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Obama opposes Minnesota’s proposed anti-marriage equality measure

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Reader comments

  1. Go on Obama!!!

  2. Miguel Sanchez 10 Apr 2012, 2:20pm

    Minnesota is still living in the dark ages.

    Go on Prez!!!

  3. Obama will have to declare his support for Marriage Equality at some point. He is just hoping that he won’t need to do that while he’s pitching for political power. Which makes him an adorable hypocrite.

  4. I see they are as pathetic in North Carolina and Minnesota as they are here in Texas. Shame on all of the lobbyists and lawmakers.

  5. It may take another generation (until the bigoted, anti-gay Justices of the US Supreme Court have died), but eventually all these State laws and State constitutional amendments will be struck down as unconstitutional under the US Constitution, which trumps State Constitutions, and mandates equal rights.

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