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Mayor of London 2012

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Reader comments

  1. To all candidates:

    What measures will you encourage police and others to take in tackling extremist Christianity, Islam and other religions who preach and propagate messages of militant and bullying homophobia?

  2. To all candidates:

    Do you think schools which cannot demonstrate sufficient action to address homophobic bullying should fail their Ofsted inspections?

  3. To all candidates:

    What action are you taking to ensure that equal marriage becomes law and is not derailed by homophobic attacks?

  4. To all candidates:

    Do you think it is fair that the same sex marriage proposals for England & Wales plan to give no legal recognition to the same sex marriages carried out in places of worship by gay-friendly faith groups (such as Quakers, Unitarians, MCC, Liberal and Reform Judaism etc) while equivalent heterosexual marriages are legally recognised? Does this provide equality?

  5. To Mr Ken Livingstone:

    Please stop praising Bin Laden and using gay rights to score points. Do the right thing and just resign from politics as we all know you just want the money and title.

    Keep up the good work Boris, we need more politicians like you, who put the people first!

    1. Tigra this is supposed to be an opportunity to ask specific questions of prospective candidates not for you to have a pop without actually asking any questions!!

    2. Having met Ken I can endorse your thoughts on having an alternative to the previous misery we had from that office…. Having met Boris, I can say that I was a supporter…but…I am bored of London with Boris. I am supporting Siobhan with her “people for mayor” aproach. I look forward to her office and relish the thought of a better looking mayor too….lol

  6. To all candidates:

    Do you believe it is important that the mayors office supports benchmarks which measure diversity e.g. Stonewall Diversity Champions?

  7. Mr Ken Livingstone:

    “You claimed that you pay 35% tax, yet it has been reported in 2010/11 you earned
    £238,646 and only paid £35,000 tax (14.5%). This rate is less then an honest hardworker on minimum wage that must pay 22%. Will you use your position as Mayor of London to make taxation fairer for the working class seen as you clearly don’t even like to pay 22%?

  8. To Mr Johnson

    Do you believe that the statesmanship required by a London Mayor is exemplified by your expletives in an elevator recently?

    1. Thats a reasonable question to ask Boris, surely?

  9. To Mr Johnson

    Who supplies the crime figures you quote? On four separate occasions you have claimed knife crime is falling, yet the official Metropolitan Police figures show it has risen three years in a row under your leadership.

    Whose figures should be regarded as truthful, and where is the evidence to substantiate your figures?

  10. Robert in S. Kensington 20 Apr 2012, 3:29pm

    To all candidates: How will you respond to religious homophobes who spread malicious lies and misinformation about polygamous, incestuous and bestial relationships that might ensue if equal civil marriage is introduced by asking them for the evidence thereby exposing their bigotry?

  11. To Mr Johnson

    Is it true that your claim that you have saved the average London household £445 in council tax, is based on comparing your record to what you IMAGINE Mr Livingstone would have done if he had remained in power; and that you guessed at a figure of 60% increases by Mr Livingstone to reach your imaginary figure of £445. Is it also true that this is ignoring the fact that your precept freeze has been substantially paid for by a central government grant which went to all local authorities that implemented a freeze?

  12. To Mr Johnson

    What is the reason you have airbrushed the Conservative party out of your campaign (The Daily Telegraph reported on 15 March “The front page of Mr Johnson’s website also only contains a single reference to the party in the small print.”)? Some commentators have alleged you are embarrassed of the Conservatives, is this true?

  13. To all candidates:

    What will you do to ensure that in London there is “more democracy, more openness, and more humanity.”?

  14. To Mr Paddick

    What qualities and experiences can you bring as a gay man to the role of Mayor?

  15. To All candidates:

    What will you do to ensure that all people are treated fairly and equally? This means give equal and fair treatment to all people that includes all minorities like LGBT people and others so they are free to marry the ones they love and can get and keep jobs like any one else and have protections so they do not have to fear any one.

  16. To all candidates:

    What target will you set yourself that you can be measured against, to prove you have succeeded in your term of office to tackle issues that matter to LGBT people specifically such as hate crime, bullying in schools and fairness?

  17. To all candidates:

    I am a gay Muslim. How will you tackle the community conflict that exists in Tower Hamlets? What will you do to inspire organisations to take their head out of the sand and address the issues of radicalism and safety? How will you tackle the homophobic attitude of the Tower Hamlets mayor and others associated with him?

  18. To all candidates:

    -If the United Kingdom has freedom of religion, why is marriage equality for same sex couples still a question?
    -What will you do about LGB people seeking asylum from countries where their orientation means danger, prison, or even death for them?
    -Do you support completely equal same sex civil marriage?
    -How will you respond to anti gay hate groups?
    -What do you plan to do to tackle the gay suicide rate?

