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One Million Moms targets gays again over catalogue kiss

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Reader comments

  1. I love the headline for this article. Even PinkNews sounds like they’re tired of it, having a headline that pretty much says “those crazy homophobic Mom’s are at it again!”

  2. young girls like fashion, they will buy clothes which they think look nice then look like their moms wearing dowdy middle aged women clothes and theres nothing parents can do to stop it.

  3. Well their previous campaigns have gone so well so why not? Idiots.

    What do they expect will happen? That teenage girls will buy this thinking it will only look as nice on them by partaking in a bit of kissing with another girl?

  4. Dr Robin Guthrie 18 Apr 2012, 11:04am

    I expect the share price of Urban Outfitters to go through the roof.

    Thats what happened with NOM and Starbucks.

  5. For “one million moms” read “12 vinegary old crows who need a hobby…and a vibrator.”

    However, I believe that the people who own Urban Outfitters have a history of giving funding to anti-gay right wing politicians. You don’t rehab yourself from that with a chilly closed-mouth “lesbian” kiss in your catalogue.

  6. Did they not learn from teh JC Penney attempted boycot that their tactics do not work? Silly women!

    I don’t think the picture is particularly gay either, I have straight female friends who has given each other a kiss like that, plus I also thinkthe picture shows the being gay isn’t a bad thing!

    1. ” I also thinkthe picture shows the being gay isn’t a bad thing!”

      Which is exactly what they’re afraid of

      1. Very true!

        Heaven forbid any of their children would grow up to be gay eh?

  7. I’d be interested to know if there’s any hetero kissing or similar in this or previous catalogues that is obviously ‘acceptable’ to this bunch If dried up witches, who need a vibrator.

  8. Paddyswurds 18 Apr 2012, 12:00pm

    One Million Moms is probably run from an oil barrel shack on an unpaved back lane in northern Lagos, Nigeria. Apparently to join OMMs you have to send a shed load of dollars to a PO number address in the US and there is no one accountable . So at least it is doing someone some good and fair play to the dudes ingenuity. A cursory glance at their “website” says all there is to say about the intelligence of these people and I really don’t think we need worry ourselves about OMMs. Fortunately here in Europe we are a little more aware and aren’t as gullible or indeed stupid as the typical “hockey mom” stateside.

  9. That’s not the worst of it, in that photo you can clearly see the model’s shoulders!
    Gave me a funny turn it did…
    Ban this filth ;)

  10. Urban outfitters are more likely to suffer from alienation of teens if they capitulate to the out dated ideas promoted by OMM than if they just let OMM go ahead and buy from Wal*Mart.

    1. Paddyswurds 18 Apr 2012, 5:37pm

      From the look of those we are familiar with, Sarah Palin and Cristina O’Donnell for instance, they already do shop at ASDA/Walmart….. Style isn’t something this bunch of frosty knickers do, they are too busy being bigots and homophobes. I blame the atrocious education system in the US and now another generation is being ruined with this bigoted nonsense.

  11. Well, we all know everyone’s opinion on One Homophobic Mom, so why not review the photo itself:
    I love the colours they used on the wall and outside the window, they complement the dresses well, however I don’t like that the outside it blurred as it was. I find the shoes don’t match the dresses well and I believe the carpet should be a different colour, possibly a plain natural hue.
    The kiss itself doesn’t look passionate, more like a “lean in, no… lean in more, make it look like your lips are touching!” The girl in the beige dress doesn’t have a great posture and with it she looks as though she’s shying away. On a more personal note, her arm looks very spindly, and would look better gaining muscle or a bit of weight. Overall, the photo’s nice, but could’ve been better, I don’t believe it was the best of the whole shoot…
    Also; got get a hobby, 1MM… you ain’t doing yourself any favours…

  12. Oops. Lesbians. Teenagers making out. Yuck. Do teenage girls do things like that? Well they might now that Urban Outfitters is showing them that it’s common place? Then again maybe some of Urban Outfitter’s customers might be teenage lesbians enjoying being embraced. Still phewy. Right…?

  13. This tiny organisation has the the gall to call itself “One Million Moms”. That even knocks the “Christian” “Institute” off its perch.

    Why don’t a couple of lesbians form “One Million Lesbians” and do a counter campaign?

  14. Oh look, another poor mult-million company under threat of boycott from a few middle age women (who shop elsewhere anyway)…. get ready now tho becausethese company’s will now have cottened on to the HUGE amount of free advertising this brings… won’t be shocked if a few more company’s fly our flag…. good or bad thing??

  15. If Pink News is that desperate to attract US readership in its quest to become the 14th biggest LGBT news website in the US then they should time their articles better.

