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Tennessee: ‘Don’t Say Gay’ bill advances through the House

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Reader comments

  1. So while our country goes on and on about how terrible Section 28 was, and former supporters of it coming out against it, the US sees all the fuss, doesn’t realise what it was, Googles it and thinks “what a good idea!”.

    Funny old world.

    1. I’m hoping that in 20 years or less they’ll find it becomes an electoral embarrassment which they’re deeply ashamed of and forced to apologise for on a regular basis – can’t think where I’ve seen that before.

  2. Tennessee…one of the great strongholds of critical thinking!! LOL

  3. Is the American Government blind or just plain stupid?

    I mean I know each state is allowed to make seperate laws and stuff but come on, this is the sort of thing where the main Government needs to stop dumb things like this and say.

    “Sorry folks, religion and crazy people aside, this is a matter which our children need to be aware of, for the simple fact is, it’s a part of human existance. If you dont like it, Im sure somewhere else will gladly agree with you.”

    I mean if this passes I can only presume it will lead to disaster in the form of MORE Teenage Suicides, personally there’s been one too many already and Pregnant underage teens, you mean to tell me Tennesse state really wants that?

  4. Their reasoning is clear – they’ve noticed the link between people being educated and being tolerant of the LGBT community. Hating that, and wanting to preserve their 1900s traditionalist views, they’re going to sever the link to try to prevent the acceptance of LGBT people into society.

  5. 9% of people in Tennessee are non-religious! Say no more! Religion= hatred and bigotry! Republicans control both Houses! Say no more! A vote for the Republicans is a vote for hatred and bigotry!

    1. Both of my parents are incredibly bigoted. My mum’s agnostic and my dad’s a militant atheist.

      Not all bigots are religious, and not all who are religious are bigoted.

  6. jeffrey Jennings 18 Apr 2012, 11:09pm

    His children will be exposed to so many things ( hopefully assuming they know full well they won’t have to fail him by being his children in seeing hearing tasting smelling or touch) just by going to school. If he is more than foolishly concerned about what his children might process with thought, from whatever any informed system has to offer them, he must, as he says, control all their senses, himself, perceptually received. Including their cold vomit in his lap, imprisoned his mind? Oh wait, they couldn’t care less!
    NO MATTER, ). He should just know his children are good enough.

  7. nothingopetty 18 Apr 2012, 11:35pm

    “The bill is sponsored by Republican Joey Hensley, who has said that he has “two children—in the third- and fourth-grade—and [I] don’t want them to be exposed to things I don’t agree with”

    His next bill will be to forbid teaching that blacks were freed from slavery and women have the vote.

    1. There, there. Don’t be so harsh on the man… I mean… he doesn’t want his children to be exposed to things he doesn’t agree with… he must have such a busy life, keeping the blinkers on himself and the poor family.

      /irony off

      When that’s said… it must be horrible to be so naively narrow-minded as to think that things doesn’t exist just because one pretends they don’t. Poor shildren, to grow up in such a family.

      1. Do you think he might be a member of One million mums?

    2. There, there. Don’t be so harsh on the man… I mean… he doesn’t want his children to be exposed to things he doesn’t agree with… he must have such a busy life, keeping the blinkers on himself and the poor family.

      /irony off

      When that’s said… it must be horrible to be so naively narrow-minded as to think that things doesn’t exist just because one pretends they don’t. Poor children, to grow up in such a family.

      1. Ooops… Sorry about the double.

  8. Oh my god … seriously? Are we in the Middle Ages again?

    I worked in a primary school in Berlin for 2 years and sexual education starts in first grade. The school administration of Berlin even offers teaching materials for that including topics like different kinds of families, love and homosexuality.

    1. Har Davids 19 Apr 2012, 8:11am

      London89, you’re talking about the ‘old’ World here, with un-American things as socialism, atheism, secularity etc. You can’t expect god-fearing folk from Tennessee to agree with us on serious subjects as homosexuality; just another elephant in the room, thanks to centuries of religion.

