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Gay teen from Iowa commits suicide

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Reader comments

  1. Perhaps it’s shallow to say but he had so much going for him. He looks adorable, and it sounds like he was probably the nicest guy in the world.

    My heart goes out to his family and friends who must be absolutely devastated. Hopefully his death will not be in vain and it will teach people that ruining peoples’ lives like that is completely inhumane.

    1. johnny33308 17 Apr 2012, 11:54pm

      Those that hate are pleased when their victim dies….you give them far too much credit as human beings when in fact they are not. Obviously you have had no contact with people like these….I have, and they are HAPPY when one of their victims dies…they are in fact overjoyed and choose more victims to kill. You have no idea how many people in the US are like these evil bigots-too many to count, and they never ever feel anything like guilt. A gay child or adult’s death makes them very happy! Such horror exists all over America, in every city, town and village the people like these torture anyone they think is LGBTIQ, killing many….but you won’t hear of them…the news services pay no attention to such things for the most part….they do not care. Such is life in America for LGBTIQ people….

      1. All the more reason not to give them what they want. It can be tough to stand up to homophobe bullies, but if you remember that your demise is their ultimate twisted payoff, you can stick it right back to them just by carrying on.
        Just imagine them winding themselves up and veins throbbing in their temples cause you’re still here… always works for me.

  2. johnny33308 17 Apr 2012, 11:39pm

    Face Book allows all sorts of anti-gay hate groups to operate on FB with impunity, shutting down those who fight such hate groups and organizations that fight such hate groups. FB is all about hating the LGBTIQ community, and loving those who are filled with hatred for the LGBTIQ community. One can find dozens of designated hate groups pages alive and well on FB at this very moment and complaining about them only gets you suspended from FB for weeks at a time. There are many thousands of other anti-gay hate pages on FB as well and one may get a few of those shut down but then their operators just start another hate page and it continues because FB loves anti-gay hatred and allows it to flourish…..

    1. Yet we all are still on it and has let it become part of everyday life. Is it time to enforce social mass and delete it from our lives, it gives us nothing but grief, envy, and a closed society. Stories like this are far too common.

    2. Nawal Husnoo 18 Apr 2012, 3:02am

      It is also possible for people who can afford the time and energy, and with the appropriate training to drive these groups into the wall. Their most important thing is to feel like they are doing something good for society (however misguided they are). It is possible to take that away from them by making it too obvious they’re being unreasonable. In the example below, the group went from about 400 members to about 10 over a few months.

    3. Paddyswurds 18 Apr 2012, 1:20pm

      ….Face Book (sic) seems to take a hands off approach to these things same as PinkNews. Some of the comments allowed on these pages are beyond the pail yet PN seems to ignore them; yet dare spell “sh!t” properly and your comment will disappear into the ether never to see the light of day yet Keith et al are allowed to say whatever they like. I wouldn’t go so far as to say facebook encourages or specifically allows nasty pages. When they do become aware of them they usually disappear pretty sharpish. With over a billion users it is a mammoth task keeping track of it all.
      Most of those creating these nasty pages know what keywords not to use so their page escapes the editors for as long as possible and it is only when complaints are made that they become aware of most of them. Some of the nastier ones are left for a few days in the hope they will get enough rope to hang themselves and then they are turned over to the law..

      1. Keith Farrell 18 Apr 2012, 2:34pm

        I dont know why fb has such a problem, all they need to do is flag words and the when the computer though s out a page, they can look and see if it is offensive before deleting it, if it is just that a word has been used but it is to help people the the page can continue

  3. johnny33308 17 Apr 2012, 11:45pm

    What happened to this innocent child is beyond belief, except that we see this quite often in the US and many other countries since it is allowed to happen by all authorities. Until we get equal protection under the laws of our respective countries, this will continue to happen. These children are the reason to FIGHT for full equality so that they do not have to die needlessly in horror like this! This is the reason I fight! It is the kids that matter! Not us so much, but all future generations of OUR kids, the LGBTIQ kids who are our spiritual children….we MUST protect them, and gaining full equality is the ONLY way to do this! If we fail, many more will perish in this way….WE CANNOT FAIL THEM!

