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Video: Mormon students make “It Gets Better” video

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Reader comments

  1. Simply Beautiful

  2. Good on them! Well done. This is a big step forward even though it appears to be such a small step in the recognition of LGBT people in the LDS Church. Roll on the next 50 years for I fear it will take that long for any significant move by the church in the position they presently hold.

  3. Videos like this one touches my heart. As Peter said, simply beautiful.

  4. Dennis Battler 7 Apr 2012, 9:36pm

    Stunning difference Pink News reporting this article to the report on by Claude J. Summers.

    Of note: “The video is heartbreaking both because of what these young people have had to endure and, equally, because they seem to have reached a spectacularly erroneous conclusion as to how to make things get better.”

    “Among the statistics presented in the video are the appalling numbers of BYU students who have contemplated and attempted suicide, yet no one points out that the likely source of these suicidal impulses is the teachings of the Mormon Church of Latter Day Saints itself.”

    “They have certainly been victims of spiritual terrorism.”

    glbtq >> blogs >> BYU Students: It Gets Better?

  5. Heavenly Father loves LGBT people. Who knows how many will be saved thanks to these brave people who not only says it will get better but are taking steps to make things better now and for others in the future. Don’t let the evil people make you afraid or stop you from making it better for everyone.

  6. Not ashamed to say that I cried!

    Just beautiful :(

    1. So did I

  7. This is heartbreaking. The kids are zombies they have been so brainwashed. See the blog at (BTW, this is not part of the It Gets Better project, and in some ways is antithetical to that project.)

  8. Yup i cried!
    as an ex Mormon now CofE the comments rang true
    Keep up the good work YOU are the Future Share the Love xxx

  9. Dennis Battler 7 Apr 2012, 10:44pm

    Same topic reported by Pink News UK, varies vastly in its perception of the video. Will comment post video viewing (Yet another lgbtq war attack from the institution of christianity needs one’s full strong constitution and stomach to bear it.)

    For the moment emphasis is upon the role “cultural insider” plays in our view making, analysis and understanding.

    Modern protestant dogmatic christian doctrine and its legacy’s magical like reach extending insidiously through generations, confirms the glbtq reporter’s statement “…victims of spiritual terrorism.” A confirmation I can offer from personal intimate l knowledge. Likening spiritual terrorism to relationship abuse within a marriage may offer some insight. The similarities:

    1) Blinded by loyalty to one’s belief in the other participant (marriage partner / church)

    2) The “believed inherent rightness of the institution” (marriage / the church)”

  10. Dennis Battler 7 Apr 2012, 10:45pm

    3) A need to believe the other in the relationship has good intentions and is able and willing to positively contribute

    4) The one abused blindly assesses the situation to be deemed tolerable based on their need to believe in A) the rightness of his/her commitment; B) the rightness of the institution’s tradition/s C) the rightness of the institution’s ability and capacity to guide D) believing themselves to be held in and protected by their perceptions and beliefs of the rightness of the structure i.e marriage / the church.

    Claude J. Summers comment: “There is a zombie-like quality in their presentations.” is conceivable, given the intense dogmatic repetition of beliefs, reiterated via endless spoken audio loop from a Mormon’s earliest years. Never is there an invitation to question or seek from one’s own heart where there is truth and where there is not truth. Dogma is hammered in day in and day out, in all religions, hooking one on “need to believe” rather than

  11. Dennis Battler 7 Apr 2012, 10:47pm

    rather than to personally experience the message being drilled in. Questioning is never encouraged. That would be anti-belief.

    And here we arrive at the sinister nature of the entire production. Belief, while touted as the essence necessary to partake of the eternal heavenly voyage (conveniently never confirmed), is exactly the tool keeping one addicted to the abusive relationship. Whom hasn’t “belief” had its way with? Belief is the boogie man running the show as the Wizard of Oz drove Oz. As long as you believe in the thing it will drive you – whatever that belief is.

