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Saudi Arabia: Schools ‘ban tomboys and gays’

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Reader comments

  1. Wub Folfsky 16 Apr 2012, 10:29am

    Frankly terrible. Older generations abusing their position to instil hate and fear amongst the young.

    1. The OED should use that as their definition of “Saudi Arabia”.

  2. Dr Robin Guthrie 16 Apr 2012, 10:36am

    Lets just hope that this backward dirt ball of a country loses out on an Alan Turing, or a Leonardo Da Vinci…..

    1. Cilia Blick 16 Apr 2012, 11:42am

      I guess Lawrence of Arabia would not be welcome today.

      1. more than ever he would be super welcome

    2. Staircase2 16 Apr 2012, 3:45pm

      I don’t see how that would help to be honest…(you’re assuming they haven’t ALREADY lost great talent by their stupid, overbearing, post-British Empire stupidity)

      1. You do realise Saudi Arabia was never part of the British Empire, don’t you?

  3. johnny33308 16 Apr 2012, 10:40am

    Could one reasonably expect more from the country which gave us Islamic Terrorism, Osama bin Ladin, and Religious Police? Women are still property and executions are carried out in PUBLIC using Dark Ages technology (beheadings). Saudi Arabia is a barbaric country that exports terrorism….it is no friend to Humanity in the least, and especially not to the West.

    1. Cilia Blick 16 Apr 2012, 11:45am

      So why did Bush protect the entire extended family of Bin Laden who were living in th US after 9/11. The West has always been friends with the Saudi regime.

      1. “So why did Bush protect the entire extended family of Bin Laden”

        Have you taking a close look at many of the followers of Bush and the GOP in the USA. They would be great admirers of the Saudia Arabian societies – oppression of women, oppressing and terrorizing gays and lesbians, basing law on religious based superstitions, beheading those that were note liked or accepted, limiting the access and share of the countries wealth based on a relationship rather than merit. This would be utopia for many on the right in the US and Bush and Rove all new it and manipulated this to get votes.

        1. because bush and bin laden form one company. literally. the bush companies and bin laden companies have been in partnership since before wwii. they literally form one big conglomerate forming one of the biggest companies of the 400 companies that control 50% of the world’s wealth. founded by prescot bush and mr.s walker herbert and harriman. founded in texas in the 1920s. joined by bin laden sometime around 1945. they controlled all of hitler’s off shore wealth in 1945.

      2. Spanner1960 16 Apr 2012, 3:44pm

        One word: Oil.
        Please stop being so naive.

  4. Yep, you can always rely on a theocratic cesspit of a nation to be reactionary and ignorant. Religion poisons everything.

  5. How does that even work?!

  6. “phenomeNONS”??

  7. On 26th Sept 2011 Newsround reported that Saudia was improving women’s rights.

    I bet this Pink News story today doesn’t get a mention, even though it’s more relevant to Newsround’s target audience.

    1. Then tell Newsround about it. I’m suer they have a contact email address.

      1. No point, as the programme would never report an item about homophobic discrimination or any other issues relevant to LGBT people.

        1. Anyone who thinks I’m wrong can try emailing the boss of BBC children’s TV. His email address is

          joe dot godwin at the usual bbc domain address

    2. it is being read and indexed in saudi arabia. 100% guaranteed that the saudi search engines catch it before you put a period at the end of the sentence. when i lived in oman, i sometimes was given transcripts of online discussions and asked to identify colleagues. off course i couldn’t. still can’t. i worked for the ministry of higher education and any in house gossip was followed up. they never arrestted anybody in oman. but if anything did happen they had every email every post ever stray thought you ever wrote on the internet.

      you can be sure this is indexed

  8. Vile, just vile!

  9. Meanwhile, back at the palace, their princes carry on knocking back the whisky and banging escorts. Shariah is a higly selective business in a basically rotten country.
    Saudi Arabia is a huge reason, after climate change and resource depletion,
    to get off oil.

  10. If the situation is as being reported this would amount to state implemented child abuse.

    What will the UN do ? They have a specific responsibility for the human rights of children in member countries. Although the UN’s track record when it came to tackling the Vatican (a so called country) over the systematic cover up of child abuse within the network the Vatican controlled was woefully inadequate. This allowed further child abuse to continue

    1. Nothing will be done. They have oil. With the world economy as it is do you think anyone with any power or influence will be bothered by this.
      It’s s sick world we live in.

  11. Here’s that Newsround report I mentioned. Check it out –

  12. Hardly surprising from a country that bans democracy in lieu of a totalitarian theocracy.

  13. Paddyswurds 16 Apr 2012, 1:26pm

    What goes on in the Saudi kingdom is entirely at the behest of the government of the USA, just as it is in Africa, Afghanistan and numerous other hell holes around the world. While the natives are kept uneducated and under thumb they will be easier handled…..after all there are Hummers in Texas that need plenty of cheap Saudi oil.

    Anyone with half a brain cell knows that the Americans aren’t gonna make a fuss about something in Saudi Arabia that is rife in the US. While GLBs in the states are allowed to go to school their time there is fraught with danger from the homophobes not only in the classroom but also amongst the faculty, while it is openly encouraged by religious and politicians….

    1. Spanner1960 16 Apr 2012, 3:43pm

      I think it’s actually quite the opposite. The Saudi’s are floating on oil, and have the power to cut off any country that criticises them for whatever reason. Nobody DARES piss off the Saudis, least of all the USA, so they just let them get on with hanging, torturing, stoning and raping.