    1. It is the reason I fight too. Well said.

      1. johnny33308 18 Apr 2012, 12:51am

        PaulP, thank you….the children matter more than anything else in this world, and we must recognize that the sacrifices we make, here, now, will allow them to live lives of peace and equality. We must make all LGBTIQ people realize that our fight is NOT for our equality, but for ALL of the future generations of LGBTIQ children…losing even one in this way is too terrible a burden to carry, and it is beyond horrifying that we lose so very many every year….it causes such grief in me…..and it should in all people of conscience…these children suffer terribly and die alone…we MUST stop this NOW.

  4. When public figures constantly say that you are lesser, it allows people to think that hate and torture is justified. I’d like to see some of these so called leaders walk up and explain themselves to this boy’s parents.

    1. Dr Robin Guthrie 18 Apr 2012, 2:16am

      This is why in the UK. A stand is being taken against these people.

      We still have idiotically insane Catholic Cardinals spouting nonsense alongside Church of England Archbishops dribbling into there rusks

      A pope who calls us intrinsically disordered, but fortunately the populous are seeing through these vile old men for what they are.

      As a reader of Jeremy Hoopers “goodasyou”.org it is shameful just how the billionaire evangelical idiots are those with the power and money to run for presidency.

      The US is now nothing more than a terrorist organisation run by religion.

      And this boys death relfects that.

      1. Dr Robin Guthrie 18 Apr 2012, 2:20am

        And PS Kenneth Weishuhn Jr.

        Outwith what you experienced. It “could” have gotten better.

  5. This is distressing

  6. Anti-gay Christians killed him. Stop killing yourself kids and start fighting back for your right to live the same as anybody else. There is no choice but to learn how to fight back and then so it, really it is better than dieing because some anti-gay Christian bullied you. If you die at least you know you fought back and maybe take a anti-gay hater with you and save the life of another gay child.

  7. America makes me sick!!!

    1. Do you think this doesn’t happen in other countries? Have you already forgotten about Dominic Crouch?

    2. Why are you hating all Americans? You are as bad as the haters we gays have to defend ourselves against. This bullying crap is out of control in more places than just America. Get off your soap box and join reality.

  8. auntie babs 18 Apr 2012, 2:06am

    14 years old…jesus, it makes me weep it really does. what a sick world we live in.

  9. johnny33308 18 Apr 2012, 3:03am

    All of us need to realize that the equality we are fighting for is not for us…it is in fact for all of the children like this innocent child….we fight so that ALL future generations of LGBTIQ children can live a life of peace and full equality. All of these future generations of LGBTIQ children are our Spiritual children and we MUST succeed because if we fail them, thousands more will die each year alone and in horrible anguish….WE MUST NOT FAIL THEM! Every sacrifice MUST be made here, now, by US because to lose even one in this way is too much to bear….the grief is too terrible to contemplate….we simply cannot fail them…..the lives of millions of LGBTIQ children depend upon what we do here and now….no sacrifice is too great in the light of this truth…..WE CANNOT FAIL! WE MUST NOT FAIL!

  10. Nick Thiwerspoon 18 Apr 2012, 4:30am

    If it is true that FaceBook allows anti-gay groups and suspends anyone who queries this then I STRONGLY suggest you open a google+ page. The more ppl who do this the harder it gets for FaceBook to treat us like outcasts. I only keep my Facebook page going because it’s there. I seldom visit. Google+ is a pretty good substitute, frankly

  11. High schools are such ‘littie cities’ – in and of themselves. It’s so easy to feel singled out and like you are the only one on the planet, especially if you cannot speak to your parents or some other sympathetic adult. My reaction, if he were my child is to ask what he’d like to do – change schools ? Home tutor (even if I had to pay someone) or move? Screw the haters, don’t give them a minute of their negativity-even if they claimed to be a friend at one time. Teens are so fickle and want so badly to be accepted, I can see where some would turn tail and run to the H8ters groups. As far as social sites, open a new FB page under a different name – same with all others too. Find local sympathetic groups (LGBT) so you’ll have a ‘shoulder’ if things ever get bad (like a sponsor in AA) and they can be your new friends to do stuff with. Parents-STEP UP, GET INVOLVED!!! I know you’re busy with day to day stuff but, talk to your kids REGULARLY and know what is going on!!

  12. rip poor kids fell for the hype.

