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Vatican criticises nuns’ focus on poverty over equal marriage opposition

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Reader comments

  1. Paula Thomas 20 Apr 2012, 2:51pm

    They’ve finally lost it!!

    1. Frankly I don’t think they had it.

  2. chris lowcase 20 Apr 2012, 2:59pm

    ofc it has. its getting harder and harder to call those guys ‘christian’. i think if christ existed he would devote his attention to people who need help rather than persecution. thats the idea i get from the new testiment. joe pesci bless those nuns and their work.

  3. These Nuns are doing the right thing and not sticking their noses in where it does not belong i.e. marriage equality and abortion.

    They should be applauded for the work that they are doing and from what I read in the paper this morning, they are doing fantastic community work for people of all diffrerent walks of life.

  4. Silly nuns, didn’t they get the memo that told them to stop helping people and focus harder on being theocratic hate-mongering bigots?

  5. So what I do in my private life is more important than poverty?

    You really need to get your priorities right in the Vatican!

    Keep your noses out of what has nothing to do with you, including abortion, and focus on the things that are important such as poverty, war and violence…AND love!!!


  6. … Such a shame that the Vatican wants to focus on spitting poison and hurting people rather then helping and healing them, what would Jesus say?

    1. Are we really surprised? After extensive research into the Holocaust – I have often wondered whether the Vatican was actually the political sponsor for both Hitler and Mussolini. The Vatican, even after all this time, refuse to make public all of the correspondence between them and the two afore mentioned. Why? Are they worried that if historians start digging they will find yet more incriminating evidence against the Vatican?

    2. David Waite 20 Apr 2012, 8:05pm

      What would Jesus say? Better yet: What did Jesus say? According to Matthew (Matt. 25:31-46) Jesus was very specific on this subject, and two millenia ago damned these bishops to eternal darkness. The passage is too long to post here, and deserves to be read in its entirety for the magnificent language of its warning of permanent retribution, so I won’t cherry-pick verses.

      Still, as a teaser, let me point out that those 15 verses contain a throne of judgement, sheep, goats, nudity, prison, poverty, the devil, angels, fallen angels, royalty, everlasting fire, blessing, cursing, hunger, thirst, inheritance, punishment, the sick, the righteous, and socialism. It is one of the passages in the bible that easily rivals Shakespeare and Milton, surpasses Chaucer and makes Dante sound derivative. Highly recommended as dramatic reading, even for us atheists. Just re-reading the passage makes me feel like playing a few recitatives and arias from my Messiah! mashup.

  7. The patriarchs at the top of the Catholic hierarchy truly are anti-Christ.

    1. chris lowcase 20 Apr 2012, 3:39pm

      thats the nail on the head.

  8. Now you nuns, remember-It’s bigotry before belief. Repeat after me.

  9. It doesn’t criticise them at all for focus on poverty. It says it’s good they do. It just says they should uphold all Catholic teachings rather than just some.

    If you want to belong to the golf club then follow all the rules; not just some.

    1. Why? Why is blindly following horrible bigoted rules a good thing? Why is it a better thing than being a decent human being?

    2. Dr Robin Guthrie 20 Apr 2012, 8:01pm

      Then the Catholic church does not belong in the club called Christanity, as it clearly does not follow it.

      1. Well it does seeing as it is the first of the Christian Churches.

    3. Actually the Vatican’s report finds that they focus TOO MUCH on poverty and economic injustice whilst keeping “silent” on same sex marriage and abortion.

      So the nuns have decided their time is better spent helping those in need rather than participating in a crusade against the gays and abortionists. Probably working in communities to improve the prospects of women and girls faced with an unplanned pregnancy so that they don’t see abortion as their only option.

      How is that not criticising them for focusing on poverty? When was the last time you saw any of the upper echelons of the Vatican doing as Jesus did and directly engaging with drug addicts, prostitutes (to help them that is, not use their services) or the homeless? They’re fine with using the golf bar and restaurant but when comes going out and saving any lost balls from the rough you don’t see them for dust.

    4. @Adam – Hilarious that you…a religious nutjob…consider the Catholic Church on a par with a golf club. You are probably right…with the exception that the Vatican is directly responsible for the cold blooded murder of tens of millions of Jewish, gay and Muslim people not to mention the other atrocities committed by the Catholic Church in modern times,,,and of course a golf club does not require it’s members to pretend they are drinking human blood or flesh at regular cult meetings. A golf club also has a much better dress code!

      We all know that the Vatican sponsored (the practising Catholics) Hitler and Mussolini’s political careers and that the holocaust was carried out under the guidance and instruction of the Vatican.

