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Marriage equality ‘not a priority’ for US voters

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  1. Hardly shocking, that most people are unconcerned with something that won’t affect them. What’s really annoying is the fact that because the minority of people who are bothered shout so loud, they get disproportionate consideration from politicians and in the media. Law makers end up pandering to what a tiny percentage of people want, because the people who disagree aren’t going to vote on the issue or make a fuss.

    1. Are you saying that the minority of people who shout so loudly are those seeking equality, or the bigots who would deny it to them?

      1. From the tone of the beginning of the article I’m guessing they were referring to the minority that cried for equal marriage to be stopped, as opposed to the minority that wants it, though it is ambiguous.

    2. Spanner1960 20 Apr 2012, 1:57pm

      I totally agree, and I find the people red arrowing this remark pretty ignorant and blinkered.
      The simple truth is: MOST PEOPLE DON’T GIVE A SH|T.

      The only people that see this matter as important are LGBT people, and a piddling minority of Bible bashers intent on preventing it.

      The bottom line is there are a damn sight more important things going on in the world right now that need attention. Stuff like this may affect us, but it is of minor consequence to most people.

  2. chris lowcase 19 Apr 2012, 10:51pm

    this is a bit of a cheap trick. ofc its going to be low down on the list of day to day politics. LGTB are a minority. sort of like the crucifiction scene in life of brian “anybody who wishes not to be crucified, raise your hand”.

  3. Why can’t we ever just make a decision based on what’s morally correct?

    1. Paddyswurds 19 Apr 2012, 11:01pm

      In America…Are you mad? Don’t get me started on that bugbear……

  4. Is this article trying to say that gay marriage should be considered more important than healthcare or the economy? I’m surprised the amount is as much as 28%.

  5. This is bad news for the anti-gay Christians who want to make it the main priority. Strange how these anti-gay Christians seem to have endless millions of dollars to stop gay marriage, two people who love each other, yet these Christian do not seem to have money to feed the over 30,000 children who starve to death every day on earth. Why do they not want birth control if they can not even care for the thousands of children who die every day of hunger. It appears they are no longer the religious leaders they say they are. Spending millions of dollars to stop two people who love each other from getting married is a waste of time and money when the people who love each other will be together no matter what they do.

    1. The Coalition for Marriage have always argued that redefining marriage is not a priority for voters and as such the politcians should leave marriage as it is. It was the same point that Ben Bradshaw made and the gay ‘marriage’ lobby attacked him. This poll only confirms these positions and reinforces the argument that when the coalition government finally ditches the gay marriage plans, it would have no significant effect on thier votes in the general elections.

      1. “redefining marriage is not a priority for voters and as such the politcians should leave marriage as it is”

        non-sequitur alert. The rights of a minority are hardly ever going to be the top of everyone’s agenda. Doesn’t mean the government should ignore them.

      2. Robert in S. Kensington 20 Apr 2012, 11:12am

        in your dreams, moronic self-loather!

      3. Spanner1960 20 Apr 2012, 1:59pm

        It ISN’T a priority.
        It actually affects very few people, which pushes our cause even further. Rubber stamp the damn thing and let’s get on with the really important stuff, instead of quibbling over minutiae.

  6. Marriage equality shouldn’t be decided by voters and if you’re not homosexual or bisexual, it doesn’t affect you

    1. And transgender equality shouldn’t be decided by you, as it doesn’t affect you.

    2. Transgender equality does affect me because
      1. I don’t want men in my bathrooms, dressing rooms, etc
      2. I bothers me that people can be cheap versions of their desired gender
      3. Body mutilation like that shouldn’t be allowed, it’s harmful
      4. I care about people’s mental health. They need mental help to accept their real gender, not some gender surgery.

      1. Oh, shut up you bigoted fool. Your selfish ignorance offends anyone with a brain. What a pathetic excuse you are for a human.

      2. Anyone with a brain knows that transgenderism is very wrong

        1. That counts you out you out, doesn’t it?

          1. Well said. I think she might actually be too stupid to see her own hypocrisy. Maybe its a mental health issue with her?

