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Italian Catholic group calls for boycott of new gay-themed film

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Reader comments

  1. The militant bible bashers at it again.

    They can’t cope when people defy their ‘authority’ and are openly gay without feeling ashamed about it.

    1. Mumbo Jumbo 6 Apr 2012, 6:07pm

      I prefer to say the child rapists are at it again.

    2. Tehy are just raising and holding out their right hand and saying Seig Heil to the pope.

      who saw/learned this growing up in Germany in the 1930s and 40s. (replace the m with n, keep all lower case

  2. The Catholic Church boycotting a gay friendly film? What a shock!

    1. Paddyswurds 6 Apr 2012, 5:09pm

      I wonder how they would react to priests sh*gging little boys behind the altar or in the confession box Oh wait I know already. they would force the little boys to sign a gag order (isn’t that right Cardinal Brady) and send the priest on to another parish to do as he pleased to even more little boys……

      1. KatieMUrphy 7 Apr 2012, 1:51am

        Hey the church wont let them marry but it let them all over the world marry the buttholes of children.

        Similar to how the church marries the priests to the churhc in the queerest marriage of history.

        I would guess that the rapee is Jesus.

  3. Talking of gay themed films, I would highly recommend a 2009 film called Prayers for Bobby. It is about a boy from a religious family, whose mother refuses to accept that he’s gay.

    Really outstanding performances from the cast, which includes Sigourney Weaver

    1. I hate that movie, If my mother would do that to me I would never forgive her. It’s just unforgivable.

      1. Dr Robin Guthrie 7 Apr 2012, 3:51am

        I like it as it shows religious bigots for what they are when they even hate their own children due to their indoctrination and their churches sanction it.

    2. KatieMUrphy 7 Apr 2012, 1:52am

      the boy btw committed suicide in Portland oregon> I think it was 1982> I was actually near there when it happened though had no idea why it happened until the movie was on life time chanel here in the USA

      You can prob buy it from Amazon or ebay.

  4. It’s an awful movie, the film will bomb at the box office and they hope to take credit for that.

  5. Militia Christi are much more sinister than the story suggests.

    They admit on their website that for some issues they are prepared to use “any means” to ensure that “militant Catholicism” is “respected, honoured and grows”. This sounds like they are prepared to stray into Christian terrorism.

    I am trying to get a translation of some of their words.

    1. KatieMUrphy 7 Apr 2012, 1:58am

      With England, maybe scotland, ireland, Finland, maybe Au and FR and Malta, and for sure Denmark on the verge of marriage, the catholic monstrosity is dead and buried in W Europe

      As well as if we ever collect proper-recompense for all the molested children, it will be bankrupted.

      Its time to plan for against next holy Inquisition by the church of RATZInger

      BTW I read a million people showed up for pride in italy.

      3.5 million btw show up in Sao Paulo, where last year the supreme court ruled unanimously that gays deserve equal marriage rights.

      May allah bring his special type of blessings on the Vatican. Just dont do it with airplanes full of innocent people.

  6. Here is one piece from google translate:

    “It ‘s the case that all’indecenza there is no end, since today Councillor of the Municipality of Rome Gasperini, will usher in the Gay Village. Apparently not content with having already opened years ago, the Gay Street near St. John, Gasperini, in an attempt to emulate the new Mayor of Milan Pisapia – which granted the gay pride parade next Saturday in Milan – he felt “compelled” to attend the inauguration. Compounding the fact that just this Tuesday, Catholics celebrate the Corpus Domini day of special importance, in which we would expect compliance by the Municipality, and certainly not provocative …

    Militia Christi, therefore, expresses once again its disappointment at the outrage to common sense and the official character of the gesture.

    The Movement also expressed full solidarity with the militant Catholics of northern Italy, in any way hindered in their legitimate attempts to demonstrate against the obscene homosexual parade

    1. in Milan”

      “The Catholic Political Movement Militia Christi, to respond to the provocative euro-pride parade that will pass through the city of Rome on June 11, staged a sit-in Christian witness, to show by deeds that we Catholics do not accept this attack the family, the natural moral before the Christian concept of humanity to the rectum. Vittorio, where several tents were assembled for the so-called “Pride Park”.

      The Movement has posted the night, one of the park’s entrance gates of Piazza Vittorio, a banner that read: “WELCOME TO PRIDE PORK!”, To emphasize the true nature of the homosexual event.

      The initiative expresses the indignation of a whole neighborhood to the organization and from the town of Rome, with a tone appropriate to the gravity of the offense.”

      Complaints have been made to the Italian police about Militia Christi harassing and assaulting LGBT people.

  7. These Catholics who call themselves Militia Christi come from the middle ages and are the ones who carried out the inquisitions, where they burned and murdered millions of innocent people in the name of the Catholic religion who called them sinners. They are still doing that today in their own way and to put it mildly they have serious mental problems. These Christian terrorist need to be stopped before they destroy more lives in the name of their “religion”.

    1. Absolutely they have the potential to engage in terrorism in the name of the RC church – they also have links to the Vatican.

      Worrying times.

  8. The US chapter state that part of their purpose is :

    “Our essential purpose, fundamentally tied to our very existence, is the Reign of the Divine Redeemer, Christ the King, in the heart of society. It is for this which we fought and died in the past. It is for this that we work today. It is for this that we may again be called to take up the sword.”

