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Campaign thanking EA for gay characters suspended over false signatures

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Reader comments

  1. Let’s hope it is back up and running properly again very soon, I would like to sign it when it does!

  2. You know you’re on the right lines when the your opponents’ only way to derail you is to cheat.

    1. That’s a huge assumption to make – it may have been supporters of EA that wanted to falsify the amount of signatures.

      1. doubtful its any significant number

        the bigot xtians will do anything at all to protect their power and image of invincibility. Look at what the catholic church did re hiding molesters..

  3. So sad :(

    I hope EA puts a legitimate campaign together because they can get the signatures

  4. This is not news.

    Neither was the story of a petition where 640,000 people thanked Starbucks for supporting marriage equality.

    It is dangerous and irresponsible fo thank corporations for anything other than the products they produce.

    Corporatons have 1 goal – profit.

    Therefore if Starbucks support marriage equality it does so, only for its own good PR.

    If opposing marriage equality was to increase their business Starbucks or EA wouldn’t be supportive.

    Corporations need to keep their exploitative noses out of our civil law.

    They are neither welcome or required (especially vile companies like Starbucks which are like an ugly rash in towns all over Britain, who exploit their staff in a terrible manner).

    1. chris lowcase 11 Apr 2012, 4:16pm

      i dunno, the gaming industry is sort of known for sexism and casual homophobia. granted it isnt first page tackle but its important to the industry.

  5. Sounds like the opponents of equality deliberately sabotaged the petition – is anyone really that surprised that an organisation like the AFA and FRC would stoop so low??

    1. thier stooping low is their secret symbol that they are loney and need butt sex

  6. When you say hackers are behind stopping this one thinks of the group called ANONYMOUS who are really Christians so they should call themselves ANONYMOUS CHRISTIAN terrorist hackers. These Anonymous Christians wear the mask of Guy Fawkes to hide their Christian faces and Guy was a Catholic terrorist who tried to kill the Christian king so he could put a Catholic king in his place. These Anonymous people are fakes who pretend to be on your side but are really on the Catholic Christian side to stop any body or thing that they do not like who they think are a threat to the Catholic and Christian religion and yes these people are mad men who are being arrested and brought to trial but not fast enough. Don’t fall for their tricks because that is part of their game to fool you so they can use you for what they want to do.

  7. I really hate hackers!!! Probably some homophones trying to cause damage!!!

  8. Perki9ns btw is a known racist and pal of David Duke, a Kluxer . Perkins served in the Louisiana legislature which hassnt changed much since they allowed slavery.

  9. I played Mass Effect 3 and I loved every part of it. There is hardly any games out there which allows gay gamers to be themselves. It makes me feel comfortable in my own skin. This is a bold move for EA considering how sexist and homophobic gaming industry could be.

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