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St Andrews students to hold silent protest at Cardinal O’Brien’s visit

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Reader comments

  1. Just one look at the accompanying picture of the grinning t0sser in the stupid hat and I am SMH, wondering how anyone can take that junk seriously.

    1. Ask him if he’s seen that laptop?

  2. Good luck to the students at St Andrews – hope many students turn up and engage in a dignified protest.

    Perhaps one of the students might take some pictures of the protest and forward them to PN and other news outlets who might be interested in publicising them?

    1. Stu, I got my notice for myPN, have sent you a message

      1. Sent you a message!

    2. Diesel Balaam 15 Apr 2012, 6:03am

      These politically correct “LGBT” numpties have no guts and no brains. They are so anxious to “celebrate diversity” and all that guff, they don’t recognise when a riot is the only dignified response.

  3. They’re stronger than I am then, I would want my protest heard from the rooftops!

  4. Well done to the Student Representative Council for approving it.

  5. Rainbow colours and a silent protest will be a good way, but hope they are hundreds of students sitting all together to make a big impact.

  6. Not a protest against his visit, or the invitation from the University? It should be.

  7. Sister Mary Clarence 13 Apr 2012, 1:29pm

    Typical bloody students. I’m sure a ‘silent’ protest will be really upsetting for him. I’m sure he’ll reflect on what an @rse he’s been. Maybe the Dean can sit him in the naughty chair for 5 minutes as well, to really show him.

    Personally I’d like to see them hurling Jazz mags at him, paint, manure or fish heads.

    Maybe ship in a few of those gaydar, near naked, angels that appeared from somewhere (probably gaydar) in London a while ago.

    Possibly they could superglue everything insight as well.

    Protests should be disruption and high profile … anything but silent

    1. Robert in S. Kensington 13 Apr 2012, 4:20pm

      I agree, totally. Enough of the political correctness. This moron dismisses political correctness when he describes equal civil marriage as “grotesque” and an “abberration”. It’s time for the gloves to come off and draw a line in the sand. Since this is going to be a silent protest, I hope they have posters illustrating the bigotry and hypocrisy of the church’s opposition as well as the almost two mllenia old “tradition” of paedophilia”, misogyny, persecution of Jews during the Inquisition and native peoples of Latin America, as well as gays, the last group they constantly villify and dehumanise?

  8. If this is a ‘silent protest’ then how will people even know it is happening.

    They will be wearing rainbow coloured t-shirts?

    But many people (gay or not) wear brighly coloured clothes.

    I personally don’t think people should worry about respecting the catholic cult’s right to religious worship.

    This monstrous bigot has shown his contempt for democracy by trying to insinuate his child-rapist cult into our secular democracy.

    If he refuses to keep his child-rapist-cult’s opinions within the walls of his church, then we absolutely are entitled to return the favour and make a loud, protest at both his presence and his bigotry.

    I think loud protests outside the church would be good.

    And a walkout as soon as the child-rapist-protector starts to speak.

  9. Polly Conroy 13 Apr 2012, 1:37pm

    I listened to this man being interviewed on radio. I honestly do not think a silent protest will mean a thing to him.

    When the silent walk of shame was done at UC Davis (remember the pepper spray incident?), the effect was entirely tangible – the tension, the shame, the disgust, the total loss of respect – because it was totally unexpected and incredibly mature response by a large number of young people. The moment only being broken by a crass reporter operating on autopilot…and even that only served to show the shallowness of the newshounds.

  10. Ikenna David. 13 Apr 2012, 1:37pm

    He is good to visit, atleast he will carry a message along with him to other grey haired conservative monster. EQUALITY…… An a silent message would actuall get him to think.. Moron.

  11. I hope there’s a massive turn out for the protest.

    1. He won’t even know there is a protest on unless people protest loudly outside his cult building during his arrival and departure.

      And there needs to be a mass walkout once he starts speaking.

      A silent protest is a very bad idea indeed.

      1. Maybe they will wear extra large hats.

  12. George Broadhead 13 Apr 2012, 2:20pm

    Given the very nasty comments made by this fright, I think a very noisy protest would be preferable to a silent one.

    1. And tempting as it may be to throw eggs and tomatoes at the child rapist protector, I would caution against it, as the evil old b@st@rd will report that as an assault.

  13. Silient? Surely the sight of him would have most bursting out laughing. That hat for a start.

  14. Cheesus of Nazareth 13 Apr 2012, 3:15pm

    What does she look like? Some really aught to tell her tapioca pudding is not a good look for her, and that wand is just too much love. Less is more dear start with the gob keep it shut.