    And in April 2012 beliefs are being challenged at every turn. Why? Because beliefs are a minstrel’s hollow reed leading the dance. Everyone’s dance. Martin Luther King Jr., President Kennedy, Communism, Capitalism, Muslims, Catholics and Methodists. Every one of them have, as their guiding Standard, a set of beliefs leading them in their mad dance of what is “right”. God help us! … particularly gay religious youth.

    1. Richard Noordijk 7 Apr 2012, 11:23pm

      I like the main point of these posts…NOTHING is even worth believing if one cannot question it!!! Thank you Dennis!

  12. When I tried to find the blog and used the link in the comment above, it didn’t work. Maybe this url will work:

    In any case, I agree with Summers. The video is heartbreaking both because the students have endured so much pain, but also because they don’t seem to realize the reason for that, which is the oppressiveness and teachings of the LDS Church. BTW, although they use the “It Gets Better” signature line of the It Gets Better Project, this video is not a part of that project. It does not appear on the It Gets Better project YouTube channel.

  13. Deeply distrustful of LDS church- but this was something of a revelation for me- well done to all the kids involved I really do hope they have some success. If being celibate had been compulsory at MY university I think it would have had about 12 students..!

  14. Richard Noordijk 7 Apr 2012, 11:14pm

    I must say that I am deeply impressed. The amazing thing to me, as a gay Christian from a strict Baptist/Pentecostal (I know, right?) I relate to almost all of what is said here…the good AND bad. I am 51 now and I still am afraid of certain members of my extended family but I can also testify that it truly does get better. There are so many of us everywhere and with deep faith. Also, there are far more straight allies than fear would ever allow us to hope for…and it is getting stronger, so don’t suffer alone…reach out to those who can support you until you can also know what it feels to experience “it gets better” personally! *hugs* to all my Mormon brothers and sisters in gayness (lol)

  15. If you go the the YouTube site

    you can see the individual contributions in full, i.e. before short extracts were spliced together. Unlike the main video, commenting is still allowed on these.

    It’s certainly interesting, although I’m a little unsure what the main thrust is. It could be genuine enough, but it could also be a slick PR job to improve the image of the Mormons without changing the fundamentals.

    Don’t forget that it’s presidential election year, and that Mitt Romney is a Mormon ! It may be an attempt at sugaring the pill… note that the Mormons are trying to overturn Equal Marriage in Maryland.

    That said, if it helps to prevent another suicide it will have achieved something, and its soft sell is certainly much more acceptable that the bigotry and hate espoused by the likes of Cardinal O’Brien.

    it also de-demonises gay people for those Middle Americans who think they don’t know any ‘normal’ gay people.

    So it’s two cheers.

    1. Gerry, this kind of propaganda video on behalf of the Mormon Church is more likely to cause suicides than prevent one. I am just amazed that so many people find this video uplifting. It is really horrible: these kids have been brainwashed into hating who they are.

  16. I have been haunted by the young man who opens this video. He mentions that he has recently spent time in a psychiatric hospital. I wonder what kind of counseling he is getting. If he is a Mormon, he may have been subjected to reparative therapy. I sincerely hope he (and the other young people in this video) get the help they need, and that help will not be found within the Mormon Church. Someone needs to rescue these kids. This is so sad.

  17. Paul Dicken (@pcdicken) 8 Apr 2012, 3:24pm

    Good to see an ‘It Gets Better’ video from such an unlikely place. I’m really concerned that there’s no ‘IGB’ video in British SIgn Language. There are gay deaf people who are already experiencing double isolation through their deafness and being gay, sometimes made worse by because of bullying. We want no more sad statistics. Is there a deaf gay person that knows ir does get better.

  18. @ Jay

    I share some of your unease; I have no problem with what’s in the main video, but I do wonder whether it’s the tip of an iceberg.

    It’s what it doesn’t say that may be the problem. The love and help that’s promised may well be ‘Pray The Gay Away’ rather than anything else.

    There’s certainly a deafening silence about the Mormons’ and BYU’s homophobia; no-one seems to lay the blame where it belongs, and there’s no mention of either organisation mending its nasty ways.

