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Video: Parents and friends of gay Mormons release ‘It gets better’ video

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Reader comments

  1. Why are you promoting this Mormon propaganda? This has more to do with electing Mitt Romney President of the United States than it does with preventing the suicide of gay youth.

    1. It may be a political campaign but it’s still a nice change from “God hates fags”

      1. How is “my son has same sex attraction” and “gays come on to straight guys” and “all gay people are sad and lonely” any better than “god hates fags?”

        To me it’s all just more slander on our community. This video is extremely dangerous.

    2. Absolutely, Jay.

      Mittens is shaking the Etch-a-Sketch (his advisors description of him) and working to shake off the extremism and hope that no one looks behind the curtain to see the amount of money from the LDS being spent on attacking LGBT rights across the US.

      The LDS was a leading power, and major source of funding, that caused Prop H8 to pass in California. Do we really, honestly, believe that they have had a change of heart in less than 4 years? (And are we supposed to not look behind the curtain and see how much is being spent in CA to continue the sadistic legal fight?)

      1. You got that right !

  2. Will you people get into your narrow minded heads not all religious people are homophobes! I found this video to be uplifting. STOP COMPLAINING.

    1. Believe me, Mormons are homophobes.

      1. That’s a wonderfully wide brush you have.

        1. Do you know anything about the LDS Church? If you do, you would not think that it is a broad brush to declare that Mormons are homophobes, notwithstanding the possibility that some individual Mormons may not be. The Mormon Church has financed homophobia across the world, from Polynesia to California. The suicide rate of Mormon gay youth is astronomical, not because of a lack of “It Gets Better” videos, but because of Mormon belief. There is something appallingly cynical about their highjacking of the “It Gets Better” project.

          1. “There is something appallingly cynical about their highjacking of the “It Gets Better” project.”… just as Matt Romney approache$ the white House.

          2. Sad you are so radical that you can not even here the message going out to our youth. Bless you and hope you find understanding what this message was for, nothing to do with politics.

        2. No. Jay is right. The mormons treat LGBT people very badly. You should learn something about how the mormons treat their LGBT followers before you judge someone else as having a broad brush. The mormon faith is homophobic.

        3. Jay is correct. Mormons hate gay people and this video seems to support that. Say you love us all you want… We do not “have same sex attraction.” we’re gay.

    2. You’re being duped.

      This video isn’t an independent production, it was made by the higher ups at the Mormon church and it’s filled with homophobic double speak like “my son has same sex attraction” like it’s a mental disorder and that “I don’t know what it’s like to be gay but I know what it’s like to be sad and lonely’ like all gay people are depressed.

      Add to that the “if a gay came on to me, I’d hug him” which dehumanizes us by calling us “gays” and not “gay people” and furthers the idea that gay people are sexual predators and just need their father’s love to cure us.

      This video is homophobic and dangerous, not uplifting. Stop being so gullible.

  3. they tried to kill themselves because their conditioning is a lie, god is a lie, the church know this at top level, it is about money and control and votes..there is light and love but throw away your books written by limited men and see the true face of eternity

  4. The truth about these Mormons is the fact that if you are LGBT and act on you sexual desires, or have gay sex you can be thrown out of the Mormon Church for being a active homosexual. That is the truth and there are many who have been Excommunicated from the Mormon Church also know as the LDS Church or Latter Day Saints Church. The members of the Mormon Church have a councils that will banish you from their church. They know this and yet they push this propaganda to make them look good. The truth is they oppress their LGBT people in the Mormon Church to not have sex and if they do they kick them to the curb. Get real Mormons no matter how you try to make yourselves look good you are just another Christian hate group, Mormons are anti-LGBT or anti-gay. You are not pro gay you are anti-gay, stop lying to the world. Shame on you Mormons for stopping gay marriage and now trying to make yourselves look good by lying to the people when you do not accept active gays. The real world has gaysex

  5. Dr Robin Guthrie 21 Apr 2012, 3:33am

    All very nice.

    However why be a member of such a cult when it clearly hates you.

    Religion is illogical poison and the sooner the planet is rid of it the more humanity will advance.

    1. Jane Wilkinson 21 Apr 2012, 9:07am

      Because if you are born into this “cult” and generations of your family have been part of it, it is a whole way of life. You may not want to leave even long after you’ve stopped believing in its teachings. This situation, too, demands compassion. Whilst the LDS Church undeniably only recognises straight relationships, members are not taught to actively hate anyone (unlike Westboro Baptist Church for example).
      FYI – I’m a non-practising Mormon.

      1. Exactly. It’s a matter of spiritual identity.

  6. These are parents and friends of gay Mormons. I don’t for a moment doubt their sincerity. Not all Mormons are homophobes just like not all Catholics are homophobes just because the Church’s position on the LGBT community reflects that. I was very moved by the clip and believe these people are trying to be Christ-like and show unconditional love. Kudos to them!

    1. I agree 100% and I am a gay mormon. The church has reached out to help me understand the gospel. They have not condemned me, they are working with me, answering many questions I have had about Jesus, and

      Those who are atheist, agnostic, or of another faith, do not understand and that is why they lash out. I hope time will soften their hearts..

