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Miss Universe to accept transgender contestants

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Reader comments

  1. Disgusting.

    It’s MISS Universe, not Mister Universe. It’s lost whatever legitimacy that it had.

    1. Sinnysinsins 10 Apr 2012, 9:20pm

      Bast, you are a disgusting bigot. You complain about lesbian rights yet transwomen deserve hatred?

      I, for one, find this an incredible step towards acceptance for my trans friends. I may be a cisman, but I’m still happy for them.

      1. Lesbians deserve rights because

        1. We didn’t choose to be lesbian. We didn’t have to get some surgery or hormone treatment.
        2. There’s nothing wrong with lesbianism while there is something wrong with pretending to be another gender when you can never truly be it.

        1. I don’t hate transwomen either, but men don’t belong in a women’s pageant

          1. The entire concept of gender has eluded you entirely, hasn’t it?

            To demand rights and respect for one non-normative group and then show so little respect for another, disrespecting them so much… How sad that your assumed openmindedness only reaches as far as your nose is long.

          2. Gender is female and male, it’s the gender you were assigned. No matter what you do nothing can change that.I don’t mind androgyny or crossdressing, but mutilating your body because you feel a certain way and are so depressed you can’t be happy unless you attempt to change it is wrong.

            I demand rights and respect for homosexuals and bisexuals because
            1. We didn’t choose to be this way
            2. We’re not harming our bodies by being homosexual and bisexual
            3. There’s nothing wrong with being homosexual or bisexual
            4. I’m not pretending to be lesbian, while Miss Canada contestant Jenna for example is pretending to be a woman

        2. Sinnysinsins 10 Apr 2012, 9:36pm

          I don’t think you understand gender. There is a difference between gender and sex. Sex is physical, gender is social. Certain traits are female or male, yet they are not created by chromosones.
          No one chooses to be trans either. It’s not a bit of fun, it’s a long, expensive, hard process.
          Please refrain from your bigotry in future, it lets us all down.

          1. Sex whatever it’s all the same to me, there’s female and there’s male

            But yes, they choose to go out and get an operation and hormones, they choose to lie about their gender on their license etc.
            They make the choice to insult their natural gender- it’s a very horrible thing to do

        3. Wow, I’m always surprised how the LGB can turn against the T so harshly.
          We transwomen are women. We are not pretending and I seriously wonder why you harbour such hatred towards us; “disgusting”, really?
          We are not lying about our Gender we are simply being honest about it. We don’t choose this any more than a lesbian chooses to be attracted to women.
          Yes some of us work to change our physical Sex, but that is completely secondary to our identities. There have been transgender people far longer than there have been surgeries or hormones.
          Some of us hide the fact that we are transgender but others of us announce it proudly, Jenna didn’t hide her past and this is the reaction she gets?
          And please, there is a big distinction between Gender and Sex; figure it out.

          1. 1. You’re not women. You have the male body and male DNA originally, that makes you male
            2. You choose to get the hormones and operation, while I don’t choose to be attracted to women
            3. If there were transpeople long before surgeries and hormones that goes to show they were fine without them
            4. You’re lying by changing your real gender to your “new” gender on your license, etc
            5. Yes, it’s disgusting to attempt to change your real gender, and it’s also sad. You should be happy with your real gender

  2. Sinnysinsins 10 Apr 2012, 9:42pm

    …I’m done. There is no point arguing with bigots.

    1. The definition of bigot is someone who is intolerant and I’m not going to tolerate something wrong

      1. Yes, and you fit that description perfectly. You are not only tolerating something wrong, you are doing it.

        1. If sticking up for what’s right makes me a bigot then so be it

          There’s nothing wrong with sticking up for what’s right, or to put it into simple terms not tolerating people lying about their gender

          1. Adam Denton 10 Apr 2012, 11:13pm

            You’d better get your head screwed straight.

          2. Why are you so nasty to trans people? You side with the homophobes and bigots when you do so.

          3. Homophobes and transphobes are two separate things

            So are homosexuals/bisexuals/asexuals and transgenders

          4. My head is screwed straight, that’s why I know what my gender is :)

          5. Ben Foster 11 Apr 2012, 8:24am

            transphobe is as nasty as homophobe. Why do you imagine there is a difference?

          6. “If sticking up for what’s right makes me a bigot then so be it”

            For goodness sake, Lumi, that’s EXACTLY what the Christian fundies say when claiming the moral high ground for themselves. Don’t you realise that you’re as bad as they are. Worse, even. Because you KNOW what it’s like to be picked on for what you are, but you are happy to be so viciously nasty to transgender people. You are WRONG, And by acting like this you’re losing the respect of people on this site who would support you in all other repects.

          7. @ Ben

            No it’s not, because being homophobic is being against something that’s not wrong and isn’t a choice, while being transphobic is being against something that’s wrong and a choice

            @ rose

            If sticking up for what’s right loses respect from people than so be it

          8. FranklyBewildered 11 Apr 2012, 4:04pm

            “No it’s not, because being homophobic is being against something that’s not wrong and isn’t a choice, while being transphobic is being against something that’s wrong and a choice”

            Who elected you to set the boundaries of what is right and wrong? I have never seen such a cear definition of a bigot. You are absolutely disgusting and so is everyone who uses such a short measure of compassion as that.

