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Mr Gay World 2012 won by German man

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Reader comments

  1. Congrats. Well deserved! <3

  2. mutantgnome 9 Apr 2012, 9:55am

    Why does this great news have to be made into a racial issue, “though both were white” we should be focusing on the achievement not the skin color of the person who won, as a south african i am aware that my country supports me because of our constitution but we are also aware that not everywhere in afica ppl have that same freedom or the world for that matter, if we as the gay community cant even see past skin color then how can we expect the world to do so? i enjoy the articles written by pink news but i sometimes have to wonder why all the racial comments in posts?…

    1. I suppose it was just because it was following paragraphs that described the difficulties black contestants from other African countries had had, but I agree it’s clumsily put.

    2. Where you find racism you are sure to find homophobia, so I think it was valid to include this information. I sometimes find the unrestrained remarks by some of the posters here to be regrettable in their single minded focus concern for gay (usually male) interests only. A little consciousness-raising wouldn’t go amiss here.

  3. Congratulation! But sorry, not my type.

  4. What exactly do the contestants do in this contest. Pose, like in a body building competition? Or is it more like Miss America or Miss Universe where they do the bathing suit thing, talk about themselves and do a talent part like singing or playing the piano? I admit I’m confused.

    1. Think of it as a modelling competition but inevitably with a slightly more political edge.

    2. Over four days, contestants were tested on their knowledge of LGBTI issues, put through a wildlife drill, invited for cocktails at the Belgian embassy and put through the rigours of a swimsuit contest. They spent an afternoon doing HIV outreach work before last night’s gala finale at the Gold Reef City casino in Johannesburg.

  5. You’re not the only one Edward. I have never understood these ”competitions” it all seems like a pointless activity devoid of any real meaning… Unless of course they have gone around the World and interviewed every single Gay person in the world, looked at their contribution to soceity as an individual, and have decided to reward someone for outstanding achievment.

    And even then, why are we segregating ourselves into a Mr Gay World as if being gay is something special or unique?

    It just baffles me, it really does.

  6. “though both were white” is a really objectionable phrase to use – it suggests white south africans are less than equal than their black fellow citizens. Imagine a commentator writing the ‘British won two medals though both athletes were black’ suggesting their victory was somehow less valid given their racial background. Offensive.

    1. Cilia Blick 9 Apr 2012, 12:21pm

      I think the implication is that it may be harder for non-caucasians to win such contests, such as when a caucasian won Mr. Gay Hong Kong a couple of years ago ( however very few Asians entered because of social disapproval). Marketing can create ideals of beauty that favour the white Hollywood romantic lead.

    2. Officer Dribble 10 Apr 2012, 9:37pm

      Thomas – no…the point of that line is a follow up to the difficulties that African contestants have faced. The writer is saying two Saffas have won, but both were white, because if he had not said that the reader may have assumed they were black (because that was the previous point).

  7. @ Edward
    @ Nathan

    OK, it’s mostly light hearted fun. And why not? There’s plenty of similar ‘froth’ around, we can’t all read War and Peace the whole time!

    But there is a more serious side. Many people think they know no gay people, and regard them as strange, effeminate, unhappy, weird or whatever. Seeing out and proud gays as normal, happy, ordinary people may just help them to revise their perception a bit.

    Similarly, if there’s a Miss South Africa. Miss World etc then there’s no reason why there should be a Mr. Gay South Africa, Mr. Gay World.

    By being high-profile positive role models, the participants will also be providing support to lone gays who may have low esteem.

    South Africa is a beacon of hope for the rest of the continent. If black South Africans take part and the contest becomes inclusive, so much the better.

    1. Whoops, sorry for the two typos. That sentence should have read “Similarly, if there’s a Miss South Africa, Miss World etc, then there’s no reason why there shouldn’t be a Mr. Gay South Africa, Mr. Gay World.”

      1. I can understand what you are saying, but I just can’t agree with it. It’s just to idealistic.

        First and foremost I don’t support Miss South Africa, Miss World etc…Any competition like it. Again I’d say it’s just a pointless competition with no meaning at all other than for those who take part.

        Positive role models is an interesting argument, but to idealistic. Last I heard of a Miss World was when one did something controversial, that’s the only time they get any attention. In fact I don’t even know if Miss World is still continuing? If it is I roll my eyes. The only way they provide any sort of role model structure is to the people that pay any attention to the actual competition, nobody else knows about them… I honestly couldn’t tell you who won the last competition or what they did, or anything about them.

        (Continues below)

      2. And I would make a physical bet with you that if I walked out of my work place right now, and asked people on the street they wouldn’t have a clue. Mr Gay World has an even more limited audience than that. I had no idea there was even a competition going on until I read this article this morning…

        Next, why segregate into Mr Gay World? I have no interest at all in whether he is gay straight or whatever, what exactly has he done and why has he won? Why did he not enter a Mr World Competition? Why the gay tag added on? I’ve never heard of a Mr Black World, or a Mr Asian World, or Mr Jewish World… If I did I’d be appauled and asking the exact same question… why the segregation?

