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Maine: New anti-gay group campaigns against equal marriage

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  1. No to sodomy based marriage? So they are OK with female same sex marriage? I find it odd that the homphobes are so obsessed with the idea of anal sex. Like most of them wouldn’t leap at the chance if their missus offered to let them do her up the council.

  2. This is insane! So now they are saying that its a sex act that should be prohibited, may I add that felacio does not produce life either. Yet its practice reguarly among Hetro/as well as homosexual relationships. Masterbation also a sexual act that no life is gained from. As far as nature is concerned. Homosexuality as well as spontanoues gender reassignment is found in many different animal/insect species. Scientifically speaking what exactly does he mean when he says natrual? Don’t even get me started on the HIV argument, scientifically it comes down to a difference in vaginal versus anal layers of tissue. The amount and texture is the only reason why HIV is past more easily through Anal than vaginal sex, and lastly Morons! If marriage is religious than it should not recieve ANY special GOVERNMENT privilages. Considering it does, this becomes a rights issue NOT a religious ONE!

  3. Hmmm, I do believe my first blog post for the Huff said it all really. Can’t believe I need to refer back to it again, what is wrong with these lunatics!

  4. theGentleWarrior 11 Apr 2012, 12:47am

    re: fellatio

    It seems clear that the mothers of Paul Madore and Mike Heath should have swallowed them.

  5. These anti gay Christians are really anti social people who are against anything that does not fit into their Christian Religion. This means that they are evil people who want to harm other people for reasons best know to God and the Pope. They are the ones who need to be arrested and locked up for the crimes they have committed on the America people and to stop them from doing more harm to people who just want to get married because they love each other.

  6. -It’s not special rights, it’s equal rights
    -The story of Sodom was fictional along with the rest of the Bible
    -Not every gay male couple does “sodomy”. There’s other stuff they do
    -There are female homosexual couples
    -Same sex marriage is not contradictory, I am perfectly capable of having a monogamous and love-filled marriage with another woman. It’s completely moral
    -LGB rights do not infringe on religious freedom. Nobody is forcing Christians to have or perform these marriages. Christians were also against interracial marriages and women’s rights by the way. Not having LGB rights is infringing on our religious freedom
    -Christianity does not own marriage
    -The USA has freedom of religion in the constitution
    -I & other homosexuals/bisexuals aren’t having children but those who want to are perfectly capable of raising a healthy & normal child
    -God isn’t going to deliver the nation from homosexuality/bisexual because there isn’t anything wrong with it and the Christian God is fake

  7. In America, hatred is a business plan. Set up a PAC, pick on the last minority that it is socially acceptable to hate and then wait for the donations to roll in. It’s a grift by amoral hucksters who don’t care who they harm.

    Of course, if I was feeling particularly snarky I would mention that the legal definition of “sodomy” is any act that is not penis in vagina sex. So that includes hand jobs and oral.

    And they always go straight to the sex act, don’t they? When I hear the word “heterosexual” I don’t immediately picture a man and a woman going at it hammer and tongs. But that would be because I’m not orientated that way (and honestly, I can look at women and not immediately picture them naked and doing the wild thing either…but that would be because I’m not a repressed freak).

    I bet their hard drives and browser histories would be hilarious because most folks don’t spend all of their time thinking about what other people get up to in bed.

  8. Spanner1960 11 Apr 2012, 11:05am

    “Sodomy Based Marriage”?
    That probably counts half their lot out as well then.

  9. Robin Evans 11 Apr 2012, 9:27pm

    Just another pair of homosexual homophobe’s

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