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Boris Johnson: ‘Intense backlash’ against ex-gay bus ads would have hurt Christians

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Reader comments

  1. Chester666666 19 Apr 2012, 2:04pm

    So was he more concerned with the LBG or the Christians? Looks like he was more concerned with the homophobes unfortunately

    1. James Incer 19 Apr 2012, 2:10pm

      Get over yourself. “It is clearly offensive to suggest that being gay is an illness that someone recovers from and I am not prepared to have that suggestion driven around London on our buses.”

      1. Get over yourself
        he is on about the backlash o christians and not what would happen to LBGT and I get thumbs down for thinking that is so bad? If you wanna support homophobes then do it

        1. Yes, that’s called “keeping the peace”. He’s trying to make sure Christians aren’t too ANGRY and RAGING because of the decision by explaining how it was not *only* homophobic but would have harmed THEM as wel.

          1. so if ken does that he gets the abuse

        2. He’s talking about your average Christians who, most likely, couldn’t give a stuff about a person’s sexuality. Why should they face attack or judgment based on the bigotry of some nutjob organisation. He wanted to protect them as well as LGB people in London, and was aiming it at the audience in question ie the Christian side

          1. Every Christain views all abnormal and unbiblical sexual relationship as a sin. In any event, Talking about ‘protection’, how many people did Boris protect during the August riots?

          2. Ken

            When did your God give you the right to judge who is and who is not a Christian?

            Heard of the commandment – love thy neighbour?

          3. “Every Christain views all abnormal and unbiblical sexual relationship as a sin.”

            That’s only because you’re not getting enough sex yourself.

          4. Ruth. I claim no ‘right’ to judge who is a real christain but I have the Bible which tells me who a real christian is!

          5. Ken

            You may claim no “right” to judge.

            But judge you do – which is unscriptural (or it used to be when I went to church)

          6. ken, clearly you treat you bible like buffet

          7. “Ruth. I claim no ‘right’ to judge who is a real christain but I have the Bible which tells me who a real christian is!”

            ….not to mention how to endorse slavery, rape, murder, and other barbaric acts.

            Wow, how clever you are Ken.

          8. @Ken . . . you will be telling us next that you have a PhD in theology from Cambridge University?

          9. Careful John K – we wouldn’t want any flash backs to Ridley, now would we?

    2. Crispy Mars-slacker 19 Apr 2012, 8:39pm

      Yep, I read it like that too. Funny how Boris has a habit of saying the wrong thing – choosing the wrong words. Like the christians are getting duffed up on the street! Monty python, eat your heart out! Alarmist or what! And needlessly.

  2. I contacted the CAP to ask if they did give advice to AM or CBSO about the advertisement as the ASA suggested, and if they did (in the interests of transparency what they said), I received the following disappointing reply:

    “We take transparency very seriously: however, we take promises of confidentiality equally seriously. As I said in my email, the CAP Copy Advice team offers a service to advertisers on a confidential basis. The advertiser is free to disclose in public if they’ve sought advice from the team, but we’ve never taken the view that an announcement of that kind releases us from our obligation to respect the advertiser’s confidence.

    The Copy Advice team’s advice is non-binding and seeks to draw to an advertiser’s attention relevant rules from the CAP Code as well as previous ASA decisions on comparable advertisements. The distinction I’m trying to draw when I say “non-binding” is between advice that an advertiser is free to disregard and CAP rules or ASA adjudications

    1. on the other hand, which are definitive and seek to bind advertisers to a standard of conduct. It is clearly proportionate to demand transparency from a regulator that seeks to impose rules or case decisions: CAP and BCAP conduct public consultations on their rules to that end, and the ASA publishes its decisions on its website. Advice that is conditional, freely given and essentially informal does not meet the same bar.”

      The are not subject to the FOI act, but they are listed as an organisation that should be considered for addition to the FOI. When I asked them if, in the interested of transparency, they would respond as for a FOI request, they have not responded to my emails.

      Something to hide?

      1. Robert in S. Kensington 19 Apr 2012, 2:28pm

        Definitely something to hide!

    2. If it’s any help, a former ASA panel member told me that had the adverts been displayed, and had there been a complaint, there is no doubt that the complaint would have been upheld. But as the ads never made it onto the side of a bus, there was no opportunity for the ASA to become involved.

      1. Thats useful to hear.

        Either AM and CIT are lying about the CAP advice, or CAP are protecting advice that they gave on the grounds of client confidentiality – now whether that advice was that the advertisement was likely to breach the ASA code and thus publication was not advised or whether they took a different view to the former ASA panel member you spoke to – they seem reluctant to comment upon.

        1. I think it’s entirely appropriate they maintain confidentiality. Do not discount the possibility that these narthers knew they would loose in the case of complaint, but would regard the controversy in the press as a win. With only a small number of buses planned, it looks to me that they merely wanted the press attention without having to pay too much for it.

          1. Its certainly plausible they were after publicity -= didnt get the amount or sort of publicity they wanted!

  3. Anglican Mainstream who placed the ads has prominent links on it’s website to resources from listed hate group The Family Research Council entitled “Top Ten Myths about Homosexuality” it can be found under Resources for Same-sex and Transgender Issues.

