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Video: New York University Athletics department makes It Gets Better film

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  1. This is a genuine “It Gets Better” video. It bears almost no relationship to the ugly and sad BYU video that so many people seem to like. Whereas the BYU video mainly said be content to be marginalized and maybe people won’t hate you so much, especially if you don’t actually do anything gay, this video reassures young people that things will get better and offers proof of it. Thank you, NYU.

    1. Dangermouse 11 Apr 2012, 9:56am

      Soooo totally agree with you.

  2. I Love NYU !

  3. I cried…at 8.30am sitting in work I cried. For all those people out there who can see this and realise that its ok….they are not alone and they can be who they want to be, I cried tears of joy. For the kids who made the video I admire you so much. For myself I cried because there were no messages like this when I as growing up Gay in a small Irish town, but I know this….IT GETS BETTER, SO MUCH BETTER

    1. Shane, I don’t often post, but quite often read…..I just want you to know that I was really touched by your comment and your bravery (whilst growing up, and beyond).

  4. How wonderful is that???

    Shed a little tear there :)

  5. SteveDenver 12 Apr 2012, 9:20pm

    This is a wonderful video, speaks incredibly of NYU and its athletes, and it touches my heart.

  6. It’s extraordinary – such a film would have been unthinkable when I was at university. I’m fascinated by the difference it may make to young people today.

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