      1. Hitler wasn’t a practising Catholic; he stop practising as soon as he reached adulthood.

  10. This is proof that there are anti- gay mad men in the Vatican. They hate not only gays and Muslims but now they clearly do not like women and other minority religions and people who don’t do what they want them to do. Even people in their own Catholic Church. And why are they still hiding the pedophile priest in their church?

    1. The Vatican also has a strong dislike for the Jewish people and was directly responsible for the cold blooded murder of tens of millions of Jewish men, women and children, gay men and other non Catholic people, murdered in what is now referred to as the holocaust.

      Not to mention the other atrocities committed by the Catholic Church in modern times,,,The fact that it requires it’s members to pretend they are drinking human blood and flesh at regular cult meetings should be a telling sign.

      We all know that the Vatican sponsored (the practising Catholics) Hitler and Mussolini’s political careers and that the holocaust was carried out under the guidance and instruction of the Vatican in order to regain its diminishing power throughout Europe and the rest of the world.

  11. So typical of the Catholic Church: “Fear and obey! Fear and obey!” Wake up and smell the incense, guys.

  12. Wow. The fact that the Vatican cares more about denying people same sex marriage then fighting poverty goes to show how messed up they are. If stopping me from being happy is more important that solving economic problems – SMH

    I wonder how long it’s going to be before countries with freedom of religion remember that they have freedom of religion and allow same sex marriage no matter what religious people say. Hopefully it happens soon.

    1. And the fact you care about your own equality, but not another, just shows how much is wrong with you….. learning difficulty, is it? Or did you learn your bigotry against trans people from the church you apparently “left”?

      Do you thinks anyone here is going to take you seriously with that prejudice against trans people?

      1. I’m sorry Tony you’ve lost me. What anti-trans element in Lumi’s comment am I missing?

        1. While she hasn’t said anything in this thread, Lumi has been very vocal on other threads with her views on transgender people using words such as “evil” – and she won’t accept that she is no better than the homophobic bigots.

          1. Check out Lumi’s comments on transgender people on the thread about the Archbishop of Wales and you’ll be shocked, I guarantee it.

          2. Blimey! (I’ve just read the thread you referred to below, BennieM). To be honest I’m not that surprised that a gay person can be so bigoted about other issues e.g. just because you’re a man who is gay doesn’t mean you won’t be a sexist. The issues we face tend to open our eyes to trying to understand all sorts of differences but it’s not a guarantee.

            I’ve always considered transgender to be different from homosexuality. As a gay man I don’t understand why someone feels they are the wrong gender but I don’t dispute it – I don’t understand why I don’t I find men hot and not women.

            Lumi , you obviously feel that those seeking gender re-assignment are really gay and just want to legitimise their attraction. Perhaps this is the case with some trans-gender people but not all. Do you think all bisexuals are really just gay too?

            With regard to religion (the pre-cursor to your assertions on trans) you obviously don’t know what you’re talking about and I have copied my response….

          3. ….to a previous comment you made about pro-gay Christians not being real Christians. A quick crash course on biblical scripture and homosexuality first though:

            The Church’s teachings on homosexuality must draw all precedence from the New Testament, like all it’s other teachings. If it can’t be backed up in the NT then whatever is in Old Testament (e.g. passages in Leviticus like man shall not lie with man) is seen as obsolete teachings that were superseded by the coming of Christ. Therefore Romans 1 26-31, 1 Corinthians 6:9 & 1 Timothy 1:9-10 are the linchpin to the anti-gay doctrine. Corinthians & Timothy are mistranslations from the ancient greek that the apostle Paul wrote it in (most likely he was talking about traders of male concubines that were a prominent part of ancient greek society). Romans actually describes exactly the ritualist idol worship of the Cybelean/Attic cult that was popular in the area of Ancient Rome to which Paul was writing to. Funnily enough…

        2. the women in this cult would lop off their breasts and engage in anal sex in order to avoid pregnancy, because they aspired to gender neutrality. Men would use castrated men (shrine prostitutes) in the ‘ceremony’ too. So Paul’s condemnation is actually more in line with your own regarding transgender. This of course has been grossly misinterpreted by the Church and cobbled together with Corinthians and Timothy in order to present a doctrine on homosexuality. As doctrines go it’s actually the weakest in the entire Bible. All other references (barring Leviticus which was about ritual cleanliness not moral rules) are a gross misinterpretation taken completely out of context. You have fallen for the same simplistic approach to the Bible that homophobes have – if the Bible were simple then clergy wouldn’t study theology degrees and no Christian would attend Bible study classes. Anyway, what I posted in reply to previous comment of yours: …..

          1. If a Christian chooses to believe in the mainstream Church’s teaching founded on 3 disparate passages in the New Testament, and refuse to acknowledge that 2 are mistranslations of ancient greek and 1 is a gross misinterpretation, then yes they will be against homosexuality. But not all do, even within the Anglican and RC church, let alone churches such as many divisions of Quakers who don’t hold with the common teaching and fully support out and proud LGBs.