  9. Jen Marcus 19 Apr 2012, 1:04am

    Yup,” go thump your Bronze Age Bible” and keep the people ignorant as sheep so you can lead them around by the nose and not deal with the scientific reality of the universe :Leave it to Tennessee and their Creationism and “Scopes Monkey Trial” mentality

  10. Cat Howard 19 Apr 2012, 1:44am

    Ah yes, Tennessee – the same state that in 1925 put a teacher on trial for teaching evolution. The more things change …

  11. Christian Hate Groups and evil are taking no time off these days.

  12. johnny33308 19 Apr 2012, 3:31am

    The Republican party in the US is in reality the American Taliban….their ideas and ideals are exactly like the Pakistan Taliban, the Afghani Taliban and all of the other Talibans in the world….the American Taliban have declared war upon women and children like their brethren the Afghani and Pakistani Taliban. They are the same beast! The American Taliban proclaims that it is about less government yet it wishes government in every home in every bedroom. It’s ideas are as neolithic as all the other Talibans; women are property and have no rights, and children are nothing except maybe sex slaves, LGBTIQ people need to be exterminated and the foetus is king of all things….the death penalty should be used for ALL crimes…sound familiar? All of us should refer to the Republican party henceforth as the American Taliban, since that is in fact exactly what it is…very Unamerican and certaintly not about any sort of freedom….more like the Dark Ages actually. Stupid rich old white men..

    1. A very good comparison, johnny33308!

  13. Is this the same legislature that is allowing creationism to be taught in science classes?

  14. David Skinner 19 Apr 2012, 8:21am

    No folks the sky is not falling. Calm down dears, calm down. Nurse will be round with a cup of tea and after a while you will slowly get your memory back. But this will take time. But slowly but surely you will begin to see straight again and everything will be clear. God created male and female and all the animals went into the Arc, two by two – mummy and daddy, husband and wife. Now rest, relax. All will be well that will be well.

    1. Ah, argument from mythical massive genetic bottleneck.
      Saw a BBC documentary on the evidence for this… funny but once you strip away the hyperbole and the bits that got embellished and lost in translation, archeological evidence for the Noah story boils down to a family picnic on a jetty that came loose during a localised flood.
      Just as well, can you imagine having to explain all the incest to god’s chosen people, or how a 600 year old man could heard up several million animal species from six seperate continents without them all eating each other?

    2. Commander Thor 19 Apr 2012, 12:34pm

      I thought this was a very good post, until I saw who wrote it, and realised he actually meant it.

    3. Even in your attempt at comedy, David, you’re oozing, pus-filled wound of hatred shows. How sad that a man who should be enjoying the last half of his life and his own family spends so much wasted time on a gay site hitting out at others to try to distract himself from his own inadequacies.

      Your gay boss must have really made an impression on you for you to bear a grudge for so long. I pity you because you’re clearly not anywhere near as happy as most people commenting on PN. Bitterness will eat you up.

      You must envy openly gay people to spend so much time with your face in our lives rather than spending time on your nearest and dearest. How sad.

  15. David Skinner 19 Apr 2012, 9:27am

    Well Flapjack I find the Biblical account more feasible than that of the mythical evolutionary Piltdown man, Java man, Kertbenny homosexual man, Ulrich Urning man, Hitler /Ernst Roehm superman and the finally the Stonewellian man.
    It is ironic that evolutionary theory that espouses change and the development of the gay gene remains stuck in its bottleneck of political correctness and does not allow expostulations or argument. Queer theory espouses change and yet does not allow the theory itself to change from falsehood to truth.
    It is the Stonewellian man that we see grunting , strutting and getisticulating in London Pride who is regressing back to barbarism

    1. Piltdown man was a scientific hoax which has been discredited by everybody via scientific peer review, clocked up to a turn of the century scientific goldrush ., Java man is disputed. The rest of your men aren’t actually evolutionary fossil records, they come under the blanket heading of strawmen.
      Their existence or lack of has zero bearing on evolution.
      Naturally a 600 year old farmer herding up male and female pairs of millions of creatures from 6 continents on a bespoke luxury yacht and propogating mankind from the remaining 8 members of his family is a much better explanation of biodiversity. Not so much a genepool, more a genepuddle.
      BTW how do you take your tea?

