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Gay couple to use White House Easter event to confront Obama

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Reader comments

  1. Probably not the best idea to talk about it before doing it!

    1. momo_hime_777 6 Apr 2012, 5:37pm

      …thinking the same thing.

  2. God Bless them for helping do something that should have been done a long time ago. Now at Easter a time of rebirth it is fitting that they get President Obama to make it so that all LGBT people are treated equally in the work place. President Obama Free the gays like President Lincoln Freed the slaves.

  3. Look forward to hearing what happens on Monday …

  4. Would it really be a victory? Just like state rights or protections for government employees it only protects a small fraction of the LGBT comm. Victories in small battles does nothing to win the war if the other side swoops in & comes up with national laws against LGBT. I know what many would say and that it takes baby steps but these baby steps that we are making also give time to the religious groups to strike a larger victory. In the US you need to look at what it took for national passage of women rights or that of minorities. There were not a lot of small battles over many decades. It all boiled up as those that were discriminated against finally said that they had enough and took a stand. Maybe that time is now. Maybe every person in the LGBT comm. along with their friends and family should march on DC and/or the state capital or nearest large city. Maybe we should use June 28th as that date? Stonewall and the proximity to the celebration of US Independence.

    1. It would be a step forward, but they would need to pursue wider benefits too.

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