    1. And her legs crossed.

  15. Heated debate below this story!!

    1. Very interesting debate!

  16. Heated debate below this story!!

  17. Sorry, computer malfunction :(

  18. Why ‘above all else’ should people be allowed to practise their religion? Above all else, if we do that & don’t take a vocal stand, discrimination will carry on.

  19. Good for all you students at St. Andrews. I hope you manage to mass thousands of students together and really make an impression on this bigoted old dinosaur.

  20. Another Hannah 13 Apr 2012, 5:19pm

    I think it would be better if they wore “JESUS WASNT A HOMOPHOBE” T-shirts, and if they protested about the stealing by RC nuns of the babies from single mums, 9 year old raped girls denied abortions, and the abuse by RC priest all over by children. Why aren’t they saying this?

  21. That’s it, keep quiet about your opinions. That’s what they want.

  22. It has been Christian and Catholic slave masters who have held slaves in the name of God and these mostly white Christian slave masters have bought and sold black families to the highest bidder for hundreds of years and made huge amounts of money in the US and England. The Christians and Catholics are the slave masters today enslaving the minds and bodies of people to think and act their way. Their way has included the Holy Wars that go on today called “wars on terror” which still kill Muslims and the Inquisitions and Witch Hunts that also have murdered millions of innocent people and still go on today by persecuting countless Muslims, LGBT people and any minority the Christians or Catholics do not like. It is the Catholics and Christians who are an abortion of justice and an aberration or insanity. Look how they are destroying the lives of people today in the name of their God. That is madness.

    1. Bishop Andrew Gerales Gentry 13 Apr 2012, 6:35pm

      my dear there is plenty of guilt to go round like the Holocaust and starvation of Ukrainians by Stalin and the slaughter of millions of Armenians by the Moslem Turks and the current killing of Moslems by Islamic regimes in Syria and Iraqi and Yemen just to name a few and just for your information more Moslems have been killed by other Moslems than by any Westerners and last slavery is still practiced in the Sudan by Moslem war lords, so be careful when you cast stones!

      1. Cheesus of Nazareth 13 Apr 2012, 6:44pm

        OhI I don;t know love he has a reasonably good aim at the targets he has chosen, Holocaust architecht Catholic. Stalin Catholic, Turks and Muslims etc more delusional religionists power crazed. Slavery is abhorrent to any right thinking mind, but sadly those involved in slavery are the furthest thing from right thinking. Religion is the poison of reason and the roads to genocide are paved with prayers.

        1. Bishop Andrew Gerales Gentry 13 Apr 2012, 7:30pm

          Evil done is the name of good is the most insidious and effective form of evil. Personally I think religion will along with the nation state have to disappear if there is going to be world peace. I am a person of faith but religion is an altogether different thing and is about as useful as a hind teat on a wart hog.
          I think Cheesus that Stalin was actually baptized Orthodox as an infant. I guess with all the put down of the West it just seems to be sometimes conveniently forgotten how violent and ruthless the religion of Islam can be. At least folkes calling themselves “christian” haven’t burned anyone lately for cartoons or plays about Jesus they did not like or stoned any women or thrown acid in the faces of young girls who tried to get an education! But stupidity and cruelty is not the sole property of religionists just wait to capitalist scientists get millions for designing a passive worker human for the multi corporations for a start.

      2. Homophobia, cruelty, child abuse, corruption and injustice are the first topics I think of when I am forced to consider the RC church.

        Great public image you have there – PR consultants doing a great job telling the Cardinal to use words like “grotesque” to describe an entire minority group.

        Great approach to honesty and integrity – hiding evidence, refusing to engage with public authorities on child abuse and lying (as a number of inquiries into the church have shown).

        Now one normally thinks institutions, individuals and leaders earn respect – when is the RC church going to do something that makes me (or anyone else for that matter) respect them?

        All the actions I have seen recently have been “grotesque”.

  23. silent protest hang on they should chuck custards pies at him

  24. Diesel Balaam 15 Apr 2012, 6:00am

    A silent protest in a largely silent place of worship is a waste of time. These politically correct “LGBT” numpties have no guts and no brains. The students of today are so numbed by the desire to “celebrate diversity” and all that guff, that they don’t even recognise that it’s religion that lies at the heart of gay oppression. In this case, a riot is the only dignified response.

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