        2. Lumi Bast – f u c k off.

      3. Lumi you really are disgusting. Why don’t you educate yourself on gender issues instead of spouting off bigoted garbage that you have made up.

  7. I hate living in the US sometimes. Fine, a lot of times. :I

    1. Ah…your’e US based…now I understand why you are so vitriollically opposed to religion. I used to live there but returned to UK and it was like night and day. I can breathe here. Keep making a noise!

      1. “now I understand why you are so vitriollically opposed to religion.”

        Religion has not entirely washed off her, alas. This is the same woman who launched tirades against transgendered people that would put Fred Phelps to shame.

        Here’s a recent one from her:-

        Transgenderism is WRONG because it’s a harmful mental illness
        Transgenderism is WRONG because it causes you to mutilate your body
        Transgenderism is WRONG because people are sad excuses for their “new” gender
        Transgenderism is WRONG because they go in the wrong bathrooms, dressing rooms, etc

        She is a hypocrite of the highest order, and a fool to boot – worse then any religion, as she should know better.

      2. Yeah, until things get better, I may move to another country. Or at least to a better part of the US.

      3. 1. Nobody ever told me about transgenderism. I found out about it on my own, and I didn’t need a religion to know it’s wrong. My viewpoints actually became stronger when I became atheist.
        2. My tirades wouldn’t put WBC to shame. Look at the stuff they say. “God Hates Fags” “Fags Burn In Hell” “Thank God For Dead Soldiers” “God Hates America”. Not even close.

        I get it, you’re mad I’m “transphobic”. Now stop commenting that on all my comments. You aren’t doing anything.

        1. “My viewpoints actually became stronger when I became atheist.”

          Ironically “wrong” as yo put it, is a religions viewpoint:- “wrong” is relative term. Its not you place to call someone “wrong”.

          “My tirades wouldn’t put WBC to shame”

          Really? Are you that blind to your own hypocrisy? Is there something mentally wrong with you, a learning difficulty or something?

          “Now stop commenting that on all my comments. ”

          Ah, what’s wrong, don’t you like being called a bigot? Get used to it, it fits you like a glove.

          “I get it, you’re mad I’m “transphobic””

          No, I’m disgusted at you. You a vile excuse for a human. Get over it.,

        2. Hard drugs are wrong. Cutting is wrong. Murder is wrong. Stealing is wrong. Lying is wrong, Those things are common sense.

          WBC is far worse than I am, I can even begin to compare to them. I would never protest soldiers’ funerals, I would never say I’m glad soldiers are dead, I don’t hold any anti gay viewpoints.

          No, if holding my views makes me a bigot, so be it. But it’s annoying that you feel you need to comment on so many of my comments. I get the point.

          1. Good. You accept you’re a bigot. Next stage is to see how stupid you are.

            You, my dear, are an utter disgrace to the gay community, I would be embarrassed to know you.

          2. Yes, Lumi, you are a bigot. You have no right to demand equality, you’re no better than the religious right who come in here preaching the same hate. I’m with Will, you ARE a disgrace to the gay community.

          3. I have every right to equality because
            1. I didn’t choose my orientation
            2. There’s nothing wrong with homosexuality

            What a disgrace is to the gay community is people supporting transgenderism

          4. No you don’t. You’re mentally damaged bigot with a learning difficulty. You do not understand equality, nor think others deserve it, so why do you think you deserve it?

            Now, why not run along to a religions site and bore then with your hate speech?

            In other words, get your sick mid out of our sight.

          5. Yes Lumi, you are a bigot. And yes you are just as bad as WBC. I completely agree with Will, Tony & Matt.

  8. It’s a daft question/poll. Marriage equality primarily affects gay people, their friends and family whereas job security, health, education etc affects everyone. Polling the whole population on marriage equality importance and comparing it with the economy , job etc is daft. Even gay people are probably going to be more concerned about health and jobs.

    If people agree with the anti gay marriage mob and thought “gay” marriage will destroy the world then it would be the most important issue in the world! Most people want their govt to get on with it. The media is obsessed with the anti-gay marriage mob yet most of us (gay and straight and Christian) are sick of them.

    1. John wrote: “If people agree with the anti gay marriage mob and thought “gay” marriage will destroy the world then it would be the most important issue in the world!”

