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Religious groups ‘to sue mayor’ over ex-gay London bus adverts

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  1. These Christian fundamentalists are nothing short of vicious bullies.

    1. Get a life you evil clowns.

    2. The Mayor and the City of London need to file a counter suit to make these Loony Christians who want to make trouble pay all of their legal cost and then millions for the trouble they are causing.

      By the way how much money are these Religious groups paying to stop gays? Why are they not using that money to feed the starving children and give medical help to the children who die every day for lack of it. They say some 30,000 children die every day in the world for lack of food or medical help. The proof about how crazy these Christian are is that they want to stop contraception and abortion, yet they are doing nothing about the tens of thousands of children who die every day in the wold. Yet they spend countless millions on stopping gays and anybody else they do not like, that includes minority religions as well as LGBT people and Muslims, etc..

    3. Anglican Mainstream has prominent links on it’s website to resources from listed hate group The Family Research Council entitled “Top Ten Myths about Homosexuality” it can be found under Resources for Same-sex and Transgender Issues.

      The Family Research Council is listed among others as a hate group by the Southern Poverty Law Centre most of these are religiously motivated groups that have continued to pump out demonizing propaganda aimed at homosexuals and other sexual minorities Generally, the SPLC’s listings of these groups is based on their propagation of known falsehoods — claims about LGBT people that have been thoroughly discredited by scientific authorities — and repeated, groundless name-calling.

  2. Aww, the poor lickle theocrats aren’t allowed to promote torture therapy on London buses. True censorship!

  3. Personally I want to counter-sue for the erroneous use of an exclamation mark. Terrible.

    1. Spanner1960 13 Apr 2012, 4:48pm

      You might be on thin ice with that one.

  4. Fine – waste more money on futile law suits rather than feeding the hungry or helping the suffering. Filthy b@astard hypocrites.

    They can try a case, and they will lose. Again. I am sure the TfL has contractual clauses to allow them to withdraw an advert. And there is precedent that shows that not being hateful to LGBT people trumps the right to religious expression – Especially as christians keep telling us that being a hateful scumbag to LGBT is not at the core of their faith.

    But go on, waste tens of thousands of pounds on it. Go on, pillory yourselves. Another nail in the coffin of christianity is fine by me.

    1. Robert in S. Kensington 14 Apr 2012, 3:00pm

      And that other looney bigot Lord Carey is up to his antics again by bringing a case before the ECHR on suppression of religious freedom in the UK. We are mentioned of course. Let’s hope it doesn’t rule in their favour. There was an article in the Telegraph today about it.

      1. I noticed the silly old fool playing the “help help I’m a victim” card. He does love to be up on that cross himself, the putrid little egomaniac.

        And his grasp of jurisprudence is as pathetic as his grasp of reality. There is no right for christians to wear jewellery as their is neither doctrinal support in their keystone faith document (indeed, the bible could be read to say that you should NOT wear precious metals/jewellery) nor is there a custom and practice element to it and I would bloody defy him to prove otherwise. The man is a silly old fool. Good riddance to him when he goes.

  5. Because nothing shows Christian love and caring quite like spending, potentially millions, on legal fees when there are people starving both here in the UK and abroad.

    1. Wouldnt supporting the refugees leaving Syria at the moment be a more “Christian” way of spending their money, or the starving in Somalia and South Sudan, or those facing flooding in Fiji etc etc

      Is this a priority for any reason – other than they are militant anti-gay indoctrinated bullies? Hell no!

    2. Spanner1960 13 Apr 2012, 4:51pm

      That would be laughable if it wasn’t so true. All these poor deluded people that drop money in charity boxes and church trays thinking it goes to help the needy, when in fact the money is used to fund hateful, bigoted and inevitably pointless causes like this.

  6. I’m actually really impressed by the comments on the Daily Mail – the top-rated ones are in support of Boris, and the worst rated ones are Christian conspirators…

  7. Aw bless them, the militant anti-gay bullies – they didnt get their own way … so they are throwing their teddy out of the pram!

    My only surprise is that Andrea Minchiello-Williams has not offered to represent them!

    Well, if they want to waste their money on a futile legal bid then thats their call …

    I am sure its not winning they are bothered about but gaining “publicity” – but if they want to be seen as idiotic, outdated, bigoted ideiots – thats their call.

    Can’t wait to see the court case and Boris giving evidence – its going to be a scream …

    Please can we ask Boris’ legal team to call Skinner as a witness too …

  8. This is no different to a racist group wanting to encourage blacks to use skin lightening products to make themselves white…

  9. Steven Pringle (@PringleBot) 13 Apr 2012, 1:56pm

    This shows that having an elected mayor is a bad idea. The mayor becomes so frightened of his electorate he will run away from anything in the least un-PC.

    1. Whether it was an elected mayor or not – the chair of TfL (who happens to be the Mayor currently) could still legitmately make this decision.
      Its also the right decision.

      Steven, sweetie, has your twitter account been deleted (no doubt that was a breach of your freedom of speech too – ah diddums, next teddy you want to throw?). Your account no longer exists according to twitter “No people results for pringlebot”. Although there are some vile photos of you and some equally vile messages that originated from you whether I google your twitter name.

    2. It is for this reason that an elected mayor is the best choice. Whether you are a tory or labour supporter the correct decision was made in pulling the advert!

  10. THey fail to grasp that the so called therapy has been proven to be false and misleading which in turn makes their advert misleading overall.

    You cannot change your sexuality no more than a person cannot change the colour of eitheir skin.

    The only winners here will be the lawyers when they cash in after a failed legal challenge

    1. Har Davids 13 Apr 2012, 3:42pm

      McCabe, these people don’t have a grip on reality at all, that’s why they cling to their delusions and feel everybody has to share them. It’s the only way the can feel comfortable about life in general.

