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Anti-gay MSP Bill Walker expelled from SNP over abuse claims

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Reader comments

  1. You now, Bill Walker is right about one thing, my homosexual relationship with my boyfriend is totally different to that he was with his wives – I don’t beat my boyfriend.

    I am also not onto my third marriage.

    Great to see the SNP taking action against Walker. I wish they was strongly condemn his homophobia too.

    1. oops … typing too quickly to think typo … I wish they would strongly condemn

    2. I agree with Stu, that it is good to see the SNP take quick and decisive action against this man for his horrific and unacceptable violence towards his wives, but why the double standards? The SNP said nothing about his homophobia and were quite happy for him to remain a member of the party. Why is homohobia still tolerated when other forms of discrimination aren’t? The SNP is a party of government so it shouldn’t tolerate homophobia at all.

    3. I’m also shocked and angry this bigot having the nerve to speak out against same-sex marriage when he is now on his fourth(?) mixed-sex marriage! What a cheek! How can he possibly want to deny gay people the right to get married when he can do it at the drop of a hat!

      1. Walkers alleged violence to a number of women is despicable and abhorrent to most decent people.
        His homophobic comments are equally abhorrent in my view.
        That is why I am disappointed that the SNP made these comments when allegations were made of his violence to women but no action was making when comparing LGBT people to N@zis or similar ignorant comments. SNP clearly do not think homophobia is that serious.:
        “The allegations relate to events many years ago, before Mr Walker entered politics.”
        “They are clearly very serious, and the SNP’s strong and consistent position is one of zero tolerance of violence against women.”
        “No such information was reported in Mr Walker’s candidate process, as is required of all prospective candidates, and therefore we have suspended Mr Walker from both the party and the parliamentary group pending a full investigation of the facts and circumstances.”

        The SNP are right to take action now. They should however have acted before this. Disappointing.

        1. Yes, I agree with everything you say, Stu, but it’s clear that he was suspended and then expelled purely over the violence towards his wives and not because of his homophobia. If his violence hadn’t have surfaced now, then he’d still be in the party. Interestingly, I read in one newspaper that it only came to light because one of his ex-wives was so angry at his speaking out on marriage when he was such a bad husband, so his homophobia may have indirectly been his downfall.

          1. Interesting.

            Whilst I am pleased he has been expelled and equally disappointed that the SNP did not act earlier – I am reassured that his wife/wives came forward doe to dismay at his hypocracy in his claiming to support marriage.

            C4M, Christian Institute, UKIP, Daily Telegraph, Daily Mail etc – take note, the next hypocracy being exposed might be yours!

          2. I’ve now read that it wasn’t Bill Walker’s views on marriage that prompted his ex-wife to come forward but the fact he recently welcomed money being given to a women’s aid group in his constituency. Perhaps nobody except we gay people care about his homophobia.

        2. @Stu

          “SNP clearly do not think homophobia is that serious.”

          I think you are right. The SNP also recently suspended a council candidate called Lyall Duff who made “inappropriate” coments about 2 Catholic midwives who were in the news in Scotland recently for refusing to supervise staff involved in carrying out abortions. So it seems that the SNP don’t hesitate to suspend their members for being anti-women or anti-catholic, yet they are quite happy to have anti-gay people in their ranks and they dont’ say a word about it – and not just backbenchers either, they have them as government ministers too.

    4. katieMurphy - ex cath family 9 Apr 2012, 7:00am

      this guy reminds me of the so called westboro baptist church in the USA, which hates gays, America, our soldiers who die in Afghan etc

      whats wrong with this nuthouse kult – endless sexual, physical, and mental abuse within the family. Inter and intra generational.


  2. I think he is confused by same sex relationships, because it’s not obvious which partner should do the beating!!!

  3. At least he’s consistent, he wants a really traditional marriage. The sort cavemen might have had. But Bill, that’s not what civilised people want any more I’m afraid.

    Good riddens!

  4. Funny how many of those who like to talk about the “sanctity of marriage” and “marriage is between a man and a woman” seem to struggle when it comes to putting those pious words into action. With more than a few divorces and domestic violence accusations amongst them you would think that it’s a subject it would be better to keep quiet on from their point of view???
    Perhaps bigotry overwhelms a well advised prudent silence?

