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Gloucester police appeal after man bitten in anti-gay attack

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Reader comments

  1. It does make you wonder why people attempt to be good samaritans doesn’t it? I do hope that the assailant is caught and punished appropriately!

  2. GingerlyColors 11 Apr 2012, 12:25pm

    It is little wonder why people walk on by when they see an incident. Hate crime is ugly, and is perpetuated by ugly people. We may not be able to change the way they think so the best thing to do is isolate them from society and therefore I urge all victims of homophobic and other hate-related attacks to come forward and report the crimes.

  3. Spanner1960 11 Apr 2012, 2:01pm

    Is this the same incident that was reported earlier in the week?
    If it isn’t I am getting quite concerned Gloucester is becoming a dangerous place for gays to be.

    1. I wouldn’t regard Gloucestershire as a “gay friendly place” and never have done same with neighboring rural shire Worcestershire, Warwickshire etc. You can visit somewhere like Manchester, Birmingham one day and noone bats an eyeklid then you think youve grown three extra heads out your left nostril on arriving in the rural shires – I know I’ve literally expoerienced this -between 10am and 7pm feeling free then as I progressed deeper south of Birmingham the more and more I began to feel like the likes of me had never before been encountered!!

      1. Spanner1960 11 Apr 2012, 2:24pm

        Well I live in Gloucestershire, and where I am I’ve never felt in the slightest threatened. People just take you for what you are.
        Gloucester is hardly ‘the Shires’ – it’s a big city with some pretty scummy areas, like most big places.

        1. OK, well we both have different viewpoints on that one ; suppose it depends where you’re from, (I’m a major city boy born and bred central Manchester); what you’re used to, what you expect and what you view as OK etc etc; let’s agree to disagree on that one then, let’s leave it at that.

          I’m not one of these internet posters posting things just to appear confrontational like a lot tend to do!

          All the best.

          1. Spanner1960 12 Apr 2012, 10:16am

            I’m from London, so we are from similar backgrounds.
            Personally I find the smaller places better simply because they have more of a community, the bigger a place gets, the more insular and fragmented the people become, until in the end nobody talks to anybody.

      2. I live in Gloucester, and to honest I find Gloucester to be pretty LGB&T friendly, we have the Westgate Pub which proudly flies the rainbow flag outside and there’s several over gay friendly pubs.

        I’ve never had any problem from anyone for my sexuality, the odd stare maybe when I do kiss my partner but so far no abuse. But any city in the centre is going to have the odd nutter and brain dead idiot around at night at the weekends, I’ve walked down the main streets in Birmingham with my partner and been heckled by the idiots.

        What I find funny with the above article is this person is obviously homophobic yet they can bite them….odd

      3. I live in North Worcs., there have been a couple of minor incidents involving a lesbian couple, but generally people seem pretty relaxed. A local transgender man, a local “character” goes about the town every day, I have only once heard him suffer abuse, from schoolkids who were given short shrift by other townsfolk.

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