    The Family Research Council is listed among others as a hate group by the Southern Poverty Law Centre most of these are religiously motivated groups that have continued to pump out demonizing propaganda aimed at homosexuals and other sexual minorities.
    These groups’ influence reaches far beyond what their size would suggest, because the “facts” they disseminate about homosexuality are often amplified by certain politicians, other groups and even news organizations.
    Generally, the SPLC’s listings of these groups is based on their propagation of known falsehoods — claims about LGBT people that have been thoroughly discredited by scientific authorities — and repeated.
    Of course AM provides links to discredited ex-gay outfits too.

    1. Robert in S. Kensington 19 Apr 2012, 2:37pm

      As I said in another post, any links to American religion based hate groups should be reported to the Home Office. It has already banned a couple of American hate mongers from entry to the UK.

      Here’s a link we can all use to notify Theresa May.

    2. Thanks Robert, here’s a link to SPLC’s list of hate groups

      Take a look at some of the groups and resources that Anglican Mainstream provides links to:

      “Resources for Same-Sex and Transgender Issues”
      *AM Pastoral Resources
      *Core Issues
      *Desert Stream Ministries
      *Exodus International
      *Facts about Youth
      *Glossary on Sex
      *JONAH International
      *Leanne Payne
      *Living Waters
      *My genes made me do it!
      *New Direction
      *Redeemed Lives – Mario Bergner
      *Robert Gagnon website
      *Top ten myths about homosexuality
      *True Freedom Trust

      1. Pavlos

        Exactly. AM have links to a lot of hate groups.

        They also have members who have made calls to arms against LGBT people. They provide links to other people who support right wing Christian extremism that have also made calls to arms, which suggests AM endorses and supports violence against LGBT people.

        Perhaps the police ought to also consider the inciting of hatred that AM are involved in like they have with the splinter group of the EDL (NW Infidels) today.

      2. “True Freedom Trust”

        Interestingly, Ann Atkinson on its list of trustees

        Disturbingly, Ms Atkinson is often the BBC’s choice as a spoke person to give a “Balanced view point” on LGBT news items.

        1. Demonstrates what the BBC think of balance in LGBT issues.

      3. Robert in S. Kensington 19 Apr 2012, 5:05pm

        Pavlos, very interesting and thank you. If this were the UK, I wonder who’d make it to first position on that list? CoE, RCC, C4M, Christian Institute et al?

        1. Robert

          The organisations that would be worthy of consideration if it were a UK list include:
          Core Issues Trust
          Christian Institute
          Anglican Mainstream
          Christian Legal Centre
          North West Infidels
          The Glasgow Council of Imams

        2. The ‘Christian’ Institute would definitely make the top of the list!

          1. Almost certainly, with a little competition from AM.

      4. Crispy Mars-slacker 19 Apr 2012, 8:56pm

        Excellent post – ta for the link. Know your enemy! Fight your enemy! Etc.

      5. btw note narth – George Rekers head of Narth was outed by a male prostitute he hired to “carry his baggage on a trip to Europe for 2 weeks”

        The big deal is that the cost of that prostitute for two weeks is about $15000 per the website. Hate is a great biz

        Also Rekers was the founder of the FRC hate group. Hes also a southern baptist minister

  4. Robert in S. Kensington 19 Apr 2012, 2:35pm

    I only hope there will be a huge backlash against bigoted christians who oppose equal civil marriage, something that is really none of their concern to begin with. We don’t meddle in their business so they should keep their bigoted and hypocritical noses out of ours.

    1. You do meddle in the business, you bully them into accepting you, they have a choice to or not to, it is not your place to force people into treating you, accepting you or otherwise.

      It would seem that Boris pulled them, in favour of the Christians rather then the alledged upset it would cause the homosexual agenda.

      Hopefuly the legal action by the Groups will clear the matter up.

      1. The legal matter will clear everything up.

        As with every other matter relating to right wing Christian extremism – it will be laughed out of court.

        Bit like your right wing mates who have been arrested this morning for inciting racial hatred.

        Hope you’re next, Aiden.

      2. Religion is insanity in trolls. 19 Apr 2012, 3:41pm

        The self hating homophobe and closet case Aiden hath spake and the sum of boredom hath been added to the world’s stockpile of boring.

        1. I love this pic which reveals just how strong the support for Aiden and his like is. This is the hugely important protest at the Home Office:

      3. “Hopefuly the legal action by the Groups will clear the matter up.”

        LOL! Like the Bulls did, hmmm?

        A loser and his money are easily parted.

        1. Recent cases involved fundamentalist Christians trying to pretend in the courts that we live in a theocracy in the UK –
          Emily Mapfuwa – case withdrawn, alleged she was offended but had not been to the exhibition (such integrity!) CPS determined the art was not blasphemous.
          Eunice and Owen Johns – court protected people on grounds of their sexual orientation.
          Gary McFarlane – attempts to claim wrongful dismissal, unfair dismissal and discrimination on grounds of religion were rejected. Appeal dismissed.
          Shirley Chaplin – claim of discrimination thrown out, employer seen to have acted reasonably.
          Duke Amachree – claimed unfair dismissal and discrimination – rejected.

          This court case will be no different.

          1. We said Joel!

            Not to mention the recent ECHR decision giant discrimination by “christians”.

          2. Will

            If they want to waste their money on a case they will certainly lose, then so be it – but it demonstrates poor stewardship of their resources and their caring for their neighbour. Better for them to give it to tackle poverty, famine or disaster.

