countries that have starving populations are hugely obese, live in gold palaces and drive around in expensive cars? And guess who pays for it.

  16. Actually the vast majority of AIDS infections in Africa are caused by heterosexual intercourse. As is all the overpopulation, which is the greatest cause of poverty and economic and environmental instability facing the modern world. And sexual health, on all measures, is far, far better in countries with enlightened, tolerant, liberal atttitudes towards sex and far worse in backward conservative hellholes with intrusive and immoral sexually repressive cultures. This is an incontrovertible fact, backed up by masses of statistical evidence.

    If anyone is an abomination here, it’s you, bigot.

  17. “14 years seems about right for perverted abomination.” I wonder what length of sentence you consider appropriate for the wearing of mixed threads, another abomination, according to the Bible – 10 years for polycotton and perhaps 20 for wool blend?

    I think you should look at the statistics for AIDS and STDs in Africa; I think you will find that it is the heterosexuals who are leading the pack.

    You applaud Gambia’s president because he agrees with you, I suspect; that only makes both of you rather unpleasant people.

    1. No, a million people who engage in unprotected sex with infected people will yield more AIDS than a million people who don’t. Gay people who always have safe sex are much less prone to HIV infection than straight people who don’t. This is not about orientation, it’s about risky behaviours, which are a problem for everyone.

      And why don’t people have safe sex? Repressive conservative and religious bigotry. Like yours.

      1. That’s not true either. It’s about the same. Which is why the vast majority of AIDS infections in sub-saharan Africa come from unsafe sex with FEMALE sex workers.

        And the only disordered one here is you I’m afraid. Do you honestly think it’s a productive and healthy thing to do, hanging round LGBT websites spouting ignorant prejudiced bile? Look, I know it’s difficult being a closeted, self-hating gay man. Lots of us have been through that. But there are much better ways to make your cry for help than this.

      2. Keith, the practising of safer sex (notice the emphasis on safer as condoms are never 100% effective) is down to the individual, there are many careless men (both straight and gay) that have HIV by not wearing condoms many of them do not even know it because statistically the most people that visit sexual health centers (which everyone should be doing every 6 months) is women and LGBT – perhaps it shows MORE regard for sexual health rather then less. Also children born with HIV are clearly contracting it from one of their heterosexual parents.

        And fyi loads of straight people engage in anal sex.

    2. Keith Farrell 23 Apr 2012, 12:22pm

      You must have taken some medication that makes you such a stupid bigot, You need to look up the history of AIDS. the biggest problem in this world are people like you who blindly follow what the think is written in some book, but you only choose to use sections that you deem correct and forget about all the rest. according to the bible eating pork (Lev 11:7), shell fish (Lev 11: 9-12), shaving (Lev 19:27), wearing clothing of mixed fabric (Lev 19:19and being homosexual (lev 18.22) are against biblical morality but slavery(Exodus 21:7), rape (Deu 22 28-29), child abuse (prov 22:15), prejudice (2 John 1:10) and misogysy (1 Tim 2:12) are all perfectly natural. so it would seem to me that you have no idea what you are talking about, some items you accept and do and one little comment, and you condemn us. If you are a Christian, then nothing said in the old testament has any bearing on your life or the rules you live by because early Christians would not obey the Jewish laws.

      1. The fact you place any stock at all by the ethical pronouncements of a twisted 2500-2000 year old cultural anthology tells us all we need to know about the level of your moral development. I hate to tell you this, but it wasn’t even cutting-edge ethics when it was written. The ancient world produced far better, far more humane, far more sophisticated moral philosophy, and we’ve moved on light-years since then.

      2. And you REALLY need to read some more books on slavery in the classical world. Or, indeed, some more books in general. Classical slavery was certainly no picnic.

        Also, that whole egyptian slavery and flight to the desert episode in the old testament? Pure fiction. No archaeological or documentary evidence it ever happened.

      3. VP, why waste reason or learning on Keith? He’s never going to change his diseased mind. Just ignore.

    3. Robert in S. Kensington 23 Apr 2012, 2:25pm

      Exactly right. Plus, the Roman Catholic church forbids condom distribution among heterosexuals and claimed that it does nothing to prevent the spread of STDs, a claim that has been rebuffed by the world’s leading health organisations. The Pope and his hierarchy should be arrested for crimes against humanity.

    4. Not in Africa, where it is primarily a heterosexual disease, which, by the way, makes your entire argument collapse.

  18. What is ungodly is this man and indeed the African nations hideous views of homsexuality!

  19. Taunton slapper Keith 23 Apr 2012, 11:18am

    Too often Aid just maintains the status quo and ends up in the pockets of officials and pastors.