    Some people dont like us . kids shouldbe encouraged to not come out until they are old enough to deal with the possiblenegative responses. the biggest enemy are these fake shows likeglee and ugly betty where everyone lives happy every after.
    there is no reason for a 14 yr ols rup come out at school

    1. “there is no reason for a 14 yr ols rup come out at school”


      There is every reason for a 14 year old to come out. Anyone should be able to come out at any age. What there is no reason for is to be persecuted and receive death threats at 14 to the stage where this awful tragedy happens. Since when is cowering going to solve anything?

      And why would you think the fault is with the person who comes out, like this poor kid deserved what happened to him? That’s just vile.

      1. you idiot. the kid should have put his own,wellbeing before coming out . the fact you use cowering to describe the behaviour of someone who does not come out when it suits others shows your selfish bullying side. no one should feel guilty for not coming out to someone elsses agenda . the kids safety before anything else.

        1. “the fact you use cowering to describe the behaviour of someone who does not come out when it suits others shows your selfish bullying side”

          Selfish bullying side???? WTF???

          And yet again you demonstrate an inability to utter one word in English without resorting to ridiculous delusional. I didn’t even bother to read the rest, its safe to assume its utter dribble.

          You, sir, are a buffoon and a basket case.

          1. well youd rather a kid come out and lil himself id rather he stay in the closet and survive.

      2. ill add in a perfect world yes he ciuld. be out the usa is less thana perfect

        1. James! – ‘ill add in a perfect world yes he ciuld. be out the usa is less thana perfect’

          Oh, how awful for you. Can’t you write, dear? Illiteracy can lead to frustration in adults, so it could explain why you’re so angry. You should get help.

      3. Spanner1960 18 Apr 2012, 1:15pm

        You are a naive idiot if you really think a 14yo is going to get an easy time of it anywhere, let alone Bible-belt USA.

        Sure, everyone would like people to do it, but what you want and what you get are two entirely different things. It’s a bad world out there, and I for one am no good judge of human nature; kids will eat you alive if they so much as get a whiff of this, so better to hold out until you are in a better environment like a college where you will not be alone.

        1. “You are a naive idiot if you really think a 14yo is going to get an easy time of it anywhere, let alone Bible-belt USA.”

          I’m quite obviously neither, but thanks for your usual brand of puerile insults by way of a counter argument – it wonderfully reflects your guileful personality.

          You do not blame the victim, you blame the lack of support. If we take the stance you do, then no one would ever come out. By saying he did wrong, you effectively say his suicide is a result of his actions. Its not.

          1. Well said. Its not a result of his coming out, its a result of being bullied to death. But you shouldn’t feed the trolls, they are just waiting to see a reaction.

          2. idiots we should be telling kids too put their health frist. I’m not blaming him for coming out I’m blaming the idiots who hassled him and scum who encourages him

          3. The only idiot here James is you. Run along thicko, adults are talking.

        2. will do your reckon he was rightto come out?

    2. I’m beginning to agree with you on this one, James! – schools are savage places, particularly at that age with the onset of puberty, and (while in an ideal world it’d be great if people could come out when they wanted to) it’s clear this poor boy felt he had no real support, from adults let alone his peers. It’s tough for anyone who doesn’t fit into a tribe at that age, but coming out is another level altogether.

      1. thank you that will is,a prick he probably likes them young

        1. You’re are one twisted vile pierce of gutter trash, James. As thick as a brick too.

        2. No James!, he’s just not on quite the same page as you. I think we’re all agreed that in an ideal world this poor boy would have had the support he needed, instead of despairing to the point of suicide.

  13. Heartbreaking.
    I feel sick to my stomach.
    RIP Kenneth. You were far too beautiful for this ugly world.

  14. Alin Campan 18 Apr 2012, 5:55am

    God Bless You Kenneth James Weishuhn rest in peace. You will always be remembered and in our hearts. Condolences to your family. I cant believe such a lovely cute guy like you to be bullied. Please can all gay teens out there stop comiting suicide as you have your family and friends who loves you for who you are dont decide to leave this world as there is people who care about you. If you got problems and need someone who you can talk to then call me or The Trevor Project on +1 866 488 7386. My name is Alin I’m gay 25 Romanian from England and I’m trying to run an LGBT Social Group. If anybody would like someone to talk to then please call me I’m here as a friend. Enough is enough homophobia must stop. +1 646 439 0177 (US) or 0751 481 9063 (UK)

  15. This actually angers me, but not for the reason you might think. I think it may seem outspoken of me but, well; I think suicide is a pathetic attempt at gaining attention. There is not legitimate reason to commit suicide. It’s not the only “out”. It is not the “only way”. It’s asinine and idiotic. What a waste of a cute young boys life just to destroy it. I sympathize in some aspects but in others..just come on.