      4. Robert in S. Kensington 19 Apr 2012, 5:02pm

        And religious bigots and hypocrites have NO business bullying society into a theocracy or imposing their religious beliefs on the rest of society either. Talk about the pot calling the kettle black. We have NO agenda unlike your kind which is to infest government with bigotry, prejudice against one sole group of people and turn the UK into a Taliban style theocracy. So long as the bloody Queen is the head of the church, no religion is being persecuted or being driven underground nor is its freedom being abused. People can enter any religious building and worship the way they see fit so stop playing the victim card. If anything is against religion its bloody stupid ignorant people like you who oppose religious denominations who support our equality from having a right to recognise and accept our relationships. You have every right to freedom of religion as you currently enjoy and there are many of us in the UK, not just gay people, who want the right to be free from religion.

    2. Actually, throughout history, the backlash has always been against homosexuality. I therefore have no doubt that there would DEFINITELY be a backlash against homosexuality and gay marriage. It is therefore not surprising that even in the countries(e.g spain, south Africa, canada) that now allow gay marriage, ‘married’ gay couples still live in fear awaiting the day of backlash!

      1. “Actually, throughout history, the backlash has always been against homosexuality”

        Not any more. Its the turn of backward bigots like you who hinder humanity.

        Does that make you feel warm inside? It does for me….

      2. Really, Ken

        Documentary evidence to show there are people living in fear such as you describe?

        You don’t really do evidence though do you?

        1. Joel. you do not read the news. do you? Well, I would help. First see this link about the fear of a backlash by the gay lobby in spain.

          1. Nice choice of story – the new government of Spain within 2 days of this story made it clear that LGBT rights were crucial to its government and to Spain.

            A Eurobarometer survey published December 2006 showed that 66 percent of Spaniards surveyed support same-sex marriage and 43 percent recognise same-sex couple’s right to adopt (EU-wide averages are 44 percent and 33 percent, respectively)

            Backlash – what backlash, ah that will be the backlash against Christfascist bigotry, where church attendances in Spain are at the lowest level since records began and where the RC church have lost most (if not all) of their influence.

          2. Mariano Rajoy the new Spanish PM has also stated that the constitutional court needs to decide the case that was taken to it regarding same sex couples marrying and that he will accept its decision.

            Leading Spanish counsel are of the opinion that the constitutional court will uphold the right of same sex couples to marry.

          3. Of course the government would seek to reassure its citizens especially in time of economic crisis. However, the same government has made it clear that they oppose gay marriage and are only waiting for the case they filed in court(while they were in opposition) on the matter before they take action. Contrary to 2006 (7 years ago!), gay couples in spain are well aware of the oncoming backlash and are rushing to get married before then. That way, they can say, ‘I was once married’.

          4. “That way, they can say, ‘I was once married’.”

            LOL! Dream on, Ken, dream on.

            Its more likely children will ask why did people think gay marriage was a problem, and the parents will reply “They were once bigots, darling”.

        2. Joel. You can also read this news about the fear of a backlash in Canada. There is a poll on the page on whether gay marriage is still a risk in Canada and over 40% of gay people believe it is a risk and they could all be annuled one day

          1. There is a bigger risk of the courts pushing back your twisted idiots into your little church where you can fear the end of the world or whatever lunacy you believe in, isn’t there?

            Read the news, Ken, read the news….. oh, sorry, but you do. You read it here. LOL!

          2. Ken

            You obviously neither read your story from Canada or explored what has happened since.

            The story you present clearly states:”The federal government is expected to take steps today to close a legal loophole that could have undermined thousands of gay marriages around the world.”

            The story is about preventing bigots from you playing games with loving couples who are married.

            Numerous Canadian news outlets reports that the federal govt have brought forward a bill that addresses the issues that were raised and ensures same sex marriages in Canada of Canadians (and non-Canadians) are legal, legitimate and real.

            Your comments are out of date, outmoded and historic (a bit like your approach to life).

      3. “Actually, throughout history, the backlash has always been against homosexuality.”

        Not any more, we live in Post-Christian times.

        The secular state is in the ascendancy, not Religous Fundamentalism.

        1. Absolutely, JohnK

          Fundamentalism is evil and will not be tolerated. The backlash against it is unstoppable.

    3. these types of religions are the curse of civiliztion. most of the evangelical groups are tied to the USa types who justified slavery as per the bible.

      too bad we cant do what the british did with criminals int he old days – send them to some far away place on the other side of the earth.

  5. I have to admit that I was planning to throw paint at the christian ads – my reasoning being that london transport would soon take the ads off if they had to spend loads of money repainting their buses every day.

  6. David Skinner 19 Apr 2012, 3:21pm

    Well, well, the fact that the gay advert, has not produced a violent backlash from Christians, even though to them it is deeply offensive and threatening, might suggest that Christians just love being walk all over,or are not violent . By making the statement that he has made, Boris is admitting that gays are so thin skinned that they will be whipped up into a frenzy of violent hatred if they are upset. And on a point of order, the bus advert makes no mention of cure. That was Boris, or black magic. That was Ben Summerskill. The advert simply says that change is possible, in the same way that straight people can become bent,.

    Calm down dears.Calm down

    1. Made any calls to arms, recently David?

    2. Has it taken till now to calm you down after Boris stopped the adverts, David?

      Bet you were frothing at the mouth. You probably should get your blood pressure checked out.

      Why does Anglican Mainstream feel its nevessary to waste the cash it has gathered on a hopeless legal case, when you could help refugees fleeing Syria, homeless people in the UK, people experiencing flooding in Fiji, the starving in Somalia etc etc – surely that is a more “Christian” thing to do?