    Urban Outfitter and One MIllion Moms do not exist in the UK – so why this article is published at 10.20am GMT when the entire audience is reading this site is in UK will have no idea who this is about, is bewildering.

    I wouild recommend that Pink News hire siomeone to work the evening shift so they can publish stories which it has ‘borrowed’ / plagiarised from other sites in real time.

    I support One Million Moms in this case.

    Urban Outfitters are homophobic scum who are as disgustingly bigotted as religions are.

    Anythign that harms their bigotted business is good news.

    1. Urban Outfitters do operate within the UK, they have several stores here!

    2. Actually Urban Outfitter does exist in the UK. Theres one in Liverpool city center and you can buy their clothes online as well.

    3. Even if U.O didn’t exist in the UK it is not just British readers that read pink News. I live in Australia and I am sure that there are many foreigners who read it. How else are we going to learn about important issues affecting LGBT worldwide, executions in countries that many of us haven’t even heard of? Think globally.

  16. The 1st 7 stories on Pink News today have been directly lifted from US LGBT news websites, where they were published yesterday evening.

    is Pink News in financial trouble I wonder.

    I mean a ‘news’ website with so few actual original news stories shouldn’t really be calling itself a news website.

    1. o just give it a rest already.

    2. I would hazard a guess that as these stories are gay related then PN want to report them to their UK audience. If they did not, the site would be rather boring if it only featured UK or Euorpean stories.

      That would be like telling some of our national papers not to publish stories becase they happened in another country.

      I for one welcome the fact they cover other stories from the rest of the world, after all many of these do have some effect on things happening here too.

      1. But the stories are copied almost word for word.

        It’s extremely unprofessional.

        1. I wouldn’t know that as I only look at this site. I agree it is unprofessional though.

        2. Paddyswurds 18 Apr 2012, 5:46pm

          …..Are you saying you read both versions….you really should get a life……

  17. I think that 1MM’s is just as bad as any other teenage homophobic bully. Pulling the catalog would just be giving in to them.

  18. I really don’t get what they’re complaining about. They aren’t sucking each bothered face off or dry humping or anything. There’s nothing inappropriate or sexual about it. Its just two woman sharing a rather delicate kiss. My first reaction was awww, that sweet. I just don’t understand how someone could react with ugh, they should be shot.

  19. johnny33308 18 Apr 2012, 1:46pm

    Yes, on Face Book the One Million Moms page is about 975,000 short of a million…..they are so very tiring and their evil bigotry is fading away, as all bad things eventually do….what a bunch of losers! KKKristians!

  20. has Jessica Geen left Pink News?

    1. Paddyswurds 18 Apr 2012, 5:48pm

      Obviously not a great loss….no one missed her, well ‘cept you.

  21. Susan Weatherby 18 Apr 2012, 1:58pm

    “Both boycotts ultimately prompted widespread support for the parties One Million Moms was urging people to oppose.”

  22. Seriously. Anyone upset by that picture really shouldn’t leave the house and probably apply for assistance from a health care professional.

  23. “Its aimed at teens! It’s inappropriate!”

    Yes, because we gay people have our reproductive organs on our faces. Birth defect.

    Seriously, I never got this argument. A little girl kisses a little boy, and everyone goes “aww how sweet!”. A gay person of any age kisses someone of the same sex and it’s straight to “holy crap! RAMPANT HOMOSEX ON OUR SCREENS!”.

  24. A few battered and beaten and kept down and pregnant in the home that will take them all their lives to pay off, bitter old women who are unhappy and abused by their Christian husbands, God they will stop at nothing to use people any way they can these crazy anti-gay Christians. They want everybody to be in a loveless relationship with no sex chained to a job they hate where they work like slaves all their lives and they want you to be just as miserable as them.

    1. Paddyswurds 18 Apr 2012, 5:52pm

      It is so gratifying to see ones comments repeated now and then. I posted this comment almost word for word 18 months ago.

  25. Urban Outfitters sounds like a homophobic organisation – glad i don’t shop there.

  26. One Million Moms (have nothing better to do!)

  27. These ‘Moms’ have far too much time on their hands…..

  28. Lesbian kissing. All I can think is who cares!

  29. Oh good grief – now I don’t know if I’m supposed to shop at Urban Outfitters or not!

  30. Who the hell ARE ‘one million mums’?

  31. I wonder what this group would say to the mother of the teenager who commiteed suicide, as reported by Pink News this week?

  32. Bisexual woman in Edinburgh 21 Apr 2012, 7:43pm

    If they really do represent one million homophobic mothers, then I feel very sorry for the hundreds of thousands of LGBT kids who will be amongst their collective offspring.

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