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Comment: The ex-gay ads prove public homophobia still remains acceptable

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  1. Agreed. Shocked to hear that ASA gave it the nod. The problem with attempts at objective standards applied to public offence, is that offence is in the ears and eyes of the beholder. ASA did not see what others did. They are wrong.

    1. The ASA did NOT approve this ad

  2. “Ubi Pus, Ibi Evacua” Excuse me for asking- but what does this actually mean? I don’t see the relevance- or am I just too stupid?

    1. “where there is pus, evacuate it”.

      1. Yes- and this is relevant to whom? Anglican Mainstream? Stonewall? the ASA? Still can’t see what or who he writer is getting at? Sorry to be so thick- but it’s not a very clear statement to me.

        1. Well, it is. The wound is homophobia, and the whole campaign by C4M and other fundamentalist groups is the suppuration, i.e., pus. Therefore, remove it. Merely a metaphor that is sustained through the prose.

    2. Ubi pus, ibi evacua is a Latin aphorism or adage, often cited in medicine, meaning “where [there is] pus, there evacuate [it]”. It refers to what clinicians should do when there is a collection of pus in the body; that is, to create an opening for it to evacuate. A contemporary expression of the same sentiment is also used: “if there’s pus about, let it out”.
      Basically “Get rid of the badness”

    3. Ubi pus, ibi evacua is a Latin aphorism or adage, often cited in medicine, meaning “where [there is] pus, there evacuate [it]”. It refers to what clinicians should do when there is a collection of pus in the body; that is, to create an opening for it to evacuate. A contemporary expression of the same sentiment is also used: “if there’s pus about, let it out”. Basically get rid of the badness!

  3. It’s not homophobic. Its a view and an opinion, one that homosexuals do not like, they do not like being challenged or having someone go against what they have said.

    I have just emailed the agency giving them all the space at my company, inc internet sites,, so i’ll happily display this posters.

    1. What company is that? I don’t believe you’re telling the truth.

    2. Which company have you emailled Aiden? It will be interesting to see if it matches the various contacts I have had with interested parties in thsi matter today?
      Which company, who did you contact? What response did you get?

      1. I contacted Anglian Mainstream.

        You got no 999 calls today Stu?

        1. Never heard of that organisation – something to do with double glazing?

          Which internet sites? Which magazines are you offering them?

          I don’t believe your rhetoric.

          No, the nature of the emergency services is we work shifts and not back till Saturday! Thanks for asking, nice to see you are interested ;-)

          1. Watch out, Stu – you may have taken Aiden’s fancy ;) After all, only someone obsessed with everything gay would spend SO much time thinking about gay people. Repression is so sad. Come out, Aiden! You’d be a lot happier – truly.

          2. Sorry mistyte, I have contacted Anglican Mainstream
            had a very good conversation with them, I and others will be displaying posters / banners from next Week, I’m not giving details, as I do not want you militant lot doing to me what you do to everyone else’s right to speech and opinion.

            Free speech should be for all, not merely those people who don’t offend you.

            Boris has bowed to the twitter mob, and he’ll regret it.

          3. @Aiden

            Don’t believe a word of it

            Nonetheless, the complaint to the ASA for if/when such adverts were run in any corrupt publications (they would have to be corrupt to be linked to you) is ready to go.

            If you don’t want an ASA investigation then don’t get involved. The investigation will make reference to your comments (just in case you are telling the truth, which I doubt, and your twitter account – which I also believe to be fictitious). ASA guidelines have very clearly been breached according to media lawyers (and ASA investigators have not reviewed this matter as yet).


            It seems Aiden is infatuated with me – as I have already said elsewhere – if his photo is genuine on his twitter account then I would not be interested even if I was single. So no matter how much he shows me love, interest and attention – I am not the one to help him explore his “love” for other men – he seems to “love” Brian Souter. Odd the birds that flock together!

