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Bachmann clinic continues ‘pray the gay away’ treatment

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Reader comments

  1. Yeah like anyone will be surprised at that!

  2. The Christian religion has been talking about demons for 2,000 years and it appears that the demons were in the the Christian Religion all that time. Pray the gay away does not work, this has been proven. The fact that they are using psychiatry and psychology and mixing it with the Christian religion is proof that they have failed and are in bed together with each other, the psychiatrist/psychologist and the Christians in bed together is the most perverted thing there is. They are both in the business of making money by brain washing people and controlling them using drugs and abuse to destroy the lives of gay children who are terrorized and killed as a result of these “ex gay treatments”. Sound like the work of Satan and those demons they say exist. The truth is the Christians working with psychiatry destroys the lives of people. They are criminal scammers and frauds who need to be arrested and put in prison so they can not harm another person ever.

  3. I wish we could silence Christians for good.

    We are never going to be free of persecution, oppression, repression etc as long as religion continues to have so much power over all of us.

    There is so much suffering around the world because of religion. And there is no such thing as a cure. Religions like to think that they can cure people of their demons.

    We have been around a lot longer than religion (Christianity) has.

  4. Dr Robin Guthrie 13 Apr 2012, 9:04am

    This odious b!tch and her gay husband make a living out of putting religious fear into the heads of gay people.

    I hope they burn in whatever their idea of hell is.

  5. Despite Michelle Bachman “praying the gay away”, it seems her husband is still around…

    1. Quite, if she really can’t stand him that much she should file for divorce like any normal person.
      Otherwise she could be on hold with that prayer for a very long time.

  6. God intended only men and women to come together, maybe this statement is true but what I am sure of is that men and women come together with whoever it is that they fall in love with either gay or straight.

    1. Spanner1960 13 Apr 2012, 9:44am

      God has nothing to do with it. These people simply use the words of other men to justify their beliefs and destroy other people’s lives.

      1. I know that, I’ve just sopied the statment from the article itself! to try to get my point across.

        I’m far from religious, when I have to go to a church for any reason I start to smoulder like burning paper!

        1. *copied*

  7. Bugger the Bigots Away!

  8. I wonder how well the “pray away the gay” is working for Marcus Bachman? I await the headlines. Only a matter of time.

    1. Just a matter of time.

      She never did explain what she was doing or who she was looking for when she was photographed hiding in the bushes and staring at a Pride event….

  9. Bachmann & Associates should be charged with consumer fraud because all major Associates in therapy and counseling say that reparative therapy DOES NOT WORK!

    1. Bachmann himself has no licence to practice, they work in a state that does not require professional credentials to treat people with mental health problems. That the method is snake oil is not likely to even register.

  10. Since praying away the fat or praying away being thick haven’t worked for them, why should praying away the gay?

  11. I think Marcus Bachman is still praying to be cured.

  12. Nurse Happyweather 13 Apr 2012, 12:50pm

    What she and her husband needs are their mouths filled with the cocks of two sex-starved Latvian abattoir workers. Bitches.

  13. Nutjobsareeverywhere 13 Apr 2012, 1:30pm

    Let’s all pray the twisted bachmans away

  14. I’m praying to my gay God that all those religious Christians will pray away their hatred and become rightful citizens and stop being bigots their God must be one hell of a bigot and preaches how to teach their children to hate and cause damage to others that don’t follow them in their twisted views of life and resist all sexual feelings unless its to make babies as sex is forbidden out side of marriage and not allowed as pleasure but just to endure sex to make more of their kind…… more Christian Bigots!

  15. Oh, aren’t these lovely xians? Don’t you love the way they can lie through their teeth — all to please their lord.

  16. Timothy Jaye 15 Apr 2012, 1:06pm

    This is just an opportunity for Bachmann to be around gay people but not have to go to a bar. He is a huge closet case. I bet he smokes crack too.

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