    There’s got to be a better system.

  20. And how many times must we point this out to these brainwashed religious – homophobia is what is un-African, not homosexual love.

    In a very real sense we’re all Africans. The human species originated in Africa, so human homosexual love originated there too – inherited from our mammalian ancestors. Pre-colonial African cultures had all kinds of joyful pro-same-sex-love institutions. Ancient Egyptian attitudes are the best documented, but there are many others noted in the anthropological literature.

    Bigoted patriarchal religions like islam and christianity are the immoral European and Asian imports to Africa. True African patriots would disavow those with extreme prejudice.

  21. Dutch government on the brink of collaspe due to economic woes.

    It realy does NOT get better for countries that allow gay ‘mariage’!

    1. You think there’s a causal link, do you? Bless.

      1. Maybe, Maybe not…but it shows that the argument by the gay ‘marriage’ lobby that gay ‘marriage’ leads to a boost in the economy may not be true. From Iceland to spain and from Portugal to Netherland, the reverse has been the case

        1. And there are no other reasons why some countries’ economies might be currently in decline, of course.

        2. You cannot measure the impact of same-gender marriage by reference to the overall economy. That doesn’t measure the effect. It is the impact marriage equality has on the trajectory that is the marker, and you’ve not identified any such markers.

        3. “Maybe, Maybe not…”

          LOL! Or maybe “god” did it.

          Is this the sum total of what you think? Really? No proof other then a blustering bigoted “opinions” that have no bearing in reality?

          LOL! Ever think of an education OTHER than from a bible?

      2. @Rehan

        Maybe Ken is a supporter of the Stephen Green and Skinner approach to evidence. Remember how they blamed the infestation of mice in a Tesco store on Gods judgement for Tesco providing funds to London Pride. Of course, it would have nothing to do with hygiene etc.

    2. Robert in S. Kensington 23 Apr 2012, 2:29pm

      Oh and what about Italy, Greece, Ireland where there is no equal civil marriage? They all had to be bailed out as a result of their governments’ lack of fiscal oversight and violation of Eurozone policies. You’re an idiot who knows NOTHING about the EU and how it functions. Now crawl back to the cave from whence you came.

      1. I guess the economic woes brought about by gay ‘marriage’ and LGBT rights are contagious. Greece, Ireland and Italy do not have gay marriage but by virtue of the EU, they frolick with countries who do.

        1. Robert in S. Kensington 23 Apr 2012, 3:41pm

          You’re an even bigger fool than I gave you credit for. Canada’s economy was hardly touched by the 2008 economic meltdown and neither was Germany’s, you jackass.

          1. For your information, there is no gay ‘marriage’ in Germany. As for Canada, the country has been struggling economically since it allowed gay marriages. This is despite its huge natural resources.

          2. “You’re an even bigger fool than I gave you credit for”

            I couldn’t agree more. His grasp on basic economics is akin to that of a five year old. If ever there is proof that religion is really for the grossly stupidity, Ken here is it.

        2. Grow up, you silly little creature.

    3. Next you will be explaining the UK water drought is due to gay marriage proposals and the ‘god’ you retards worship like an OAP in the sky is punishing us all – Will you self loathing bigots please EVOLVE! and stop using lies to justify your ignorance and hatred.

      1. Actually, the UK’s economy is just dancing around the doors of recession and bailouts waiting to see if the government goes ahead with its gay marriage plans.

        By the way, are you aware that in his recent foreign trip, the PM went to countries with no regard for LGBT rights(including Burma and Malaysia) to beg for trade deals?

        I cannot tell scientifically whether there is a causal link between LGBT rights and economic woes. What is however clear is that the more Europe has focused on LGBT rights, the more it has been falling into economic difficulties.

        1. “I cannot tell scientifically whether there is a causal link between LGBT rights and economic woes”

          LOL! Of course you can’t. We can see that for ourselves! But thanks for clarifying the nonsense you have just said, is, well, nonsense. Which I suppose is why you spend your time in a gay site trying to score brownie points against people who are much smarter and better educated than you.

          Were your parents too poor to send you to school?

        2. Oh bless, you think our PM went to Burma to ‘beg for trade deals’, do you? What trade would that be?

    4. “It realy does NOT get better for countries that allow gay ‘mariage’!”

      You really should read more Ken, you’re ignorance is astounding. This can only be true IF gay rights CAUSED economic fall.