    1. …asks the woman that thinks all trans people are “sick” and “wrong”.

      Back to your swamp, my dear.

  19. To Mr Webb:

    Do you genuinely expect gay people to vote for you when your party does not support equality for LGBT people (you are opposed to equal civil marriage)?

  20. To all candidates:

    Do you believe driverless tube trains are completely safe?

    Recently there was an accident on a tube track where the safety devices did not notice someone in danger – the driver was the mechanism that prevented a serious accident.

    Would you support driverless trains given the recent incident?

  21. To all Candidates,

    Given the current Mayor is able to fit other employment oppertinites into his role as Mayor, does this mean that the role of Mayor is a part time position and if so, should this not be reflected in the salary paid?

    Or should the position be offered as a job share, i refer

    And finally what further education and training does the Mayor receive in the position held e.g. Equiity & Diversity?

  22. To all candidates,

    If Tower Hamlets Council passes it bill against strip establishments, will you override the decision and allow the White Swan to remain open?

    1. Snap!

      Good timing Mr McCabe!

    2. White Swan is a part-time striping joint, why should it be excluded?

      1. Not that this is the place for this debate – but the purpose of Cllr Khans sex establishment plans are to prevent exploitation of women.

        How are women exploited by gay men stripping in a gay pub?

    3. Brilliant question!

  23. To all candidates:

    Do you support plans by Tower Hamlets Cllr Khan who plans to ban “sex establishments” in Tower Hamlets in order to reduce female exploitation?

    Do you believe this should include the only gay pub in the are, the White Swan which has an amateur strip night?

    If so, can you explain how a gay amateur strip night would lead to exploitation of women?

    How will you ensure community cohesion in Tower Hamlets and ensure it does not become a place unwelcoming to LGBT people?

    1. Strippers are paid in free drinks, whether contestants are professional or not is irrelevant

  24. do you think addressing lack of affordable housing should be a priority

    1. Great question James. Reading some of these questions it appears that Tower Hamlets will have a mass exodus should Boris or Ken be in…. Check Siobhan Benita for equal affordable and fixed cost housing

  25. To all candidates:

    Weekly youth groups and specialist social support services for LGBT young people under 26 have all been hit by cuts to local authority and PCT funding. Some of London’s best known LGBT support services for ‘at risk’ young adults have closed after 14 years.

    Weekly support, HIV prevention and sexual heath screening, counselling, groups and workshops, suicide prevention and mental health sign-posting and referral are no longer offered to some young people in some parts of London.

    How will you react to these cuts and ensure you can demonstrate that you do/do not value LGBT young people?

  26. To all candidates:

    In November 2011, Theresa May said “Homophobic and transphobic bullying has no place in schools, which is why it is so important that schools are able to challenge such prejudiced views.”. How will you ensure that London schools eradicate homophobic and transphobic bullying? How will you success or failure be measured?

  27. casual anti gay behaviour seems to be quite common in london. what are you lot going to do about it

  28. To all

    What would you say to people who claim that marriage is a religious institution ordained by God for the procreation of children. How would you tackle the claims that marriage equality will lead to polygamy, child marriage, an attack on religion and would be confusing and bad for the bringing up of children. Do you believe that children should be taught in schools that marriage alone is good for family life and the bringing up of children and why should LGBT families be a lesser subgroup of that.

  29. To all candidates (except Lawrence Webb)

    What would you say to Lawrence Webb to convince him that marriage equality is a good thing and that his party should support it?

  30. To all candidates:

    How would you advise Cardinal O’Brien about his choice of language given that he offended many in the UK with his describing LGBT relationships as grotesque?

  31. To all candidates:

    How do you ensure you understand the needs of LGBT people?

    Do you believe Stonewall is representative of mainstream views of LGBT people?

    1. Spanner1960 24 Apr 2012, 8:16am

      Very succinct point. Good one.

  32. To Mr Johnson:

    In 2010 you worked with Annie Lennox to reduce the stigma of HIV, can you provide evidence of any success this initiative has had? How will you continue to tackle the issue of stigmatisation linked to HIV?

  33. To all candidates:

    The current education system lacks discussion around the topic of homosexuality; only briefly discussed in a derogatory way within a religious studies lesson. What measures would you endeavor to achieve, of which would discuss homosexuality in a neutral manner within the education system?

  34. The Business Enhancement Business 25 Apr 2012, 9:02pm

    To Siobhan Benita:

    Thanks to your inspirational meetings I have opened over 400 vacancies in my company in the UK. Over 100 in London alone, regardless of sexual preference or bias. We will educate to NVQ level for free too.
    You already have my pledged vote.
    What will you do to ensure the same “Equality” in other employers as the “People’s Mayor”??

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