    1. There’s always one village idiot who blames the victim and who somehow knows everything about the case from his comfortable armchair.

    2. “It’s asinine and idiotic”

      As is your tasteless comments.

      Grow up.

    3. Aha. And what kind of attention could you possibly get when you’re dead?

      There is all the reason in the world to commit suicide; obviously you do not understand the pain people can be in when they do.

      Yes, how stupid and idiotic to commit suicide after being driven that far out by people who found it perfectly all right to bully a boy who had done nothing wrong but being himself.

      There is something seriously wrong with people.

    4. He was 14 you idiot.

    5. @IdentErr F.UCK OFF YOU SH15

  16. I came out when I was 16 … It wasn’t that bad at my school, yea there was a few guys who im guessing were insecure about themself who made a few snide comments but it was never like this. Im guessing its because they are more mature at that age?

  17. GingerlyColors 18 Apr 2012, 7:09am

    I trust that all those internet trolls are proud of them selves now that they’ve got blood on their hands.

    1. I’d like to see Keith’s, or Aiden’s or Ken’s, or whatever the hell else their names may be’s, thoughts on this. This is exactly the sort of thing their behaviour can lead to. Do they see any problem with how they behave when this sort of thing happens. RIP Kenneth x

    2. From what I understand of them, the troll mindset like the bully mindset is one which gets its sick kicks by inflicting emotional damage on others… emotive responses become an addictive fix and a suicide is like all their christmasses at once.
      Once you understand that you can turn that info to your advantage, mainly by not feeding them, and knowing that reacting with any emotional outburst is precicely the payoff they want.
      Starve trolls of their fix and they’re stuck with nothing but their hollow self-esteem and desperate bids for attention for company.
      That’s not to say I blame the victim, but there is value in knowing your opponent.

  18. I hope the full strength of the law is brought against those who orchestrated this campaign agains an innocent boy who would have had everything to live for. They should force every person who took part in this to watch the funeral with their parents and teachers and name and shame every one of them. If any teen is reading this – please do not give in to the bullies, you are 100 times better than these cowards will ever be. Please confide in someone, there are many many people out there who will help. Suicide is never the answer.

  19. Alin Campan 18 Apr 2012, 8:32am

    West Lancashire LGBT Community Social Group International Site.

    US Helpline: +1 646 439 0177 (24 hours)

    UK Helpline: +44 0751 481 9063 (24 hours) Calls or Texts

    If you need any help , support or advice then get in touch I’m here to help.

  20. Another day another young life lost because of bullying! My heart goes out to his family and the friends who remained loyal to him.

    I hope for the day the people will learn that their bullying tactics do have repurcussions.

  21. Another beautiful young man dead, another family destroyed. When will this all end? Yes, the boy may have been too young to deal with the bile and hatred that the simple act of saying “yes, I’m gay” brought forth, however, that does not deny him any right to be who he wants to be and to accept himself for the person he is.

    The people responsible for this appalling behaviour should be charged with Manslaughter or the legal equivalent. Then we might see some real change. The law should take this matter as seriously as it is.

  22. Spanner1960 18 Apr 2012, 9:46am

    Yet another one.
    Very sad, but to me it just makes me incandescently angry that this sort of crap continues in what is supposedly the most advanced country in the world. These morons still enforce things like evolution, their corrupt ministers claw money from the gullible and the likes of Westboro can just freely march where they like spouting their filth in the name of “free speech” whilst their children are lynching themselves out of fear, depression and guilt.

    What a terribly warped world we live in.

  23. There’s a frustrating lack of background to this terrible event – were the death threats reported and, if so, was anything done about it? Facebook groups have to identify those that set them up, don’t they? Was any action taken against them?

    The worst thing would be if this poor boy suppressed all this hatred because he somehow felt he ‘deserved’ it or didn’t want to ‘shame’ his parents. That’s how the bullies can win.