      Actually, if people agree with the militant gay marriage lobby and thought that gay marriage is about human rights,discrimination,equality reducing teenage suicide then it would be the most important issue in the world.

      While the militant gay marriage lobby are obsessed with the issue, majority of people including gays like Ben Bradshaw see it as a distraction and a waste of time. People are sick and tired of the militant gay marriage lobby because they ignore the high unemployment rate and unemployability of 19 – 24 – yr olds and focus on how they can use this group of people to achieve gay marriage and organize gay prides.

      1. The majority of gay people want equal rights including marriage, to be treated fairly, to stop bullying, and to stop gay suicides. The only people that don’t want equality are those who are self loathing.

        We’re obsessed with the issue because we’re treated unequally. I would like to be treated like everyone else, I would like to be able to not get fired or denied housing because of my orientation, I would like to be able to not have to worry about being beaten/assaulted/hurt/murdered because of my orientation, I would like to be able to marry another woman completely legally.

        We don’t ignore high unemployment rate and unemployable of young people, they’re important issues, but getting rights is important

        I’m sick and tired of being denied rights and being treated unfairly and I’ll be god damn militant until that changes.

        1. the unemployablity*

        2. “I’m sick and tired of being denied rights and being treated unfairly and I’ll be god damn militant until that changes.”

          Really? And yet you come in here with a tirade about how trans people are “wrong” and do not deserve equality.

          The word you’re looking for is hypocrite, my dear.

        3. No, I’m not a hypocrite because I deserve rights for being something that’s not wrong and not a choice

          1. Yes you are a hypocrite! You do NOT deserve rights when you deny them to others, you peice of n a z i crap!

          2. You are HILARIOUS Lumi! And yes that is EXACTLY the definition of ‘hypocrite’. You want recognition that being gay is not wrong and not a choice, yet you claim that being transgender is wrong and is a choice. BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

      2. “While the militant gay marriage lobby are obsessed with the issue”

        You mean obsessed like you are obsessed enough Ken to come into a gay site and peddle lies?

        Another “hit and run” comment by Ken, identical to the last 50 or so he put up. Not much on intellect, but you have to give him marks on perseverance in promoting his mental health issues in public.

  9. Dr Robin Guthrie 20 Apr 2012, 2:44am

    Polls are pointless unless everyone is polled.

    I am 46 years old and have never been polled once, despite living in Edinburgh, Glasgow, Sheffield, Manchester, Crawley, Dorking, Guildford, Brighton, Irvine, London, Bridgend, Kilwinning, Maybole, Salford, Croydon.

    Not once. In 46 years.

    So where are these Polsters getting their data.

    Simple. Agenda driven organisation pays a polling company, with weighted questions that suits the agenda of the original organisation.

    Said polling company pursues its poll in an environment that clearly will return a result its benefactor wants to hear.

    Job done. Lies and statistics complete.

    1. I entirely agree with you. I think this explains why in the United states, opinion polls commissioned by the gay marriage lobby are always in favour of gay rights/gay marriage. However, all the actual referendum on the issue have gone the other way. The most recent example is in Anchorage, Alaska where the gay groups fully publicized opinion polls from ‘well respected’ pollsters showing they would win Proposition 5. However, when the actual results were announced, they lost by over 10 percentage points

      1. Yes, and those commissioned by those vile bigoted creatures calling themselves Christians always fall in THEIR favour too!! Funny that!

      2. And yet Ken, all you can do is come into a gay news site and bluster.

        If you were winning so much, why would you have to resort to doing this?

        Notice who we do not need to go into christian lunatic sites and peddle our “gay agenda”?

        What does that tell you, hmmmm?

        1. Robert in S. Kensington 20 Apr 2012, 11:53am

          He’s an American shill, a closeted self-loather too. You’re right, if his gang of bigots were winning the argument, they wouldn’t even conceive of trolling a gay site, only a closeted self-loathers do that. There are so many hetero marriages in trouble that they’re not even concerned with or doing anything about. Heterosexual serial adultery and divorce, the real threat to marriage, are at an all time high and these bigots claim they want to preserve it? Hypocrites!

