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Milton Keynes to host first pride parade this year

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Reader comments

  1. ‘…Joint organiser, 45-year-old Jo Green told The Milton Keynes Citizen:”Milton Keynes is vibrant, young, energetic and colourful and we should be allowed to celebrate this.”

    really?! not in my experience, but good luck with the pride parade

    1. Milton Keynes Hmmm, the town where anything gay has always been dis- couraged, or shut down as soon as someone tried to get something up, and running. there is pink punters, but thats situated as far out on the edge of Milton keynes as they could get it. but anyway good luck with ur pride hope everyone has a good day….

      1. Feny STratford is so difficult to get to unless you drive but who wants to drive on a night out?

        1. Kerry Hollowell 12 Apr 2012, 5:08pm

          Pink Punters is 3 miles from Central MK, hardly a long haul.

          1. And really, do you want to go to a place run by straight people, which is always full of straight people and where the owners do nothing when a straight man punches a gay man for coming on to him?

  2. Helen Wilson 12 Apr 2012, 5:04pm

    We have one of the youngest populations in the country Kane. I was doing a talk at our local LGBTQ youth group last week and we had over 40 in attendance.

    @ Paul that’s a unfair comment as the resistance was when we was under Bucks county council. Milton Keynes runs its own affairs now, so we don’t get the bigots from south bucks having a say in MK. I’m off in a minuet to a trustees meeting of the main LGBTQ organization in MK its funded by the council. A small T group I run is being encouraged to grow from the council and the community foundation. I know of many other groups who all function likewise.

    We have had a strong LGBTQ presence at the diversity parade that happens bi-annually. MK Pride has grow out of that as we have grown too big for it. The last one I participated in had the LGBT community double the numbers of people marching.

    1. Helen i agree that milton keynes is a family orientated town and therefore it has large young population, however im not sure about being ‘vibrant, energetic and colourful’. i have relatives there and apart from countless of mini roundabouts that the town is famous for i cant say that i find mk interesting.

    2. @ helen, i have lived in Milton Keynes since 1973, as a gay teen, there was nothing for me or others like me then, and now im in my 50’s there is nothing for the older LGBT generation as everything you peeps do is guided towards the younger generation. so you see my comment is not unfair, its a History of how the LGBT community has been frowned upon and put down in Milton Keynes over the last 39yrs. Grrrr

      1. @Paul,Having read your posts I understand you have been frustrated with the lack of interest and support aimed at the LGBT group hence the sudden realisation that more needs to be done to solve this problem.Unfortunatly when you was a teen Milton Keynes wasn’t quite the hub of activity it apparently is now.I hope that as an older member of the LGBT community you could send some suggestions towards the MKPride group as to activities or functions that would you would deem more appropriate for the older generation.Im sure that if you was to come along to the MKPride event you will find that it is not just for the youngsters.

      2. I’m an active 24 year old who has contributed to various projects within the MK LGBTQ community. Whilst my age may not provide you with any rest, maybe the fact that there ARE various projects, will.

        I have provided voluntary support for the MK LGBTQ Youth group, am aware of a new LGBTQ youth group being formed aimed at young adults, have assisted with the formation of the LGBTQ Breakfast group & Solstice Fridays both aimed towards the 25+ members of the community, and have assisted Q:Alliance in various forms throughout the past 5 years.

        Whilst I have not worked so much with these, I can also advise you of the Gay Outdoor Club, The Planet, and a regular gathering (I cannot remember the name) at Secklow 100, all of which I am of the understanding has a more mature audience.

        There is so much more going on (like MKPride), so I hope from this you can take that the LGBTQ community is not solely aimed at the younger generation, but inclusive towards all age groups.

      3. Helen Wilson 14 Apr 2012, 6:17pm

        Contact Q:Alliance and start a group or come along to one of the groups already running. or join the LGBTMK facebook group lots of stuff is going on in MK.

        I was at the fortnightly LGBT breakfast this morning, we had about 10 guys around the same age as you out of the 30+ people who joined us for the informal social at the Secklow 100 in CMK. Next one is Saturday 5th May 9am till 1pm ish, come along if you can. Or come to the Jury Inn hotel CMK for Solstice Friday fortnightly gathering this week.

        Lots of stuff is going on in MK you just need to plug yourself into it.

      4. see you at the pride. Now something is happening:)

  3. Great to hear that Pride is finally arriving in Milton Keynes, Campbell Park will be perfect for the event. Will there be a march? I no longer live in Milton Keynes but will be heading back down the M1 to join the event :)

    1. It is very straight in pinks now but the owners are far from straight which has never been a secrete dis functional relations maybe but defo not straight.

  4. I am very lucky as I get to attend Pride events all over the country each year and have done for over a decade in a role promoting an emergency service.
    I am delighted to finally hear that a Pride event is happening within 10 miles of my home.
    Milton Keynes is in the middle of a pride free void and I wish everyone involved in this event the best for success and will be proud to support in anyway that I can.

  5. Kerry Hollowell 13 Apr 2012, 5:40am

    As a gay man and parent of 4 I hope the pride event and pride march will avoid crudity of any kind. I’m all for pride events but we must be respectful and mindful of the families that would like to attend but may be put off by their experiences at other pride events.
    This is a chance to show the diversity of MK but we don’t need to show too much!

    1. @Kerry, As a daughter of the gay community i have been assured that the pride event is aimed at being as respectful as possible.As it says in the article the event is for families not just couples or singles so i am keeping my fingers crossed that there will be no crudity also although responsibility for peoples actions can not be placed upon the entire group.

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