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Unofficial biography claims Jessie J ‘told bisexual was more trendy than gay’

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Reader comments

  1. Ugh. Just Ugh

    If she is a lesbian and has agreed to pose as a bisexual to be more ‘trendy’ then she is a truly contemptible person.

    If it is true then it goes without saying that her management are vile pig-scum’; but that does not mean she has to go along with their lies.

    1. Who manages Jessie J?

      I think they need to be named – so that people are aware of who her management are.

      Managers who force their clients to lie about their sexuality(and we don’t know this for a fact) need to be identified and asked to explain their rationale.

      (The excuse ‘Oh it’s better for their career to be a liar’ is not a reasonable excuse).

  2. I have no idea – nor particularly care – if there is any truth to claim.

    But I’m not sure how comfortable I am with outing someone without their consent.

    While I do honestly wish that as many people as possible would come out and identify as who they are – I concede that it is not my right to insist or demand. I’m personally not impressed if Jessie J is doing this, her motivations – and the consequences of them – are her own

    If someone is doing no harm (unlike, say, a politician) then I don’t see any reason to demand authenticity of others. It is their life, not mine. Their livelihood, not mine. Their right to make their own choices, not mine.

    1. Jessie J has claimed to be bi.

      She is a public figure who has invited the press into her private life by identifying as bi.

      She COULD have ‘done a Beyonce’ and refused to address any part of her private life.

      But she didn’t.

      1. I think it’s easy to refuse to address any part of your private life it you’re straight. Beyonce is straight (as far as we’re aware), she also is older than JessieJ and has the kind of power in the music industry that rivals Madonna. Those things mean that she can have more control over what the press divulge about her private life. More importantly she doesn’t have to do anywhere near as much to keep a lid on the prying eyes of the public because the gender she is attracted to isn’t seen as sensational.

        Have you ever thought that Jessie may not have got to where she is if she identified as lesbian? It may not be right, however, perhaps she considered this nobody’s business but hers, but knew that we still live in a society that will still assume she was hiding it because she didn’t have the ‘courtesy’ to tell complete strangers who she was attracted to.

  3. Can I just point out that this biography is UNauthorised and UNofficial. Doesn’t really make it hard then to imagine that some parts are UNtrue, especially as since this is being sold by a 3-rd party, they’d try to do anything they can in order to drive up sales. Personally, I’d take anything written in that book with a grain of salt….

    1. Specially things that are unauthorised!

    2. UNauthorised? i didnt know the UN got involved in these matters ;) sry i couldnt resist :D but yeah generaly speaking ones done by a 3rd party doesnt sound 100% trustworthy, that or im just a bit paranoid

  4. “Her trademark is speed, delivering copy fast without compromising on quality or detail, and continuing to bring you the exclusives the newspapers never printed.”

    Translation: she prints sh!t even the tabloids can’t be bothered to invent.

    Unauthorised biographies are a waste of paper, time, effort and resources.

    Nice publicity for a book hardly anyone would want to read.

    1. I daresay you’re right in this instance, but not all unauthorised biographies are a waste of paper.

      Some of the ‘best’ – if you equate ‘best’ with being the most representative of facts – are those written without the star’s full permission. Marlene Dietrich’s life is a prime example of this, fitting the LGBT theme. During her life she actively cultivated many rumours about herself (including her ambiguous sexuality). Even in old age she instigated court action in attempts to prevent biographers revealing her secrets, for fear that clarity might diminish the power of myth surrounding her. As a result, the ‘best’ biographies on Dietrich, which were published around or after the time of her death, were probably not those which would have been best for her career.

      I’m not comparing their talents, but by allowing this book to be published Jessie J’s management are merely permitting the cultivation of multifarious versions of the ‘truth’. And why wouldn’t they? It worked for Dietrich.

      1. I think you’re right about certain biographies, usually about people who are dead, because they necessitate a lot of painstaking research and a great deal of work goes into them. For the most part they’re written by someone for whom money is not the primary/sole motivation.