      3. Probably because there are more nasty bigots than there are gay people, and the majority is not too bothered and doesn’t translate their belief into a vote

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    1. Take your spam somewhere else. Also, it’s not the best idea to use a heterosexual couple in your advertisement.

  11. WAIT! if they think its a concern but not top priority on the list – why the F do they draw it out! if its a majority vote – just pass the goddamned bill for marriage equality and get onto things the public is more concerned about – if marriage equality is essentially a civil right then why are people making such a bloody big deal about it!! just pass the damn thing if its not a huge concern and get on to whatever the public seems to think is worth more time

    1. Exactly. The whole the point of this article is to suggest that the vociferous anti-equality lobby are only a minority of voters that politicians don’t therefore have to pander to, leaving them to vote according to what seems right and reasonable without fearing a red-neck backlash at the polls…

  12. GingerlyColors 20 Apr 2012, 6:45am

    No doubt the majority of US voters have bigger fish to fry than gay issues.

  13. I agree it probably is a lack of priority in the USA – judging from media reports American is broken in more ways then one and creating marriage equality is not going to do that. They need to fix the economy, create jobs (and then pass legislation to protect workers from discrimination and abuse). They need to pass antibullying laws to stop all these kids killing themself in the USA.

    Theres a lot of things to be done in the USA and marriage equality is out of their reach until this is done.

  14. Just for perspective: it would appear most Americans have no idea of their own history.

    In every single poll a greater number consistently state having more faith in a Republican government on economic matters….

    Yet history has repeatedly demonstrated that under Democratic rule the country fairs better.

    When a Democratic leader is followed by a Republican, almost every single time, the Republicans subsequently squander all financial advances the preceding government built up.

    I wouldn’t put much faith in a poll of Americans for the simple fact that most are too uneducated regarding anything related to national finances, healthcare, and governmental policy.

    1. Robert in S. Kensington 20 Apr 2012, 1:16pm

      Also, there have been more recessions under an republican administration than a democratic one. Republican administrations borrow more and rarely ever pay back what they owe. They’re not fiscal conservatives at all, quite the opposite. Just look at the two wars in Iraq and Afghanistan under George Bush, neither were figured into the deficit and were the prime cause of America’s debt as well as deregulation of the financial services industries back in 1999 when the Glass-Steagall Act was torn to shreds. It was George Bush who began bailing banks out in his last year in office, not President Obama. It was a democratic president (Bill Clinton) who left office after his second term leaving America with a net surplus, a balanced budget while Bush left his country with the largest debt in American history for Obama to clean up.

  15. A small anecdote: teaching an English class to first year uni students at a major urban US university not so long ago, I informed them that Virginia Woolf was bisexual. A gasp (of disgust) echoed around the room – and yet mention invasion into foreign parts to commit crimes of savage barbarity and – not a stir. So, let’s not be surprised about equal marriage concerns not getting priority status, it doesn’t require human sacrifice/slaughter!

  16. It’s even less a priority in the UK what with the presence of civil partnerships.
    To be frank, the whole issue of gay marriage in the UK is seen by the unspoken majority as being a major waste of time. Not because people are nasty bigotted homophobes but because there are more important things to be concerned with. And it irritates the cr*p out of people that gay marriage -which is a fight over a name, a poxy name- takes up any time at all.
    You might be able to pull at the public’s heartstrings with tales of gay people being denied legal rights, and, yes, people-myself included- felt for gay people when the legal rights were not the same.
    Now they’re the same via access to cp’s. Nobody gives a s*it. And why should they? Call yourselves married if you like, don’t use up precious government time on it, though, it REALLY is not important.

    1. “it REALLY is not important.”

      To you.

      Not everyone thinks the same. Civil rights are always important in a democracy. The important in of the improvement of the well-being of all citizens improves society. Its its such a minor issue, then just change the law and grant it. According to you and your “research”, no one will care, its just not that important you say. So why not just make marriage equality happen, 5 minutes in the Commons and its over. Done and dusted and we can all move on. Hmmm?

