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Jessie J denies biographer’s claim that she is a lesbian

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Reader comments

  1. Cybil Liberty 19 Apr 2012, 10:05pm

    Biphobia is more prevalent than homophobia anyway, as this proves. Silly.

    1. Biphobia is not more prevalent than homophobia. People are bullied more for being homosexual than bisexual as they’re considered at least somewhat “normal” by homophobes and bi women don’t have to be “turned” by homophobic straight men (I’m not saying people aren’t bullied for being bi or biphobia doesn’t exist, but homophobia is far more prevalent).

      1. I feel that biphobia can be seen to be more prevalent since bi people get it from both sides of the fence. We’re not straight enough for the straight world and not gay enough for the gay world, plus we’re tarred by both lots for being supposedly promiscuous.

        Either way, it’s sad that this biographer is unable to let Jessie J be who she says she is. A bisexual woman could spend all her life with women and still be bi, so judging a bi person on their relationship history is risky. I certainly hope that I’ll never need another relationship than the one I’m in now, so don’t plan on looking for any men, even though I can still find them attractive, but still consider myself bi, even though it makes my life more difficult!

        1. Well I welcome you to the gay world :)

          1. You’re hardly an ambassador of the “gay world” sweetie, you’re just some white trash bigot who happens to be gay – although given your hate towards trans people, I’d sooner rather you weren’t gay. You have no right to connect yourself with the rest of us, we’re not like you, thankfully.

      2. “Biphobia is not more prevalent than homophobia.”

        And transphobia is even more prevalent than homophobia, but you seem okay with that, don’t you? But once you get the rights you think you deserve, no one else deserves their rights, yeah?

      3. Wrong (again).

        Bisexuals get sh1t from everyone.

      4. Of course I’m okay with “transphobia” because it means standing up for what’s right. And they don’t deserve rights to mutilate their body and lie about their real gender, and have that recognized.

        1. A bigot and proud, eh? You sound like a inbred religious freak.

          1. How anyone can be proud of promoting intolerance and perpetuating hatred (which after all is what a phobia is!), is beyond me

          2. I know Stu, to be blunt, this woman is a disgusting individual.

      5. That’s because Bisexual people are often invisible and not taken seriously..even in the LGBT community…*sigh*

    2. Cybil

      Not sure which is more prevalent biphobia or homophobia – neither is acceptable.

      What is sure, is this story is about Jessie J – and whatever her orientation is, and she says she is bisexual (and I believe her), is her business. She chooses to be open about it, and thats cool.

      As for the author (unauthorised) of this biography. She is just after making a quick buck whilst Jessie J is doing very well.

      Rumour, gossip etc is damaging.

      Jessie J writes great song, sings really well and has a likeability. I wouldnt care what her orientation is.

  2. It’s nobody’s business what orientation she is. If she’s bi, neat. If she’s lesbian, neat. If she’s straight neat. At least she had the courage to come out as bi.

  3. I don’t see why having her say she’s bi-sexual. She has dated both men and women. That’s bisexual.

    1. Well she could be a woman who dated men before but realized she’s lesbian. I understand your point though.

    2. I’ve dated men but I’ve identified as a lesbian for most of my life apart from a few confused years in my teens when I tried to fulfill my social obligations. It wasn’t a happy time…

    3. I’ve identified as gay since I was in my early teens, but up until I was 21, I dated primarily men, mostly due to a teensy dating pool. Even during that time, I found sex with men to be squicky and awkward.

      It’s possible to be homosexual and bi-romantic.

  4. Why can’t people understand we bisexuals really exist and are not only a legend or people in denial ?

    1. I don’t know :(

      I’m homosexual, but biphobia makes me sad. I’ve heard people say bi people don’t exist, bi people are just confused, bi people are slutty/greedy. bi people can’t make up their mind, bi women are straight, bi men are gay- it’s pathetic. Some people just like both genders.
      I actually had a conversation with a biphobe once and it got posted on Dumb Things Straight People Say. People are just…. dumb.

      1. It was on Omegle just to add that

      2. “I actually had a conversation with a biphobe once and it got posted on Dumb Things Straight People Say. People are just…. dumb.”

        You don’t need to go to straight people for stupidity. Gay people are just as f****d up idiots too.

        Here’s what you said on another thread:- “The only disgrace to gay people is transpeople for trying to join or cause when they have NOTHING to do with us. The T needs to stay out of LGB(QA).”

        and “Gay people staying in the closet is different because transgender people are so sad and depressed that they would rather die if they can’t MUTILATE THEIR BODY….. they need severe mental help”

        Your hypocrisy is only matched by your stupidity and bigotry.

        1. Haha – well said, Will!

      3. To paraphrase Lumi’s speech above:

        I’m homosexual, but *transhobia* makes me sad. I’ve heard people say *trans* people don’t exist, *trans* people are just confused, *trans* people can’t make up their mind – it’s pathetic. Some people just *born in the wrong* gender.

  5. I HATE when people say that everyone is bi though >_<

    1. Who cares, bigot.

  6. I really am not fussed either way. I’ve never been Jessie J’s biggest fan but I think she’s an amazing person all the same and she should be able to live her life without people prying into things like this.

  7. Dr Robin Guthrie 20 Apr 2012, 2:13am

    So what.

    Some mediocre pop singer whom no one will remember in 10 years, who’s music is non descript is fussing about how she should be marketed.

    In the language of todays yoof.


    1. Oh dear, seems like the good doctor is showing his age! If you don’t care for her style of music then that’s fine…. But mediocre she ain’t!

  8. I wonder if there could be a potential law suit here? This ‘author’ is using a well known name to create something which is an untrue and potentially defamatory.

    I guess it could only be a matter of time.

    1. defamation in the UK is defined as being an untrue statement made which lowers a reasonable person’s perception of them e.g calling them a thief, criminal, racist etc. A reasonable person is not homophobic therefore lawsuit will fail (Donovan v The Face).

      1. …but he won that action.

  9. I’m pretty disgusted that the Pink News would stoop so low as to support idle speculation about someone’s sexuality by publishing these articles. It’s a private matter until Jessie J wishes to make it otherwise. The LGBT community should not be engaging in tittle tattle about this kind of thing, as we know how much damage these invasions of privacy can cause.

  10. When it comes to it, it is her privilige to identify her own sexuality- I identify as gay, but if I felt that I was bi, I’d expect people to take my word for it. The fact is, a lot of people- straight or gay- don’t like the concept of bisexuality because it challenges their preconceptions and ‘certainaties’ about sexuality.

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