      1. Only my friends call me McCabe *wink* I know what you mean though!

    2. Lynda Yilmaz 13 Apr 2012, 4:29pm

      There is a general failing to grasp that their so called religion is false and misleading; how can they be expected to accept their ‘therapy’ is the same?
      Using so called therapeutic techniques to push someone back in the closet of denial is hardly ‘curing’ them. If they were a skin care company claiming that their cream would make you look 20 years younger, the advertising standards would prevent their advertising. How is this different? Their legal battle is lost before it begins!

  11. Ed Johnson 13 Apr 2012, 1:57pm

    Good luck to them. It’ll never hold up in court.

  12. they are pursuing breach of contract and breaches under articles nine and ten of the human rights act, the freedom of conscience and freedom of expression

    clearly they have money to burn

    1. im surprised they dont claim for breaches under article 8, freedom of thought, belief and religion

      1. Does it actually state anywhere in the Bible that Gay people should be “cured” or “converted”. I thought it was purely the physical act of homosexuality that was considered a sin. So surely under freedom of religion they could argue a poster saying some gay people are celibate! Get over it! which would of course be perfectly fine. But I don’t think “curing” gay people would fall within their freedom of religion.

        Also, who was meant to get over it exactly? Gay people? OK, someone says they’re not gay anymore. Their business. Society? Do they treat “changed” gays a certain way? Can’t say I’ve heard of “ex-gay” bashings. Or was it a message to the new missus of the recently “cured” gay person who couldn’t adjust to the fact their man had done the nasty with another man?

        1. im sure they are capable of making up some stuff to justify gay cure on religious grounds, you know what they like

      2. Freedom of worship is a 1 person deal. YOU are free to worship, whenever, wherever, however and whomever you like, as long as you’re not infringing on someone else’s rights. When you as much as pray “at” someone, it’s abusing that freedom. There’s a name for stuff like this: religious persecution, being attacked for not being “one of them”. I think the religious persecution angle should be played more aggressively.

    2. Spanner1960 13 Apr 2012, 4:53pm

      They have. Unfortunately it is other people’s.

  13. Bring it on! They would really be shooting themselves in the foot! It would be hilarious, but it would actually be a really good thing for LGBT rights if legal action was taken because they would lose and there would be scrutiny of claims that ex-gay therapy is justifiable (which it very clearly is not and evidence shows how damaging it is!).

    1. Bisexual woman in Edinburgh 13 Apr 2012, 3:32pm

      Yes, I was thinking that assuming they lose, as usually happens in these cases, it will probably be a nice useful legal precedent. The more silly cases we win over the right-wing Christian nutters, the more solid the anti-discrimination law becomes.

  14. I would love to know Peter Tatchell’s opinion on this.

    1. Mc Squiter 13 Apr 2012, 2:11pm

      Don’t get him started.

    2. Don’t really fancy reading in Christian Intitute, Anglican Mainstream something like PT supports freedom of speech, buses should have been allowed to display comments as part of their freedom of speech etc etc

      If he is going to condemn it and not go on about freedom of speech then fine!

  15. Jason Brown 13 Apr 2012, 2:04pm

    The thing is we have no problem with people who aren’t gay, are straight people banned from getting married? Nope.

    Homophobia is a real thing that people need to get over.

  16. Conversion therapy was deemed harmful by the BMA – i.e. there’s a strong case that it could harm vulnerable people. Vulnerable because of the prejudice they may be facing.

    That’s all Boris would need to say, really.

    1. can a gay person who might have genuine psychological issues, be safe in the hands of ‘christian’ psychologist known for his support for gay conversion therapy?

      1. Bisexual woman in Edinburgh 13 Apr 2012, 3:39pm

        I once went to counselling offered by a local church, not because I wanted Christian counselling (I was practising Judaism at the time, though I’m now an atheist) but because it was local (I’m disabled and can’t get far) and supposedly free. I stopped going for two reasons. One was that they told upfront that their slidingn scale system meant that I wouldn’t be charged, but after a few weeks told me that I should pay up. The other was that while they claimed that their counselling service would not involve religion in any way, any time I mentioned anything LGBT, for instance my social life, they froze up and glared at me. So frankly I would hesitate to send anyone LGBT to any kind of Christian therapist, even if they didn’t support gay conversion therapy. By that I mean therapists who make a point of declaring that they’re Christian as part of their profession; I have nothing against people quietly getting on with their religion if it doesn’t interfere with their job.

        1. Father Jack 13 Apr 2012, 9:23pm

          Is there such a thing as Christian therapy? There should just be therapy.

      2. having been in that situation I would say absolutely no way!

    2. If I were Boris I would point out that conversion therapy has been deemed false and damaging by the BMA, RCPsych, WHO, Norwegian Psychiatric Organisation, American Psychology Association, American Psychiatry Association, British Psychotherapy Association, Japanese Health Board etc etc
      I would also point out that the ASA’s own guidance would prohibit this advertisement and that TfL have a duty to ensure a proper equality assessment and this advertisement failed that test when it became known to TfL.
      Enough said really.


        Point 133. 75% agreed with i) Conversation therapy is “is discredited and harmful to those ‘treated”

        1. The British Medical Association has determined that such “therapies” have been discredited, are damaging to patient, and should be banned. The Association’s membership further agreed that the NHS should investigate any cases of such conversion therapies, and terminate any public funding to such practices.

  17. Ex Christian 13 Apr 2012, 2:06pm

    This is very good news. Nothing exposes the lies and hypocrisy of homophobic bullies as much as the glare of publicity.

