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Hungary: Fears over new ‘gay disorder’ bills

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Reader comments

  1. Right before the Eurogames 2012 which will be held in Budapest…or not?

  2. Is there something in the water in these countries? Is Hungary part of the EU, I can’t remember?

    If they are and these ridiculous laws are passed they should be kicked out of the EU indefinitely!

    As the woman said in the report, there are more pressing matters that need to be addressed such a poverty!

  3. It’s about time Brussels/Strasbourg publicly debated suspending Hungarian membership of the EU. This new government of theirs is dangerous, and not just to LGBTs. If their behaviour is not confronted now they will only get worse.

  4. This is such a disappointment! And to an extend, a shock too. I’ve been to Budapest twice and my wife and I both love the city…what a shame we shall have to put off future trips while the Hungarian govt and people decide where they stand :(

    I don’t recall ever having a problem being an out and openly-affectionate same-sex couple in Budapest before, so it’s awful that a small number of people in authority think they can smear the good name of their citizens like this… The captial has a diverse and not-insignificant queer club scene, and in particular a number of drag queens and trans* performers who are well-known to the mainstream public as far as I could tell.

    Certainly hope the EU is able to apply some pressure should things continue in this direction!

  5. It’s time for Hungary to be expelled from the EU.

    Since the constiution there was ripped up on January 1st, Hungary is no longer a democracy.

    Such a shame that pathetic nation has learned so very, very little from its recent brutal history,

  6. Get with the programme, Hungary! If the Czech Republic can legalise civil unions and start discussing marriage equality then you need to work hard to catch up and improve your human rights record!

  7. Hungary could lose a future tourist. I also wouldn’t buy anything from there or take my business there.

    So sad they’re ignorant- homosexuality and bisexuality is not a disease and there is nothing wrong with it. Civilized LGB Pride Marches are not harmful.

  8. Another Hannah 13 Apr 2012, 5:21pm

    KIck them out. Why haven’t they been with human rights views like this?

  9. Hey guys, calm down. The far right party Jobbik represents a small, although strong minority in Hungary. As a Hungarian gay man, of course I can’t stand them, their stupid nationalism and short-mindedness, but arguing about expelling Hungary from the EU just because of them seems to be kind of the same for me. As a liberal voter, I also cannot do anything against the right-wing government and the new constitution – they were elected in a democratic way, so that’s it. Actually, our last hope is the EU. Still, civil partnership is legal in Hungary for couples of the same sex for years now, and even the present government did not change that law. Also, the Court today overturned the decision of the police, so Pride can be held on the usual route. We, the the LGBT minority of Hungary still need you, but to help and not to punish.

  10. GingerlyColors 14 Apr 2012, 6:25am

    In my previous post about Hungary I warned that the Jobbik Party are the real danger. Here they have risen their ugly heads and intend sending Hungary down the same route as Russia where they have down practically everything except outlaw homosexuality. Hungary has had a reputation for being gay friendly but recent developments are disturbing. A reputation can take years to build up but destroyed in minutes. As for expelling Hungary from the EU, this is exactly what Jobbik wants. Don’t give them the pleasure!

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