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Video: FCKH8 says ‘It Doesn’t Get Better’ (for people who hate gays)

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Reader comments

  1. Bella Brahms 17 Apr 2012, 10:59pm

    That’s just embarrassing. Who do they think is going to take any notice?

  2. I’m not sure any of these people can be considered “celebrities”. My first thought upon reading the article was “who?”

    The vast majority of *well-known* celebrities with *fans* are on the other side of the spectrum – for a reason.

  3. I love Glozell so much. Nice video though.

  4. There should have been more types of people rather then just stereotypes in the video. This is just too much.

  5. I love Tyler Oakley and watch all his videos. I’m not entirely sure I agree with the message of this video though. Perhaps it can and should get better for homophobes as they learn to accept the rest of humanity for what it is.

  6. It’s a different FU type approach anyway.

  7. I wasn’t particularly fussed with the video, but behind the scenes is hilarious:

  8. Why is everyone camp as tits in this? :/

  9. WTF?

    So emphasise all the worst possible gay stereotypes and characteristics in a video deriding and lambasting homophobes?

    Yes, I can see how that is going to make them run for the hills – not!

    Just as with Stonewall’s “Some People are Gay – Get Over It!” campaign, this is only going to provoke and stir up their resentment and fury further, and increase verbal and physical attacks, and worse.

    By asking the mainstream to accept gay people you do so not by rubbing their noses in our more excruciating excesses and mannerisms but winning their acceptance out of respect and showing we are no different to them, and that most of us do not dress up or behave to stand out of a crowd like clowns and trannies on acid.

    Where are the real heroes of the gay community to do just this?

    More Gareth Thomas’s please and less of this self-defeating crap.

    1. No. There are two prongs to the fight for acceptance, and we need both of them.

      Yes, it is important to show the world that LGBT people are just as varied and diverse and unremarkable as others. But it is ALSO vitally important that we show the world that there is nothing wrong with being outrageously camp and conforming to all the stereotypes. That there is nothing to be ashamed of if you do act that way, and that you shouldn’t be pressured into changing to fit some arbitrary group norm. Least of all by LGBT people.

      Indeed, there are many straight people who would feel a lot more comfortable acting in such a way if there wasn’t such a strong societal stigma against it. Restrictive behavioural norms hurt everybody, even those who conform to them. Shouldn’t we be working towards a world where nobody cares whether you’re as camp as christmas or the dullest tweed-jacketed fuddy-duddy of them all?

      1. But the stereotypical way is so alienating to most people!

        These caricatures of gay people – and let’s face it we all know a few – come across as crass, dumb, self-obsessed, bitchy, petty, wimpy…

        The irony about the gay movement is that we want more people to feel empowered to come out of the closet and join us, but campaigns like this are a good advertisement to ensure would-be gay people remain IN the closet, and what’s more with the closet door bolted, padlocked, and nailed tightly shut!

        With role models like these no wonder gay identity is so scary and threatening some mainstream observers:- including of course closeted men who have same sex urges but are terrified of what the implications of coming out as “gay” are, tarred as they will be by tasteless stunts such as this film.

        The very role models we need, ala Gareth Roberts, are ironically the very ones who will never come out as they don’t want to be associated with this exttreme expression of gay identity.

  10. How obnoxious. Every irritating stereotype under the sun.

  11. As at 13.02 GMT the 1st 7 stories on Pink News today have been directly lifted from US LGBT news websites, where they were published yesterday evening.

    is Pink News in financial trouble I wonder.

    I mean a ‘news’ website with so few actual original news stories shouldn’t really be calling itself a news website.

  12. chris lowcase 18 Apr 2012, 1:12pm

    yeah the use of stereotypes sort of gets on my nerves too. but its just because as a grumpy, double left footed man with a poor taste in fashion.. i feel a bit left out. (shock horror most gay men i meet are closer to the typical man stereotype.)

    its a ‘**** you!’ video though. that said, i think they did a wonderful job.

  13. Remember Jessica Geen.

    She was a fulltime employee at Pink News wasn’t she?

    You could tell – the quality was so much better when there was more original stories, instead of the plagiarised US dreck that categorises Pink News these days.

    1. To true, dAVID.

      I haven’t been on PN recently, so to hear Jessie has departed is a real shame, not to mention a great loss to the Pink – and explains why that excruciatingly appalling comment piece on Grindr recently slipped through!

      If PN is now recycling yesterday’s Stateside chip paper then this isn’t a place I will want to be frequenting so frequently in the future, that’s for sure.

  14. The only thing I really agree with here, is the ‘gay people fight for your freedom? Well as long as they don’t get theirs!’ argument.

    It’s a shame, as I really want to support this, but it really bolsters the opinion that all gay people wear neon colours and flounce around. Remember, these are homophobes we’re dealing with, most of them think this already, we don’t need to reinforce it.

    1. *blink* I’ve been negged? Why single me out? I demand this person goes and downrates every other comment here that says the same thing as I just did at once!

  15. Oh my goodness, isn’t that bespectacled chap on the far right a deadringer for our very own Stu?

    Would that explain why Stu’s submission count to PN has collapsed in recent weeks?!?! :)

  16. Call me old-fashioned, but am I the only one who considers this video to be obscenely embarrasing and totally tasteless?
    It’s not remotely funny, thought-provoking or entertaining.
    What a waste of energy and air space.

  17. Stupid, immature, embarrassing, brash, OTT and ridiculous… I still laughed my ass off though. C’mon with harrowing story after harrowing story and serious campaigning, are you all really saying there’s no room for a bit of camp, stupid fun in the name of anti-bullying? Let’s not take ourselves too seriously.

  18. OMG this was actually funny and not as bad as people were making out. Live a little people! It could be worse, we could live in a country where we get hanged for being gay.

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