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Row after Tory MEPs abstain from pro-LGBT amendment vote

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Reader comments

  1. LGBTory, are you going to get off your backside and call your MEPs? Or should we not hold our breath….

    1. Paula Thomas 20 Apr 2012, 12:25pm

      I you hold your breath over this I think there is a distinct chance of suffocation.

      1. I think the tory idea of freedom is the freedom to exploit others at every opportunity. End of.

    2. read the article they said they would have agreed to it, if the original report didn’t condemn britain for apparently being homophobic. Last time i checked civil partnerships granted all legal rights of marriage (which a MINORITY of EU countries do). The Tory government want to make this full marriage, they want to make sure that other countries civil partnerships are recognised as full marriages when they come to the UK. The current government have threatened to stop support to homophobic countries in Africa, the current tory government sent an Archbishop in FAVOUR of gays to Uganda to fight our corner where homosexuality is still illegal.

      This government has done a lot for the LGBT and to try and accuse them of not doing so is a huge unwarranted slap in the face. We are miles ahead the rest of the EU and we don’t need their legislation which is pretty much catch up for the rest of the continent.


      1. James – you say : “This government has done a lot for the LGBT”

        Precisely what exactly has the Homophobic Tory Party done for LGBT rights.

        Callmedave spouting pleasant nothings does not alter the fact that the base of the Tory Party is as viciously bigotted, hateful and religious as it always was.

        Callmedave is the King of PR.

        However the Tories remain the party of homophobic bigotry.

      2. Then you should check again because NO it bloody does not give the same rights as marriage. That you think otherwise just tells me that you are trying to assert insight and authority while possessing neither.

        1. I said LEGAL rights, theres a difference between that and social recognition which the proposals are an attempt to bring about which i whole heartedly support and campaigning for further support from my MP.

          1. The LEGAL rights don’t match either, dear.

          2. go to spain or sweden and see what benefits ur cp will give you. a big fat zero.
            married uk coupes will get all the benefits that local married couples enjoy.

      3. Robert in S. Kensington 20 Apr 2012, 5:11pm

        Well James, if Tory MP Francis Maude’s prediction comes to fruition, then we’ll know who it’s down to for defeating equal marriage won’t we?

      4. Robert in S. Kensington 20 Apr 2012, 5:28pm

        Civil Partnerships do not confer ALL of the rights of marriage. There is a vast discrepancy in pension distributions for CP’d couples as opposed to straight married couples for starters and was never rectified.

        The UK is miles ahead of the rest of the EU? In terms of equal marriage, it most certainly isn’t. Only one other country has civil partnerships, Ireland, which do not mirror all of the rights within the British model. Other than that, there are varying degrees of legal unions in other countries and none are standardised or identical. If and when equal civil marriage ever becomes law in the UK, it does not automatically follow that our government will recognise those different unions for gay couples as marriages, unless those countries allow equal civil marriage for their own gay citizens.

        Do you assume the majority in the Tory Pary support equal marriage? I’ve not seen anything confirming that.

    3. Of course not.

      LGBTory is a meaningless PR exercise to disguise the homophobic bigotry that remains an intrinsic part of the Tory Party.

      The Tories remain the party of homophobic hatred.

      And the self-hating Uncle Toms at LGBTory know that they are forbidden from expressing an opinion relating to LGBT people unless they have received express permission from Tory HQ.

      What I don’t understand is why Pink News does not inform us of this.

      Pink News is regularly accused of being biased in favout of the Homophobic Tory Party .

      And in this instance it is clear to see why.

      LGBTory should have been IMMEDIATELY contacted for a response. And that response should have been part of the story.

  2. Katie Kool-eyes 20 Apr 2012, 12:27pm

    Well, despite all their talk of equality and “in this together”, we see the true colours of the Tory regiem.

    Did they learn how to be this slimey in Eton, or was it something they picked up from birth?

    When Torys stand up for REAL equality, then they might see a vote from me. Until then, enjoy the back bench you back stabbing vipers!!!!


