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Two women and a man arrested in the Gambia on gay charges

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Reader comments

  1. The Gambia is mainly a disgusting and backward country!

    Being gay is not a cultural phenomenom or something that can be taken away from a person. It is a fact of life, always has been and always will be. Will we ever stop saying this? I doubt it!

    1. Sukalotakok 12 Apr 2012, 2:14pm

      Not all undeveloped nations are homophobic. Tends to be the ones with the Abrahamic religions.

      1. Not all undeveloped nations are homophobic

        Who said they were?

  2. Its sad that such a beautiful country should have such backward laws. Then again most of africa seems to have the same issue.

  3. Another African country.

    Another backward hellhole.

    Gambia is a popular tourist destination which must be added to the list of countries to avoid.

    1. on the contrary…we gambians are far from being backward…we are a developing country, and one of the poorest in the world….change and development takes time…gay rights will take a while to be accepted in most african countries, but change is immenient!it took centuries for gay rights such as marriage and adoption to be accepted, and this was in western countries…we as africans need that chance to get to that level!gambia is a small, very cultured and set in their ways country, however we are not backward, and change will occur but it will just be a lengthy process!its a shame the law is harsh in gambia in regards to gay people but thats the law..its not fair and i’d admit a bit draconian but thats something we’ll have to deal with till proper change can come about!we still have issues with women being treated fairly, so you can imagine the position of gay people!

      1. by the way…gambia has a 5 star gay tourist hotel called COCOA OCEAN in senegambia…its beautiful and very luxurious!it was set up by a gay couple…very lovely people who i’ve met….so gambia shouldn’t be a country to avoid…Elton John and david furnish have been there….its private and gay couples etc can feel welcome and at home there!public affection however is what is not accepted by law…but like i said gambia is a cultured and developing country and change is a lengthy process….patience is required!am a gambian female born and bred…am straight, but ive been on holiday in london and ive been to a gay club called Heaven in charing cross!i enjoyed it and didnt see much difference to a straight club, am open minded considering i was raised in a strict gambian muslim household!there are many like minded ppl like me…who are gambian!

        1. Happy in reading your comment Fatou.
          However, what intrigues me and makes a buzz behind my head scream, is the title of this article. I cannot stop thinking, …hum… it is starting over there, just like in Germany, or in Argentina or in Chile, … people, in this case, gay people, are starting to be arrested and will soon disappear. And if this is the case, where is it going to stop? Who can guarantee that women with a mind of their own will also not be in the list? Do you see the danger of such government?
          Kisses and keep your eyes open.

          1. many thanks maia…the facts are horrible but should be put out there…being gay and living in gambia is like being black during th apartheid era….i honestly feel for those who can’t feel free and live a happy life due to their sexuality…its funny how as a black woman am still fighting for equality…imagine if i was black, female and gay?in the 21st century most of the world has become open minded and leaning towards positive change, especially our generation!we just need to pass this positive attitude on to the next generation!africa, predominantly islamic and christianian countries will be the hardest to change…but we can be hopeful!all i can say is, if your gay, be proud be happy, i don’t see the problem at all…

        2. some people prefer to ignore complexity of the issue and instead concentrate on generalising and name calling.

  4. “If you think it is human rights to destroy our culture, you are making a great mistake because if you are in the Gambia, you are in the wrong place then.”


    1. @d.mcCabe….am gambian, female and straight…and i think its quite ignorant of you to state that gambia is a backward and disgusting country!have you ever been there?my guess is no…however, i am totally against homophobia!regardless of religion, culture or country, gay men and women should have equal rights as that of straight people…..islam and christianity tend to put a huge spin and stigma on the status of gay people in the world!every human being should have the natural right to be themselves if it doesn’t have any detrimental affect on anyone else..meaning, someones sexuality should never be an issue and lead to prejudice….as a black woman, i can identify with people from other races being racist towards me…i’d be a hypocrite and also ignorant and backward if i was to be prejudice against gay people and be homophobic…we are all humans and that’s enough for me…unfortunately the gambian law doesn’t accept this, however change may come about, it just takes time!

  5. racist black country,that fails to respect all it’s citizens if any

    1. sharpjwe….how are we racist when we’ve endured a life time of racism from other races???ignorance on your part is quite evident…if we have ppl like you reacting this way how do we go about educating and informing ppl that gay people are part of society as are straight ppl?gambia has gay men and women, but they hide away due to fear of reprimand and jail time…its the law that decrees this….many countries in africa are developing and this should be understood…we are trying to alleviate poverty…accepting homosexuality some would say is far from being on their agenda just yet…its a big shame but thats reality!change and acceptance plus tolerance takes time and is not an over night thing…it took centuries for gay rights such as marriage and adoption to be accepted by many countries….if you think gambia is backward,,,what do you say about saudi arabia and israel?people who live in glass houses should never throw stones!

      1. fatou, there are many people on here who are angry about the treatment of fellow gay people in places like gambia. the difference is that some will choose to use inflammatory rethoric to express that anger. i am glad that people like yourself decide to comment on here in calm and understanding manner, it give us the different picture of what it is like to live in gambia

  6. Yay for Fatou and people like her. this is exactly why resorting to slagging off whole peoples, countries, cultures and groups does our cause no good at all, that and it’s simply shameful and wrong. Gambians need the support and focus of the international community, not a broad brush denigration. Only the strong, compassionate and logical approach of people like Fatou will change things for LGBT Gambians. You go girl the work needs more straight people like you!

    1. Sorry, typo. Should say world needs more straight people like you!

  7. How is killing gay men and women of Gambia not killing the Gambia culture? President Jemmeh is nothing but a little African dictator. Gay have been around since the beginning of man, long before any religion. It is the anti gay Christians who play God by judging people on earth and these Christians are no god, they are as evil as any Satan. They do not know how to help gays and they have failed and they think that killing them when God creates them every day to be born on earth is not some how a sin. God has always made gays and he will always make gay and these anti Christian and Muslim religions needs to get over it.

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