          4. This is not about freedom of speech.

            Its about responsibility – something Aiden and Anglican Mainstream clearly do not have.

    3. Cheesus of Nazareth 12 Apr 2012, 11:47pm

      That you are a closet gay self hater is sad but understandable because you are a religious delusional, but that you are also an utter bore is unforgivable.

      1. Praise Cheesus!

        1. Cheesus of Nazareth 13 Apr 2012, 1:06am

          Bless you darling X

          1. :)

      2. David Waite 13 Apr 2012, 3:36am

        Beautiful, just beautiful. Both GBS and Wilde would be proud.

    4. It’s homophobic because it makes the claims of there being something wrong with homosexuality, and that homosexuality can be changed- beither of those things are true.

      We don’t like it because they spread lies about us, and because they have an issue with a natural part of us that doesn’t do any harm to anyone. I suppose you like the ex gay campaigns because it gives you false hope that you can be straight.

      1. neither*

    5. @Aiden — we’re not really interested in the opinions of BNP supporters.

      However, I am sure that the two christian organizations would be very happy for your support.

      We would of course all be interested to know the name of your company, and the addresses of the internet sites you mention. I imagine you will find an excuse not to reveal this.

    6. Dr Robin Guthrie 13 Apr 2012, 9:12am

      Opinions are NOT adverts.

    7. Aiden, let us be honest. You neither own a company, nor do you even have authority to authorise advertisements where you work.

      In your posts you clearly state ‘all the space’…are we to assume that you currently have no advertisiers (for the company that we know you do not own)?? – desperate and priceless!

      Aiden, I think your employers need you to clear up a spillage in aisle one!.

  4. Ex-Gay – the only successful “Ex-Gays” I know are deeply closeted bi-sexuals.
    Real gays who try to become ex-gays eventually realize there is no point in trying to be someone other than who they are.

  5. Disappointed and shocked that the ASA gave it the nod. Its hugely homophobic (even Boris agrees with that). Which rather begs the questions – why do the ASA find homophobia acceptable?, did the ASA advisor understand the science of “gay cure therapy” and how its both false and damging?, Does the ASA advisor have a religious affiliation? and do the ASA understand the Equality Act and their duty to support minorities such as LGBT people? How does the ASA make a judgement on what is and what is not homophobic (particularly given that their code states that ads that cause offence on the grounds of sexual orientation, or are explicitly homophobic, are unequivocally unacceptable)?

  6. Wonder if we will see this ad resurface in next week’s COUNTRY LIFE magazine courtesy of IPC?

    1. Well the ad agency involved have dropped the campaign and anoth ad agency refuses to touch it, saying that Anglican Mainstream are clients it does not have – nor does it want them.

  7. Just gave Brian Souter a heads up, maybe he will promote them. Have to love Brian Souter.

    1. Well he can’t on his London bus routes – that would need approval of the TfL advertising agents – and they have (to quote their UK market director) “pulled the campaign”

    2. Cheesus of Nazareth 12 Apr 2012, 11:51pm

      We believe you Aiden that’s that truest thing you have ever said, bet you do love Brian or would love to if you got half a chance. Do remember to get him to use a good strong condom there’s a good lad.

    3. @Aiden — why, is he a fellow BNP supporter ?

    4. So you’re finally admitting to man-love now, are you? Never too late to be honest, I suppose.

      1. Cheesus of Nazareth 13 Apr 2012, 11:12am

        Aiden loves to give Brian head! What more do you need to know? Souter the Krankie that failed the audition and went on the buses instead!

        1. I can feel a photoshop coming on with Aidens pic from twitter and Souter ….

          Childish and infantile – sure, fun – hell yeah!

          1. I’m trying to have my lunch, Stu!


    5. Dr Robin Guthrie 13 Apr 2012, 9:11am

      Perhaps he will send you some money to get an education….

    6. I’m sure he’d enjoy your ‘love’ inside him too…….

  8. On the positive side, I’m not sure that having theircampaign drift back into “gay cures” & biblical theologising is a positive thing for C4M.