      There is no place in the UK for right wing fundamentalist extremism particularly not the theocratic bile you spout! The courts know that, Boris knows that, all major parties know that – you are a loser!

    3. David,

      Still a friend of Bill Muehlenberg?

      Do you agree he is a bigot, Christian fundamentalist, bully, moral coward, idiot, intellectually impoverished theologian? Sounds a bit like you!

      This tells you all anyone needs to know about Bill – and there are links between you and Bill online. Strange company you keep!

    4. Guglielmo Marinaro 19 Apr 2012, 4:31pm

      Mr Skinner, you say that Christians – by which I take it that you mean “Christians” of your mentality – found the statement “Some people are gay. Get over it” not only deeply offensive but threatening. What exactly did it threaten? As for the rejected Anglican “Mainstream” advert, I agree that it did not actually use the word “cure” but simply suggested that change is possible. That was not actually a lie, but simply misleading in the same way as the National Lottery advert some years ago, “It could be you.” Yes, it could, but you could be pretty bloody sure that it never would be. Your cranky fringe group’s advert is indeed proof of your assertion that “straight people can become bent” – bent as hairpins.

    5. “Calm down dears.Calm down”

      ….said the lunatic who comes into a gay site and spews lies like a demented madman.

      Projection, anyone?

    6. Well said Skinner. I could not have said it better!

      1. “Well said Skinner. I could not have said it better!”

        LOL! Desperate now for the backing of any old wizened nutter, are we? No wonder you’re a bunch of losers…. like Peter and Hazelmary Bull and their twisted brand of “christianity”, they’re losers too.

      2. Also a fan of Bill Muehlenberg, Ken?

        Do you support the call to arms against LGBT people?

        1. Seems Ken doesn’t like to answer “difficult” questions about Christian terrorism, Frank.

          Maybe he doesnt want to incriminate himself!

        2. I’m sure Aiden and his white supremacist friends would join Skinner in his call to arms – coward that they are.

      3. Probably not, Ken – logical argument not being your strongpoint either.

    7. Robert in S. Kensington 19 Apr 2012, 5:10pm

      “Straight people can become bent”? Really, where is your evidence? Can you direct us to one organisation that has had any success? I’ve never heard of ex-straight ministries. Prove to us with factual evidence and documentation that a straight man or woman can become gay. How exactly does a straight person become gay? Do explain? So I take it you’re living proof and if so, tell us how you embarked upon it?

      1. ““Straight people can become bent”? ”

        Its a veiled reference to the fact Skinner is probably a self persecuting closet case. There’s more then enough scientific evidence to back up that anyone this homophobic isn’t just doing it “for god” *wink* *wink*

      2. Guglielmo Marinaro 19 Apr 2012, 5:30pm

        Robert, he didn’t say that straight people can become gay; he said that they can become bent. Of course they can. His crackpot organization attempted to place a disingenuous advert on London buses implying that a change in our sexual orientation can be engineered, which is a lie, and giving the web address of one of those bogus “ex-gay” outfits. How much more bent can one get than that?

    8. Sister Mary Clarence 19 Apr 2012, 5:10pm

      “Well, well, the fact that the gay advert, has not produced a violent backlash from Christians, even though to them it is deeply offensive and threatening, might suggest that Christians just love being walk all over,or are not violent ”

      Or, possibly most Christians think that the opposition to equal marriage is wrong, which incidentally seems to be borne out by the reputable opinion polls on the subject.

      But cling on to whatever delusions you need to.

    9. Mr. Ripley's Asscrack 19 Apr 2012, 5:59pm

      Ahh, Mr Skinner, singing the praises of the blessed people. Yawns. When one ex-gay comments “When one takes his/her eyes off Je$us and looks at self…temptation will follow,” I wonder what damage has been done to that individual who was stupid enough to believe the unbelievable pish you espouse and psychologically cutting his balls off to be acceptable to people like you. In short, at what cost, and what is the extent of the psychological damage caused by these so-called therapies? I believe that’s a prompt for your religion to wonder the same. Instead you moralise about mistranslated words from two millennia ago! That we (gays, etc) do not let you deluded and vulnerable people away with anything these day shows you up for what you really are. And re. ‘calm down dears’ comment, my (invisible) handbag makes a better weapon than your leather-bound bibble, any day of the week!

      1. Deluded and vulnerable seems a fair and representative description of Skinner and his cronies.

        Skinner lost a battle against a gay colleague, how could he ever be strong enough to lead a call to arms? lol

      2. Crispy Mars-slacker 19 Apr 2012, 9:24pm

        The man is quite clearly a weirdo! To not want progress? What? To be stuck in the supposed era of total christian belief and worship and at all costs! His views should be regarded as fundamentalist! The type of person you inch away from on the bus. And Rip, when the revolution comes, who will be first against the wall?! Peace-loving poofs or the weirdo bible-bashers? You gotta laugh really.

    10. What about all the christians who support marriage equality and are fulsomely and proudly LGBT-friendly? They were offended by the nauseating hate-ads of Anglican Mainstream too. More so, perhaps, because such ads tarred them with the same brush as the horrid bigots who comissioned the dreck.

      You can’t just say “I’m a homophobe because I’m a christian”. Most christians in this country aren’t homophobic. You’re a homophobe AND a christian, but the two are separate things. You cleave to homophobic versions of christianity because they appeal to your sense of homphobia. It’s all you. It’s your choice to be this way. You chose these horrid opinions. Stop pretending you speak for anyone but yourself and a tiny minority of hateful bigots.

