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Lesbian PCSO jailed for passing secrets to other gay friends

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Reader comments

  1. Wonder how much her sexuality will be mentioned in the mainstream press reports of this incident. It’s more understandable that it’s mentioned on this site, but I don’t see what who she sleeps with is relavent in this case

    1. Her hiring was claimed to be positive discrimination due to her sexuality, however, the sexuality of her friends is not relevant.

    2. It seems like her barrister raised the matter in Court.

  2. in the final case, its within her job role to know about these things and surely her former partner would know it was reasonable for her to have found out about it. Its only natural to want to protect people you love. As for the first instances yea telling a suspect to leave is perverting the course of justice.

  3. PCSU’s must be well down in the pecking order. Since when does the police prosecute the own officers? Can we expect a prosecution for the killers of Ian Tomlinson or Mark Duggan any time soon or is that expecting too much?

    (I know, different police force but still)

    1. PC Simon Harwood has been charged with the manslaughter of Ian Tomlinson and is due to face trial in October 2012.

      1. Did they say “straight man charged” in the press?

  4. PCSO’s even*

  5. Mystic Clegg 16 Apr 2012, 10:59pm

    There some to be a lot of violent dykes in that town. Talk about playing to stereotypes!

    1. Oi, I happen to be from Wrexham. Please don’t judge a town you’ve clearly never been to

      1. There is a massive lesbian click in Wrexham, with some very aggressive members. The shame is Lisa was one of the OK ones! She’s let a lot of people down who got on with her gay & straight alike!

        1. name and shame them then steve….or are ya not brave enough!! ya probably don’t know any of them!!

  6. chris lowcase 17 Apr 2012, 1:01am

    it wasnt positive discrimination. what are your chances of getting a job in waterstones if you dont read? im sure there was no ‘applicants must be lesbians but full taining will be given’. but being a lesbian in a world that isnt perfect must give a bit of experience and insight on issues like equality.

    im not sticking up for her. comment on that is a no brainer. but the sexuality is not an issue the press should be dwelling on.

  7. Pinkness, what are you doing publishing such rubbish about a PCSO,s appointment as being positive discrimination. The appointment was part of positive action which actively seeks to encourage applications from under represented groups in the community. The recruitment process does not lower the standard for any applicant based on race gender or sexual orientation, all applicants must meet the same standard.
    The positive action stops once an application has been received and plays no partin the final appointment.
    As an LGBT publication I expect you to be better appraised of the requirements and why they are their instead of printing a statement inferring the appointment was purely down to the individual being a lesbian.

    1. the article makes it clear that it is a quotation from another newspaper that reported on the story before they did.

  8. Nutjobsareeverywhere 17 Apr 2012, 11:53am

    Why was she recruited because of her sexuality that’s disgusting, people should be recruited equally best person for the job the interview panel should be representative and choose the best person for the job !!

  9. Pinknews states ‘She was recruited by North Wales Police as part of it’s equality and diversity policy’.
    This simply is untrue, she was recruited because vacancies existed for PCSO,s and although they used positive action this was simply to encourage applications from under represented groups, once an application is received she would have had to go through exactly the same interview process as anyone else, the results being based on the best candidate for the job.
    The interviews are structured so as not to ask leading questions that could reveal a persons sexual orientation.
    On receipt of an application a monitoring form is included asking questions about race, gender, sexual orientation. That form is placed in a sealed envelope that goes to the personell dept and the application form goes to the recruitment dept. Recruitment don’t know the candidates stated identity. It is therefore wrong and misleading for pinknews state her recruitment was because she was a lesbian.

  10. she was hired to protect the public not criminals!

  11. I am joining a couple of others here in asking what relevance is the PCSOs sexuality in this. The story is that a PCSO is guilty of misconduct. The fact that she is lesbian is of no relevance. This is the sort of bias that mainstream press are guilty of and surely a grave mistake on Pink News’ part

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