  3. Just when you think the Tory party has finally changed its spots, you find out that the spots rub off! So Tory MEPs still believe that being gay should still be regarded as a mental illness! and they could not vote against it because the report critisised the UK govt in part! So much for LGBT solidarity. OK, if thats the way you want it, i now will NOT be voting for Boris as London Major!

    1. There are TWO UK Conservative MEPs and they voted against it because Richard Howitt was a prick and condemned his own country on lgbt rights (despite it being an eu leader on lgbt rights) and have had their support if he wasn’t being a prick this was made clear.

      This is the key clause: ““There were many good things in there, especially to do with women’s and children’s rights, freedom of religion and observation of elections – but unfortunately he will have thrown that good work away in most British eyes by trying to condemn his own country on human rights grounds”

      The current government is NOT homophobic this is seen by the fact that they are bringing in equal civil marriage, It has taken a A Tory government to threaten to remove financial aid from countries where homosexuality is demonised. All stuff labour never had the balls to do when they were in power.

      1. Robert in S. Kensington 20 Apr 2012, 1:51pm

        Well, we’ll find out how homophobic they are if and when an equal civil marriage bill ever reaches Parliament and the majority of the Tories vote it down. I voted for them for the first time in the last election. I won’t if this fails.

        1. they have already said its not a case of IF, but how to implement it. I urge everyone to fill in the consultation, sign the C4em and to email their current MPs and the candidates.

          I HAVE gained the support of my university’s Tory society and gained the support of Tory candidates in my local elections for equal civil marriage. Labour didn’t want to know, shows you just who the homophobic ones are.

          If you think britain has bad lgbt rights move to the USA where you can be sacked for being gay. Move to France where PACs do not even grant you the same legal rights as a married couple. BUT do not accuse your own country of being homophobic when we are one of the most forward thinking countries in the EU and this labour MEP discredited Britain for his own political party point scoring. pathetic!

          1. Please can you explain to me James – what the Homophobic Tory Party has done in terms of legislation to increase LGBT rights.

            All I see that they’ve done is to start an offensive and unnecessary ‘consultation on equality’ (as if there was actually somethihg to consult about).

            The Tory base support is elderly and full of hatred and bigotry – and thast is why so many Tory MP’s are bigots.

      2. James, did you not notice that LGBT rights was NOT in his list of “good things” in the bill? You offer his words as proof that his actions weren’t homophobic but the very words you offer only call his motives relating to a LGBT rights even more into question.

    2. Marina Yannakoudakis MEP 21 Apr 2012, 8:04am

      Please note that I am the Conservative MEP who voted FOR the amendment (this is hardly mentioned in the article!).

      I don’t believe that the Conservative Party to be homophobic and as I London MEP urge you to vote for Boris who has demonstrated his support to the LGBT community

      1. Marina Yannakoudakis MEP 21 Apr 2012, 8:07am

        Typed too quickly: I don’t believe the Conservative Party to be homophobic and as a London MEP I urge you to vote for Boris who has demonstrated his support to the LGBT community.

  4. I will NOT be voting for Boris as London Mayor. Fast typing error. Whoops!

  5. where are the lbgtoms?

    1. They must be by their masters side, munching crumbs and leftovers at some restaurant in Soho …

  6. As I have said many times before, the detoxification of the Tory brand really is only skin deep. I don’t doubt that Cameron and some of his frontbencher allies have a real commitment to gay rights. But the r,eat of the party? Not on yer blinking life!

  7. Robert in S. Kensington 20 Apr 2012, 1:07pm

    Absolutely shameful! If this is anything to go by, don’t be surprised if the majority of Tory MPs in the Commons abstain or vote against equal civil marriage killing the bill if one ever reaches Parliament in which case I won’t be voting for them in 2015. I refuse to be fooled twice.

    1. you need to lobby your local MPs and their candidates for local councils. I have the support of my local tory candidate in equal civil marriage.