  7. Re David Skinner

    Oh what a cruel and unreasonable world where somebody devotes their life to spreading lies and hatred about minorities only for some nasty, spiteful godless heathens to point your bigotry out to you.

    Serial homophobe and deranged schizophrenic David Skinner gives Bill Muehlenberg his full support:

    I have contributed to the Pink News in the UK and not surprisingly have been banned many times. I also have a store of filth and hatred directed at me personally. I don’t keep this as some kind of unforgiving grudge, but it is vital that we document everything and thus are able to use it as evidence, when necessary.

    Skinner helpfully provides a link to the original article on a gay news website:

    There, if you’re minded, you can find the following nauseating ravings from the fingers of Mr Skinner:

    “Why did Garry Frisch and Kevin Greening commit suicide if the homosexual lifestyle was such a

    1. load of fun?”

      “You are religious and you worship yourself and the orgasm. ”

      “Finally, Simon, what is wrong with hatred? What right have you tell me what I must like and what I must not like? Where are my human rights? What stiff -necked and bulging eyed arrogance! Or must I only like what you like?”

      ” Above all I have a deep and smouldering hatred of those who would treat children as goods and services and lead them into a life of disease, degradation and an early grave, like Gary Frisch and Kevin Greening. For that I am prepared to take up arms, just as our parents did against N@ziism which had its roots in the homosexual, Ernst Roehm.”

      “Your beliefs surrounding homosexuality have not a shred of scientific evidence.”

      “Why, Simon, should the views of a minority group, such as the homosexuals be allowed to oppress the majority with threats of public humiliation, loss of job, physical violence, police oppression and the possibility of seven years in prison, simply for saying

    2. “Don’t pervert our children ?”

      “What homosexuals really rage against is not Christians, Muslims, Hindus or those of no religious persuasion, but their own conscience, for deep down they know that homosexuality goes against the created order.”

      This is a man who, let us not forget, has also said, of Xtians and gay people:

      “We cannot both exist. One of us has to go.”


      Sorry, I gave way to slack-jawed bewilderment that anyone could be as stupid as Bill and Skinner to genuinely think their bigotry and campaign to eradicate homosexuality could be met with anything other than warmth and kisses.

      Pink News contributor Zia Petra puts it perfectly:People suffering from homophobia want it both ways, they want to be able to name-call and insult and they want people to lie down and accept it!

      Exactly right! And when governments take away their “rights” to dictate to others who they can be, who they can spend their lives with

    3. and what they do in the privacy of their own homes, they cry loudly that they are being oppressed and their freedoms taken away.

      Just like those good decent rednecks whose human rights to lynch blacks was cruelly taken from them by oppressive governments.

      What makes me so fukcing nauseous about the likes of Skinner and Bill is that they want so badly to erase all trace of any minority who doesn’t adhere to their worldview from the face of the planet.

      They’re N@zi scum.

      Skinner and Anglican Mainstream need exposing for their insidious evil.

      1. Great post, Andrew

        Shows how evil David Skinner and his lot are.

        Potential to be neo-Christian terrorists. We should be alert to their twisted ways.

      2. Crispy Mars-slacker 19 Apr 2012, 9:02pm

        Excellent post.

      3. I’m standing and applauding you, Sir. Thank you.

      4. I am also applauding you, Andrew

        The sooner dangerous and disturbed people like Skinner and Aiden are found a “place of safety” the better.

        I am sure they support the aims of Breivik

    4. Robert in S. Kensington 19 Apr 2012, 6:07pm

      Andrew, Dr. Robert Spitzer, MD who first put ex-gay nonsense on the map has now retracted his original claim. This will help finally put the last nail in the coffin to debunk ex-gay therapies as bogus and fraudulent.

      1. Yes he has. Just goes to reinforce the lies and evil that Skinner spouts.

        Not that facts matter to Skinner, he prefers lies and indoctrination.

        1. Robert in S. Kensington 19 Apr 2012, 7:28pm

          The idiot Skinner can’t even produce the evidence that a straight person can be converted to a ga orientation, although he chooses the word “bent”, one that homophobes use. He can’t even name one organisation, obvioulsy an ex-straight organisation to support his claim.

          1. Robert

            His use of the word “bent” is a crude and unsophisticated attempt to rile and annoy. It fails. Skinner is a failure.

  8. so it was the possibility of backlash against militant and homophobic christians that prompted boris to act.

    1. No a backlash against Christians in general, the majority oh whom within this country aren’t militant or homophobic.

      And that was only ONE of his reasons, not all of them.

    2. Don’t tar ALL Christians with the same brush. I have a number of Christians friends who are anything but homophobic and would be just as offended by those ads as we are!

  9. David Skinner 19 Apr 2012, 4:59pm

    Whether consciously or unconsciously Boris is admitting , on the one hand, that can you drive, with impunity, a thousand buses around London with deeply offensive and threatening adverts directed towards Christian because they just love being stamped all over, or they just don’t respond with violence; and on the other he is saying that gays are so fragile and thin skinned that the slightest criticism will drive them into a frenzy of uncontrollable fury that is as dangerous in a man as hydrophobia is in a dog. Thank you Boris. You said it. I didn’t

    1. Oh, who cares. The fact you have to peddle this nonsense ion here is only proof of how pathetic and useless your “efforts” really are Skinner.

