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Anti-discrimination bill results in Anchorage called into question over allegations of voter fraud

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  1. This is a disgusting lack of democracy, but USA voting procedures have always been a bit shonky.

  2. I wonder just when the USA [who trumpets its democracy ad nauseam] will actually learn how to run an election!!!!!!!!!

  3. Why are the majority voting to stop a minority in America? Don’t they have a Constitution that gives all Americans freedoms and equal rights? The Christians are saying that America is becoming like Germany in the 1930’s and they should know because they are the ones who are making it so.

  4. Lumi Bast 9 Apr 2012, 8:35pm

    I wouldn’t doubt it, homophobes have no dignity at all and will cheat to keep their ancient beliefs in politics where they don’t belong

    It’s a shame that in the US with freedom of religion that the LGB citizens of this country don’t have completely equal rights

    1. Don’t be sore losers!

  5. This shouldn’t be a voting matter. When will the federal government rule on an anti-discrimination law?

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