    Up to now they’ve plainly been trying to keep it focussed striclty on the word marriage and holding the line that “we all agree that LGBTI people should have equal rights & these are fully catered for by CP’s”.

    Having it de-generate into naked homphobia is likely to be counter-productive for them. But it was probably always inevitable that it would happen.

    1. Showing the general public just how CRAZY they are is probably the best argument winner we have (other than fairness, equality and integrity)

      1. Dr Robin Guthrie 12 Apr 2012, 10:57pm

        Isn’t it just typical in that in “DEFENDING” ourselves from this gross attack, some are now calling us the bad guys and themselves the victims.

        Such is our F*@#ing lot in life.

        1. Welcome to American Evangelical style politics!

          We on the other side of the pond have been living under this yoke for over 30 years.

  9. I hope people become aware of the story and it drives another nail in to the coffin of religion in the UK. All stats point to one simple fact – Bigots are dying out. The church is appealing to an extinct demographic. Good riddance to the lot of them.

  10. Notice how this BBC news web report gives the last word to the homophobes.

  11. I am both amazed and appalled that the ads were considered by the ASA fit to run. It seems that bigotry in the name of religion is the last acceptable bigotry. The people who are mentally ill are not gay and bisexual people, they are the people who think like these so-called “Christians”.

  12. Mumbo Jumbo 12 Apr 2012, 11:02pm

    “It is the clearest evidence yet that homophobia remains the most acceptable and accepted form of discrimination even in ostensibly liberal countries like Britain.”

    It is the clearest evidence yet that religious groups are exempt from the normal rules that apply to everyone else.

  13. A Fairy Pumping Iron 12 Apr 2012, 11:05pm

    Not sure what the ASA is thinking. It took me about 5 seconds to find the following principle on their website: “Marketers should take account of the prevailing standards in society and the context in which a marketing communication is likely to appear to minimise the risk of causing harm or serious or widespread offence.” (Principle 4 of The UK Code of Non-broadcast Advertising, Sales Promotion and Direct Marketing). How on earth was this advert not going to cause widespread offence?

  14. The ASA said the advert “does not infringe any advertising rules in the UK”.

    The ASA: Not Competent, Ex-Competent, Post-Competent and Proud.

    I look forward to the ASA giving the go ahead to my forthcoming advertisement which states that staring at pictures of ferrets can cure arthritis.

  15. why is the advertising agency CBSO – otherwise known at CBS Outdoor – working with clients such as this? Go to its site at and one discovers the firm has been appointed the official advertising services provider to London 2012. Are we to expect such advertising to be plastered around London during the Games? The firm also claims

    At CBS Outdoor, our organisational culture and values are important to us. We believe that they make CBS Outdoor a better and more productive place to work, and that they will enable us to achieve our Vision. The Values embody what we believe in, what it is like to work here & the kind of people we would like to work within our Company.

    I wonder how staff who have yet to accept their post-gay conversion feel about working for a firm with such a distinguished clientele.

  16. The ASA website states that it “work[s] to ensure ads are legal, decent, honest and truthful by applying the Advertising Codes.”

    and they couldn’t see anything wrong with this?

  17. How did Christ’s teaching of faith , love and hope etc turn into this?

    I think religions have some kind of self destruct button somewhere!

    1. F*** Christ.

      Don’t bring fictional characters into this please.

  18. Sadly yes, it is at this currrent time in a lot of places, but I’m sure that sometime in the future, hopefully sooner than later, that homophobia will be looked as down upon as racism is today.

  19. countrygirl_jo 13 Apr 2012, 12:39am

    Vile ads. Thankfully they’re gone. But don’t imagine “that homophobia remains the most accepted and acceptable form of public prejudice?”. Sad that you haven’t even thought of a group who face this stuff relentlessly. Barely a week goes by without something hateful appearing in advertising, meanwhile the comedy schedules remain stuffed with prejudice and the tabloids bathe in it against this group. Trans people.
    Again and again groups like Ofcom, the ASA, Clearcast and others have totally failed to protect trans people, and I can’t imagine Boris ever riding in with support for them.