            Saying that those who support LGB rights aren’t real Christians is exactly what the homophobes like to think and plays right into their hands, forcing those who question the mainstream Church’s misdirection on what the Bible (as it was originally written) actually says(or rather doesn’t say), to choose between Christianity or supporting LGBs. Maintaining that to be pro-gay you must be anti-Christian only keeps the vicious circle alive.

  13. First that story the other day about the catholic churches refusing to sign the petition against marriage equality and now this. Dare I hope that we could be seeing the beginnings of another reformation of sorts, this time against the modern bigotries of the catholic church? It’s also worth noting that both these things have happened in the States, not where I’d have guessed an uprising to begin. Well done these nuns!

    1. Now that you mention it, I do recall reading that the American catholic church may split off from Rome…

      Who would have thought that homosexuality would have such an impact after the Stonewall Riots?

      1. Okay, Jonpol, go ahead and take the p*ss! I admit to being young and naive – I guess you’re just a cynical old queen!

        By the way, I gave you comment a thumbs up (definately) and it went to -1. I’m sure it was at 0 to begin with. Maybe there are gremlins in Pink News!

        1. That’s Mr. Cynical Old Queen to you !! :D

          1. Sorry, Ma’am!

  14. Pope Palpatine

    1. Dr Robin Guthrie 20 Apr 2012, 8:03pm

      Palpatine was the nice guy, this is Pope Sidious.

      1. oooh, -1 for not knowing your Star Wars.

        Palpatine was the man who eventually went on to become the evil emperor. Most definitely NOT a “nice guy”. he was a murderer… hey, a lot like the Pope, now that I think about it.

    2. Good one, Lumi Bigot. Thank god he’s not trans, eh?

      1. You said it, Matt!

  15. Archbishop of Taunton 20 Apr 2012, 4:30pm

    The “Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith ” used to be called the Inquisition, and the present Pope used to be the head of it.

    So the Pope has set the Inquisition on some nuns who were too focussed on poverty and health issues?

    This really beggars belief.

    1. Archbishop of Taunton 20 Apr 2012, 4:32pm

      Next time they start talking about religious liberty, we will know what a forked Tongue they speak with.

  16. Robert in S. Kensington 20 Apr 2012, 4:48pm

    Exactly what are those “unique sacrifices” straight couples make as opposed to single people or gay couples? Nobody forces them into marriage, nobody forces them into having children either, it’s a choice after all. They sacrifice NOTHING unique.

  17. Is the Vatican talking about The Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence?
    You would think so… They have so got their priorities well and truly wrong. They are so sick and inhumane in their thinking and control.

  18. Are the Vatican speaking about The Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence?
    Naughty Nuns !

  19. finally the time has come – the Male dominated Vatican pedos club has begun to clash seriously with Nuns who see the world from a nurturing perspective – the final act of organised superstition begins.

  20. Catholic leaders are FRIGHTENED. They see the writing on the wall and they know that their foul deeds have caught up with them. Sartain, catholic douchebag & sycophant (like Dolan of New York) have been put to use to shore-up the faithful. They’re extraordinarily brain-dead to the backlash this may incur, and yes, they’re STUPID in believing they can get away with placing the “sanctity” of marriage over poverty and hunger.

  21. Breaking news: dogmatic religion is dogmatic.

  22. “Moral leadership?” IMHO, the nuns in the Leadership Conference of Women Religious are showing far more of that in dealing every day with the poor and vulnerable than is the case with their male dominated hierarchy and Catholic clergy pedophilia.
    Right on, sisters!

  23. From “PBS Newsletter”, April 19, 2012 –

    Vatican rebukes American Nuns –


    Portrait of Donna Bethel, a woman who supports the Vatican and opposes the Leadership Conference of Women Religious:

    When Ms. Bethell isn’t singing the praises of the Latin Mass and the curia, she is deeply committed to denying climate change.

    In addition to serving on the board of Christendom College, she also serves on the board of the Sandia National Laboratories, a company that aids the U.S. with the development of nuclear weapons.

    No. 1 on Sandia’s five-point mission is “ensuring the [nuclear] stockpile is safe, secure, reliable, and can support the United States’ deterrence policy.”

    More about Donna Bethel here:

  24. LCWR – 40 years of Justice and Peacemaking –

  25. The pious old guard in both the Catholic and Anglican Churches are facing an increasing rebellion from within and that’s the best thing of all. It’s going to get much worse for them as they lose control.

    I don’t think these Nuns are going to take too kindly to Vatican interference.

    1. Catholic nuns are exceptionally strong women.

      There are more nuns with a doctorate in theology than there are bishops in the world.

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