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Anti-gay group endorses Mitt Romney for President

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Reader comments

  1. Good, this should cause him to lose significant support.

  2. No surprise there then is it. The NOM would endorse any Republican

    1. The Archbishop and Candle 11 Apr 2012, 10:45pm

      Possibly not a black, a gay or a female one. Or an episcopalian, or atheist.

      1. True!

  3. These are anti gay people are evil people who use the Christian Religion to drive a wedge between people. These evil Christians act like they are the leaders of a movement that is doing the right thing but in fact they are controlling people using lies and propaganda to control other Christians into to doing bad things to LGBT people and Muslims and any body they do not like, for example minority religions. These anti gay Christians are false leaders that do not follow the word of God, these evil Christians think they are God and try to judge people on earth and this is not their job, only God can judge a person in Heaven. These evil Christians are Satan pretending to be good Christians but we all know that hate and destruction comes from Satan who wants to destroy everybody and everything and these anti gay Christians are doing the work for Satan when they work to cause hate of any person or group that only wants to marry because they love one another or want to help others.

    1. Here here, I like what you wright. I wish you well.

    2. Clearly you need to evolve – ‘evil christians’ really – so Satan is making these bigots do these things is he? really – recommended reading= Origin of Species –

  4. David Skinner 11 Apr 2012, 10:49pm

    That’s fine Martin but the only thing that stands between civilisation and barbarism is the Christian faith, which in effect you would remove from the public space. But don’t look round now for someone is about to fill the vacuum that you have created . Bon appetit

    1. Ahh silly silly David. Martin at no point says all of Christianity should be removed. Only this group, although I’m sure it’s a waste of time asking your opinion of their actions relating to pitting minorities against eachother.

    2. you dont need religion for tyranny to occur

      1. David Myers 13 Apr 2012, 10:45am

        But it sure can help, depending on the religion. Don’t see much of that from Quakers though or true Christians – those that don’t hate and obey the golden rule.

  5. Robert in S. Kensington 11 Apr 2012, 10:50pm

    Guess what? GAY republicans will vote for him and some have already donated to his campaign. It’s tantamount to British gays supporting C4M as well as voting for people who do not support LGBT equality. It’s beyond sick.

  6. Of course, I wouldn’t expect less from an anti gay hate group, all that matters to them is trying to force the beliefs of their evil religion on everyone else, and they chose their last hope this election

  7. David Skinner 12 Apr 2012, 6:55am

    i don’t think you’re hearing me folks. You jump up and down hypocritically and sanctimoniously crying about homophobia and Christian hatred of Godlessness, lies, immorality and all that will destroy our nation,when you fail to see that you are clearling the path for Islam to come in like a flood. .

    Hatred. You have seen nothing yet and you will have done it all by yourselves.

    And please,please do not accuse me of being Islamophobic. Open your eyes if you dare.

    1. Quite frankly just because one bunch of wannabe fundamentalist theocrats will oppress us slightly less than another bunch of wannabe fundamentalist theocrats doesn’t make for a convincing argument to roll out the red carpet to either group.
      Secular run government isn’t perfect or impervious but it’s a whole lot better than either alternative you’re proposing.
      You seem to fancy yourself as a latter day Richard the lionheart holding back the islamic hoardes, but in reality you’re every bit as vulnerable to theocratic empire building as we are.

    2. vote bnp much?

  8. Well they were hardly going to support Obama. It’s hardly a ringing endorsement, waiting til he’s the only possible (and realistic) Republican left.

  9. nom were clearly disappointed when the byproduct of anal intercourse withdrawn from presidential race.

    mitt romney can now afford to be less hostile to equal marriage, since the support of nom is guaranteed anyway

  10. David Skinner 12 Apr 2012, 1:09pm

    Secular run governments like those of Hitler, Stalin, Mao, Pol Pot, Kim Jong and those that rapidly emulating them like Britain will be no match for Islam, for the simple reason that Islam is here already in our midst. Kaddafi, when alive said that Muslims will conquer the West but not through military means but simply through breeding.

    To equate the tyranny Shariah with the of Medieval Byzantine or Roman Catholic states shows just how blind some folks can be . Flapjack, you had better start growing beard.

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