    That said, again, glad these ads are gone. Vicious and hateful.

    1. Actually, some people use homophobia more broadly to include transphobia… As a trans woman, I feel that when people speak of homophobia, they speak for me as well… Besides the ad specifically used ‘gay’. If it had used ‘trans,’ I’m sure there would have been considerable outrage, though perhaps not on the same scale. That, I agree, is very sad indeed.

  20. Just had a bizarre experience, there is someone on here answering as though they are me but under the name “bart” – there is a bart on this thread, not sure if the same – I have no idea why they are doing it (as I agree with 90% of what they say) byt hey!

  21. Unfortunately, like many supposedly impartial bodies in Britain the ASA are not as unbiased as they claim to be: if you look at the composition of their leadership you’ll probably find that Christians dominate the upper echelons and control its agenda as they do in most of the corridors of power in contemporary Britain – up to and including the post of Prime Minister as we have already seen. I’m sure if any other religion exerted its influence in such a way there’d be outcry from the reactionary tabloid press and various whackjob right-wing organisations!

    1. Dr Robin Guthrie 13 Apr 2012, 9:08am


      You tend to find that those types of people who end up in such upper echelons tend to be people who desire control over others and a disproportionate amount of these people tend to be religious.

      It comes with the territory.

  22. Spanner1960 13 Apr 2012, 8:37am

    I saw a wonderful little contretemps occur on the Telegraph’s comments that made me laugh out loud, so I felt I had to share it with you:

    A: “Following your logic, people can force themselves to fancy people of the opposite or the same sex. I don’t agree, whatever sin has to say about it.”

    B: “Actually, continued exposure to gay pornographic material can create a desire to experience, or at least to mentally be pleasured by such behaviour. I can choose to lust/fancy after a woman other than my wife…..I can make that choice….I choose not to.

    C: “What a load of tosh. I suppose in the 15th Century, young chaps were turned gay by looking at homoerotic woodcuts.”

    1. Response ‘B’ also begs the question, why would any self-identifying straight person continually expose themselves to gay pornographic material.
      Is this that ‘research’ we’ve been hearing so much about?

    2. Spanner1960 13 Apr 2012, 10:38am

      An addendum to the Guardian’s report.
      This puts an entirely different light on things:

      “The original version of this article stated that ‘the ad had been passed for display by the Committee of Advertising Practice and it complied with Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) guidelines’.

      In fact the ASA does not pre-clear adverts and had nothing to do with the decision to pass the advert. The article has been amended to reflect this and to also remove a subsequent quote misattributed to the ASA.

      1. Contact the advertising agency which created the advert – CBS Outdoors:

        This company is linked to the Olympics.

        Contact them and ask them WHY they deemed this advertisement appropriate.

        They need to be removed from the Olympics.

      2. @Spanner

        There are three organisations incolved in this CBS Outdoors (which given their experience should have had the ability to know this was advertising that would be likely to breach the ASA code – and was morally unacceptable)., The Committee of Advertising Practice who CBSO state gave advice to them and ASA (who endorse and fund the Committee of Advertising Practice).

  23. ASA is not fit for purpose! we should have inquiry

  24. Spanner1960 13 Apr 2012, 9:37am

    These quacks do not ‘cure’ homosexuality, they merely repress it.

    Sooner or later it will resurface, and probably impose huge amounts of guilt and regret on that person, which could result in years of trauma, depression, and even suicide.

    If the ASA cannot see anything wrong in this ad, they really need a bloody good shake up.

