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Adele unveiled as a new ‘gay icon’

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Reader comments

  1. Trudylynne O'Brien 22 Apr 2012, 6:52pm

    Adele is my fav artist!
    Way to go Girlfriend!

  2. Really? I mean… really!?

  3. I love Adele and all that and think she is a totally amazing singer… but sorry… I’ve never heard of her doing anything for the gay community… Lady Gaga was SO the better choice. Adele hasn’t even done an ‘It Gets Better’ video!!!

  4. Don’t understant why!?

    1. exactly i am bi and i like her but i don;t think she represenets the gay community. but hell i hate lady gagas style of music so really gaga is not my icon.

  5. A self-selecting audience poll hardly counts as definitive. What this should really say is: more than half of Gaydar Radio listeners who could be bothered to vote said they preferred Adele.

    2000 votes is approximately 0.09% of the weekly audience (according to Rajar figures quoted on QSoft’s website).

  6. chris lowcase 22 Apr 2012, 7:53pm

    im not a fan, but as a musician i have to admire her talent. shes a breath of fresh air in popular culture. BUT are we not getting confused with adele starr? i think to be a gay icon you would have to be known for your stance on LGBT righs, like gaga or daniel radcliffe. i dont think musical taste has any constistency with sexuality.

    i can only find information on adele starr :S

  7. what utter rubbish . so this article implies alll gay people are the same. This is the gat version of the sun idiots

  8. What exactly is a “gay icon”? It seems like it’s just a regular celebrity. Or am I mistaken? I love Adele but she’s hardly at a Lady Gaga level of activism…

  9. Um… i’m not a huge fan of Adele if im honest, i mean, i know she has an amazing voice, her songs just seem to be about the same thing: trashing her exes. How is she a gay icon?? did i miss something?? Should have been Lady GaGa, considering all she’s done for the comunity (yes, i know thats spelt wrong) activism wise xx

  10. I’ve always loved Adele since I first heard her music in 2007 (Chasing Pavements was used on an iPod ad). I think she is an amazingly talented artist and a thoroughly genuine person who laughs like a drain, swears like a trooper and still has her feet on the ground. I wouldn’t say I hate Lady GaGa (some of her stuffs OK) but I’m not her biggest fan.

    But I’ve never heard one single view on LGBT utter from Adele’s mouth. I’ve never seen her have any involvement with LGBT movements. I wish I had, but she is completely absent from LGBT. Lady Gaga on the other hand is done tonnes. So a lot of gay guys like her music, so do a lot of straight people, she’s massive. Is this cos she’s now lost a bunch of weight and looked stunning on the cover of Vogue? Please tell me I’m wrong. Please tell me that isn’t still the reigning criteria.

  11. Anton Hysen should have won

  12. I suspect that she was top of the poll because of her popularity and because she is outspoken, just not about LGBTI rights etc. It possibly demonstrates the vacuum of much of gay culture and of many gay people today, whereby they admire someone with a bit of balls who is not conventionally beautiful, and yet are lacking any sense of context as to the fact that she has no known connection with the gay community.

  13. There are many artists who subscribe to being a “Gay Icon.”

    But what does it really mean??

    Most of these celebrities have amassed vast fortunes and got very rich because of us.

    They know where the market is,and have used it to their advantage.

    Good on them. I have never had a favourite artist. I like good music, whoever they are.

    I don’t even own a Kylie record.

    Petshop Boys are probably my most favourite

  14. I ADORE this woman but let’s hold on a second shall we?

    Cher, Madonna, Kylie and Gaga.
    That. Is. It.

  15. lighten up everybody. adele is basically a very popular camp gay man in a woman’s body. this is all just a bit of a joke, stop reacting like adele has been voted the leader of the gays.

    1. I have to say part of me agrees with you. The thing is that making someone iconic to the gays (or in this case gay men) on the basis that they meet the stereotype, that they’re glamorous, sassy, pop culture, outrageous, the straight woman wronged by straight men (Adele) or sexually alluring to them (Kylie) – i.e. a Diva, well it’s never sat well with me. It continues the myth that we’re all part of some exclusive club. We’re not. We’re physically & emotionally attracted to other men, it starts and ends there. I can be as camp as christmas, I like girly chick flicks, I bake a good cake and I can bitch with the best of ’em. But I’m also scruffy a lot of the time, I don’t mince, I like Top Gear (when Jeremy Clarkson isn’t being too much of an odious buffoon), I belch loudly in public – I know what a catch! I get sick of still having to deal with new young female friends who are still in a Sex & the City time warp and think I’m going to take them to G-A-Y & Kylie concerts ….

    2. …. we both like men before they’ve even bothered to get to know me properly as a person and established whether I’m actually up for that.

      The gay icon serves to perpetuate that myth. I’m not saying lets not have some fun, if we didn’t then life is a very dull place. But it is something I still find to be a conflict of interests.

  16. I love her music and alto/tenor voice but I don’t think she is a “gay” icon.I never heard her support or advocate for our rights. i think people like Lady Ga Ga, Madonna, and even Dolly Parton for her past support should be awarded that designation?

  17. Robert in S. Kensington 23 Apr 2012, 2:52pm

    Now if she declared support for marriage equality, then maybe ‘gay icon’ might have some truth to it. Until then, she’s done nothing to address inequality faced by the LGBT community. Lady Gaga is pro-active, Madonna has spoken out many times, so has Cher and many other American entertainment celebrities. What do we have, Daniel Radcliffe who has not even addressed marriage equality and Sir Ian McKellan on occasion? Piss poor if you ask me.

  18. I am sorry for being a little cynical but I think gay icons win this title too easily. I mean, even freaking Britney Spears is considered a gay icon and she never made anything to be considered one.

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