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Teacher who took gay student out of pageant ‘temporarily removed from campus’

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Reader comments

  1. Perhaps firing him would be too much, but he should be disciplined in some way and the lack of antidiscrimination policy must be addressed.

    1. It’s a difficult one to call. The climate in the US means the teacher could have acted out of fear that he or the students would be disciplined if he did nothing, rather than the teacher himself being prejudiced. Personally I think that the comments from the student involved carry more weight than any other commentary being projected onto the reaction. The teacher isn’t the problem here, more that the school needs to clarify exactly what its policy is.

      It’s times like this that I’m glad we’re not in the US ourselves. Although our equality push isn’t yet over our government and legal system have very clearly stated where the law of the land lies.

  2. its not right that the student accepts this kind of behaviour and attitude just because there are no rules to protect students based on sexual orientation. If the general population had that attitude we wouldn’t have the range of protection laws and rights that citizens have today.

  3. I see nothing wrong or potentially offensive in the students answer about meeting a man and marrying them. I do however see something wrong in his statement to the press and I have a feeling that theres staff bullying going on and theres a script for this answer too.

  4. The US really is a primitive dump when it comes to LGBT rights.

    Gay people in the US should seek asylum in Canada or Mexico, as their neighbours are far more civiilised.

    1. They can come here too if they like. The weather might be abysmal, but we’re a pretty cool bunch all in all :-)

      1. Mate – I know the States well and the weather in most parts is quite similar to ours. But I would tell ’em to come on over – that’s what I’ve been telling my Yank mates for some time but they still think it’s the centre of the unvierse! LOL

    2. david-yeah, but then youd have to live in shiithole Mexico or nowhere Canada-we’ll stay here-full equality is coming soon!

    3. I don’t know. Canada or Mexico might be too much civilization for us to handle all at once. Maybe we should try a country that’s only a bit more civilized than us, like, say, Uganda, and work our way up.

  5. “Fullerton Joint Union High School District has no policy about protecting people based on sexual orientation, so there are no rules protecting me.”
    So why the hell not?

    1. Miguel Sanchez 17 Apr 2012, 3:23pm

      Here here my friend. My thoughts exactly!!!!!

  6. Frankly, I think the pair of them sound pretty disgusting. the homophobic teacher and the craven, apologist student without the wherewithal to stick by his principles. Pathetic. Let’s drop this non-story.

  7. The things that go on in American high schools are breath taking. Can you imagine a student being hauled off the school grounds in the UK after saying that? NO! There would be public out rage, it would make the 10o’clock news, it would be mentioned in parliament.

  8. Seems that this could be a good opportunity for this high school to install good measures to protect equality and install full equal rights protecting minorities like LGBTQI people.
    Obviously if there was and is no regulation in place, what then should be used to reprimand the teacher? Also, if there was some script they had agreed to go by, which in itselves outside banning profanity and insultion others would be ridiculous, is then a wrong from the student, but something the teacher then could justfully react on.
    I guess only full equal rights and protection for all minorities are going to take away the controversies.

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