  25. Ben Summerskill, apparently thought the advert was free speech. He linked to this article in a tweet this morning:-

  26. Let’s have a measured response to this and remind ourselves that this campaign is being orchetsrated by religious fundamentalists with nothing better to do. So perhaps the heading for this column should have read “ex-gay ads prove public homophobia within Christian/religious groups still remains acceptable.” Let’s not tar the wider public with insenisitivity and hatred. We fight these religious bigots everywhere and don’t give them an inch. As in any (civil rights) movements, we have many hetrosexuals fighting our cause too. It’s the religious bigots that need to be targeted and challenged by all in society. This isn’t an “us/gays” v. “them/heteros” battle.

  27. Spanner1960 13 Apr 2012, 10:40am

    An addendum to the Guardian’s report.
    This puts an entirely different light on things:

    “The original version of this article stated that ‘the ad had been passed for display by the Committee of Advertising Practice and it complied with Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) guidelines’.

    In fact the ASA does not pre-clear adverts and had nothing to do with the decision to pass the advert. The article has been amended to reflect this and to also remove a subsequent quote misattributed to the ASA.

    1. Spanner

      CBS Outdoor, the media company that sells the bus advertising sites, said the ad had been passed for display by the Committee of Advertising Practice.

      Committee for Advertising Practice is a sister organisation of the ASA whose role includes (quote from their website) “Giving Copy Advice … Copy Advice is a fast, free, and confidential service for advertisers, agencies and media owners who want to check how their prospective non-broadcast ads or marketing communication concepts measure up against the UK. … Get non-broadcast ads right first time and avoid unwanted ASA scrutiny – make Copy Advice an early essential step in your creative process. Our online and bespoke services can help identify any contentious issues before you spend time and resources developing them.”

      The ASA refer in their own website to Copy Advice as one of the services CAP they endorse “For non-broadcast ads, advertisers, agencies and media owners can check how their prospective campaigns measure up

      1. against the Code by consulting Copy Advice. This service is the most authoritative source of guidance on compliance with the Code and can help avoid potentially costly mistakes later and get campaigns right the first time.

        1. Spanner1960 13 Apr 2012, 12:03pm

          That says precisely that: Copy advice.
          That does not mean they hold any sway, and they may quite possibly have overlooked a problem.

          CAP are a self-regulating body funded by numerous companies and organisations in the advertising, broadcasting and publicity business, much like the British Board of Film Censors, or the Press Complaints Commission.

          If they duly feel there is no grievance, they can let something through, however, as a private individual or commercial entity, one is allowed to appeal, and if necessary take the relevant bodies to a civil court.

          1. I agree with all that – one of the funders of CAP is the ASA and they are regarded as a sister organisation of ASA.

            Ultimately it is the responsibility of the advertiser and the agency they use to ensure that an advertisement is acceptable and legal. CAP can advise on this but it is not their responsibility.

            It remains disappointing that if CAP did look at this as claimed that they perceived this ad as being acceptable. Seems whoever looked at it needs some diversity training.

  28. The ASA state in their own publication (

    “Ads should contain nothing that is likely to cause serious or widespread offence. Particular care should be taken to avoid causing offence on the grounds of race, religion, sex, sexual orientation or disability. Compliance is judged on the context, medium, audience, product and prevailing standards of decency.
    • ads may be distasteful without necessarily breaching the rules
    • ads must not condone or encourage harmful discriminatory behaviour or treatment
    • ads must not encourage or condone violence or cruelty”

    Why did the ASA pre publication assessment not identify the likely offence that would be caused re sexual orientation, or the encouragement of discriminatory behaviour or treatment, or condoning cruelty?

    The ASA need to answer these questions.

    1. Why not contact the advertising agency which created the advert – CBS Outdoors:

      This company is linked to the Olympics.

      Contact them and ask them WHY they deemed this advertisement appropriate.

      They need to be removed from the Olympics.

      1. I have, dAVID and (so far) I have had an email back from Jason Cotterrell, Country Director, UK; CBS Outdoor UK which states:

        “Dear Stuart,
        The campaign has been withdrawn by TfL and CBS Outdoor. Thank you for helping to bring this to our attention.