      An old fool like you hasn’t long to endure the growth of democracy over your facist theocracy, so don’t fret too much about it.

      1. …so “calm down dear, calm down”

      2. @David skinner

        Are your neighbours in Blandford Forum (Dorset), aware that you frequent Gay websites, advocating that people take up arms against LGBT people?

        Calm down dear, Calm down

    2. Robert in S. Kensington 19 Apr 2012, 5:11pm

      You’re an idiot!

      1. Crispy Mars-slacker 19 Apr 2012, 8:52pm

        Search for David Skinner and find out exactly what reasoned people think of him and his twat views. He’s a relic of homo sapiens-deluded; a not fit for purpose sub-species and soon to be bred to extinction. Sorry, to belittle the esteemed sir skinner, that should be the clouds of the magical space wizard on high- amen.

    3. Guglielmo Marinaro 19 Apr 2012, 5:38pm

      You still haven’t told us what was “threatening” about the Stonewall advert. Was it that it reminded you that obsessive anti-gay people like you are a dying breed and are increasingly being regarded as rather pitiable nutcases?

    4. Calm down dear, calm down …

      or are you on the hotline to Bill Muehlenberg?

      Do you still believe that “We cannot both exist. One of us has to go.”?

      Do you still feel the need to “take up arms” against LGBT people?

      How is your warmongering going?

      How often do you watch gay porn – Bill Muehlenberg admits in his blog that he does. Since you are such a fan of his Skinner, I have no doubt you have a box of tissues at hand each night in front of the computer.

    5. Name a single instance of adverts “threatening” christian people being shown on London busses? Or, indeed, on busses anywhere in the entire world.

      Or are you one of these pathetic whiny religious wankers who takes the simple pointing out of how childish and facile christian mythology is as a threat or an attack? Well if you don’t want your ideas challenged or laughed at then stop believing demonstrably ridiculous and laughable things.

    6. @David skinner

      As a spokes person for Anglican Mainstream, is this organisation aware that you frequent Gay websites, advocating that people take up arms against LGBT people?

      1. Robert in S. Kensington 19 Apr 2012, 6:02pm

        I wouldn’t mind betting it’s a closeted self-loather. Straight men just wouldn’t be interested in trolling gay websites now would they?

        1. The story behind David Skinner is rather sad. . .

          Apparently, when David worked as an Art teacher, he did not get on with his gay boss, there was conflcit, and David has held a grudge against gay men ever since.

          1. Absolutely, JohnK

            There is nothing honourable or Biblical (not that they are the same thing!!!) about his homophobia, its pure hatred, he merely seeks Biblical verses and picks them out to reinforce his hatred and anger.

            I wonder if his right wing extremism and his call to arms means he is subject to some level of “monitoring”.

            Perhaps he should think about that before he explores certain websites?

          2. I agree, if he is not being monitored, then he should be . . .

          3. Paddyswurds 19 Apr 2012, 7:44pm

            They watch it together..wink wink nudge nudge…..

    7. An interesting example of David Skinners Militant Activism

      . . . . . . . . . .

      ” Two weeks ago I was attacked and ejected from a lecture by a rabidly gay professor, who was delivering neat, vintage, unadulterated, Goebbelian, pink propaganda to about 70 sports students at a British University. Goebbels would have been green with envy. My crime? I had simply objected to the obscene language, slander and insults that had laced his diatribe against Christians, the older generation and anyone who dared to criticise homosexuality. More shocking was the fact that the other so-called academics joined in this humiliating scene of silencing anyone who opposed the gay agenda. I am sure the lesson was no lost on the students.

      Since two universities are presently involved in investigating my formal complaint, I cannot be specific at to where all this occurred – yet. I am not confident that anything will come of this apart from a visit from the thought police, accusing me of creating public disorder through speaking the truth.

      History certainly is repeating itself at a tremendous rate of knots and unless the mass of people wake up, switch off the TV,take this threat to their freedom seriously and mobilise themselves, we will, overnight, be plunged into a era of barbarism.

      David Skinner, UK

      1. Sounds to me like Skinner was inciting homophobic hatred.

      2. “I am sure the lesson was no lost on the students.”

        Ironically I’m sure it wasn’t lost on the students, John…. more will see the result of religious indoctrination and obsession with gay people – and see its utter madness. Yeah, Skinner sure did educate a few that day.

        It was probably the closest Skinner ever came to a university too :)

      3. Assuming that this is not a figment of Skinners imagination, since there was no mention of the type, or nature of the university in David’s account!!!

    8. I’m sorry David, but the adverts are not offensive to most Christians at all. They are offensive to you (and a minority of others).

    9. Jock S. Trap 22 Apr 2012, 4:49pm

      Only a paranoid person would think the adds are directed towards (intolerant) Christians.

  10. Ken and David Skinner are right, you’re wrong. And they have proof.. That was written hundreds of years AFTER their savior died, and sounds like it was proofread for scientific accuracy by a goat.

    Just The Facts
    They are right, you are not. Deal with it
    pi = 3.00
    Satan put fossils in the ground…. simply to mess with our heads.

    Welcome, you dirty sinner.

    So, let’s say you’re a good Christian. You go to church every sunday, you pray, you donate money to the church, whatever it is. One Sunday, you come in and your church is now named “The True Christian Church of Christ and Godliness for Christians… of Christ.” And the new pastor is yelling at you for Having a Jewish friend, having a homosexual son. Or perhaps damning your niece to an enternity of torture.. because she was raped.

