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Video: Behind the scenes at filming of equal marriage advertisement

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Reader comments

  1. Goosebumps and it’s only the behind the scenes. Thank you Mike: this is what the campaign needed :)

    Take note, Stonewall!

    1. Robert in S. Kensington 9 Apr 2012, 3:01pm

      Yes, Stonewall should be doing a lot of it. Where are all the supportive organisations and business I wonder? They should be participating and speaking out in support. Many of them have the money and resources at their disposal. Summerskill needs to hone his communication skills and reach out to them, NOW!

      1. Of coure Stonewall should be doing a lot more than the are. But we’d better accept that they are not. One month into the consultaton, I think we have the measure of their contribution and be grateful that they’re not openly undermining it.

        Personally I think it is very positive that a new wave of grassroots feeling & action is driving this and that should be much more effective in the end.

        So, let’s all contribute what we can.

  2. So where do we get to see the finished product?

    1. Benjamin Cohen 9 Apr 2012, 1:03pm

      It will be on YouTube and of course, PinkNews will have it as well

  3. Robert in S. Kensington 9 Apr 2012, 1:39pm

    Fantastic, a great start. I’d like to see more viral videos, not just one, hopefully with some celebrities participating as well as MPs. If it can work in America, it can work here. This medium has huge potential for reaching a far wider audience than any newspaper article, especially the younger generation who support us. I daresay there will be retaliatory videos coming from the opposition once this goes viral. I’m surprised they haven’t done it already. At least we’ll beat them to the punch once this is released. These videos need to not only carry the message why equal civil marriage is so important but also to debunk the spurious and offencive claims C4M are making without one shred of evidence in support of anything they have said, such as the heralding of polygamous and other forms of relationship as a result of equal marriage. This has not happened in any of the ten countries where we can marry. It needs to be debunked and blown out of the water along with C4M.

  4. Can’t wait to see the result… Well done in getting this film made and showing how it really is. This is good for the campaign, because it is logical and right.

  5. Anti-gay C4M use lies, distortion of facts and misrepresentation to dupe people into signing it’s misleading petition, a pack of lies and scaremongering is all they have to work with and that’s why they keep repeating the same old homophobic tripe

    So it’s great to see creatives giving their time and skills collaborating here to promote the pro-equality C4EM video.
    One resource LGBT’s and their friends rarely lack for is creative flair and ingenuity… so it’s an excellent time to put all that creativity into winning what is now clearly becoming a real battle for equality.
    Go Mike!

  6. Looks fantastic from what is revealed here.

    Let love and integrity tell the tale.

    Equal marriage matters and will happen.

    Lets make this video go massively viral when its launched.

    For those who have not seen it before – this is also worth viewing and publicising.

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