  18. Mc Squiter 13 Apr 2012, 2:08pm

    Would it be possible to advertise a deprogramming service for fundamentalist Christians on London buses? I very much doubt it. Shame though.

  19. The Stonewall ad’s were a positive thing, these ex-gay ad’s go beyond freedom of speech and would be damaging to many people, I say this from experience of hating myself, which was born of a Christian up-bringing, good on Boris Johnson.

  20. Aughton Ainsworth, the Manchester solicitors, were presumably chosen because of their links with The Christian Institute:

    1. This article suggests that Aughton Ainsworth may be a little biased:

      “Birds of a feather, flock together”

      1. Stone ’em nether.

    2. @Stu — nice, charitably people.

  21. To say homosexual can be turned heterosexual is like saying heterosexual can be turned homosexual after some treatment. What kind of stupid people can believe that!?

    1. ‘…heterosexual can be turned homosexual after some treatment..’

      yea the treatment is called 2 pints of lager, although results are not always guaranteed, sometimes extra couple of pints might improve effectiveness of the treatment

    2. Unevloved fools who like sheep are led into the chapel of bigotry.

  22. Errol Semple 13 Apr 2012, 2:30pm

    When will religious hate, bigotry and bullying stop?
    Religion is about love. Wrong.

    1. Religion is about lies and illusions, which is the weak foundation it is built on. It started around the time cavemen needed a reason to explain things they could not understand- like simple thunder.

    2. Religion, specifically the one of these people- Christianity, is full of evil and is based on brainwashing, deceptions, manipulations, lies, etc. It’s a bunch of lies that were created to control people. Christianity is based on a book full of sexism, homophobia, racism, murders….. many other types of evil.

  23. Commander Thor 13 Apr 2012, 2:30pm

    I think this is an excellent idea! They should definitely sue, and bring their evidence to court to show how they have changed.

    Phallometric test or MRI scans before and after.

    Failing that, it will be an excellent chance to embarass themselves in public, with a court ruling on top.

  24. Craig Denney 13 Apr 2012, 2:32pm

    Stonewall should counter-sue for breach of copyright.

  25. Robert in S. Kensington 13 Apr 2012, 2:34pm

    StonewallUK should sue them for copying it’s own slogan posted on 1000 buses and adjusting it to promote a false claim, copyright infringement.

    They’re always playing the victim card. I’d love to see a poster countering theirs saying…”Religion is a chosen lifestyle and for some an addiction for which there is a cure”.

  26. Tom Ellis, of Aughton Ainsworth( ), is the solicitor in the case of the Trafford Housing Trust manager:

    and was also the solicitor for the Bulls of Chymorvah:

    1. They are just casting net wide and hoping they catch. They have ha no success so far. Who funds the Christian Institue? Why don’t they spend it on people who are in need?

      1. The Christian Institute was set up in 1990 as a right-wing Anglican evangelical body whose aims included promoting Christian education and Christian aims in the UK. However, the founders included John Burn who later was head of the Vardy school, Emmanuel College and still retains links with the Emmanuel Schools Foundation. It looks as if what the Institute meant by education at the time was fundamentalist protestant evangelical education with a very strong element of creationism in it. The Vardys a multi millionaires who used to own the network of Reg Vardy car dealerships among other businesses.
        John Burn, a North East of England schoolteacher, appears to be, perhaps, the most influential creationist in the region if not in the UK. It appears that he played a major role in convincing Peter Vardy to invest in schools in the region and was one of the leading names (if not the leading name) behind the establishment of the right wing Christian Institute in Newcastle. The Institute was…

        1. set up in 1990. Burn also went on to become principal (headmaster) of Emmanuel College and then chief academic advisor to the Emmanuel Schools Foundation.
          The Christian Institute is now a high-profile and well-established evangelical organisation with some 12 staff and an annual income of around £700-£800k. It claims to have some 10,000 supporters. Of its trustees and founders, the Rev George Curry chairs the council of the Church Society, the leading evangelist body in the Church of England. The Rev David Holloway is also a founder member of Reform, an evangelical pressure group within the Church of England, and in the 1980s proposed that bishops should face a “heresy test”.
          Nominally, the Christian Institute has no formal links to the Vardy schools but it is clear that the “informal” links have been very influential from day one – not least because Burn was head of Emmanuel College. Moreover, Burn remains as a trustee of the Vardy schools and is currently Vice-Chairman of Directors

        2. at Emmanuel College. Moreover, it looks clear that Burn’s 1987 approach to Vardy which eventually resulted in Emmanuel College, was prompted by Burn’s keenness to establish a school run on traditionalist and literalist biblical lines. Burn is chair of the CI. David Walton, a long-serving trustee of the Christian Institute, was also one of the signatories to the 2002 Estelle Morris letter. This is significant because the Christian Institute itself is highly active in lobbying and trying to influence public policy to support its religious agenda. Indeed, so much so that it was censored by the Charity Commission.
          There was an article in The Guardian weekend magazine about the Vardy Academies in the north east? Scandalous, the government put schools under special measures, even though they had excellent GCSE and SAT results, so that Peter Vardy, a Christian fundamentalist car dealer could open some Christian “academies”, pushing creationism and homophobia.

      2. @Paul Mc — I can’t say it better than Kris did:

        Because nothing shows Christian love and caring quite like spending, potentially millions, on legal fees when there are people starving both here in the UK and abroad.

    2. Tom Ellis was a guest speaker at a Christian Institute conference promoting freedom of speech and freedom of religion.

      A CI press release stated:
      “Other speakers included solicitors Tom Ellis and Paul Conrathe. Mr Ellis acted for the Roberts in their litigation against Lancashire Police and Wyre Borough Council. Mr Conrathe has defended the free speech of religious broadcasters and street preachers.”