    1. katieMurphy - ex cath family 9 Apr 2012, 6:57am

      the sanctity of marriage originally came from teh catholic / christian churches. When they opposed marriage for black people after our civil war, it talked about “protecting the sanctity of the white race”

  5. Clearly Mr Walker believes that traditional marriage is concerned with beating your spouse. He has allegedly assaulted all three wives (at least one on more than one occasion).

    I still seek marriage, but not of the archaic sort that Walker represents. I want a marriage based on love.

  6. This seems to be a common pattern. Homophobia is often most marked and explicit in those whose view of sex and marriage is crudely patriarchal – as vehicles of male power and female subordination. They therefore view sex outside this model with hatred, fear and contempt.

    1. I once read in The Guardian (I think) that homophobia was the bastard offspring of misogyny. That would make sense in this case.

  7. Peter Williams 8 Apr 2012, 7:40pm

    So its ok for you to marry multiple times and beat your wives and not for me to marry my partner of 14 years…you hypocrite! At least my relationship lasts and btw…I am married to my husband!

  8. Heterosexual marriage… Because nothing says ‘I love you’ as a real beating and a divorce.

    How dare such a person judge marriage equality? He clearly hasn’t even the faintest grasp of the concept.

  9. Another Hannah 8 Apr 2012, 7:56pm

    That man looks like a pxss head to me, and the thing about pxss heads is they don’t think too much, so their views tend to be limited.

    1. Oh I don’t know, I think you might be doing a disservice to pissheads here. :-)

  10. I read he, apparently, knocked his three or four of his former wives about on numerous occasions and once bent a poker over one of his step-daughter’s head.

    Maybe equal marriage might not be such a good idea after all.

    1. Mumbo Jumbo 8 Apr 2012, 10:29pm

      Yes, he has been beating his children also. See here (including damning comments on his personality by the judge in his access case):

  11. GingerlyColors 8 Apr 2012, 9:43pm

    Typical homophobic basket case who’s own personal life is in such a mess he wants to ruin other peoples’ lives. He cannot even hold down a relationship because of his attitude to women. The days that a man can think of a woman as his property and that he is able to do what he liked to her including beating her are long gone. One step towards marriage equality is the change in attitude towards women in marriage and that they now enjoy equal status and no one has the right to beat or rape her, even if he is the husband. The likes of Bill Walker have an outdated view of mixed sex marriage and is therefore in no position to dictate to us who can marry who. People like him should be put on a register of wife-beaters and be refused a marriage licence in future.

  12. Perhaps Bill Walker went to the Stephen Green School of Marriage Training?

    Even the Hate Mail has given up on him:-

  13. Sorry, but I’m going to allow myself a little wholly-justified Schadenfreude here. Anything that shows up these bigots for what they are can only be a good thing (for us I mean, not unfortunately for his wives).

    1. Making the world a better place to be

      As they would say on Avenue Q, relating to Schadenfreude

  14. What an astonishing rev-…

    No, wait.

    Not surprising at all.

    Domestic violence is all about wanting to be in control, hurting others to make yourself feel powerful.

    Just like homophobia.

    The general public already understands that male professional homophobes often pay attractive young men to “carry luggage”.

    Some male homophobes do spend their free time in the company of women. But a number of the most prominent ones, like Fred Phelps, Stephen Green and Bill Walker, seem to define masculinity as the right to torture the mother of your children.

  15. Robert in S. Kensington 9 Apr 2012, 1:51pm

    Ah yes, Bill Walker, the serial adulterer and divorce monger and wife abuser, the real heterosexual threat to marriage. This is what C4M and their fellow hate mongers should be trying to save marriage from. Now who was to blame for his actions? Surely not equal civil marriage? The hetero C4M supporters are doing a bloody good job of it themselves thank you very much without any help from us.

  16. Instead of all this anti gay stuff isn’t it about time politicians looked at the lasting harm abuse within a marriage or relationship does. It is totally unacceptable and the whole of society ends up paying for it somewhere along the line.
    Simple fact, 2 people want to show their love and totally commit to each other they should be able to marry regardless of their gender.
    Abuse is what should be unacceptable. It doesn’t surprise me this bigot has been caught out.

  17. “Three of his former wives”

    Yet it’s equal marriage that undermines the institution of marriage? Righto.

    Vulgar little creep.

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