      Sooner or later the well will run dry, and they will revert back to being the camel-herding towelheads they once were, and then we will see.

      1. Better yet, sooner or later we’ll discover a new energy generation method that doesn’t revolve around a select group of countries’ ability to provide a finite resource.

    2. you got it inside out and backwards the usa is the saudi lapdog. go teach english there and you know immediately who holds your leash. the usa is a wholly own subsidiary

  14. seems like time for a spring – saudi or nor or not.

    i for sure know which products and airlines i’ll not miss.

    better put some pressure on our own royale family since they hobnob with the saudi ilk

    and also better ensure any church stays well away from uk politics … oh ummm

  15. Jean Salim 16 Apr 2012, 2:05pm

    Mmmm, from everything that could be written about Saudi Arabia, like how Homosexuals are in a permanent state of fear and oppression. All that you could find is a gay prince, a British citizen and some revenge theory. Saudi Gays and people living in Saudi Arabia from other nationalities(I mean the majority of those foreigners like Philippinos, Bangladeshis Indians and Pakistanis) face those threats from the police and are sexually abused on a daily basis.

  16. we should start banning religious retards .islam proves again that it does not deserve any respect and commends no morals just subjective hate

    1. Well, though this obviously in the extremism of one flavour of Islam, but I guess many christians try their utmost best to be even better in showing extremism…

  17. Liam Ledwidge 16 Apr 2012, 2:47pm

    The mind boggles as these princes mince around in their flowing female attire and in Rome a man and his colleagues dresses in drag and says he represents Jesus on earth! When will these people ever cop onto themselves?

    1. A djellaba is a perfectly practical garment in a desert context, and its resemblance to some garments worn by women in the west is coincidental. There is quite a large world out there, you know – try to cope with the idea that what’s best suited to northern climates isn’t necessarily ideal elsewhere.

  18. Miguel Sanchez 16 Apr 2012, 2:58pm

    How do they define a Tomboy? Don’t they realize that not every Tomboy turns out to be a lesbian?

    1. It’s nothing to do with being a lesbian. “Tomboy” is Saudi code for any girl or woman who stands up for herself. The old wankers who run the place want all women in their place, not just the gay ones.

      1. it is about conformity subservience and exploitation.

  19. Spanner1960 16 Apr 2012, 3:38pm

    phenomenon noun (phenomena) 1 a happening perceived through the senses, especially something unusual or scientifically explainable. 2 an extraordinary or abnormal person or thing; a prodigy. 3 a feature of life, social existence, etc

    In other words this is not something out of the blue; it has been going on for centuries and it’s only now you old farts have bothered to notice.

    1. Spanner I think the Saudis would use the second part of the second part of the definition for their use of the word. Abnormal person. What ever happened to the Emirates that were busted having a gay party I wonder? You know according to them there are no gay muslims. Yeah right.

  20. Staircase2 16 Apr 2012, 3:44pm

    The bloody idiots…

    …its like that poem of the little old lady going out every day with her broom trying to sweep back the sea

    All I can say is that the British Empire has a bloody lot to answer for…(quite literally)!

    1. Wahhabism probably has as much to answer for as well.

  21. Sounds like its time for a boycott of Saudi Arabia for its “human rights” violations?! Maybe if we use our “money” to talk, they will reverse their decisions?! Just saying…


    1. I don’t think you get it – we need their oil more than they need our money. They can get plenty of money from other, less scrupulous, countries if need be.

  22. Saudi Arabia is the centre of the worst of the Islamic world. Remember the millions of Muslim “pilgrims” who venture to Mecca and Medina every year.

    But Saudi Arabia is still the supplier of most of the world’s oil, upon which nearly all of our wheels and engines are predicated.

    So, that means that the Saudis are free to act according to their delusions. Every Western and civilised nation may hate Saudi Arabia but we cannot afford to offend them.


    And so 1000s of Saudi school children are going to forced into heterosexual straitjackets.

    1. very very few muslims in the world consider KSA anything but a place of tyrannical suppression of religion including tyrannical suppression of islam. most parts of the islamic world calls them fundamentalists and ignorant.

  23. i lived in KSA. rich saudis love their gay english teacher expats and treat them like their ponies. male on male sex is appreciated encouraged by the culture and prosecution of anyone gay is strictly political. or tribal. or pure bitchiness. as an american i was approached all of the time. as a gay american i was admitted into the private parts of the home. everything is possible just as long as it is never spoken about and you respect your host. i never ever once made a pass at any young man in home i entered. it is a place of total outward conformity. unfortunately this allows terrible exploitation. legally slavery does not exist. practically the heavy lifting heavy cleaning and taking care of granpa the brother in law and the rich uncles are all left to the slaves. expat english teachers who understand their place get paid accordingly.

    gay boys will never be excluded from school as long as they peddle i mean play their cards right.

    1. “gay boys will never be excluded from school as long as they peddle i mean play their cards right.”

      Yeah, really great way to live your life – not.

  24. the only place i ever lived more awful than saudi arabia is dubai. two societies so totally devoid of any inkling of morality decency or humanity. 100% about exploitation. i knew many good loving caring saudis but they did the loving and caring discreetly. there is very little laughter in that country. it is tribal and racist. virtually no religion anywhere: instantly quashed by the religion police.

    1. Whyever did you live in either?

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