    2. Just wish to add, evolution has been shown in the case of influenza, rhinovirus and other viruses. If there was no evolution, we would of cured the common colds, decades ago.

  16. The signs on, when you enter Tennesses surely read “Welcome to Tennessee, America’s Most Backward State, don’t stay if you’re gay. have a nice day now”

    Freaking idiots, don’t they realise that this will cause more harm? CLearly not!

  17. Reminds of when they tryed to ban the teaching of evolution. Does anyone want to write the bible of the flying spaghetti monster to see what other teachings “should” be banned?

  18. David Skinner 19 Apr 2012, 10:07am

    Calm yourself dear. The gay activists find no difficulty with invasive hormone therapy and surgery to change a man into a woman, change the woman back into a man again and finally change the man into a genderless creature. Maybe they will trying this with changing a black person into white etc. This they say is a fundamental human right and yet when it comes to changing one’s sexual orientation this is not a human right or recognized as possible – except that is if, as they say, one is evolving from the primitive state of being heterosexual towards homosexuality and polysexuality.

    Tenessee will still be there in a hundred years time but the inhabitants of gay Massachusetts will have long died out from AIDS, HIV, mass abortion and cervical cancers .

    God is always forgiving
    Men are sometimes forgiving
    Nature never forgives.

    1. “God is always forgiving
      Men are sometimes forgiving
      Nature never forgives.”

      You forgot “And I am ALWAYS going to spout nonsense!”

  19. I honestly do not understand American politics or politicians. One minute they are telling us they went to war in Iraq and Afghanistan to promote human rights then they deny the same human rights to a portion of their people!! Can someone please explain to me why the Government in Washington does not overturn these things. Hilary Clinton not that long ago said America should promote LGBT rights around the world. Perhaps if you started at home other countries might take notice.

  20. What a backward dump Tennessee is.

    The US should be embarrassed of it. But sadly it can’t be – there are so many other primitive, uncivilised, backward states in that undemocratic country.

    1. Your thinking is more backward than those you claim are backward. You’re an idiot.

  21. David Skinner 19 Apr 2012, 12:45pm

    Without sugar, please, Flapjack, but with milk – thank you

  22. David Skinner 19 Apr 2012, 1:19pm

    According to evolutionary theory the gay gene that lives at the bottom of the garden with the slimy custard man and the other fairies boosts fertility.

    You have to laugh

    1. You really do like chatting to LGBT people, don’t you, David? Why not just accept that, be happy and drop the mad, ranting hatred?

      It’s clearly not doing you any favours.

  23. Miguel Sanchez 19 Apr 2012, 4:35pm

    I hope the Sec. of Education gets involved here and starts with holding Federal funding to the state because of the blatent discrimination.

  24. Robin Evans 19 Apr 2012, 10:19pm

    Why not call it the “gay suicide encouragement bill” that is all it will do….. Do you realize that these bigots actually celebrate when the hear of another gay teen killing him/herself?

    They obviously do not care because they hear the news just as we do….

  25. “…the governor signed into law that allowed teachers to challenge the “scientific weaknesses” of such topics as “biological evolution, the chemical origins of life, global warming and human cloning.”

    Why they just don’t start teaching the theory of the four classic elements in chemistry classes ? All this mumbo-jumbo of atoms, chemical elements and the periodic table is too dangerous and blasphemous to be true.

  26. Gay activist Paul Mitchell 20 Apr 2012, 12:03pm

    Can’t say gay – but can I say homosexual?

    can I say same sex attracted?

    Can I say same gender attracted?

  27. Gay activist Paul Mitchell 20 Apr 2012, 12:07pm

    Republicans have way too much time on their hands passing useless laws that have no practical use and just use taxpayers money to pass horrible and silly laws just to mass-hate LGBT people!

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