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Comment: We are not just green and you are not just pink, writes Jenny Jones

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Reader comments

  1. Paula Thomas 13 Apr 2012, 2:52pm

    “The Green Party concerns itself with climate change to the exclusion of the everyday concerns of voters.”

    Hmmm not sure how far the Green Party is concerned about Climate Change. If it was really concerned about Anthropomorphic Climate Change it wouldn’t oppose nuclear power.

    1. Stuart Neyton 13 Apr 2012, 3:20pm

      …and leave generation after generation with radioactive nuclear waste they can do nothing about?

      No thanks, not when the renewable solutions to the energy crisis already exist.

      1. Paula Thomas 13 Apr 2012, 3:58pm

        Please get hold of a copy of EDavid MacKay’s book ‘Sustainable Energy Without the Hot Air’ and check the facts on nuclear power. The book can be bought from all good booksellers or downloaded for free at

  2. Ikenna David. 13 Apr 2012, 3:06pm

    It necessarilly didn’t support neuclear power, it opposed nuclear arms production.. And how does thier opposition to nuclear arms production relate to climate change? I duly endorse this Green party… Not only are they intrested in human rights, they seek to make a london a better, cheaper city to live in.. Go Green!! Go Pink!!!

  3. “Greens are arguing strongly against cuts”

    When they’re in opposition, perhaps – but not when they’re in power:

    1. Quite. I, too, am an ex-Green Party member. Frankly, the entire party is a shambles both in terms of ideology and organisation. The party leadership is utterly appalling and there is no local party democracy whatsoever, in my experience. It isn’t a case of the moderate right of the party excluding the left, either – on the contrary, the party’s more pragmatic moderate right is treated just as appallingly as its left is. I went to Labour, myself, as a former member of that moderate wing of the Greens. Certainly, every party has its flaws and problems, but I think the Greens are far worse than most.

    2. Hodge Podge 13 Apr 2012, 4:16pm

      What happened in Brighton is going to be controversial for years but it hardly means they aren’t “arguing strongly against the cuts”.

      For those who don’t know, Brighton was the first Green controlled council. They either had to announce a budget which included cuts, or have an illegal budget and have Eric Pickles come in and take over. They went for the first option, which some argue betrayed their anti-cuts stance. I’m still not sure whether they made the right choice or not.

  4. So, you like LGBT people and you think the tube should be cheaper. I’m not exactly seeing a comprehensive policy platform here. At least Ken and Borris, whilst both equally insane in their own special ways, both have a firm policy agenda.

  5. An excellent choice for Lord Mayor of London.

  6. Justin Varney 14 Apr 2012, 8:34pm

    Disappointing and sad given I like Jenny, previous administrations have had LGBT liaison officers and not sure there is evidence that they may any impact on hate crime despite working very hard and doing some really great things to improve community cohesion and tackle homophobic in schools…..sexual health services will sit with local government so although mayor can lobby can’t actually influence it directly, also it is not clear yet is HIV prevention will sit with local government or with NHS Commissioning Board so again this is a bit hollow….great the greens supported stuff in the past but as a voter what i’m looking for is a candidate that recognises that our community needs targeted work as well as generic universal approaches which are more accessible and less discriminatory….and I haven’t seen anything from Jenny yet which sets this out…nothing on Pride? nothing on Gay Games? nothing on LGBT advisor? nothing on health inequalities experienced by LGBT communities? or ro

  7. George Voter 14 Apr 2012, 10:53pm

    The Green Party are getting hammered in Salford Mayor election following claims of an Homophobic attack by their top brass on one of its rival candidates. Seeing as the BBC moved from London to Salford is there a link in the attitude of Greens in what is its accepted norm for people standing to be a Mayor?

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