      Tom Ellis seemed to get frequent work from the Legal Defence Fund of the CI.

      Wouldnt that money be better used elsewhere?

      Tom Ellis should declare his personal interests in this case.

  27. Robert in S. Kensington 13 Apr 2012, 2:45pm

    If they’re so concerned that everyone should be straight, why aren’t they concentrating their money and their efforts on saving hetero marriages given the increasing rate of serial divorces that clearly aren’t attributable to allowing equal civil marriage? As for the polygamy red herring, they should be asked to provide the evidence considering that there are ten countries allowing us to marry. Holland has had it for eleven years, a very long time to say the least, surely the hatemongers could provide us with at least one official government report from Holland on polygamy statistics as well as for other relationships that the haters claim will surface if our government legalises equal marriage. Evidence please?

    1. 10000 children taken in to care – a record for one year.
      20000 women forced to seek refuge from domestic violence.

      Marriage is being damaged already and these time
      Wasters should do something to help instead of whining about freedoms. There is no right to tell lies and I hope to God their claims make up part of the case.

      The Amicus Briefs from real professionals will
      Show up this crowd of snake oil salespeople.

  28. These people aren’t religious they are mean spirited bigots who are being exposed for what they are.

    Hate filled bigots hiding behind the cloak of religion.

  29. The Psychiatric and Social Worker Associations need to be more forceful in getting out the message that this type of “therapy” is debunked and dangerous!!!!

    1. Robert in S. Kensington 13 Apr 2012, 3:27pm

      Excellent point, can’t be stressed enough!

    2. Bella Brahms 13 Apr 2012, 5:04pm

      There aren’t any “social worker associations” that support the view that being gay, lesbian, bi or trans is an illness than can be cured. Not in the UK anyway. Also, you seem to mixing up psychotherapy with psychiatry – the two disciplines are quite different. There are a tiny number of maverick practitioners who set themselves up as people who can “cure” homosexuality but very few people take them seriously.

  30. Let ’em sue! If for nothing else it’ll be interesting to see what the basis of their suit can be.

  31. there’s something quite ironic about the recent spat of fundamentalist preaching for their ‘human rights’…. even more so if we consider how damaging said ‘human rights’ are to other humans. I think they need to have a look at their definitions of ‘crazy’ again.

  32. Suddenly Last Bummer 13 Apr 2012, 3:14pm

    Ken the Lizard would have allowed them keep their stupid inane posters on the bus. That’s the difference between him and ANYONE with a shred of integrity. Has he offered an opinion yet? He’s usually all over a story involving Boris.

    1. Livingstone has indeed offered an opinion. According to the BBC News website…

      “The adverts are insulting to LGBT Londoners and damaging for everyone who believes London is the greatest city in the world because of its tolerance.”

      Which is pretty much in line with how Boris, virtually all Londoners, and every other non-brainwashed human being feels.

    2. Spanner1960 13 Apr 2012, 4:47pm

      Ken was actually on the case before Boris was, but still had to have a pop at him nonetheless: “Under a Conservative mayor we now we have actually anti-gay ads being booked on the buses. The ads should never have been agreed full stop.”

    3. Ken banned other adverts on the London transport system that were homophobic when he was Mayor.

  33. Anyone notice that the firm of Aughton Ainsworth is only a stone’s throw away from the BBC in Salford? It must be a coincidence.

  34. SMH at the bullies.

    Seriously, if you have a poster that promotes dangerous lies, it shouldn’t be allowed to be out in public.

  35. Spiritbody 13 Apr 2012, 3:54pm

    Organisations like Core Issues Trust should be shut down and prevented from operating at all. The potential damage that they can do to individuals by offering ‘therapy’ is bad enough, but their very existence adds to the idea that gay is something to be cured which is damaging to gay society at large. THEY ARE the very problem that they claim to solve. Some gay people feel they need ‘curing’ BECAUSE of groups like them.

    1. The ironic thing is that it is the members of organisations like Core Issues Trust that are the ones obviously suffering from mental illness and in need of therapy.

    2. It may be difficult, as an individual, to shut an organisation down. However there are practical steps that can be taken. Core Issues Trust is NOT registered with the Charity Commission but IS registered with HM Revenue & Customs as a charity for tax purposes. Complaining to HMRC and removing their “charity” status maybe a first step. You can “complain” about them at the following address:

      HM Revenue & Customs Charities
      St Johns House
      Merton Road
      L75 1BB

      Their tax reference number is XT29880

  36. Personally I would love TfL to run the ads, but on the proviso that they turn a complete blind eye to the actions of Londoners when we subsequently deface them. I’d happily sign legal paperwork promising not to damage the bus in the process, and I’m sure mine wouldn’t be the only signature.

  37. Yet ANOTHER play straight from the book of anti-gay American evangelicals! The Christianist right wing in the UK has no creativity whatsoever. They just mimic their American contemporaries exactly.

    1. Robert in S. Kensington 13 Apr 2012, 4:26pm

      I wonder if any of their American counterparts are funding them? NOM comes to mind.

      1. Father Jack 13 Apr 2012, 9:31pm

        I expect all the way to the ECHR. they have a declared international Agenda.

  38. What a stupid group of idiots

    There are enough religeous nut cases in the world without you joing in as well.

    Sensible minded people should great you with the contempt you deserve.


  39. Excellent news, have given my support this afternoon.

    Stu, the NHS have never heard of you, you sure your not the guy Durham Police have told me about today, a guy with learning issues telling people he’s a copper and a Paramedic?

    1. How did that conversation go exactly?

      “Hello NHS, is Stu there please?”



