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New York: Catholic official quits over archdiocese’s anti-gay stance

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Reader comments

  1. “I was only following the teachings of the catholic church”.

    I’m afraid that’s not good enough. It’s certainly not the get-out-of-moral-opprobrium-free card you think it is.

    It’s your CHOICE to follow and support the immoral teachings of the catholic church. You aren’t forced to, so you must be held accountable for doing so, you cannot just delegate your moral decision-making to someone else and claim it’s their responsibiity. It’s no less immoral because some bigoted organisation teaches it.

    1. Singapore Sam 7 Apr 2012, 9:26pm

      I guess he’s never heard of the story of the good Samaritan.

    2. He could always start following the teachings of Jesus – in which case he’d never have turned his back on anyone who needed help.

  2. Well, good for Joseph Amodeo.
    It seems as though he at least is putting his Christian faith into practise.
    I hope that His Eminence Timothy Cardinal Dolan will find the humility to follow Mr. Amodeo’s good example.

  3. This report shows what the Catholic Church is becoming, or has been for years… bigoted and damaging to the ones who need the care , love and empathy. Talk of getting as far away from the pure love of Christ taught. Now that is a lesson for the world at Easter-time, a time of hope? The word anti-christ comes to mind!

  4. What kind of religion turns against their children? A very sick Christian religion that is dieing and has forsaken their own flesh and blood. That is only something Satan would preach, hating children just because they are different. Proving the Catholics are still an evil religion that harms children more ways than one.

  5. Sounds a bit like “I was just following orders”. Now where have I heard of that being said before? Hmmmm

  6. Paddyswurds 7 Apr 2012, 10:23pm

    …. I just watched Prayers for Bobby, and i thank you for the recommendation. I was in tears by the end. Sigourney Weaver played a blinder as usual as the devastated Mum.
    If you want to watch the full version is available on Youtube at this link
    Do watch especially if you are a parent .

  7. Another Hannah 7 Apr 2012, 10:24pm

    I am glad this has at last started to come out into the open, because there is a great deal of this in the RC church, and you can tell how Christian they thinkis by the fact that they are busy hiding it all the time. The RC church has nothing to do with Christ or the bible – there is no justification for this behaviour, presumably sanctioned by the Vatican, anywhere in the bible. Please find following a post which was removed from the BBC notice board on the wearing of the cross by that evil man Cardinal O’Brien. “I have to say, as a post-operative transsexual I fear everytime I have to use the health service, withthe number of religious people in it that I will be treated badly. At least if they would all wear a symbol I would be able to see a cause when I am treated badly, and not given necessary treatment, as I have seen happen to others by the religious symbol wearers.” I think it says it all that his was not allowed.

  8. Paddyswurds 7 Apr 2012, 10:35pm

    Does the teaching of the Catholic church also require priests to sh*g little children behind the altar or in the confession box… Oh wait, I think I know . it apparently does then they force the little children to sign a gag orders (isn’t that right Cardinal Brady) and send the priests on to other parishes to do as they pleased to even more little girls and boys…… But when homeless GLBs need help the paedophile church turns its back on those most in need of help while cardinals, bishops and priests sit in huge palaces drinking cherry brandy and eating T bone steaks. This crowd of parasites really are despicable.

    1. Was thinking very much the same thing.

      Can’t say I’ve read the Bible from cover to cover, but really think I would have come across it (pardon the pun) if it contained anything about sticking your c0ck in young kids, or otherwise interfering with minors.

      What ever happened to those good old church pastimes of flower arranging and bell ringing.

      Seemingly shooting your muck all over a choir boy is perfectly acceptable, but show a little Christian charity to a homosexual and you’re in the devil incarnate.

      Were there actually to be eternal fires of hell, I’d suggest the Cardinal invests in some asbestos underwear ready for whenever he passes.

  9. Staircase2 7 Apr 2012, 11:12pm

    Good for you, Joseph!

    And shame on you, Cardinal Timothy Dolan for being so spiritually dim as to imagine that God loves bigotry & inhumanity towards our fellow man…

  10. I’m not Catholic so I don’t know much about the Catholic Church but I do remember when in school reading about the inquisition and if I’m not mistaken was that not sanctioned by the Catholic Church. I can hear the priests and bishops and cardinals saying, “I was only following the teachings of the church”.

  11. 2 champers sips to being a diva 8 Apr 2012, 1:24am

    RC numbwits. As a lapsed Catholic (try get de-listed as a Catholic, now impossible), i can only say how absurd it all has become. Conditionality, angry, judgmental, more outspoken that the holocaust, gosh we gays are wielding more and more power. Lets not allow the church to give sick charity to less fortunate lgbts.

    1. Indeed the defection process has been suspended and the RC church has again created confusion –

  12. Definite proof that the RC church cares more about its teachings than universal human rights and the common good.

    How is that different from other religions… duh..

  13. Another Hannah 8 Apr 2012, 11:05am

    There is a thread on the BBC “have your say” page about Rowan Williams belief that RE should be more central in schools. I have tried to get this story mentioned in my posts there to show how the CofE and RC only allow info about themselves to be taught they want taught, which devalues totally RE. They are censoring the posts.

  14. If your tribe validates your identity, and allows you not to be responsible for your own values, you tend to hide behind its irrational and spiteful taboos without question. Very predictable.

    1. Exactly.

      And when things become glaringly irrational, they answer that god’s ways are not our ways…. hence the neurotic visions of the faithful.

  15. And yet more damage limitation for the RC church to be working on. Actually forget that, they don’t care do they?

  16. Haven’t we heard all this before…?
    Isn’t that what Martin Borman, Hermann Goering, Adolf Eichmann et al., all said.
    “Only following orders, guv.!”
    And Fatso Dolan.?
    Well he hasn’t missed many dinners has he..!
    The way he bounded up to meet Ratzo to get his red hat was little short of disgusting; like a 6th. grader getting a prize on speech day.
    So glad I dumped all religion 50 years ago on being told that I (a 20 year old kid) was (as a homosexual) “sick and require electric treatment…”

  17. jamestoronto 9 Apr 2012, 5:04am

    A totally despicable policy and one that flies in the face of – what I was taught – everything Christ preached. Where oh where in any of Jesus’ teachings did the RC Church find anything to remotely come to this conclusion. Disgusting to turn ANY child away.

  18. “To which the only comment the Cardinal made was that he was following the teachings of the Catholic Church.”

    Dear Cardinal … You NUMPTY, you are supposed to follow the teachings of Jesus Christ NOT the teachings of an all-too-human and flawed organisation!!!!

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