        It does not address any of the questions I raised with them, but at least they can not deny they are unaware of the issues that have arisen – they have responded to emails raising detailed concerns with them.

    2. They are not distasteful, they are challenging.
      Hopefully Stagecoach will have them soon on hopes!

      1. Dr Robin Guthrie 13 Apr 2012, 11:15am

        What is “challenging” about them?

        Most gay people are quite comfortable in their sexuality.

        It would appear that MANY christian heterosexuals are not, including you.

        P!ss off and read a lads mag like NORMAL heterosexuals do.

      2. TfL have the right to decide what advertising to display and what not to. Their chair has taken a decision and there is no appeals process against it.
        Stagecoach as a contract holder with TfL have to abide by TfL decision making regarding this and many other issues.

      3. They are distasteful they make claims for which there is no evidence and which the Royal College of Psychiaty states “Royal College of Psychiatrists wishes to clarify that homosexuality is not a psychiatric disorder. The Royal College of Psychiatrists believes strongly in evidence-based treatment. There is no sound scientific evidence that sexual oientation can be changed. Furthermore, so-called treatments of homosexuality create a setting in which prejudice and discrimination flourish.”

        General Assembly of the Norwegian Psychiatric Association overwhelmingly voted for the following position statement on sexual orientation change therapy: “Homosexuality is no disorder or illness, and can therefore not be subject to treatment. A ‘treatment’ with the only aim of changing sexual orientation from homosexual to heterosexual must be regarded as ethical malpractice, and has no place in the health system.”

        Advertising re health must be evidence based. Making claims about “Ex-gay” and the

        1. supporting comments made by Anglican Mainstream and the Change Trust (strongly indicating they intend to present a message of gay therapy” mean these adverts must have a weight of evidence to support them. Given that Exodus International (once the largest worldwide proponent of therapy to change orientation) themselves say that they have never seen anyone change orientation and Dr Robert Spitzer (the source of most academic research that is relied on in this area) has retracted his studies this week stating the data does not support his conclusions, then demonstrating any evidential weight behind the claims is pretty much impossible.

          Advertising on health must be accurate and based on sound evidence – this is not.

          Advertising generally must not be offensive about issues such as sexual orientation – this is.

          Advertising generally must not encourage harmful or discriminatory treatment – this does.

          Advertising generally must not encourage or condone cruelty – exgay ministries are

        2. cruel. A fact accepted by numerous professional psychological and other health bodies globally due to sustained peer reviewed research.

          So, the adverts are cruel, immoral, and aggressive. They breach ASA guidelines and best of all Boris agrees. A right wing mayor agrees they are unacceptable and damaging.

      4. Cheesus of Nazareth 13 Apr 2012, 2:28pm

        Well you are certainly challenged every time you pop up on these comments. Your hopes are going to be dashed along with your hopes of a frolick with Brian. You have lost the game sweetypie. The jig is up. Come out of the closet and breath the fresh air get yourself a boyfriend around your own age and have some fun in your life for Cheesus sake.

  29. People should contact the advertising agency which created the advert – CBS Outdoors:

    This company is linked to the Olympics.

    Contact them and ask them WHY they deemed this advertisement appropriate.

    They need to be removed from the Olympics.

    1. dAVID

      In theory LOCOG might be interested in considering this, they state on their website:

      “We aim to make diversity and inclusion a key differentiator of our Games, celebrating the many differences among the cultures and communities of the United Kingdom. It’s not simply about recruiting a diverse workforce. It’s about the suppliers, the competitors, the officials and the spectators – in fact, everyone connected with the Games, from the security guards to the bus drivers. Diversity and inclusion influence every detail of our Games-time planning, from accessible transport to our Food Vision.”

      Diversity must touch every part of the Olympics in London they state – surely their advertising providers must include that – so they would be concerned about an agency that did not recognise homophobia when presented to it? I would hope so.