  24. Another horror story from the US. This would never happen in the UK. If he lived here, he could just show teachers the fb page and the students would be suspended or punished. It would be taken really seriously, maybe even the police involved.

    But of course, in the US they have their unique “freedom of speech” laws where you can say the most offensive, obnoxious, grotesque things and get away with it. Thank god I live in the UK. Yes you can have your opinion, but cause public outrage and you will find yourself in court.

    1. Yes, but a lot of young people (in the UK as much as anywhere else) also try to ‘protect’ their parents. Let’s not forget the tragic case of Dominic Crouch.

      1. Try to ‘protect’ their parents by concealing the extent of bullying, I mean.

  25. Suddenly Last Bummer 18 Apr 2012, 11:04am

    There will be sick twisted individuals rejoicing at this poor guy’s death. All those effing hate groups targeting anything associated with being gay. The US is beyond saving.

    1. “The US is beyond saving”. Thank you for your words of ignorance. Coming from a descendant of a people that tried to enslave most of the world. Act like an adult and don’t include all Americans in your hate speech.

  26. The only – only – good thing about this tragic suicide is the amount of publicity it’s getting. More people will realise what a problem bullying is and, with any luck, start to do something about it.

    As little as a decade ago this sort of suicide would have been (and still sometimes is) hushed up, often out of ‘sensitivity’ to the parents.

    1. Spanner1960 18 Apr 2012, 1:17pm

      Tomorrow it will be yesterday’s news and something else will have happened. That is sadly the nature of today’s transient and fickle media.

      1. But when has the media ever been anything else? And besides, it’s better than having it swept under the carpet isn’t it?

  27. Poor lovely Kenneth. We love you.

  28. These sorts of suicides have become so common in recent years, and yet I’m never any less shocked or saddened to hear of yet another one happening.

    Those bullies are cowards, and his so-called “friends” who turned on him are even worse. I can only hope that Kenneth’s suicide haunts them enough to get them to change their bigoted ways.

    R.I.P. Kenneth Weishuhn Jr.

  29. Have no idea who this young guy was, but am absolutely gutted :'(

  30. Christopher 18 Apr 2012, 11:54am

    The question is: WHY DO STR8 MEN DO BULLY? You’d think that a gay man would open up the options for them by eliminating some of the competition for women… What explanation would Margaret Mead have for this? It defies logic, when you think about ot…

    1. Tribalism exists in all societies and on all levels. Picking on the weakest (partly out of herd instinct, partly to make oneself feel powerful) is far from rare too.

      1. Spanner1960 18 Apr 2012, 1:18pm

        There is also the classic latent homosexuality. People are worried they might be “turned” etc.

  31. I am so sorry for the death of this young man and all teenagers who commit suicide because they have to face the ignorance, bigotry and evil of intolerant brutes who do not know anything about love and life. My thoughts are with the family who must feel terribly sad and impotent before this injustice.
    I really hope that those idiots who made his life miserable will pay for what they have done. Many of them will have gay children and then, probably, they will understand the evil they made pushing a bright teenager to death. I really hope they suffer for what they have done. I really hope bullies suffer for what they do.

  32. This is indeed tragic. This is indeed something bigots in America should learn and act upon. Indeed, they WON’T. Probably within a few weeks we’ll see another young person, in the US, take his or her own life. In the UK, and speaking as a teacher, in my experience LGBT kids have somewhere to turn. I think of the experience of LGBT kids in middle America to that of those in the darkest parts of middle eastern countires such as Iran where if LGBT kids don’t kill themselves, then chances are, the state will!

    1. The US is behind in helping the bullied, that is for sure. It is a shame we can’t get our officials to enact some meaningful legislation to help our young. Perhaps when these bigots attack one of the politicians kids it will become important. Another wasted life because of hate, a real shame.

      1. Keith – yes, lots going on in the big cities but most of America isn’t urban – I used to live in GA, Atlanta, and I was very surprised at how ghettoised gay American life is. If you live in Iowa, Nebraska, Dakotas – there seems to be no place gay folk can escape to.The UK is more urbal and ideas/social change seems to be more rapid here.