      “I’m sorry sir, I have no idea who you’re looking for”

      “Oh ok then thank you”

      *In your mind – “he must be lying”*

      Also care to put your full name on here to state you are confirming Durham Police told you a person had “learning issues”?

      1. Sure i will put my full name if you will.

        1. For what reason? I wish to make a complaint to Durham Police about their behaviour. I have no interest in you, but it will certainly help if they know who they spoke to. Also, do you know who you spoke to there that used that language?

          1. Kris,

            Perhaps if he tells you the name of the officer he spoke to and the incident number that they loigged his contact under?

            Surely Aiden (if he speaks honestly) will have no problem in supplying such information.

          2. Indeed. What departmennt did you contact. What time roughly was this?

        2. Nobody cares who you are Aiden.

          I suspect nobody ever will.

      2. Aiden Russell

    2. @Aides

      How have you given ‘support’ ? Have you diverted your BNP membership fees to the christian institute ?

      Why have the Durham Police been in contact with you ?

    3. I would imagine ‘Aides’ is Aiden a regular source of entertainment on these forums.

      Aiden is an out and proud BNP member; he is not an out and proud gay man.

      He has an unusual interest in Perez Hilton.

      1. Some might say any kind of interest in Perez is unusual but each to their own I suppose.

        1. Quite ! He’s not to my taste, but I would have thought that somebody like ‘Aiden’, still in denial, would be careful to hush up his obsession with Perez.

          1. He seems to have become a bit like Keith has Aiden – now referring to himself as Aides (is he admitting he is in late stage HIV?) Misguided anger issues?

          2. I thought that myself. Is it meant to be that kind of “clever” way of going this will really annoy them muwahaha

          3. He is so “clever” though, Kris – us mere mortals couldnt even hope to attain his levels of insight and knowledge lol

    4. Aiden,

      How exactly did you give your support this afternoon?

      I am an ex police officer and current paramedic – you are probably lying about speaking to anyone. They would have told you regardless that they could not release any details of individual employees due to security issues and DPA concerns.

      So who did you ask in the NHS – which part of the NHS?

      What name did you ask for?

      Who did you speak to in Durham Police? What are their contact details? How did you justify asking? How did you convince them that such a request would be a) a good use of their time and b) not breaching DPA?

      I know you are lying about it all – because a) no such information would ever be given out b) what you say is complete lies as I am an ex police officer and current paramedic and c) the manner you choose to reveal your alleged contacts with various organisations is unconvincing.

      Oh, I was staying in Durham recuperating – I am now in a very different location in the country – so Durham Police?

      1. Don’t waste your time reasoning with him Stu ! It is not worth the effort.

        But he does provide good sport !

        1. Thanks Harry

          He is good sport, although his belief structures are tragic!

      2. Firstly, I have contributed to their legal fund, 2nd I have and am going to display the posters and banners and I am in talks with people along with them, to get their banners displayed nationally.

        What a lot of questions Stu

        One thing you need to learn about me is that I do not lie and I am very serious about what I do. The 2nd thing is that the information was given freely on reciept of my asking them.
        3rd, As I know how the media, govenment and Autorities, work, becasue I work with them, I have contacts and I know procedures.

        Stu as far as I am concerned, your a liar about what you do, as there are no records of you on the any Databases, they dont even recognise you photographically!

        And why would you tell me your in a different part of the Country now? That is sheer paranoia.

        1. You claim “they” do not recognise me? Who are “they”?

          You are lying.

          A lot of questions because what you are saying is utter cr@p.

          Firslty I am a former police officer and a current police officer. Secondly, no police service of NHS body would give details of an employee to someone contacting them without good cause, and only then with the consent of the employee. My HR department have not been in contact to ask if they can disclose such information – I shall email them tomorrow when I am at work and ask if any such contact has been made.

          Who did you speak to in which organisation? There are 14 ambulance trusts in the UK (I have worked for 3 including the one I currently work for), 9 private companies provide paramedics to the NHS, paramedics also work in 74 other NHS organisations. Which ones did you speak to?

          You know where I’m based? where geographically are you looking – I’m not in Durham. Thats where I recuperated when injured as I’ve family there but I dont live there

        2. Which databases did they check?

          Which photograph did you use (the one attached to the article I wrote on here or have you located others from when I was interviewed in Ambulance Today Magazine)?

          What made you decide to go to Durham Police?

          Did you make some assumptions about me, and they’re wrong and you thought you could bluster about people you have “spoken” to and try and make me look stupid – the reality is that since you refuse to give the evidence to substantiate your lies about these fictitious contacts with some spurious NHS organisations and some spurious contact at Durham Police – who both would have breached DPA if they had given you any information – which further ridicules your lies – it compounds the lies you have told.

          It is a lie because I know my professional career path and what I do. The 8 year old who had a fall from a tree last week and who I blue lighted into hospital was a great job to remind me why I love my job.

          However, if you are determined to continue

        3. this charade then give evidence too support your bogus claims.

        4. Why would I tell you I am in a different part of the country – because I am, its where I have lived since 2007 (apart from the period where I was recuperating back with family in Durham.

          I mentioned it because you seemed to assume I live and/or work in Durham – I don’t, merely stating a fact. No paranoia.

        5. @Aiden Russell

          1. Will the general public be able to see the banners you manage to get displayed nationally, or will they only appear in your local BNP office ?

          2. You’re asking us to believe that you’ve bypassed normal staff confidentiality and data protection requirements and determined that Stu is not amongst the 1.35 million people that work for the NHS.

          This would be a very serious breach if it occurred, and is a matter for the police. However, your claim is not credible.

          3. I’m baffled why you think Stu’s visiting other places is worthy of note. You are right though, it is sheer paranoia, but only on your part.