        If there has to be a poinitless competition like this, let’s just have a Mr and Mrs World and leave it at that… (which I still wouldn’t like)

        1. And I would make a physical bet with you that if I walked out of my work place right now, and asked people on the street they wouldn’t have a clue.

          In fairness, if you were to ask people in the street about if they know who Mr Universe is, you’d probably have the same response. That doesn’t in itself invalidate the competition’s importance for those who take part or support the competition.

    2. Spanner1960 9 Apr 2012, 2:52pm

      These meat-markets purporting to be ‘beauty pageants’ died the death years ago in the straight arena for being seen as sexist, vacuous, self-serving and generally pretty offensive. Now gay men just reinforce that stereotype about vanity by doing in 30 years later.

      If nothing else it simply defines what a bunch of judges defines as “best looking”, so anybody else that doesn’t fit that bracket may consider themselves inferior, which is simply wrong. I for one think the winner has a face like a bag of spanners, but that’s just me.

      Beauty (sexiness / hunkyness / insert characteristic here) – really is in the eye of the beholder.

      1. Yes, I tend to agree that the traditional contests are a bit shallow, with everyone trying to appear oh-so-saintly rather than just eye candy. In that respect they’ve mostly gone the way of the Black & White Minstrel Show, at least the big budget female contests.

        However, I think the gay ones may serve a purpose. Many people don’t think they know any gay people, and have only stereotypical ideas of what gay people are like, so a Mr Gay winner may serve a useful purpose by confounding their prejudices. Similarly, isolated gays may find it helpful to have positive role models.

        A black African Mr. Gay World winner could certainly ruffle a few feathers in places like Uganda and Zimbabwe and that could only be positive. Whether that will happen remains to be seen…

        1. Spanner1960 10 Apr 2012, 1:13pm

          I can see where you are coming from, but I disagree.
          For many years I was in denial about my sexuality simply because I assumed all gay men were effeminate mincers or all wore leather chaps and big moustaches, and “I don’t fit into either category, so I couldn’t possibly be gay”.

          These are not ‘ordinary’ people. They have worked out and puffed and preened themselves to such an extent that the average gay man bears no relation. What we need is more ordinary-gay-man-on-the-street representation, not all this faux rubbish.

  8. @ Thomas

    “Though both were white” is not a really objectionable phrase to use. I believe that about 80% of South Africa is black or what is described there as coloured (‘mixed race’) so you might hope that participants and winners might be in some sort of representative proportion. Sadly, cultural issues probably mean that is not yet the case.

    That doesn’t mean introducing quotas or so-called positive discrimination etc, but it does suggest that non-white South Africa feels inhibited from taking part.

    So although it may be only a minor issue, when gays of all races are comfortable to take part it will make South Africa that little bit better for everyone. It’s a ‘back of the bus’ sort of issue that needs its Rosa Parks moment.

    1. Cilia Blick 9 Apr 2012, 12:29pm

      I wonder if the judges were a fair representation of the diversity of the human race.

  9. @ Nathan

    “I’ve never heard of a Mr Black World, or a Mr Asian World, or Mr Jewish World…

    Well, at least the female versions seem well established !

    Miss Asia:

    1. I am actually appauled, but there existence does not take away from my point. Being black is nothing special, being gay is nothing special, if you really have to support this shallow show (to which I fully agree with Spanner1960’s comments) then let it be Mr World and Miss World, stop the segregation rubbish….

      1. And yet you just segregated gender into binaries.

  10. A German Pope…now a German Gay World….i know which one i would like to sleep with…..

    1. Spanner1960 9 Apr 2012, 2:54pm

      Nah, Ratzinger’s crap in the sack, apparently.

      1. ERH…..hes 85…..

        1. Spanner1960 9 Apr 2012, 10:52pm

          Oh, not only anti-Catholic, but ageist as well.
          tut-tut. ;)

          1. lol…im a cathoilc and a good one…
            just dont agree with him….

  11. Congratulations Andreas Derleth, Mr. Gay World 2012.

    Most interesting photos and documentation on the Mr. Gay World website.

  12. Carla De Bouchet 9 Apr 2012, 5:34pm

    Although riddled with racial undertones this article highlights the insurmountable odds the 2 other African delegates had to face to be able to participate in such a Pageant. For some it may have seemed shallow but this pageant taking place for the first time in Africa is a milestone & has brought about dialogue and debate about the Gay issue where before it has been forbidden. To those who say this contest is a ‘meat’ showcase, they forget this is also a Beauty pageant. Let’s face it, who would you listen to more? A handsome or ugly Mr. Gay world? What critics often do not realise is that such a titleholder is contractually bound to fulfill certain duties including Gay awareness and education, engaging with Gay and mainstream media & supporting charitable causes in both a Gay and straight context. My point is Mr. Gay world isn’t just a pretty face but also a representative of the Gay community, a fighter for Gay rights, a humanitarian, friend and most importantly a human being.

    1. Well said.

  13. This headline is a little misleading, isn’t it? The winner might by German-born, but he was representing New Zealand.

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