    We need to be worried – this could be an uprise of Christian terrorism and militia Christi seems to be extreme and militant homophobes.

    1. Dr Robin Guthrie 7 Apr 2012, 3:56am

      And you are just noticing this now.

      What was with all the religious apologist crap you came up with before.

      Perhaps, such things are regional and did not affect you then but are now.

      They are already doing it via the Telegraph, C4M, Daily Mail, UKIP, Anglican Church, Catholic Church, Orthodox Jews. Just what does it take for you to realise that these religious goons will put you down via well financed mass organised situations.

      These people are dangerous.

      1. Been drinking the red wine again?

        I very clearly in my previous comments (and my opinions have not changed) said some religious people were subvertive, dangerous and damaging (eg Cardinal O Brien or this group of apparent terrorists).

        I also very clearly said that some Christians were not eg Unitarians, Quakers, and other pro-gay Christians.

        You and I may disagree with the ideiology and theology of pro-gay Christians but that does not mean they are not an ally. Nor does saying they are small in number wash (we are seeking minority rights, and saying others rights do not matter because they are a minority is specious at best). It also fails to account for gay Christians – that may not affect you or me, but I support minority rights.

        Those evil pieces of work that are against us need to be opposed, but we need to demonstrate our ability to engage in argument at a higher level rather than condemning all religious people.

        1. Agreed.

  9. Militia Christi means war for Christ and seeks to engage in war for the service of the church.

    Reports exist of concern about antisemitism of Militia Christi
    “Pro-Jewish attitudes within the Church are rejected by a small number of fringe fundamentalist groups who oppose these concessions, especially those that date from the 1960s papacy of John XXIII. These groups adhere to classical accusations of Jewish deicide, the occult power of Jews, links with Freemasonry and anti-Christian conspiracies, and believe the innovations effected by the Second Vatican Council go against tradition. They deny being antisemitic, and only sometimes define themselves as ‘anti-Zionists’. While these groups command little support, they are quite active, occasionally publishing small periodicals, participating in conferences and small demonstrations. The Militia Christi (Militia of Christ) in Rome is one such group. Following an attempted arson attack on its headquarters in February 1997, the group …

    1. … that the culprits were part of the ‘anti-Christian occult power of Zionism’ and ‘the extreme left which knowingly or not is at the service of abominable, intolerant, defamatory and violent Zionism’. In May 1999 antisemitic pamphlets issued by Militia Christi were reportedly circulating in Rome. Another group, Sodalizio cattolico (Catholic Fellowship), was set up by former staff members of Sodalitium. Under the name Coordinamento cattolico-tradizionista (Catholic Traditional Co-ordination), the group relaunched the book Misteri e segreti del B’nai B’rith (Mysteries and Secrets of B’nai B’rith, see above) together with members of Militia Christi and Legio christiana.

      1. Christian Terrorism seems to be always closely linked to Militia Christi

  10. Lumi Bast 6 Apr 2012, 9:22pm

    A union between two men or two women is equal to that between a man and a woman

    Anything said by a religion that follows a made up evil book does not count in my opinion, they’re just sad and pathetic

  11. Paddyswurds 6 Apr 2012, 10:17pm

    Oh , don’t fool yourself the raped the little girls as well……

  12. I am so over Italy and that hideous enclave The Vatican!

  13. KatieMUrphy 7 Apr 2012, 1:49am

    note the name – militia in italian.

    Wonder if the church will go back to its old ways of suprressing dissent

    Torture and mass murder by fire.

    BTW I have a cross – its made of two dildos and is just the right thing to take to outside school events by nut case preachers.

    And also to take to the local gay bars.

  14. the catholic church is full of child abuses the sooner the church is grounded the better for humanity. they look upon a man the pope a child abuser

  15. GingerlyColors 7 Apr 2012, 6:07am

    Icebergs ahead for those unsinkable Christian militants.

  16. The great thing about catholics boycotting gay themed movies is that it always backfires with a serious case of the Streisand effect.
    Father Ted had it about right…
    “down with this sort of thing”
    “Careful now”

    1. Spanner1960 8 Apr 2012, 11:54pm

      “Feck!”, “Arse!”, “Drink!”

  17. DJ Sheepiesheep 7 Apr 2012, 10:16am

    Poo on the Penis…… that near Stow on the Wold and Moreton on the Marsh? I’m sure it must be in the Cotswolds.

  18. Colonel "hot lips" Smythe-Fortesque 7 Apr 2012, 6:45pm

    How can they boycott something they would never attend anyway? All stuff and nonsense.

    All Italian men are totally camp anyway.

  19. Paddyswurds 7 Apr 2012, 8:02pm

    …. I just watched Prayers for Bobby, and i thank you for the recommendation. I was in tears by the end. Sigourney Weaver played a blinder as usual as the devastated Mum.
    If you want to watch the full version is available on Youtube at this link
    Do watch especially if you are a parent .

  20. My 2cents 7 Apr 2012, 8:40pm

    Does anyone believe that renegade groups like Militia Christi could exist one moment without support from the catholic hierarchy? Is there anything that the catholic church will not do to preserve its decreasing stranglehold? We are talking about a church that for decades covered up the systematic rape of children and the theft and sale of newborn babies. A church that is responsible for millions of deaths in Africa due to its advocacy against the use of condoms. This vile institution can only thrive where ignorance of its history prevails. Thanks to the internet, it can no longer run away & reinvent itself.

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