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Israel’s Masorti Movement will ordain gay men and lesbians as rabbis

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Reader comments

  1. Shalom,they are God’s chosen people, Shalom.

    1. ‘God’?

      You mean the fictional character of ‘god’

      There is no ‘god’.

      1. Thumbs up!

    2. Which would imply the rest of us are not. Gee, thanks.

  2. In America we have Freedom of Religion and a person can believe or not believe as they wish, that is their right. Also in America they have Free Speech where they have the right to speak out against others as long as it does not cause harm or threaten death. We respect a persons right to believe or not believe in a god. Maybe if everybody tried to respect each others rights and freedoms to believe or not believe in a God the world would be a better place for all of us to live. Shalom/Peace

    1. “In America we have Freedom of Religion and a person can believe or not believe as they wish”

      You might want to rethink that so called freedom. Only twenty-one states (plus Washington, D.C.) outlaw discrimination based on sexual orientation, and a lot of people want your schools to pass off a lie as an education in the form of creationism.

      While I see your point, the USA is not the bastion of civil liberties you think it is.

    2. I respect someone’s RIGHT to believe in a ‘god’.

      but I still think they are an idiot if they do.

      As for ‘freedom of speech’ – well that’s a myth and always has been.

  3. Speaking as one who lives in Israel since birth (36 years now), I’ve never heard of this movement (as an official movement).

    “Masorti” is a general name for Jewish Israelis who are somewhat secular but keep the traditions (“Masoret” = Tradition) of Judaism.

    1. It’s the Israeli branch of Conservative (that’s capital “c”) Judaism. Israelis don’t hear about many things. As a Ukraine-born American Jew I have definitely come across that with Israelis a lot.

  4. Robert Rhodes 20 Apr 2012, 6:44am

    Is there anything the nation of Israel can’t do! Sadly, US President Obama will be blamed. And, the GOP will divert US taxpayers’ money to declare war on Israel, to the Knights of Malta, to Atlantis, or to their 1% aka old ugly billionaires.

    1. Archbishop of Taunton 20 Apr 2012, 7:55am

      No they won’t, since they have a religious belief around the necessity for Israel to be secure. Something to do with Revelations.

  5. atleast they did the right thing.

    the orthdox and ultra orthdox are the Jewish version of the taliban. We should send them to the gulag.

    BTW I ended up sitting next to an orthodox on a plane last year. Even though I’m not gay, I told him i was.

    it was so much fun to see him squirm. Those boogers are living in the year 0.

    1. Isn’t that where the Taliban would like to send you?

    2. That’s what I would have done, too! AND told him I’m a secular Jew, comfortable with my ethnicity, non-believer in a tribal god gone viral!

      But I am proud of the fact that Israel IS a bastion of support for GLBTI people, and that includes Arabs, expelled from or threatened with death in the surrounding countries and the disputed territories. No other country across the region has a Prime Minister who stands up un their parliament (if they even HAVE one) and announces that violence against gays is not permissible because all should be treated equally under the Law and gay Israelis have that right, too.

  6. finally a religion finally accepting that orientation does not equal sin.

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