  33. Robert in S. Kensington 18 Apr 2012, 12:41pm

    Most of the hate groups in America are religion based. Is it no wonder. They’ve been complicit in gay teen sucides with not a word of condolence from them or any of the major or less relgious cults. C4M and the Chrsitian Institute are just two in the UK who deserve hate-group status. Denying us equal marriage sends a clear message to homophobes that we are to be viewed differently, treated differently and we’re not “normal” and shouldn’t have the same rights as everyone else.

  34. Paddyswurds 18 Apr 2012, 12:53pm

    Bullied to suicide by homophobes and religious weirdos…. Is this really what the Pilgrim Fathers sailed the Mayflower to America for. It certainly isn’t what the founding fathers, Thomas Jefferson et al had in mind when they wrote the Constitution.
    RIP Kenneth Weishuhn Jr.,,…MURDERED because of how you were born.

  35. Bizarrely the 1st 7 stories on Pink News today have been directly lifted from US LGBT news websites, where they were published yesterday evening.

    is Pink News in financial trouble I wonder?

    I mean a ‘news’ website with so few actual original news stories shouldn’t really be calling itself a news website.

    1. Paddyswurds 18 Apr 2012, 1:09pm

      ….can you post some links. We may as well get the news from the horses mouth than from his droppings…..

    2. How about instead of moaning you get off your hole and do something about it then?

    3. Spanner1960 18 Apr 2012, 1:22pm

      A lot of this stuff will be sourced via news agencies such as the Press Association and Reuters. They just pick it up from where everybody else got it. In this case, it is derived from a TV station that had very little story to go on in the first place, and if you Google it, you will find virtually every other site has lifted it verbatim from them.

  36. Where is Jessica Geen these days?

  37. Miguel Sanchez 18 Apr 2012, 3:18pm

    My heart goes out to his family.

    Places like Facebook need to be shut down because all they’re doing is breeding HATE and this has to stop.
    I know this is cruel but maybe the owner of Facebook should have their kid bullied on there to the point he/she takes their own life so they can see firsthand what their site is doing to others.

  38. Paddyswurds 18 Apr 2012, 3:40pm

    @everyone with a facebook page…
    …. I posted this on my facebook wall….will you show your support for those bullied because of how they were born…..
    ………….. RIP 14 year old Kenneth Weishuhn Jr.,, bullied to suicide by homophobes on facebook and at his school, South O’Brien High,. He will be buried tomorrow in Iowa.

    Is this really what the Pilgrim Fathers sailed the Mayflower to America for?

    1. I seriously doubt the Pilgrim Fathers would have been supportive of a gay 14yo though.

  39. hurdingkatz 18 Apr 2012, 8:32pm

    Isn’t it time to make war on this terror?

  40. Another terrible loss because of bigoted attitudes. My deepest sympathy to his family and TRUE friends

  41. Have any of you had a look at the page he created? He clearly put a lot of thought into what he would want his wedding to be, what sort of life he wanted to lead, and it’s really rather sad to look at it and realise that he’s gone now, all his hopes and dreams weren’t enough :( My thoughts go to his family, his friends, and everyone else going through the same situation

  42. Michael Inkpin-Leissner 18 Apr 2012, 11:33pm

    I make all gay haters including every single conservative politician, the clergy of every faith, and all those bigots responsible for that. May that coe back to you and your lifes. Enough is enough.

  43. Richard Noordijk 19 Apr 2012, 12:54am

    I am a Follower of Christ (it is easy why after so many years, I now have difficulty identifying myself as Christian) I AM GAY…and I am deeply saddened by this beautiful young man’s fate at the prompting of “haters”. There are so many who contributed to what happened and his innocent blood in on their hands. Whether they consider themselves christian or not, there will never be a way to justify their hatred when they are held accountable before the Creator of us ALL. We need to live and let live. Life is precious and too valuable to allow such travesty to occur simply because WE DON’T like or feel comfortable about someone’s differences…

  44. So there were threats and a hate group established against this kid. Does any of this substantiate a federal hate crime? What are Americans teaching their kids? It’s the same terrorist mentality as the Taliban and al-Qa’ida and we as a country are too ignorant to realize it.

  45. The headline should read- FACEBOOK KILLS ANOTHER GAY TEEN. Avoid this dangerous web trap. I have never used it and never will! This story shocks me to the core.

  46. Just wish I could have held this kid in my arms until he was alright. These kids need to know that they are okay and someone loves them exactly as they are. Peace and blessings to Kenneth and his family.

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