    So now, before we get into this. Remember when that stupid teacher taught you things like “The Earth is round” or when you used 3.14 to get the circumference of a circle in High School?

    1. Speaking of lies that your teachers taught you; did you know that there’s no water in clouds? That’s right kids, apparently rain doesn’t come from nothing. However, we do know that clouds are in fact the dust of the Lord’s feet, so says the proof.

      Nahum 1 – The Lord is slow to anger, and great in power, and will not at all acquit the wicked: the Lord hath his way in the whirlwind and in the storm, and the clouds are the dust of his feet.

      You’re still with me? I’m assuming that you’re just not convinced that these guys are insane.

      We all know the Earth is round right? I mean…. there’s pictures. We’ve been to space, we’ve seen that.

      Daniel 4:10-11 “These are the visions I saw while lying in my bed: I looked, and there before me stood a tree in the middle of the land. Its height was enormous. The tree grew large and strong and its top touched the sky; it was visible to the ends of the earth.”

      Take a moment to soak that all in…… and on to the next fact.

      etc etc

  11. He’s absolutely right – removing the adverts was not a jab against Christians – it was a jab against extremists.

  12. Why didn’t any of the left wing or gays complain about the anti-gay ads displayed in the Muslim neighborhoods?

    1. They werent adverts that are regulated by the ASA, they were grafitti pieces just stuck up randomly

      Many LGBT people did complain to the local authority and police.

      1. Paddyswurds 19 Apr 2012, 7:50pm

        …and the sticker uppers ended up in court with stiff fines….

    2. all western countries should require that any Muslim who is in their country sign a public pledge that theys upport Marriage equality for gays.

      Else home they go.

      1. Bisexual woman in Edinburgh 22 Apr 2012, 6:44pm

        Bit anti-immigrant, aren’t you? Where would you send all the Muslims who were born in this country? And why do you just want to deport Muslim homophobes, and not all the other homophobes?

  13. @David Skinner, @Aiden, @Keith, @JohnB, @Ken

    The beliefs you hold and act on lead to tragedies like the suicide of Kenneth Weishuhn Jr:

    Why don’t you do something good instead of your promotion of hatred ?

    1. Harry

      You are so right.

      The blood of people like Kenneth Weishuhn Jr are on the hands of Skinner and Aiden.

      1. Robert in S. Kensington 19 Apr 2012, 8:39pm

        And on the hands to some extent of the major religious denominations and their marginalisation of gay people. The hateful rhetoric and insinuations alluding to polygamy, incest, bestiality on the issue of equal civil marriage are just some of the examples that plant the seeds of discrimination known as homophobia and send a clear message to those so inclined to go out and commit violent attacks on us, some of which end up in murder. Bullying is another example of hate-mongering. I’ve not seen any input from any of the major religious denominations in this area either. As the saying so aptly puts it, silence gives consent.

      2. Dr Robin Guthrie 20 Apr 2012, 2:34am

        Surely there must be some sort of psychiatric element to the hate that these people espouse as it is clearly NOT normal behavior.

        It would be interesting to study their histories, childhoods, upbringing, experiences etc.

        Is there a common denominator outside religion, that makes these people act as they do.

        Is it genetic, environmental, parental. Can they be changed.

        One would imagine that if we included Hitler, Mussolini, Gaddaffi, Pol Pot, Mugabe, Kim Jon il, Hussein, etc into these studied the findings would all be very similar.

        Take it to a less obvious level, then we have the heads of the religions
        which Keith, Skinner et al clearly use as a basis or excuse for their hate.

        Obviously the dictators and religious leaders of this world are not going to be subject to this test so perhaps the little people like Skinner, Aiden, Keith. etc should be subject to such a study.

        I very much doubt that they would like to see just how ugly their, in their own words, souls appear.

    2. Thanks Stu, Robert.

      Pascal was right:

      “Men never do evil so completely and cheerfully as when they do it from a religious conviction.”

  14. Boris says the bus ad’s would have hurt Christians; he is probably correct in terms of the backlash that would have occurred.

    Who would have been the cause of the backlash?

    The people who sought to publish advertising that was vile, demonising and hate filled – the fundamentalist Christians, like Skinner, Aiden, Ken, Keith etc.

    Who is the biggest danger to those liberal Christians and LGBT Christians – the fundamentalist and extremist Christians?

    Yes we as LGBT people can stand against them – but it will be much more powerful if the liberal and honourable Christians stand strongly against them with vigour and determination.

    These people want to wreck your faith – their are on a suicide mission to destroy your church. Seek fairness and show them that their hatred is wrong and will not be tolerated. Expose them for their evil.

    1. You’re right Macey, but the tolerant views seldom get coverage. It’s always the most extreme and offensive viewpoints that make the headlines and get the reaction.

      Look on here. Whenever some religious bigot spouts off, it overwhelmingly clouds the opinion of people against everyone of that faith, and it’s that what hurts the most. It rather like saying all Muslims think like Abu Qatada. It’s not like that at all.

      1. @Pat H

        Coming at this as a gay man who was brought up in a Muslim household, I do understand where you are coming from.

        As gay people we face attack from extremist people of all faith. The media tend to concentrate on those who shout loudest from the religious circles – usually the most extreme.

        Of course not all Christians nor all Muslims are anti gay. Many are – sure, a majority – I doubt it.

