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An influential US rabbi ‘comes out’ as an LGBT ally

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Reader comments

  1. He is quite right – it is a life or death issue in play here. Socially acceptable institutional homophobia is causing injury and loss of life to the young and the vulnerable and it is time that religious denominations saw and accepted their role in that – and took strong steps to correct the damage.

  2. “One of the most crucial roles of faith leaders today is to go beyond our comfort zones..”

    Bravo that man. If only more people within the Church of England thought the same then people wouldn’t be walking away from it in the droves.

  3. Words can’t express how I admire and love this this man for as he says “Coming out in support.”

  4. Thank God for this man of God for taking a stand as a gay ally of LGBT people, who can see that anti-gay religions are harming God’s children in the name of their religions. LGBT people need more allies like him to stand up and help support the saving the lives of LGBT people around the world. It is a sin to do nothing when you see the gay children being destroyed by evil and to do nothing to stop it. Shalom

  5. How nice. Two years of queer teen suicides, and he’s noticed. And he’s “an ally” for what, exactly? Marriage equality? Employment non-discrimination? Equal housing?
    The details, please.

  6. GingerlyColors 22 Apr 2012, 1:55pm

    It is worth noting that the large Jewish Lobby in the USA is linked to the Republican Party in the same way that the Irish Lobby is associated with the Democrats. Some Jewish Republicans have even supported marriage equality.

    1. You’re partially right. There are conservative US Jews who are more comfortable with the Republican party and who support LGBT equality in some and sometimes many aspects. However, on the whole, US Jews seem fairly liberal and are either independents or associated with the Democratic party.

  7. Thank you Rabbi, you have shown that leaders can fight for what they believe in! They do not have to live in fear of standing up for what is right. You make me feel proud to be a Jew and hope for a better tomorrow!
    Articles like these have inspired me to make a website/blog to help in this fight!
    “Ideas of an American Gay Syrian Orthodox Jew” by Rich Dweck

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