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Devon police appeal for witnesses to driver’s homophobic comments

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Reader comments

  1. There they go again; what expect – dying your head bright red in Devon? I mean…cmon !

    And some of us have genetic red hair…I could’ve told him the trouble red hair brings!

    Oh and, Deviant what ever your name is…your just like the closet gay who calls others names…cause your too cowardly to.face your sexuality.

    1. The Archbishop 10 Apr 2012, 11:35pm

      Grow up dAVID.

  2. “The three men made homophobic remarks to the pedestrian before he ran from the area.”

    These would be three men voicing an opinion and comment then, of which free speech does not mean the comments have to be nice

    1. The Archbishop 10 Apr 2012, 11:37pm

      If he hadn’t run for it my guess is there would be another murder to solve. Luckily he did run and the thugs can be brought to justice.

  3. The Archbishop 10 Apr 2012, 11:39pm

    Grow up dAVID, you’re not even a real troll.

  4. Spanner1960 11 Apr 2012, 11:22am

    You really are a nasty piece of work.
    I hope one day you get your head kicked in by a bunch of “deviant fairies”.

  5. It is sadenning that people can’t even walk down the high street without facing this kind of abuse.

    I live in Tiverton myself, and feel lucky that didn’t happen to me. Unfortunately there are some rougher parts of Tiverton, especially Cowleymoor and West Exe. It must be a scary experience being LGBT and living in those areas, but to have this kind of abuse in the town centre, the person(s) responsible should be ashamed of themselves.

    Every day I walk down Gold Street now, I have to keep looking over my shoulder.

    Thumbs up for Devon and Cornwall Police looking for those involved; unfortunately Tiveron is highly populated so the chances of finding them are slim.

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