      “Studies show that an expansion of civil liberties can promote economic growth by reducing social conflict, removing legal impediments to participation in the economy, encouraging adherence to the rule of law, enhancing protection of property rights, increasing economic rates of return on government projects, and reducing the risk of project failure. Additional research has shown that civil liberties have a positive effect on domestic investment and productivity, increase the success of investments by international actors, enhance economic freedoms, and can bolster growth through the freedom of mobility for individuals”

      You are proof ken, that religion is a poor substitute for education, and a crutch for your stupidity.

      1. If you ever bothered to read those studies, you would have seen that ‘civil liberties’ does NOT include LGBT ‘rights’ or gay marriage.

        Meanwhile, the first indicator on the list is : ‘freedom of CULTURAL expression, RELIGIOUS institutions and expression, and academia;’

        1. And if you ever bothered to read he EU treaties, you’d see they are.

          Better luck with the failing argument next time.

          And the fact you’re HERE arguing this pathetic pseudo-economic nonsense, only shows how desperate and irrational religious freaks like you are…. its why we’re winning, isn’t it? We’re ultimately better people than you and your kind, in every measurable way.


          “In 2000, the European Union also adopted the European Charter of Fundamental Rights. This includes sexual orientation discrimination as a prohibited ground of discrimination in its non-discrimination article 21, being the first international human rights charter to do so. The Charter became binding after the entry into force of the Lisbon Treaty on the 1 December 2009”

          Poor Ken. Stupid as bible.

          1. I can see why youths such as yourself have become unemployable.

            First, the mere fact that a Charter was adopted in 2000 and only came into effect 9 years later should have told you how unimportant it is.

            That said, I suggest you do some reading about the legal status, scope and effect of the Charter and compare it with the legal status, scope and effect of the European Convention on Human Rights. When you do so, you would understand why MANY European nations do not give legal recognition to same sex couples and still DISCRIMINATE against gay couples on many issues including adoption.

            By the way, are you aware that as an heterosexual, I can donate blood TODAY? However, you cannot do the same unless you prove that you have abstained from homosexuality for at least one year. In other words, you would be DISCRIMINATED because you are gay! And this is despite the adoption and coming into force of the irrelevant charter you cited.

          2. But you’re clearly not heterosexual Ken.

            Heterosexuals don’t spend time on gay websites.

          3. “I can see why youths such as yourself have become unemployable”

            LOL! Is there no end to the stupid things you say? I’m senior manager in a multinational. You are consistently a fool.

            “First, the mere fact that a Charter was adopted in 2000 and only came into effect 9 years later should have told you how unimportant it is.”

            I see you knowledge of EU diplomacy and legislation paths is as poor as your economic knowledge.

            “you would be DISCRIMINATED because you are gay”

            Yes, and that’s changing. Very, very quickly.

            …..and its THAT reason it has you HERE demonstrating your ineptitude and fear.

            And that fact makes me VERY happy. Its why we are winning, and you kind of discrimination is dying. Don’t worry, you sound like you don’t have very long on this planet to worry about democracy and civil liberties pushing your kind into a smaller and smaller corner.

          4. Beautifully put Will. I see Ken must have -1 you, you must have hit a sore nerve :)

          5. Accidentally marked one of Will’s posts down. Sorry about that!

  22. Robert in S. Kensington 23 Apr 2012, 2:36pm

    ‘I would like to see sentencing for fornication also illicit and immoral sex’…so by that deduction you would have to sentence every heterosexual married adulterer who acount for roughly 50% of failed marriages, philanderers, divorced people and women having babies out of wedlock. What a warped mind you have. You’re clearly in need of psychiatric help, fast.

    FYI, AIDS is primarily an heterosexually transmitted disease according to W.H.O. statistics. You’re an idiot.

  23. Religion has ruined African states ability to evolve – plagued as they are with organised superstitions brain washing of them.
    If homosexuality is “un-African.” then my conclusion is that Africa is ‘in-human’ and the masses will continue to suffer at the hands of ignorant bigoted leaders.

    1. If you are a corrupt politician or official then religious bellef and superstition helps to keep people in their place. As does grandstanding and distracting with worries about homosexuality

  24. For your information Robert. I am Ken and Ken alone. In any event, people do have contrary opinion. Get over it!

    1. In any event, people do have stupid opinions. Get over it!

  25. Why would a servant disobey its arrogant master? Probably because the arrogant master would fall without the servant’s aid.