      The board member responsible for advertising at London 2012 is Greg Nugent.

      The only email I can locate is

    2. CBS Outdoor found the adverts didn’t meet TfL’s advertising guidelines and as per their contract asked TfL to review the adverts before they were printed, they had received them from an advertising agency, they didn’t create it. They were reviewed and deemed inappropriate and therefore not allowed to go into circulation.

  30. Sam Feeney 13 Apr 2012, 5:00pm

    I just contacted the ASA to get this issue clarified over the advertising company’s claim that they ‘ran it past them’. The ASA do not pre-approve adverts at all. This is what they sent me:
    “Following widespread news coverage of a planned advertising campaign by Anglican Mainstream and Core Issues, the ASA would emphasise that it is not involved in the pre-clearance or vetting of ads. The Committee of Advertising Practice (CAP) offers an advice and guidance service to advertisers who seek it, but this is non-binding advice, and does not amount to pre-clearance of advertising.”

    1. Sam Feeney 13 Apr 2012, 5:02pm

      which basically means that the advertising company itself is both at fault in approving homophobic ads and in lying about the ASA giving them the nod

      1. I had a quick peak at the CBS Outdoor website’s recruitment page and it states being straight’ as a pre-requisite for working there:

        Yes Sam it would appear that CBS Outdoor also lied about the ASA’s involvement – probably as a tactic to get the ads out there and earn the commision.

        I think it fair to suggest that the ethics of CBS Outdoor are questionable to say the least.

  31. Bisexual woman in Edinburgh 13 Apr 2012, 5:16pm

    Mostly I agree with your article. I am very glad indeed that these appalling ads were scrapped before they made it as far as the sides of buses.

    However, I disagree strongly with one phrase. “It is the clearest evidence yet that homophobia remains the most acceptable and accepted form of discrimination even in ostensibly liberal countries like Britain.” The most acceptable form of discrimination in Britain is not homophobia, it’s discrimination against people with disabilities. Those of us who are disabled are routinely denied basic human rights and subjected to appalling abuse, including in the press. A campaign to “pray away the gay” promptly met with public outrage and was scrapped, yet treatments which purpose to treat major illnesses through prayer or brainwashing are permitted to advertise, make preposterous claims, and harm people even more than the so-called therapy aimed at turning LGBT folks straight. Please stop playing oneupmanship games about who is more oppressed.

    1. I totally agree with this statement.

      While homophobia should be challenged whenever it appears it pales beside the casual, acceptable, commonplace discrimination directed at the disabled, especially those with mental disabilities

  32. Here’s a thought on the subject…

    “So, a Straight guy walks into a Gay Bar…” (an Op-Ed piece) …,-a-Straight-guy-walks-into-a-Gay-Bar

  33. Having read these responses this article MUST be amended. The ASA does not pre approve adverts. It has made no comment on this advert because it has not appeared. The ASA is only empowered to respond to complaints made about adverts that have appeared.

    The advert was shown to the Committee for Advertising Standards which is NOT a public body. It is advertising industry funded. Plus its response is non binding and not made public

  34. Anglican Mainstream has prominent links on it’s website to resources from listed US hate group The Family Research Council entitled “Top Ten Myths about Homosexuality” it can be found under Resources for Same-sex and Transgender Issues.
    The Family Research Council is listed among others as a hate group by the Southern Poverty Law Centre most of these are religiously motivated groups that have continued to pump out demonizing propaganda aimed at homosexuals and other sexual minorities.
    The “facts” they disseminate about homosexuality are often amplified by certain politicians, other groups and even news organizations.
    Generally, the SPLC’s listings of these groups is based on their propagation of known falsehoods — claims about LGBT people that have been thoroughly discredited by scientific authorities — and repeated, groundless name-calling.

  35. Apparently being straight is a requirement to work for CBS Outdoor:

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