    5. “Stu, the NHS have never heard of you, you sure your not the guy Durham Police have told me about today, a guy with learning issues telling people he’s a copper and a Paramedic?”

      Aides . . . we can see that you have not heard of the word projection

      When will you be sitting your GCSE resits?

      1. @JohnK

        With Aidens level of insight perhaps remedial classes may be necessary.

    6. Aiden

      I have never read so much rubbish in my entire life.

      Whether or not you believe what this guy says about his past and current professions; unless you have been encouraging someone to break the law there is absolutely no way anyone in either the police or NHS would supply the information you allege has happened. It would be a breach of data protection and information governance. In some NHS and other public organisations it would be grounds for disciplinary with likelihood of dismissal.

      The only central database covering all NHS staff is the NHS pensions agency (for those who choose to be part of the NHS pension) and there is no way they would confirm details of a member to a member of the public or press (particularly in the current climate, with Leveson etc!).

      The claims of what Durham Police allegedly said to you aere totally unbelieveable.

      That you have chosen not to respond to challenges to give names of people spoken to, incident no’s etc demonstrates your lies.

      1. Alan,

        It is amazing what you can do, when you know people, as the phrase goes ‘ Its not what you know, it’s who you know’.

        I had a direct contact with The NHS HR, without encouragement, I asked questions, they went away, they came back,I add they confirmed that this joker Stu doesn’t hang out there, I event have it in email form, as I asked for it for purposes of reporting it for misrepresentation.

        Again Durham Police, I asked questions, they went away, they came back. The details of what Durham Police said to me are totally believeable. And they are looking into them further.

        Oh and the fact that I ‘haven’t responded sooner’, is that unlike Stu, and other lost causes, I have a life, and I am not obsorbed by my sexuality that I have to come on here to defam Christians and others who see a different view.

        I shall be absent a few more days as I press to seek out matters with the help of the NHS and The nice people at Durham Police.

        Tara a bit

        1. Update, Stu is not a paramedic, NHS have confirmed that he does not work within the NHS at all, but did until 2008 / 2009, so I am most certain that Stu is the guy that Durham are talking about…watch this space.

          1. AIden

            There is no central NHS HR department.

            You lie.

            I left one NHS organisation in 2009 and moved to another.

            So have you spoken to every NHS organisation that employs paramedics in the UK?

            Continue to lie, please do – I just laugh at you.

            Also two things that are particularly laughable are that you mention they don’t recognise my face (if there were this fictitious NHS wide HR department that you seem to claim then would they know every singleof the 30-40000 paramedics in the UK?

            You mention you have an email (of course you dont because you are lying about the conversations) but if you had persuaded someone to breach data protection then there is absolutely no way they would confirm it in writing – particularly given the current climate of concerns about public bodies releasing computer based information to the media and other organisations/individuals.

            You’re entertaining but your lies are merely laughable.

            So, the incident number and officer you spoke to at Durham Police?

  40. Spanner1960 13 Apr 2012, 4:43pm

    Sue? For what?
    If I don’t you to advertise in my magazine, I don’t have to accept you. Same thing applies. Now go away you silly people and annoy somebody else. We have more important things to do, like pick fluff out of our belly-buttons.

  41. Suing a publicly funded organisation – such a Christian thing to do! It’s also a completely unwinnable case. I’m not even sure what law they think the Mayor has broken.

    1. Father Jack 13 Apr 2012, 9:36pm

      They don’t care about winning, the strategy is to get publicity around being a victim.

  42. Bella Brahms 13 Apr 2012, 4:54pm

    I think it is a question of free speech. I’d rather hear what others have to say – then present a better argument – than prevent others from having their say. Sure the tactics of the Christians appear dirty to me, but I’m sure that the smart people of London can make their own minds up on this issue.

    1. Commander Thor 13 Apr 2012, 10:52pm

      Except for the LGBT children growing up in homophobic households. They don’t get to “make up their own minds” as you call it. They get bullied into a destructive scam that will cost some of them their lives, and all of them their chance to be happy and fulfilled adults.

  43. So, core issues and anglican mainstream [oxymorons] they’re using “Manchester lawyers Aughton Ainsworth to represent them in a legal challenge of the advert ban.”

    Why not use Mrs Andrea Minichiello Williams of the christian legal centre. After all, they would probably offer a discount to members of ‘the firm’… then again, their success rate is non existant…

    Plus ca change!

    1. Aughton Ainsworth are one of the Anti-Gay Insititutes favourite firms of lawyers.

      1. No surprises there then Stu!

        Thanks for the update though.

  44. Another Hannah 13 Apr 2012, 5:06pm

    It is about time the LGBT community started to take their responsibilites seriously and funded special “ex-fundamentalist” cure therapies. After all if they thik they have some right to label people “sick”, why don’t other groups have the right to just label people “sick” if they feel like it? Of course the ex-fundamentalist cure would need to include C of E, Roman Catholic and Islamic religions. They have no more right to label LGBT peopel sick than LGBT people have to label them sick.

    1. There is nothing wrong with homosexuality or bisexuality while there is something wrong with homophobia and following a religion full of evil

      1. Another Hannah 13 Apr 2012, 7:05pm

        No. Were talking opinions purely here, not facts, and anybody is allowed to have whatever idiotic opinions they like. Just think of some of the Gay men who think there is no such thing as a transsexual – so much so that I honestly believe they think pregnant heterosexual women are just deluding themselves that they aren’t gay men, and that if they really thought about it they would just come to believe what these two men are saying is correct. By the way, I think may’be you haven’t quite read what I said properly.