  26. FranklyBewildered 23 Apr 2012, 4:37pm

    Whatever, ban them all.

  27. Ben Foster 23 Apr 2012, 4:44pm

    Why don’t you take a leaf out of Ken’s book and emigrate there. See how you like it.

  28. Paddyswurds 23 Apr 2012, 5:14pm

    Why do some commentators on these pages insist on engaging with vile beings like Ken, Keith Aiden et al? It really does baffle me as to what any of you think could be usefully gained from such an exercise. If everybody totally ignores them ‘cept to mark them down they will eventually stop bothering us. Pink News seems incapable of dealing effectively with them, so they should be ignored no matter how provocative the comment……

    1. I must agree (even though I have been known to reduce myself to replying to them on occasion). It’s not as thought any of those creatures is capable of the flexibility of mind to develop a thought. Engaging with them is totally a waste of time.

      1. David Myers 24 Apr 2012, 10:41am

        And only makes them feel important and powerful. Cut them off by ignoring and downvoting them.

  29. Well done to Yahya Jammehfor standing up to the militant homosexuals and the homosexual agenda.

    If homosexuality is illegal in his country, then he has every right to arrest, charged, and inprison people. People should respect and follow the law that has been laid down.

    Oh and Militant homosexuals listen up, you are not gay, gay means happy or at least it did, the correct term for your sort is homosexual, please use it!

    1. Listen you bigoted self loathing closet – keep your hatred to those who are impressed by it – evolution has clearly passed you by – your out-dated remarks only confirm your ignorance.

    2. “Oh and Militant homosexuals listen up, you are not gay, gay means happy or at least it did, the correct term for your sort is homosexual, please use it!”

      I am happy. Happier than you apparently. But thanks fort asking. You should use the term idiot, fool or bigot to describe you so we can identify you easily..

      Now, lets see….
      militant ✔
      homosexuals ✔
      homosexual agenda ✔

      Ah, yes. All indicators to a paranoid and delusional fool. Its a simple but effect test.

      “People should respect and follow the law that has been laid down.”

      Yeah, is that why the “lovely” “christian” guesthouse owners, Peter and Hazelmary Bull fell smack on their little faces in court every time? They should have followed the law, shouldn’t they? Glad you agree, because you sound a bit retarded to be honest.

      1. “we should get out of Europe and make our own rules, one of which I would make for the promotion of homosexuality to be an imprisionable offense, and I would reintroduce Section 28.”

        Yeah. and then we can wish upon a star for happiness and ride unicorns and then look at pigs fly over the sunset…..

        …..not going to happen, you powerless freak. If you HAD any power, you wouldn’t be flustering like a basket case on gay site with lame threats! LOL! What a joke!

      2. ““People should respect and follow the law that has been laid down.”

        “That is only because we are dictated by Europe, and the ECHR, we should get out of Europe and make our own rules”

        Please tell me you see your own hypocrisy here. People should respect the law of the land as set out by that appropriate country, unless I don’t agree with it. It’s laughable to be honest.

    3. Robert in S. Kensington 23 Apr 2012, 6:27pm

      Obviously, you’re not a happy man to deliberately seek out gay sites to troll on. Why don’t you go clean up the hetero serial adulteryr mess, you know, the same mess that is destroying hetero marriages, almost 50% of all hetero marriages, as well as the philandering by single hetero males and single women having children out of wedlock sometimes with different men?

    4. @Aiden

      “If homosexuality is illegal in his country, then he has every right to arrest, charged, and inprison people. People should respect and follow the law that has been laid down.”

      So, no law can ever be a bad law ? Sounds like an uncritical and unhealthy respect for authority and hierarchy. Was your father overbearing ?

      “Oh and Militant homosexuals listen up, you are not gay, gay means happy or at least it did, the correct term for your sort is homosexual, please use it!”

      Who would you say is the more militant ? The gay people on a gay web site, or the homophobic people on a gay web site ?

      What would you say is the correct term for someone who says they are straight, belongs to an organization with an interest in military uniforms, who spends a lot of time on a gay web site, and who has a very strong interest in Perez Hilton ? That’s right … it’s an AIDEN !

  30. Paddyswurds 23 Apr 2012, 5:25pm

    Stop engaging with these vile beings except to mark them down is far the best way to deal with the. Idiots like this die when they’re ignored…….

