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Obama refuses to sign an anti-discrimination bill for LGBT employees

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Reader comments

  1. Executive orders are easily revoked and are not an ideal solution on this matter. A proper legislative path is the correct option. And frankly, if Obama tried to pass a bill with a cure for cancer in it, the GOP would oppose it at this point.

    On the other hand, these are the lives of real people at stake. I understand why people are so bloody furious. I would be too in their place.

    All of this aside, he would still be better than Mittens Romney and his bloody Mormon overlords.

    1. “Executive orders are easily revoked and are not an ideal solution on this matter. A proper legislative path is the correct option. ”

      He COULD have signed an executive order while still pursuing the legislative path.

      But he lacks the courage or the integrity for that option.

      Obama is a slimy, careerist – anyone who believes that he has anyone but his own best interest at heart is very, very foolish.

      1. Spanner1960 13 Apr 2012, 12:15pm

        Show me any politician who isn’t.
        Obama is just a puppet, just like every other president, and he’s been got at.

      2. The legislative path would fail. Since the mid-terms in 2010, the US Congress has been deadlocked. It would just end up like ENDA – caught up in limbo, achieving nothing.

    2. David Myers 15 Apr 2012, 8:36am

      You are correct. This is the same situation as the repeal of Don’t Ask Don’t Tell. If Obama had brought it in by executive order everyone would have fought him tooth and nail and the right would use it to stir up their right wingers and make it an election issue. If a republican was elected president, he could reinstate by executive order too. The right way to do it was to get it passed through congress. If Obama is re-elected with Democratic majorities this can be done the same way. Not giving it to the Republicans as “wedge issue” like Bush did in the 2004 elections is smart politics. He will come through on everything as they become doable.

  2. My, how quickly the worms turn. THIS is far more than you’ve got from others.

    Mr Obama has said that his views on “gay marriage are still evolving,” though hitherto he has opposed equal marriages. That said, his administration no longer defends the so-called Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA), which does define marriage as the exclusive union between one man and one woman at a federal level. Currently, there are anti-DOMA challenges in New York and Massachusetts.

    1. I think it’s his stance against DOMA that’s actually prevented him from signing an executive order. He received huge amount of criticism at the time, and while it was from the right, it’s negative press that he can’t afford right now – and you can bet that he’d receive the same ridiculous claims that he was “overstepping” his power if he signed this in.

      As vile as Romney is, Obama’s win against him isn’t a sure thing, and unfortunately that means that he has to play it safe.

    2. What ARE you talking about JB.

      In the mid 90’s Obama SUPPORTED marriage equality.

      Then as soon as it became personally convenient for his own career he OPPOSED it.

      When opposition became ‘inconvenient’ he decided that he was ‘evolving’.

      Obama is slimy, opportunistic, careerist political scum.

      He has been a crushing disappointment.

      Then again this is the absurdly primitive US political system.

      The true tragedy is that there is not alternative to that slimy careerist. And the system is built to ensure that there will never be an alternative – in the US unless you are far right wing (the Repugnic***s) or right wing (Democrats) then you may as well not participate in their absurd excuse for a democracy.

      1. Democrats aren’t right wing. Trust this coming from an American, not just someone who reads about American politics on the internet. With a population as vast as the US, you have to appear as a moderate if you hope to get elected. He’s still done a lot for LGB Americans, and even if it’s baby steps that he and the federal government are taking, they’re more than we’ve had for years.

        Am I saying that the Democrats are great? No. Not by a long shot, but neither are Labour, in many of the same ways. Neither is any left wing political party on more than a localised stage.

  3. Articles like this make me think: we always say “it gets better”. I’d like to know when.

    1. johnny33308 13 Apr 2012, 2:44am

      You certainly are right! When will it get better? We would all like to know when will it get better? Not soon enough…everything about Our People, everything about full equality for us, drags slowly on as it seems even our allies drag this out for the longest possible time, preventing many from ever having equality. Even our own HRC wants to have luncheons, seminars, parties and such but will not confront the homophobes directly and DEMAND full equality for Our People NOW. Neither will it back legislation to accomplish this goal. It seems so many have a vested interest in keeping things the way they are and the way they have been; and Our People languish in second classdom while our representatives party with the glitterati. Disappointing doesn’t even begin to cover it……

    2. David Myers 15 Apr 2012, 8:49am

      People! Have some perspective. I’ve been fighting for gay/lesbian/trans rights since the early 70’s. I’ve seen a
      lot of progress, but never more than during Obama’s term. Incrmentalism, teaching, helping people evolve is a much
      stronger change than easily reversable short term successes.
      Change the hearts of the people and the laws and everyday
      equality will follow easily. If you look closely you can already
      see the progress growing monthly.

  4. Suddenly Last Bummer 13 Apr 2012, 12:26am

    This tw@t is looking to get four more years? Sure he may be the lesser of two evils but still, what a total f–kin’ flip flopper.

