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Hunger Games star to get GLAAD honour for pro-gay stance

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Reader comments

  1. You know what, that’s actually kind of awesome!
    Well done Josh! Young, motivated, head screwed on right and talented. More power to his elbow.

  2. Daren O'Toole 16 Apr 2012, 12:45pm

    An amazing young man who also happens to be a very talented actor, some of his peers in his proffession could learn a lesson in tolerance from him.

  3. Yes, but will he come out of the closet himself or take the advice of Hollyweed agents and publicists and continue hiding in the closet?

    1. Because its totally impossible of course that anyone could be handsome, pro-gay and straight!! Grrrrr where exactly is your evidence to support your ‘knowledge’ or is this just wishful thinking and gossip on your part??/

    2. OFFS, give it a rest. We know you think every male actor is gay, but when will you realise you’re the only fool who thinks this?

    3. I see jafuf is back with the usual stupid “everyone is a closet gay” theory. Must be a sad state of mind for a person to need to think this to be secure in themselves.

      Grow up.

    4. Jafuf, how many times do you need to be told that not every actor is gay before you believe it? From my experience, the closet actors say absolutely nothing about gay rights. The Hollywood agents make sure of that.

  4. Ever noticed the more secure they are in their own sexuality, the cooler they are about other people’s? Josh is apparently as good a guy as he is an actor: loved him in Hunger Games:

    1. Yes, and isn’t it great? I think pretty much everyone gets that these days, with the exception of jafuf above.

  5. Love Josh! Also, I don’t know if your statement on him “first hitting the screen” with The Kids Are All Right was referring to an LGBT movie or just in general, but Josh has been acting and in movies ever since he was a child! =]

  6. sierra marie 16 Apr 2012, 8:13pm

    He really is a great guy.<3

  7. Nice one Josh, your uncles would be proud of you!

  8. So it is justifiable to judge a member of the clergy or a conservative political party as being closeted if he makes a statement that is deemed anti equality or homophobic but God help anyone who dares to question the sexuality of an actor who is supposedly gay friendly and pro equality. After all we all know that actors always say and do things with only the altruistic of intentions, never for any other reason.
    What absolute hypocrisy.
    I have never heard of this actor though I have heard of the movie. However, upon reading this article and also the comments I want to raise a couple of points. First of all, if this actor is receiving an award for promoting equality then why choose a name “Straight but not too narrow”. Surely ‘men (or boys) who are not too narrow’ would be more appropriate if the purpose of such an organisation is to promote equality.

    1. But then – duh – it would hardly be a play on the phrase ‘on the straight and narrow’, would it?

    2. I think if you reread the article you will find he co-founded and is a celebrity voice of Straight But Not Narrow. There is no ‘too’. Obviously that chip on your shoulder is still very visible.

    3. Not everyone does it to be popular and recognized as “understanding and making a difference”, Jake. People actually do these kind of things because they want to. He is not being pressured into “Straight but Not Narrow”, otherwise, he probably wouldn’t have co-founded it.
      In other, simpler words, he isn’t being selfish and doing this for fame. He has enough of that right now and wouldnt you want to do something helpful if both of your uncles had AIDS?
      Its not like Hutch being gay would be bad anyways. Gay people are just like anyone else. Its still love, and all love is the same no matter what the gender. Why are you reading this again?

  9. Of course, by choosing the name ‘Straight but not too narrow’ a member who belongs to the organisation, particularly one who also happens to be a co-founder and a celebrity voice, is making a public statement that he is definitely straight. He has to be because he belongs to and co-founded the organisation. (I said I am straight therefore I am). Of course no man would ever claim to be straight if he wasn’t.
    Secondly, the argument (as reported by PN) that this actor gives to promote equality amongst his peers is that to do so will mean that there is less competition for the same amount of girls.OMG why didn’t Dave think to use this argument? More girls to go round – lets crack open the champagne and watch the legislation pass through parliament. But more girls for whom? Why the red blooded real men of the world of course. Now what could possibly be wrong with his argument?
    Awesome – definitely not.

    1. Are we to infer you would actually rather he didn’t take a pro-equality stance, then? How strange. I think it’s preferable to be appreciative of all the support we get, rather than feeling the need to be negative.

      1. “Are we to infer you would actually rather he didn’t take a pro-equality stance, then?”

        Indeed. Sounds like Jake28 prefers to be a victim, rather then have a straight person support his right to equality. How odd.

  10. And a piece of advice to the young actor. If you want to appear straight don’t pose for a picture that makes you look like the poster boy for the twink brigade.

    1. I daresay most of the world, myself included, doesn’t really know or care what The Twink Brigade is, so it hardly matters does it?

    2. “If you want to appear straight don’t pose for a picture that makes you look like the poster boy for the twink brigade.”

      And that would probably cut out every boy band in history as “not appearing straight”, so stupid argument. If you want to appear intelligent don’t comment on a site that makes you look like the poster boy for the idiot brigade.

    3. I’d suggest you to stop being so “narrow” and deal with gays being accepted in society.

  11. The next generation is giving me hope for their children. Well said Josh.

  12. There had to be one didn’t there? Jake shut up!!

    On subject well done Josh!!

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