    1. David Myers 24 Apr 2012, 10:31am

      I totally agree. When I see their comments already down voted, I add another one without reading it. When they haven’t been downvoted enough yet to be collapsed I down vote those same proven hateful bigots without reading them. Do not engage them or answer them, no matter how frustrated they make you. It only encourages them. Don’t read and downvote. if you must respond, my favorite expression for such trolls is:
      Begone Troll! You have no power here.

  31. You cannot block peoples views and opinions, just because you disagree with them, free speech is not just about good pleasant comments.

    1. Free speech isn’t about intelligent comments either, is it Aiden?

      Do you think you might try an intelligent comment? You know, one not full of superstition, bigotry and ill bread foolishness? No?

      Oh, well, I did try…..

    2. @Aiden

      “You cannot block peoples views and opinions, just because you disagree with them, free speech is not just about good pleasant comments.”

      Agreed. But, you should always challenge them. I suggest you don’t challenge your own views yourself, and so cannot stand other people so doing.

      Anyway Aiden, you’re just a nasty little BNP supporter, so you’re probably not going to find many people to take you seriously.

      1. “Regarding ‘challenging’ – homosexuals do not like being challenged, you cannot challenged a homosexual, for they have special laws protecting them.”

        Ahhh, boo hoo. Poor bigot. Has not choice but to bluster aimlessly on a gay site anonymously because the queers are smarter than him.

        LOL! How pathetic can you be??!

    3. David Myers 24 Apr 2012, 10:37am

      If we didn’t have free speech here they would be blocked by permanently by their IP address which is usually not done. But we also have the freedom to refuse to read their posts and to down vote them. That is our freedom that we can and do exercise when someone consistantly preaches hatred and bigotry. They may have freedom of speech, but they don’t have freedom to be read, unless we grant that to them. I won’t anymore for proven bigots.

  32. Strange…according to this site:
    “The Gambia is not a spectacularly large country, but local people have gained the reputation of being one of the most welcoming folk in Africa and the country is often called the ‘Smiling Coast’. Tourism has been growing and is now a major source of income for the Gambian economy, accounting for approximately 12% of local GDP. It is also significant for the job market, as nearly 100,000 people are currently employed in tourism and related industries. Local government recently introduced an ambitious plan for tourism in The Gambia, as President Jammeh along with the Hon. Minister of Tourism & Culture revealed the new marketing strategy and tourism logo. According to the official announcements, a major investment will be made in order to support the new aspiring plans to revive Gambian tourism”…I guess I know where I won’t be going for my hols this year:-)….

    1. If that is how you choose your holiday destination, you would be left with an extremely short and unattractive list.

      1. *rolls eyes*

        What a pointless thing to say.

      2. Staircase2 24 Apr 2012, 2:15am

        Thats a stupid thing to say, ‘Ken’

        Its called ‘conscious tourism’ – and clearly something you should be educating yourself about…

  33. I see Keith’s spelling has gone south again…. he’s back to the bottle obviously.

    Poor Keith, the ex-gay treatment drove him to madness and drink….. tut-tut. How sad.

  34. @Ken/Keith/S/Skinner

    “For your information Robert. I am Ken and Ken alone. In any event, people do have contrary opinion. Get over it!”

    “Listen up Bob. I do not post as any of the individuals you mention. Get your money back on that crystal ball!”

    Of course you are different people. You are certainly not different personalities in the same schizoid mind. Goodness no.

  35. *rolls his eyes* … is this really anything new? Africa is known for their anti-gay opinions and many African countries are still living in the 18th century as far as human rights go. No country should give this man, or his country ANY aid until they provide protections to all citizens equally.

  36. So the Rwandan genocide was very African then? Malnutrition and child mortality are very African then? Kleptocracy is very African then? Mass heterosexual AIDS is very African then?

    Strange what really worries this man.

  37. Staircase2 24 Apr 2012, 2:13am

    Bloody idiot…

    …the ungodly bastard

    What I don’t get is how, having been paid, cajoled, prompted, corrupted, fed and watered by Britain & the rest of the West for so long, these tinpot despots are stupid enough not to realise their homophobia is a legacy of Empire…

    and that, far from ‘homosexuality’ being ‘un-African’ it is actually HOMOPHOBIA which is un-African…(having been directly exported to Africa by the colonialists and missionaries in the first place…


  38. auntie babs 24 Apr 2012, 2:29am

    no problem,hunni bunnie, stop taking the aid….reimburse us all that we have already given you (including red cross bundles that go purely to your elite)… not expect our help in your next drought or whatever and we’ll call it quits shall we?

  39. The no human rights no aid strategy seems to be having an affect otherwise they wouldn’t be protesting like this.

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