    So I think a cautious welcome is in order, but great care needs to be taken before thinking that the leopard has changed its spots.

    However, I can’t agree that with your view that it will encourage suicides, or that those featured hate who they are. They all seem pretty confident to me, and they are happy to be out and on camera.

    Similarly, any troubled gay person would surely be encouraged and gain confidence by seeing those featured? That can only be good. The only risk is that… Continued >

    1. … having saved them from possible suicide, BYU and the Mormons may then try to get them hooked by persuading them that ‘Salvation is only for Straights’ or whatever.

      But given that they were (presumably) all committed Mormons already, there’s been at least some limited progress if they can now be openly gay, appear confidently on camera and not get kicked out.

      It would be very interesting to know whether this was endorsed and financed by BYU / the Mormons, or was indeed a genuinely independent production.

  19. I’d like to hear from these sincere young people in a year or so.

    Also, would like to hear ex-Mormon gay people’s impressions of this vid.

    Personally, I agree with those posting here who say that a leopard cannot change its spots… and that these young people are due for a rude awakening.

  20. OK these people and their friends are the future of the LDS church so like everything else the attitudes will change over time don’t forget guys and gals it was only 40 years ago Gays in society where getting a damn good bashing! So give these people a chance to help others and not liking the anti christian/Mormon thing in these comments If it was directed at You it would be Bullying!

    1. The LDS church does not work from within. The young people in the video will be marginalized. They do not have a future within that church. Besides, they almost certainly will mature and leave the church if they manage to survive. No one is bullying Mormons. We are pointing out the reality that these young people are victims of horrendous homophobia, and it is made worse because they seem to have internalized that homophobia. One of the saddest things in the video is that they seem to be surprised that some people at BYU are actually nice to them even after they know that they are (gasp!) gay (though celibate).

  21. GingerlyColors 8 Apr 2012, 10:01pm

    Within any religious group you will find a movement wishing to reconcile their faith with modern values. It is unfortunate that we tend to hear from those who wish to live in the past more often.

  22. See the authentic “It Gets Better” song “Testimony” as performed by the San Francisco Gay Men’s Chorus on YouTube. It is discussed in a new blog at, where it is described as an “antidote” to the BYU video.

  23. Boooouuuhahahaha! Sorry boys n girls! Hahahaha! But watching that video, is better that Ricky Gervais live… When u were born no 1 said life is going 2 b easy… no 1 was there, at ur birth place say ‘its all down hill from now’ We all have problems in life, but 24% of those young people try 2 kill them self??? Y??? Bcoz life is not fair??? Or maybe bcoz some homofobic low life sister has only 2 brain cells??? Common people!!! Grow a pair! Its 2012! No 1 gives a flyin f… what, how and with who u do it in ur bedroom! Ur gay? Perfect! U straight? Perfect! No 1 give a damm! “oh the video is heartbreaking bcoz those guys went thru so much” R u kidding me??? Let me take u 2 North Korea were peopele like me n u r nothing more but slaves!!!! Or central Africa, where hunger n rape is something of a daily rutine. Or Afganistan, were car bombs r blowing up left, right n center, people getting blown up every day. Im not even go 2 the subject of illneses n disable people, who have

  24. Who have (in my humble opinion) ALOTTTTTT more problems that any of those ‘poor’ boy n girls. I can only imagine that it must b hard 2 ‘come out’ as a gay person 4 some1 whos young, but some of u r over reacting with ur comments a BIT… again its 2012! Been gay is just been gay! Its not abnormal, its not in fasion, it is what it is! and belive me 99.9% of population doesnt really care who u making breakfast 4 in the morning :-))) There r many milions of people that have alot more problems than those ‘poor’ boys n girls… :-))) Sorry 4 been honest xxx

  25. Garry Cassell 5 Jun 2012, 7:42pm

    This video brought me to tears…really good,,,so happy to see the change of attitude on behalf of BYU….keep spreading the message…

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