        However, there is no such effort involved in these trashy celebrity biographies, they are purely for profit.

        This piece of nastiness also plays to the crowd that don’t believe bisexuality exists, and it’s distasteful.

  5. Surely everyone with half a brain guessed this – of course the PR ghouls think bisexuality is easier to sell than lesbianism & of course a craven, ambitious creature like Jessie J will go along with anything that helps her desperate need for fame & attention. Where’s the surprise?

    1. I’m guessing you’re not a fan of her music then?

  6. Why should we care? I like Jessie J, her music and watching her when she talks on TV.

    The fact this is unauthorised too should speak volumes. I wonder if the author spoek with Jessie J or just spoke to people who went to school with her?

    1. Quite.

      And I wonder if the friends that were spoken too were the ones she has already written lyrics about who ignored or bullied her and now want to be her best buddy.

      1. That thought had crossed me mind too!

  7. Who cares? I love Jessie J. If she were pretending to be straight I might be more concerned but who really cares.

  8. Considering the number of artists over the years that were forced to stay completely in the closet for purposes of marketing, could we see the Bi rather than Lesbian marketing of Jessie J as a sign of progress in the music industry?

    In the UK nobody cares, but the industry looks at the global rather than individual countries. I can understand why they do it, even though it’s a pretty despicable thing to force someone to do.

    Mind you, at least in music they do actually acknowledge gay people amongst the ranks. Compare it to the sports industry.

    1. No it is not progess.

      Being forced to lie (or choosing to lie) about your sexuality for the sake of career is utterly appalling.

      1. I think the fact that she has stated she is bisexual should be taken as the truth and not some third person claiming that she is lesbian!

        I work in the construction industry which is not always that gay friendly so if I Had to hide my sexuality to protect myself then I would.

        Just because she is in the public in eye does not mean that she has to declare everythign about herself to the rest of us. Artists are allowed to have private lives and wht they chose to do in private is no one elses business but theirs!

        Why do you get so hung up on this?

  9. No one will have forced her to lie if she has done. It is her choice. She will have been told that to identify as gay MAY harm her career by her management/record company. Which I’m not so sure about in the music biz – but then, I don’t work in music. IF she places the success of her music before gay rights, that is her choice and no one should judge her for that.

    1. “IF she places the success of her music before gay rights, that is her choice and no one should judge her for that.”

      Oh we absolutely SHOULD judge her if that’s what she has done.

      She is a public figure who has invited the press into her life by talking about her personal life.

      If she’s a liar then I can hardly see why the press is obliged to protect her big lesbian closet for the sake of her career.

      1. No, we shouldn’t judge her!

      2. dAVID

        Do you know she is lesbian and not gay, dAVID?

        Is that because you take the word of Chloe Govan who is writing an unauthorised biography over that of Jessie J herself?

        Or do you have some other form of knowledge?

        I think the person most like to know their own orientation is themselves, not an unofficial biographer seeking to make some cash.

        In any event, bisexual, lesbian – I don’t really care.

      3. Music is about popularity and in commercial music that also includes not just your music but also you. Unfortunately people’s personal opinions effect your career if you’re in that industry. My personal opinion of JessieJ is that she is an artist, a musician, and that is what she is seeking to do first and foremost, not be a public figure. When has she specifically talked about her personal life? Apart from some her life experiences which form the life blood of any lyrical musician.

        I think it’s fairly obvious that if she is lying about her orientation then this is to protect herself from the press, who never feel any obligation to protect anyone from anything. At least if she isn’t attracted towards men she has the guts to be that industry and say she’s attracted to women.

        No one has any right to judge someone for wanting to get on with their lives.

  10. I’m not gonna believe this article, but it wouldn’t surprise me one bit.

    The truth is people can handle bisexuality its seen as straight extra, but gay is often a step to far.