  45. Another Hannah 13 Apr 2012, 5:09pm

    It would have to be a solicitor in the north to sue for these groups wouldn’t it. ! Have you seen the state, bigotry and ignorant backwardness of soem of the upper middle classes in the north? They really are a wonder to behold, utterly and thinking, small minded, ignorant, and totally unablwe to regar other human being s with common humanity. There are some more of these sorts here in Blackpool as well.

    1. Err rude…and backward thinking.
      I happen to live in the north, in a small ex mining town with a small but thriving gay scene and an even bigger gay comunity…In fact I have the distinction and pleasure to be someone who was part of the organising team behind our first 2 gay prides.
      Please show some respect before marginalising a group of people…you know…like the fundamentalists do to us!

      1. Another Hannah 13 Apr 2012, 7:11pm

        Nope not backward thinking, I live up here and I encounter them occasionally. Rude? Well would be if I was talking to them, but I’m not. Problem is you get people with a very ignorant idea of the class significations, like upper-class, and you get for example trades and the lower middle classes thinking they’re upper – they need to read a few more books. The funniest ass I’ve encountered is a hompophobe, in a fact a Roman Catholic homophobe who rarely travels because he won’t travel anything other than first class, because he thinkks it’s beneath him. You really get the dim upper-middle classes in those small towns, really badly educated, so snobbish they discount the opinion of everybody they encounter, an still with a near imbecile certainty that they are better than everyone around them.

    2. Mr. Ripley's Asscrack 13 Apr 2012, 6:53pm

      Back away from the keyboard! If you were trying too, I think you just nailed utter contempt in your first go! I’m sure given the proper amount of agitation, you’ll find time to ruminate how sickened you are by mentally-handicapped people. Is this a troll comment or what!? If not, Another Hannah’s comments have just been devalued. New name? Suggestions, please!

      1. Another Hannah 13 Apr 2012, 7:17pm

        Naw…I don’t mind if your shocked, you shouldn’t be so complacent. I have worked with people with learning disablities, mental health problems, and physical disabilities, and I’ve have never ceased to be amazed at how those people can be such utterly brilliant and good people, while some spoilt overprivilaged turd can have no idea about how not just me, but many around them have utter contempt for their selfishness, greed, and ill-will.

    3. “small minded, ignorant, and totally unablwe to regar other human being s with common humanity.”

      Sounds like you’re describing yourself


    1. Oh for goodness sake. If you can’t take the trouble to write properly and learn to string a sentence together, then don’t bother.

    2. and stop bloody SHOUTING

  47. Mr. Ripley's Asscrack 13 Apr 2012, 6:44pm

    They are so dumb! They will get their asses truly whipped by London courts, and it’ll be so funny to read! No wonder people leave religion in droves – they are plainly morons!! It would be more funny if it weren’t so serious, though – really there are still people who walk around and think that they are on god’s path to righteousness!? I’d rather spoon my brain out through my nose, than waste my time in prayer to an unbelievable man in the clouds. Who cares if there is a god even?! I’ll be dead when I meet him, so not caring too much! Tax them; tax them all! (Evil plan laugh whilst rubbing hands; exit stage left…) 8

  48. DJ Sheepiesheep 13 Apr 2012, 7:30pm

    Who wants to try crashing their solicitors’ website……you know you want to :-)

    1. Well – the solicitor involved is Tom Ellis and his email is:


    2. Father Jack 13 Apr 2012, 9:33pm

      Daft suggestion. We should keep the moral high ground and leave them in the gutter.

      1. DJ Sheepiesheep 14 Apr 2012, 12:53am


  49. Your advert was banned – get over it!

  50. de Villiers 13 Apr 2012, 8:16pm

    These groups have really missed the point. The Stonewall campaign was about gay individuals – that we are equal to others. It did not seek to denigrate others or limit the life choices of others. The religious advertisements did seek to denigrate others and deny us equal consideration.

    Freedom of expression is to promote human flourishing and to enable us to discuss and promote legitimate policy and ideas. The unjustified denigration of a group, lacking proper rational justification, is not legitimate.

    It would be as inappropriate for a group to have displayed anti-Catholic banners, denigrating Catholics as a class, as it is to have advertisements denigrating gay people as a class.

    1. A very sensible and astutely aware comment!

      Unfortunately Anglican Mainstream etc etc just do not get it.

    2. I can’t imagine seeing adverts like that on London’s buses.

      What were they thinking, especially since conversion therapy has been totally discredited?

    3. Although there are trying to play the freedom of expression card, it really does not hold as an argument. What they seem to forget is that with Freedom comes responsibility, and also that no medical or psychotherapy registry body is going to support the thier view that reparative therapy is in any way good practice.

      Curiosuly Anglican Mainstream (AN) appear up for a humilating, if not shameless battle to prove that “reparative therapy is lawful. Take a look at AN’s preamble concerning UKCP (Psychotherapy body), and thier critique of the registry bodies stance of reparative therapy.

      1. @JohnK

        The interesting thing is that it is not just the UKCPs stance. Its is the stance of the RCPsych, APA, Norwegian Psychiatric Authority, WHO, BMA and many other esteemed health bodies.

        Anglican Mainstreams so-called critique is full of bluster (strange how they don’t like critique of their own so called “evidence”).

        Its notable that the author is Dermot O’Callaghan (described frequently in Irish media as one of the leading lay evangelicals in the Church of Ireland). Now, I would not be so brazen as to suggest that Mr O’Callaghans evangelical leanings are enough in themselves to evidence his bias and homophobic instincts. No, I would rely on other evidence such as:

        Dermot O’Callaghan is also a leading name in the Core Issues Trust (and was invo0lved in inviting them to run the sessions they ran in N Ireland

      2. that are described in this report

        He is shown here as a key influencer on Core Issue Trust,cntnt01,detail,0&cntnt01articleid=33&cntnt01returnid=15

        O’Callaghan is about as far away as you could get from an impartial reviewer of a policy that states reparative therapy is damaging and fictitious.