      1. Well that’s what they tell you James. In my experience MPs will saying anything to get your vote. It’s what happens after they get it that counts. Words are just that. Words.

        1. same can be said for all candidates.

      2. And you believe him James????

        Let us know how that goes.

      3. Robert in S. Kensington 20 Apr 2012, 5:31pm

        I have and mine doesn’t support it.

        1. they publish a phone number don’t they? call the office, send letters, ask them to clarify their point of view with dignified arguments which have evidence. challenge them on ones that don’t make sense.

          DONT GIVE UP.

  8. Paddyswurds 20 Apr 2012, 1:31pm

    Well well, the Law and Justice homophobic Tories are alive and well and doing us down in Europe as usual. No doubt their right wing friends from Poland were right there along side them encouraging and congratulating them. Call me Dave really should get a grip of his Party and shift allegiance away from the right wing grouping they are in and move back to the more moderate conservative groups especially if he wants a second term or he will find himself kicking heels with the poisoned dwarf Sarkozy in the dole queue….

    1. Robert in S. Kensington 20 Apr 2012, 3:21pm

      There won’t be a second term if equal civil marriage fails, no thanks to the majority of them who will vote it down. Just look at the results of the last election, hardly a mandate, barely holding on. If it weren’t for the Liberal Democrats forming the conservative coalition government, there would be no discussion or consultation for equal civil marriage believe me. Many of us who voted Tory for the first time won’t be voting for them again if the majority of them vote against it. I won’t be fooled twice. Most of us aren’t that gullible. It’s quite amazing to think that a majority in their party would want to see it defeated over this one issue by either abstaining, not turning up for a vote or voting against it. Are they really that stupid and self-serving to see their party go down in flames in 2015t? Have they never heard of pragmatism? As Tory MP Francis Maude said…”Tories must back equal marriage or risk becoming unelectable”. He’s absolutely right about that.

  9. What is Matthew Sephton and LGBTory’s response to this story?

    Why has their response not been sought or reported?

    Seriously Pink News – if LGBTory refuse to comment on stories like this, then it is evidence of how utterly useless and meaningless the group is.

    And that is a news story in itself.

    1. it hasn’t said they refused to comment, therefore they have not been asked. jeez for someone that bitched and bitched about apparent tory bias on this website as soon as it leans in your direction you lefties go on a huge bitch fit just goes to show how immature labor supporters are.

      1. Why have they not been asked then?

        Suirely searhing for the opinion of the LGBTory uncle Toms woiuld be the automatic reaction of the writer of this piece.

        This story indicates that homophobic hatred remains part and parcel of the Tory Party.

        I think that Pink News are missing a big story by letting the self-hating uncle Toms of LGBTory, off the hook here.

        This is a story that relates specifically to the Tory Party and the LGBT community.

        Why has LGBTory not been asked to comment?

        It’s a very reasonable question.

        1. well people been moaning about bias in pro-tory articles its only fair to want balance in ALL articles not just leave it in favour of labour.

          1. Robert in S. Kensington 20 Apr 2012, 5:34pm

            Don’t assume we’re all Labour supporters. I for one am not, nor am I a Liberal Democrat.

  10. And the Tories show their true colours once again!

  11. The criticism of this UK govt was levelled at opposition to accession rights, which means if you enjoy your LGBT rights in the UK then for some reason find you have to go live in another EU state (and as the CP’d partner of a French citizen, trust me, this can happen easily enough, such as need to care for elderly relatives, etc) your rights will NOT necessarily be respected. This is a major issue of discrimination for all people of the EU and the UK govt was justifiably criticised for opposing it. And I’m sorry, but there is NOT YET equal marriage in the UK, there is no evidence yet of changed spots, and until such legislation is passed, then all this hyperbole serves only to stir up right wing hysteria, thus assuring a failure of equal marriage and a smug PM who can claim he “tried”. And yes, even though I now live in France where I’m not even recognised as a parent of my own son despite my name on his UK birth certificate (thanks prev UK govt) I am still eligible to vote in the UK

    1. no if you read it they criticised the government in the report that was presented to the EU, a public embarrassment of the country. disgusting behaviour. Typical blind left supporter does not read the full article pick and choosing – no better then religious extremists.