    1. If Jessie J is lesbian then the bi population should be completely furious with Jessie J.

      Closeted gay people(or closeted straight people) who pretend to be bi because it’s ‘easier’ or ‘trendier’ or ‘edgier’ or ‘sexier’ are one of the main reasons there is so much suspicion towards bi people on all sides.

      Honesty is always the best policy,

      1. Hodge Podge 19 Apr 2012, 1:51pm

        Theres truth here. Stuff like this isn’t good for bisexuality. Just like bisexuals cheating reinforces stereotypes.

      2. Honesty is the best policy I agree but as long as she is honest to herself why should we get hung up on it?

  11. Being gay or bisexual wont alter the fact that she can sing, and can do that very well…

    what dose bother me is the music industry insinuating that a) bisexuality is nothing more than a trend and b) that being lesbian or gay is not desirable

    also im not a fan of someone else outing another person for their own gain

    1. There is no such thng as ‘outing’ someone any more.

      A gay person deserves equal treatment with a straight person.

      If the press are allowed to intrude on a straight person’s private life (which in the tabloid and internet culture we live in, they certainly do) then a gay person should be treated in the same manner.

      Therefore if Heat Magazine is allowed to print stories about Beyonce’s lovelife then they are absolutely entitled to publish stories about Jessie J’s lovelfe.

      Anything else is a homophobic double standard.

      1. ‘There is no such thing as ‘outing’ someone any more.” – What bloody planet are you on?!

        You are quite right, a gay person does deserve to be treated by press in the same manner as straight person. The point is they aren’t. Upstanding citizens of this green and pleasant land, who go to Church every Sunday and run the tombola at the village fete, still eat up the prejudice and ignorance about gay people. They still feel licensed to vocally speculate in graphic and lurid detail what two adults might be getting up to in the privacy of their own home, when they would never dream of doing the same about a straight couple people. Mainstream media still obliges in those homophobic double standards. If a publication oversteps the mark on a straight couple they will be openly condemned for it, if they do it to gay couple it is just accepted by the majority.

        Get out of your pink bubble, wake up and smell the bigotry.

  12. The only person who genuinely knows what Jessie J’s sexual orientation is, is Jessie J.

    She undoubtedly has had female partner(s) – she may have had male.

    It is immaterial to her ability to sing, write songs or support developing talent what her orientation is.

    Its an unauthorised biography, and is purely Chloe Govan seeking to make a fast buck.

    1. Even if she hasn’t had male partners, she can still be bisexual if she’s attracted to men as well as women.

      1. I absolutely agree – someone may have only had female partners and still be bisexual.


        I hate, hate, hate that people are expected to ‘prove’ their bisexuality. As you can probably tell…

  13. Presuming every single person being judgemental on here is 100% out to their parents, brothers and sisters, aunts and uncles, workmates, bosses, grandparents and every single person they have ever known….?

    1. Quite! (Another Paul BTW)

  14. I like woman’s make up and that’s about it. Good luck to her.

  15. Robert in S. Kensington 19 Apr 2012, 3:38pm

    Why should it matter what her orientation is and who really cares? That said, I can understand the “trendy” part of it. Many straight males are turned on by bisexual women, watching two women getting it on and then participating themselves with either one or both. Sad that they are repulsed by two men together though.

  16. It doesn’t matter, it’s none of our business, but I don’t like how coming out as bisexual is used as stepping stone a cover up for being homosexual, it’s a slap in the face to those who are really bisexual and it supports the wrong stereotype of bisexual people really being gay but denying it.

    1. I think it’s wrong to out people. I also think it would be wrong if it was true that she’s lesbian and pretended to be bisexual.

    2. Its just rumours.

      I don’t believe a word of it.

      1. Yeah, I really think that it’s a rumor though stuff like that happens

    3. I came out as bisexual first off as I thought that would be easier for my parents. I think most of us see it as softening the blow as it were. In hindsight, I should have been completely honest from in telling folks I was gay from the outset. Ihave to say I am lucky as my parents said they knew I was going to be gay and I should have given them more credit when the coming out time came. I would not say it is slap in the face to those who are bisexual though as no malice is meant or intended.