        The critique lacks any of the authority that a peer review would have. Most (if not all) of the reports that O’Callaghan cites are discredited under peer review.

        It screams out of the sheer desperation of the Core Issues Trust and Anglican Mainstream.

  51. If there is a gay and lesbian psychotherapist association in the UK, as there is in Germany, they should consider running bus ads that state the truth about ex-gay therapy… that it is harmful and ineffective. Telling the truth is always more powerful than telling lies in the long run. This would be a great poke in the fundies eye socket!

  52. Keith Sitges 13 Apr 2012, 9:24pm

    These damn christians and their secret agenda.

  53. Well it may highlight the true reasons why all these organisations are condemning marriage equality. We all knew that it was homophobia and nothingn to do with the word marriage but did the general public?

  54. It is incredible when fascist groups like this religious sect are banned from spreading intolerance, ignorance and hatred they immediately say that their freedom of speech has been damaged but when we say something against them they accuse us of being unfair. Apparently we have no rights and we have to endure their misinformation and ignorance. Being gay is not an illness, I did not choose to be gay, I felt attracted to men since I started to feel sexual impulse. In any case I should sue god for creating me gay, and if he created me gay, who am I to go against HIS wishes? GET OVER IT, YOU BIGGOTS!!!!!

  55. “they have instructed Manchester lawyers Aughton Ainsworth to represent them in a legal challenge of the advert ban….”

    Interesting they are not using the Christian Legal Centre….a falling out perhaps???

    1. Maybe even Andrea Minchiello Williams can see that there is no viable claim in this matter and told Anglican Mainstream to take a dignified step back and recognise when they had lost the argument?

      On second thoughts!?!

  56. brainwashed twats comes to mind. why do theses nutters believe in a false sky daddy. they know marriage equality is coming and they cant stop it so tough. they wonder why most people who are in the 21st century are anti religion. religion is for RETARDS

  57. Having watched the Rev. Linda Rose on last night’s channel 4 news, I was left with the distinct impression that the entire CORE enterprise smacked of trolling for publicity. [25 minute mark]
    She even had the cheek to wonder if god might be behind banning the ad before saying “It wasn’t our intention to provoke this situation…the publicity is obviously good”.
    Yeah right, pull the other one, it’s got bells on. Yet another high profile case with blatant fundamentalist homophobes playing the ‘freedom of speech’ card. “You’re oppressing our right not to oppress other minorities” is what I got from it.
    Perhaps they might want to look up John Stuart Mill’s harm principle again.

  58. Robert in S. Kensington 14 Apr 2012, 2:54pm

    Meanwhile, one of their ardent supporters Lord Carey is off yet again on another bigoted tirade!

    1. The bit which stood out for me is this…
      ‘Mr Pickup himself used to be gay, or, rather, he used to be homosexual. He differentiates the two, and believes that to be gay is to act on homosexual impulses and adopt the lifestyle of a gay man. His central idea is that: “Gay identity is a construct, but it’s very real to the person who has constructed it, in that it’s based on unfulfilled needs and trauma.” ‘
      He goes on to say “If a gay teacher tries to impose their beliefs on your child, do not hit them. Take out your sword of righteous anger, your biblical sword. Take out your sword of compassion, because it cuts clean”.
      Funny how he’s so hyperaware of constructed identities based on unfullfilled needs in others but can’t see the the blatant constructed identity he’s espousing.

      1. de Villiers 15 Apr 2012, 11:14am

        > based on unfulfilled needs

        Well, quite – the need for a same-sex relationship!

    2. I found it interesting to note that Dr Lisa Nolland felt that the views of Core Issues Trust were so strong and morally right that she was concerned about what the covert journalist (and presumably others) were carrying in their bag – makes her look like someone with something to hide.

      Worryingly she is a lay chaplain in a school. A school lets a woman with her inhumanity be involved in the pastoral care and advising of children (!)

      When she made her tirade at Greenbelt in 2010, I loved one of the comments of an ex member of staff of Anglican Mainstream, as reported in The Times “to quote a former webmaster, ‘Once upon a time, the grand-daddy of conservative websites, now fading fast’.”

      Even blogger Archbishop Cranmer (known for his rhetoric on equal marriage recently) said at the time “By devoting so much time and effort to the ‘gay issue’, instead of challenging society by deconstructing the question or focusing on poverty and wealth (for example), the church is simply showing

      1. itself to share the same obsessions as the world. The issue for the Church of England is that this debate has been blown out of all proportion; it is neither a battle for the soul of the church, nor an issue worthy of schism. Theologians might consider toning down the rhetoric and the apologetics

  59. It makes my blood boil that Core Issues ‘Trust’ have been accepted as a “charity” by HMRC and get all the associated benefits.

    It would appear that they haven’t tried to register with the Charity Commission (they’d have problems evidencing public benefit). Shady bunch with no information on ownership anywhere and a nasty programme of work in hand.

    I think a quick letter to HMRC is in order. I’m going to write to:

    HM Revenue & Customs Charities
    St Johns House
    Merton Road
    L75 1BB

    When I write, I’m going to quote their tax reference of XT29880.

    If anyone else wants to do likewise, the above info should make it quite straightforward.

    1. I doubt very much that will do anything, but that does mount to Malicious behaviour and indirect harrassment againt them, just because you do not agree with their views.

      1. What about your (claimed) conspiracy to breach the data protection act?

    2. @Aiden – hardly. You’re saying organizations you like should have tax exemption !

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