      1. Because you know as well as I do that it will take a lot more than five minutes. That is why.
        I doubt that people who are tolerant of gay people like myself will give a proverbial either way.
        But that is not the point. The point is this: people are thoroughly sick of the gay marriage issue. In the public’s eyes cp’s are no less important than marriage. Heck, they are even colloquially called marriage.
        What people do care about is the fact that something which is all about semantics is being made into such an important issue when the country is going to the dogs.
        That doesn’t make them homophobic or bigotted.
        You also know as well as I do that equalising gay marriage, would despite protestations otherwise, oblige religions to carry out marriage. THIS is why Muslims and other religious people are up in arms about it.
        Life is ultimately about compromise.

        1. Robert in S. Kensington 20 Apr 2012, 3:39pm

          You obviously don’t read. The government consultation is crystal clear about not forcing religious denominations to recognise or officiate same-sex marriages. In fact it would be illegal. What planet are you living on? As for your semantics nonsense, explain why there are 10 countries, six American states who’ve introduced it as well as Washington, DC, and Mexico City. They all had varying forms of legal unions for same-sex couples but abandonded them. Ever asked yourself why? Try moving outside the UK in a CP and you’ll find just how unequal they are, idiot.

        2. “people are thoroughly sick of the gay marriage issue”

          Who exactly are these people? You? Give me some evidence. Otherwise spare me the puerile lecture on tolerance.

          1. She won’t answer that Will, I think she’s talking about all the people in her head.

    2. I live in the US but I’m going to answer. To me, civil marriage is extremely important.

      I want to be able to call a woman my wife and have it be true
      I want to have a wedding ceremony, not a civil partnership ceremony
      I want the legal recognition of a marriage
      I want to be able to say I’m married and have it be true
      I want the 1000+ benefits marriage has

      1. Given you’re previous posts and you admission that you’re a bigot, you do not deserve the right to demand equality when you insist others do not deserve it.

  17. GingerlyColors 20 Apr 2012, 3:32pm

    We’ve got to remember that the vast majority of people are not gay and that they do have other issues on which to elect a government. There are important issues such as Law and Order, Education, Heath Care, the Economy, Transport, Defence, Foreign Relations, Housing, Social Care, Pensions and so on which also affect LGBT people. I want to be able to go about my business without getting mugged, travel to my destination on time, have a job, have a roof over my head, be cared for when I’m ill, be provided for when I am old and not to have to live through any more wars. The reality is that it does push marriage equality way down the list of priorities but political parties are often judged on how they treat minority groups and therefore marriage equality should not be swept under the carpet. It won’t take much Parliamentary time to discuss the issue and have a vote on it – it is not as if introducing marriage equality is going to cost the taxpayer billions of pounds.

    1. It may be hard to believe but other people’s feelings about love and commitment do not really matter to anybody else. Which is kind of ironic, because you are all so desperate to be accepted by society. Marriage is a PUBLIC declaration, remember.

      The ONLY intelligent argument in favour of gay marriage is that the legal rights may not 100% the same. Fair play to Robert in Kensington. He has at least provided valid reasons. All else is fluff nobody else gives a hoot about. Sorry.

      1. “All else is fluff nobody else gives a hoot about.”

        Me thinks you are talking about yourself, as very few others share your ranting opinion. You really need to watch that anger, one might misinterpret it as the blustering of a delusional and small mind.

        Be a dear, have a cup of tea, it’ll calm you down somewhat. Then you can try a coherent argument.

      2. Is Sal still ranting bout how “no one cares”? And yet she is doing such great job of “not caring” herself with her multitude of hissy fit postings, isn’t she?

        Tony’s right, have a cup of tea. But you might want to Irish it up a little. If the wardens let you, that is.

        1. No more mad than the idea of actual gay marriage, mate. What dress you gonna wear?

  18. This is in response to Matt:
    You casually make jokes about mental illness yet demand marriage and to be seen as an an equal person (which you are).

    Your double standards are sickening: do you not realise that homosexuality itself was a mental disorder until a few years back?
    No because you are gay any disgusting slurs can be tolerated, right?

    1. Still ranting about something no one apparently cares about?

    2. Sal, you’re histrionic. The suggestion that you have mental health issue is NOT a joke, its a real concern.

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