  17. I think its shocking that anyone feels they have any right or authority to comment on anyone’s sexual identiy. Jessie J seems more than capable to speaking her own mind, and has apparently been able to stand up to record execs when it came to her image and the sound of her album. If she defines herself as bisexual I can only assume until otherwise told that it’s because she defines herself has such. Her reasons for doing so are entirely personal, and any attempt to argue with her own definition is ridiculous and wrong.

    1. Couldn’t agree more.

      Also it’s worth bearing in mind that she’s only just turned 24. She may very well have thought she was straight, then lesbian and then bi or any variable on those three orientations. Maybe she doesn’t know – I spent the majority of my teens and early 20s trying to tell myself I was straight, then accepted that I was gay and then, once I’d taken all the pressure off, had various times during my late 20s when I thought I might actually be bi.

      Jessie may very well have always known that she’s liked both genders equally, the point is it’s nobody’s business but hers. Perhaps if more people in the LGBT community stopped making such a big deal out of it then straight people wouldn’t feel so justified in having an opinion on those who aren’t exclusively attracted to the opposite sex.

      1. Meant to exclude the B in LGBT btw.

  18. some points.
    if jessie is gay or bi its good becuase this will only help young people who like music but have noone to look up 2.

    If it were possible to consider people on whether they have only had relationships only with members of their sex or only with members of the other sex there would be very few straight or gay people.

    if the story is not true then Jessie might be able to sue for libel.
    As a someone who identifies as bi, the fac that being considered bi is a good thing- we usually get abuse from boths gays and straights

  19. Am I the only one seeing the glaring inconsistency here?

    First this ‘unofficial biography’ (re: rumours in a book, not the sun) claims “…she is 100 per cent gay. Jessie was openly lesbian and didn’t hide it.”

    Then immediately claims the exact opposite:

    “She was advised not to come out, though.”

    There is a common term for someone who is open about and doesn’t hide their sexuality. It’s a single word. Out.

    One cannot be out and then NOT come out! It’s ridiculous. Especially since, if she was open in the past as this implies, there would be a line of people as long as a Hollywood A-listers coke-line waiting to dish the dirt in the gossip rags.

    Further, there’s the ridiculous claim that bisexuality is ‘easier’. It’s not. In many ways, it’s harder. I’ve identified as gay in the past, because it was easier than being openly bisexual: less prejudice, less bigotry, less intolerance. Homosexuals are lucky – they’re only hated by heteros. Bisexuals are hated by both ‘sides’.

  20. PumpkinPie 19 Apr 2012, 9:43pm

    Went out to do some shopping, saw that ridiculous headline and just laughed: Jessie J is far too confident in herself to ever do something like this.

    Got back home, saw she’d confirmed it was a bunch of balls on Twitter.

    Looked up some online news articles to see how much biphobia I could find: plenty!

    Admittedly, this was one of the least biphobic threads I came across, but I’m still pretty disappointed with some of you.

    Famous people who pretend to be bi don’t give us bisexuals a bad name: you people who are suspicious of each and every bisexual are the ones who give us a bad name. Literally! One crackpot with a “scoop” and we get a chorus of “I knew it!”.

    Truth is, “I’m bi…OK, I’m actually gay” is a tiny and rare phenomenon – infinitely less common than the stereotyping would have us believe. But suspicious biphobes? There’s millions of those. It’s their attitudes which harm us more than anything, and then they have the gall to blame their behaviour on “bad/fake” bisexuals!

  21. I think the clue is in the “unauthorised” unless I hear it from Jessie J’s own mouth I am hardly likely to take notice of this author! I have read such biogs before and more often than not they are constructed from rumours, and now, internet pap!

  22. jeremy derek 6 Sep 2012, 1:25pm

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