          9. I know that insulting your real gender, lying about your gender, and mutilating your body due to a mental illness is wrong, it’s called common sense

  3. Super Repus 10 Apr 2012, 9:59pm

    I don’t know why this person would want to compete in Miss Canada anyways. Pageants are so degrading.

    1. True enough, but as a feminist I wonder why any woman would want to compete in Miss Canada. The important thing is that they have the right to do so if they want to.

      1. Nucl3arsnake 11 Apr 2012, 1:05am

        Emily? I know you have gone through a lot of physical changes as of late, but you didn’t become a woman. Stay out of the ladies pageant.

    2. I agree about the degrading aspect. But even so, she should have as much right to enter the competition as any other woman who chooses to do so. It’s about freedom of choice.

      1. He’s not a woman

        1. FranklyBewildered 11 Apr 2012, 3:59pm

          Yes, she is. And she has chosen to enter a competition that chose to belittle and humiliate her. Then you chose to do it some more.

          1. No, he originally had the male body and he has male DNA, therefore he is male. NOTHING he can do will change that fact.

          2. FranklyBewildered 11 Apr 2012, 11:59pm

            nothing will change you being an unpleasant bigot.

          3. Of course I’m going to be intolerant of such a horrible thing, but otherwise you’ll find I can be lovely :)

  4. I believe pageants are dumb and pointless, it’s objectifying being fake

  5. @ Emily

    (It won’t let me hit reply for some reason)

    I’m a feminist and I don’t see why women would want to compete in any pageants. It’s basically saying “You have to wear lots of makeup and get a lot of work done to be pretty”. I also don’t find the beauty pageant women to be attractive (the majority of the time), give me an athlete with some curves any day haha!

    1. Do your girlfriends know how nasty you are to transgender people? inner ugliness is not attractive.

      1. Yes, people know how I feel about transpeople and they either don’t care about my opinion or share it

        1. Ben Foster 11 Apr 2012, 8:26am

          what a nasty bunch of people you all are.

          1. What’s nasty is transgenderism

          2. I’m also not a nasty person, I just don’t agree with the horrible thing called transgenderism

          3. FranklyBewildered 11 Apr 2012, 3:57pm

            you are nasty, Lumi. Your judgement on other people that you show up in these comments isjust plain NASTY.

          4. Well if standing up for what’s right makes me nasty then so be it

  6. Ignore the stupid, bigoted lesbian in the corner, she not only shows a lack of knowledge of trans issues, but also an unwillingness to learn.
    She has made up her mind, now let us cast her off to the religious fundies who will clearly understand that she didn’t choose to be a lesbian, and will certainly not persecute her for it.

    A word to all trans people: Please don’t let idiots like bast colour your views of LGB.

  7. “We want to give credit where credit is due, and the decision to include transgender women in our beauty competitions is a result of our ongoing discussions with GLAAD and not Jenna’s legal representation, which if anything, delayed the process.”

    What a crock. They would have done NOTHING if she hadn’t consulted a lawyer. And I still don’t trust that snake Donald Trump.

  8. This trans contestant really has very little respect for women (strange considering she underwent invasive surgery to become physically female).

    It is shocking and appalling that a transwoman (ot any woman for that matter) would want to participate in a pageant whose sole purpose is to degrade women as lumps of meat.

    Shame on her!

  9. I still don’t trust Donald Trump as far as I can throw him (he’s homophobic as well as bigoted towards trans people), but at least something has been done about this injustice. Jenna sounds like a really sweet lady and it was completely unfair discrimination against her. It’s great that GLAAD stepped in to help her. I personally don’t see what’s so good about pageants like this, but if women want to do them then I’m not gonna stop them. That’s what feminism is supposed to be about, right? Besides ending misogyny and sexism, of course. I thought it was about giving everybody who identifies as a woman (and that INCLUDES transgender women!) the choice to do whatever they want in life without being hindered or oppressed?
    Oh, and speaking of feminism, Lumi Bast, just go back to the transphobic second-wave radfem group you so obviously belong to.

    1. natalie shobe 11 Apr 2012, 1:01pm

      The issue is not about the discrimination, its about the essence of a woman. There is a competition for transgender and for natural born female.

      1. it’s about discrimination.

    2. I’m feminist for real women, not men pretending to be women

      1. With attitudes like that, you’re not welcome as a feminist.

  10. Patricia Teel 12 Apr 2012, 4:25am

    Transgenders have their own contests. Why do they want to take over a natural born woman’s contest ? Would they allow natural born women in their contests or would they complain ?

  11. I knew the transphobes would be out in force over this article. What should be a positive story about the acceptance of transwomen has turned into a hatefest yet again. The really strange thing I find is that these transphobes are obsessed over transwomen…they can’t resist sharing their bigotry anytime there is an article about transwomen, especially a positive one.

    1. not exactly in force. mostly one particular nasty one. But one too many, to be sure.

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