    1. Dr Robin Guthrie 13 Apr 2012, 1:53am

      In order to get his 4 more years, he has to play to the religous lobby.

      It must be bourne in mind that despite the alleged separation of church and state, the US is awash with religion and in order to do anything he has to accommodate it.

      That’s why its called politics.

      The “proof of the pudding” will be IF in a 2nd term he continues with these discriminatory policies.

      You must remember that, in essence, politically the USA is NOT a country as we know it.

      It is a collection of States each with their own laws.

      This can be seen from the fact that some states allow gay marriage, some do not.

      This would not happen in the UK as we tend to have a generic government that encompasses all, including the “politically devolved” countries, Scotland, Wales and Northern ireland and perhaps to be included Cornwall.

    2. This is what happens when a President is elected for 4 years, and has top spend 3 and a half of them tangled up in mid terms and party games and all sorts of cr@p. The greatest power a President will ever have is the first couple of months of a second term, when no one is trying to get elected to anything and they can actually do their job for a change.

  5. johnny33308 13 Apr 2012, 2:32am

    People, we are nothing to any politician; Our People mean nothing to any of them really, and Obama is and has been incredibly disappointing. I thought he would bring the ‘change’ needed in politics in the US and he simply became one of ‘them’. Sorry but no longer defending DOMA is not enough…that law was clearly unconstitutional and was bound to be removed from the books anyway, and anyone with a brain can see that. Obama is no more OUR friend than any other politican and we must realize this is the truth for Our People….

  6. What a disappointment he has been as a politician and as a person.
    His overall record on human rights is appalling.
    He’s just a politician and a lawyer. What more can we expect?

  7. “President Obama has decided not to sign an executive order that would ban discrimination by employers with federal contracts against LGBT employees”…. just before an election.

    Keeping the swing vote in mind, Obama would be committing political suicide if he signed at this time.

    This issue will re-surface in November.

  8. Maybe now that election time is drawing near President Obama is afraid of losing the homophobic vote.

    This is the stuff that makes people cynical about mainstream politics which for a long time has been reduced to a game between people in suits. Replace the politicians in suits with squabbling generals in uniforms and analogies with the way that certain countries south of the USA border used to be governed may not be all that far-fetched.

  9. More and More being a British Gay Man seems better than else where in this bigoted world.

    1. JD – I hear you. I lived in the States for 10 years and when I came back to London/UK it was like a different world. Even when US friends come they are shocked at the progress we’ve made in a generation. While there is still much to do here, I’d rather be in the UK than any other place. My partner is Spanish and so I spend a lot of time there and with the catholic church still wielding its bigotry there, well, we know how that goes. We’re so quick to beat ourselves up here…..perhaps that’s why we’re progressing more quickly?

  10. The US is in desperate need of a democratic revolution like that which is happening across the Middle East.

  11. Don’t quite understand how thoughts on equal marriage need to evolve? You weither support it or you don’t?

    This will surely do some damage to Obama in election year.

    1. When Barack Obama was born his parents were not allowed to marry in every state as inter-racial marriage was banned in many states.

      It’s such a pity that Barack Obama lacks the human decency to support equality out of integrity and principle.

      Everything he does (and indeed any politician does) is designed to help themselves.

      Barack Obama is a homophobe.

      Not as bad as that mormon lunatic Mitt Romney for sure, but he’s a homophobe nonetheless.

      1. Spanner1960 13 Apr 2012, 12:21pm

        Stop talking crap as usual.
        Obama is responsible for 300m people. If that isn’t a balancing act, I don’t know what is. Lincoln got it right about “all of the people some of the time” etc. Obama is heading for his second term, so he has to keep an even keel. *IF* he makes it through, I guess then he will start applying his own policies, but that has yet to be seen.

        Only then can you start hurling insults and moronic generalisations.

        1. Yes I understand that he is a politician and therefore has to play a politicial game for the sake of his own career.

          That does not mean that he is not bigotted scum.

          Politicians are human beings like everyone else.

          Anyone who opposes the right of a person to enter a legal contract simply because he/she is gay is a bigot.

          Ergo – Obama is a bigot.

          Not as bad as the Mor(m)on Romney, but nonetheless a bigot.,

          Massive civil unrest is needed in the US.

          Black Americans revolted and it is their revolt which led to increased civil rights.

          Any LGBT American who thinks that bigot scum like Obama and Romney are going to do the right thing is painfully naive.

          It’s time for revolt.

          1. Spanner1960 13 Apr 2012, 4:59pm

            You’re pretty revolting yourself.

          2. It’s not just for the sake of his own career dAVID, you do realise what will happen to LGBT rights if Obama loses the election?

            Playing politics so near to an election is good for everyone.

  12. the man needs to look at the discrimination his ancestors suffered for thousands of years and understand why its important to stop discrimination of LGBT people or has he forgotten his own history

  13. Disgusting, but it is election year.

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