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Chaz Bono first trans person to receive GLAAD’s Stephen F Kolzak award

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Reader comments

  1. Yeah, he’ll support your cause, *if* you can afford his fees!

  2. What has “Chaz” Bono ever done except publicize “his” own talentless and utterly confused self? No role model for anyone, just another screwed up celebrity offspring.

    1. wow really? He created tons of awareness about transgender issues and is a pretty decent role model for transgender people.
      And seriously, “Chaz” and “his”? He is male and his name is Chaz.
      Do you just have an issue with trans people in general maybe?

      1. Not male, never can be, sorry. As Camille Paglia says, “I mean, everyone can see that this is not the reason that Chastity Bono has been unhappy her whole life and now at the age of 40 to make this transition to mutilate the body in effect, I’m concerned about it because when I was young okay, I was convinced I was the wrong sex, convinced of it.  If these things were in the air okay, I could see myself going down that road.”
        Nobody is “the wrong sex” and LGB rights should not be mixed up with transgender. Homosexuality is not a medical condition, gender dysphoria is. LGB people do themselves no favours with the association.

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