  12. Listen to CallMeDave promoting the right to self-determi-Nation:

    1. Oops, wrong thread … here I should have just said… A few of us still appear entertained by a controversial illusionist .. Will they keep applauding the one showmanship, when his assistants cannot keep the covering blankets any longer and drop them in front of the audience? We shall see..

  13. It really annoys me when I hear of politicians abstaining rather than making a decision and voting for or against the particular measure.

    We have representative government in Britain at all levels- local, devolved, central and for politicians to abstain is often a cowardly way out. That way they can then claim that they didn’t vote for it and also that they didn’t vote against it either..

    We should take away the option to abstain so politicians have to choose, that’s what they are paid to do.

    1. Robert in S. Kensington 20 Apr 2012, 5:08pm

      They should be fined and thrown out. Government shouldn’t be a place for cowards.

      1. @ Robert

        Exactly, if they can’t do the job they themselves stood for, were then elected to do and get paid a hell of a lot of money for, then they should be sacked.

        This goes for elected politicians in every level of government.

        1. Robert in S. Kensington 20 Apr 2012, 6:47pm

          Totally agree with that. They’re not fit for for elected office.

  14. I can’t say I can see much progress for LGBT rights since this Tory lead government took power. Yes we may be a step closer to equal marriage but in the background it is clear that many Tories have not changed at all and their is little challenge from within their own party to those out dated ideas.
    My own MP Andrew Selou who is tory only a couple of weeks ago openly supported Christian Aid Research and Education stating in reference to gay cures he knew people who CARE had helped who were gay but are no longer.
    It fills me with confidence that my democratic representative thinks my being gay is something that is a disorder that can be cured.
    Conservatives stand for the conservation of outdated bigoted attitudes towards people like us.

    1. challenge him on it im a public forum, get your lgbt and straight friends to challenge him on local election time is looming and they are going to willing to bend over backwards to accommodate.

  15. In his Daily Telegraph blog Daniel Hannan defends himself of being called a a homophobe by citing an admittedly positive voting record on gay related bills. But sadly he gives it away a little in the last paragraph of his blog, when he writes this about the LGBT community: “How sad, though, to see them moving beyond legal equality to demand a series of separate entitlements: the creation of hate crimes, the outlawing of opinions they dislike, the banning of Christian bus advertisements and so on. Having campaigned for decades for the right to be treated the same, they are now demanding the right to be treated differently.”
    He may not be homophobic but he can’t deny that he is a rather ignorant conservative when he cites hate crime legislation (when was the last time a straight person has been killed or assaulted just for being straight?!) and the banning of homophobic bus ads as proof of his assertion that LGBT people are now demanding to be treated better than straights.

    1. Daniel Hannan is not only a homophobe. He has all credentials of a full BNP member.

  16. “There were many good things in there, especially to do with women’s and children’s rights, freedom of religion and observation of elections…”

    Interesting that, even in defending their votes, the Tory MEP, in his list of good things about the bill, couldn’t think of one “good” thing to mention that was associated with GLBT people!

    I don’t know how Cameron is going to drag the Tories into the 21st Century when it’s pretty clear that those who aren’t under his constant supervision and control are the same old homo hating Tories from the 19th and 20th Centuries.

  17. And when he writes that
    “sexual orientation is none of the EU’s bloody business” and that “moral questions ought to be decided by each nation through its own democratic mechanisms and procedures.”
    he means that the protection of LGBT people against discrimination is not a universal human right but a negotiable right depending on the “moral” views of a given nation. So he might be against the discrimination of LGBT people in the UK but he doesn’t give a damn if other EU countrys are discriminating against them.

    1. (typo) …if other EU countries are…

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