      1. Sorry. No. If you’re a mormon, you are the enemy.

        Be part of the minuscule gay Mormon house slaves if you want. But 10% of your income goes to the monolithic corporation that paid for prop 8. You are not part of the solution, you are a symptom of the disease.

    2. They’re not sincere at all. This is just a new Mormon campaign trying to repair their image.

      They didn’t realize that people would hate them so much after prop 8. This is just damage control.

      Astro turf from the people who brought you prop 8, The Duggar kids and dirty movies in your hotel room.

  7. it gets better is dangerous. its raises expectations ands creates disappointment. the campaign should be to ensure kids keep themselves safe and do not feel forced to come out in a hostile enviroment like school where you are forced to go. you can’t leave it like a bad joband for young minds it can be overwhelming

  8. Bait and switch.

    Their “Chosen one” Romney has finished his extreme right swing to virtually secure the nomination. Now they need to dial back the extremism to make themselves more palatable to the mainstream, swing and independent voters.

    I don’t buy this for one single second.

    1. You have to realize…there are active Mormons in good standing out there who usually vote for Democrats, and are not fond of Romney.

    2. I am a Mormon and I do not support Mitt Romney, nor those mormon politicians in Arizona that are always in the news about their corruption. Just like anything else, there is good and bad in all organizations. Don’t make fanatical statements you can not back up. Words come too easy for you people who spread gossip. The Church is not asking its members to support Romney! That is our right to choose, just like everyone else in the United States.

  9. The Church of the Latter Day Saints only allowed black people into their fold after 1978. Apparently God told them he’d changed his mind about racism.

  10. Since I am from a liberal Democratic-leaning Mormon family, born in Oceania but currently living in Utah, I see gay rights in Utah as one of the most important gay rights struggles out there – the stakes are higher, and any success is sweeter. In Utah, Mormons tend to skew 90% Republican, but are far more diverse in political spectrum internationally. My family are not fond of Mitt Romney – we find him cold and artificial.

    There are very active Mormon gay rights support groups. And because of the highly polarized Utah political landscape (non-Mormon Democratic establishment in Salt Lake County, Mormon Republican establishment in most of the rest of the state), they can be very non-partisan, rejecting the extremes of both hard-right Mormons and of anti-Mormons. They are seeking greater acceptance and dignity of gay people within the Mormon community, where 1 in 3 gay Mormons commits suicide. (cont.)

    1. One of the important things to understand about the Mormon community, is that Mormons – both on the right and on the left – tend to have a strong spiritual and personal identity of being a Mormon, even if they are not active. To ask them to stop being Mormons in any regard is considered about as cruel as asking a gay person to stop being gay. However, there is always room for reform within the Mormon world. Even Mormon leaders themselves have culturally varied between the right and the left, with some high-ranking apostles and first counselors having been registered Democrats.

      I don’t see an inherent problem of Mormon culture existing. What I see is a problem of radicalism within Mormon culture of the intermountain western U.S., which has traditionally been geographically and culturally isolated, and people don’t grasp the concept of separation of religion from civil society that Mormons elsewhere understand is an important protection of both their faith and of the state. (cont)

    2. We in the LGBT community should be supporting our natural allies in Mormon gay rights support groups, including Affirmation, Mormons for Marriage, and efforts like this BYU “It Gets Better” project. The situation for gay Mormons is still far from ideal, but it has been gradually improving. And every little advance is sweet. When the church announced it endorsed antidiscrimination for LGBT people in housing and employment, it gave a major boost to our community. It also had tectonic effects on Mormon society, with now 2/3 of Mormons agreeing with the church’s statement. Politically Utah has still been gridlocked, as the state political establishment skews heavily Republican, and the church’s announcement actually prompted them for the first time to complain for separation of church and state. But things are changing…I hope eventually for the better. (cont.)

    3. Please lend moral support to the Mormon gay rights movement. We are natural allies, and it is in our best interests to work together in the common cause of securing LGBT rights and dignity.

      1. You know as well as I do that the only help you can expect from the Mormon church is advice on how to overcome sinful behavior.

        What else can I say but that we all need to take responsibility for who we are and for what we do, for the way we face and deal with the world, and ultimately for the way the world is.

        What’s the point of persuading the LDS that being gay is natural when the point of LDS is to convince the world that humanity need to rise above nature?

        1. Evergreen is a cynical ex-gay organization, and both Affirmation and Mormons For Marriage oppose it. Since Evergreen was founded, even the church itself has accepted that gay people are probably biologically that way and cannot be forced straight, and deserve sympathy for this. The problem that still exists is that the conclusion the church currently draws from this is that gay people are diseased with a lifelong incurable illness. Things have improved little by little, and younger Mormons tend to be far more accepting of gay people than the very elderly leaders. The church needs to reach an acceptance of gay people as not diseased, but subject to theological mysteries beyond their temporal understanding.

          Meanwhile, even for gay Mormons, Mormon identity is very strong. It would be as cruel to ask them to stop being Mormon, as it would to ask them to stop being gay. Neither one is a disease.

  11. Not every religious person is a homophobe! Sure mormon homophobes are one of the worst kind there is but clearly these people in the video are not a part of that group. This video should be seen as uplifting for LGBT members of the mormon church. If they wanna be a part of the church, they should be able to do that without being ridiculed for being who they are.

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