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Air Force Sergeant, discharged under ‘Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell’, reinstated

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Reader comments

  1. They should be reinstated at the previous level and financially compensated for the career set back and loss of earnings.

  2. That we are beginning to address the actual discrimination is the next logical and important step. Not only must there be reinstatement where possible, but there must be a prospective non-discrimination policy so that LGBT people can advance on the basis of merit and not be held back due to institutional homophobia. We have so much more work to do…

  3. Why he would want to relist is beyond me – he must buy into the lie that the US military is a force for good in the world (clue; it is not – a nation with 5% of the world population should not own 50% of the world weapons of mass destruction).

    DADT was a horrible law – but far more disgusting and far reaching is the fact that in over 20 states LGBT Americans can be fired for being LGBT.

    And Obama refuses to sign an executive order banning workplace discrmination against these LGBT Americans.

    America – the land of the free (if you’ suffer from delusions that is).

    1. David Myers 19 Apr 2012, 6:54am

      You do know Obama is running for re-election, that the Republicans have used gay marriage and other gay issues as wedge issues to win the 2004 elections . . . . right? And you do know that no one has done more for gay/lesbian rights than Obama . . . right? If Obama is re-elected with Democratic majorities in both houses he will continue to be the most progressive President on GLBTQ issues ever! Get some fkn perspective. Just like with the Don’t Ask Don’t Tell policy Obama believes getting change passed in congress is far superior to doing things by Presidential decree, which can just as easily be undone by Presidential decree. Same argulment applies, and Obama did get the repeal of Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell – the right way! So quite your bdtcn.

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