        It is important that people speak out and people like Mr Malik in Glasgow, the Archbishop of Wales etc are all very welcome supporters of LGBT people.

        I’m relaxed on the issue of religion but against demented extremists like Skinner or Abu Qatada (there is a strange similarity in the behaviour patterns of Qatada and Skinner!)

  15. The religious brigade would have served themselves better by keeping their mouths shut in the first place. Gay marriage would have passed into law quietly and almost unnoticed. All they’ve done is highlight the ignorance of religion. The more they open their mouths, the more they lose respect and come across as bigots, and the more we win because of it. They’re their own worst enemy.

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  17. I think Boris is right in his assessment. Running the ads would have hurt both parties. The Gay community would have taken great offence, and rightly so, but ALL Christians would have suffered too because of this negative advertising and it’s not fair on them either. Why should reasonable and tolerant Christians get caught up in the backlash that would ensue?

    I think Boris got it right.

  18. Read the comments of David Skinner here (after the main bogus article!):

    “homosexuality is nothing more than a recipe for killing a nation softly”

    Including his clamour for an Islamic revolution in the UK.

    He is barking!

  19. Another quote from David Skinner:

    “This article cannot be serious. If it is then the expressed hysteria and moral indignation raised to fever pitch are clear proof that the condition called homosexuality results in brain irritations before leading onto to more serious physical pathologies. Sodomy, sado- masochism and all the other exotic sexual activities practised by LGBTs do not lead to freedom but to bondage and duhumanisation.”

    Much more bile from Skinner in the comments.

    “What a blatant display of twisting history to suit your own anti-Gay agenda, eh David Skinner? I read your nonsense posts and just laughed.”

  20. Whilst we are looking for Skinner quotes:

    ““If I had been a kid fighting on the beaches of Guamin WW2 and I discovered that what I was really fight (sic) for was for queers to have the licence to smash the rules underlying any civilised society – the freedom get AIDS, be promiscuous and destroy marriage and the family – I would have joined the Japs.”

    Evil, deranged man!

    1. I nearly forgot, he told the Church of England Newspaper: “There is no such thing as homophobia, because there are no such things as homosexuals.”


  21. Further quote from Skinner:

    “I am waiting with eager anticipation to be the first person in Britain, to be clinically diagnosed with homophobia. It hasn’t happened yet but I am sure, given a little time it will happen. Maybe Richard Dawkins could come up with some theory about this.”

    “Then I will be justified in nominating myself as homophobic bigot of the year at the annual Stonewall awards ceremony at the Victoria and Albert Museum, London.”

    From the comments section of:

    And he thinks he is sane, decent and honourable – how wrong can he be – VERY!

    1. “And he thinks he is sane, decent and honourable – how wrong can he be – VERY!”

      Benjamin, quite right.

      He demonstrates all the symptom of schizophrenia. The really sad part is we have to endure his crap.

    2. jeffrey Jennings 20 Apr 2012, 1:27pm

      450,000 anit gay marriage / 46,000 pro = 9.75%, creating a well won popular, from a 2% resource.

      When two people taken from any hundred, are gay, anything over 2 % blah, blah, blah, is in competition against 98%, therefore they need to gain another 1,804,000 anti gay marriage votes to only break even.

      1. Well, in a decision on human rights and equality its not about who has the most votes on a petition. Its about fairness, equality, honour and loving your neighbour!!!

    3. “I am waiting with eager anticipation to be the first person in Britain, to be clinically diagnosed with homophobia. It hasn’t happened yet but I am sure, given a little time it will happen. Maybe Richard Dawkins could come up with some theory about this.”

      Reveals how Skinner is more interested in Self-aggrandisement, even if it based on unenviable notoriety, rather than the basic tenets of the Christian Gospels.

      1. I’m sure plenty of us can point Skinner in the right direction regarding a psychologist who can help deal with his anger issues, pathological lies and denial traits!

  22. jeffrey Jennings 20 Apr 2012, 1:29pm

    450,000 anti/ 46,000 pro, taken from a 2% populace = 9.75 %. Therefore, to break even, anti gay marriage voters need another 1,804,000 names.

  23. It was clearly done for mutual benefit he wants everyone to get along, he made it perfectly clear he supports the LGBT and the intervention is stopping fighting amongst the LGBT and christians. fighting for a unified london

  24. I heard that Boris was at the Festival of Life last Friday night at the Excel Centre. He was swooning over the 50,000 mostly African Christians who he wants to vote for him next month and was even being prayed for by Pastor Agu Irukwu who the Standard described as an ‘anti gay preacher’ last year when Irukwu won the title of ‘Most Inspirational Black Person’ from amongst 60+ nominees by garnering more than 50% of the total vote. Is this a case of him speaking out of both sides of his mouth at thte same time?

    Of course Ken is trying to get the gay vote and the Muslim vote, which is a really tricky act as it is the worst kept secret in the world that Muslims don’t take too kindly to homosexuality.

    With all the confusing messages being sent out, Brian Paddick might very well win the job at the end of the day.

  25. Bisexual woman in Edinburgh 22 Apr 2012, 6:47pm

    Odd way of putting it. I wasn’t aware that hate crimes against Christians actually existed in the UK. Things like nasty comments being made on the internet are not quite the same, and it doesn’t involve a concern for people’s safety. So by “backlash” does he mean “Christians might have been criticised”?

    Don’t get me wrong, I’m glad that this hate-promoting ad was pulled, but Johnson is being very peculiar about it all.

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