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Australian faith leaders declare support for gay couples marrying

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Reader comments

  1. Great to see those religious leaders who are pro-gay making their position clear in Australia.

    Out of interest, has the level of vitriol from the RC church in Australia been as caustic and offensive as that of Cardinal O’Brien in the UK?

    1. Robert in S. Kensington 6 Apr 2012, 4:29pm

      I suspect we will hear identical comments as this progresses. The church in Spain was extremely vitriolic when equal marriage was being debated. We can expect to hear the usual mantras….polygamy, incest, bestiality nonsense as it moves forward in Australia.

  2. The number of Priests/Ministers prepared to publicly support has risen to 50, with maybe more to follow. See more here

  3. I assume Margaret Court is not among their number.

  4. Right. We need to get this sorted in the UK.

    The religious opposition have had their say; we need to hear from religious leaders in favour. the Dean of St Paul’s would be a good place to start.

  5. Thank God, this gives us faith in faith leaders. It is always good to hear good news about religion when they are not hating and bashing somebody or LGBT people. It seems all one sees today is how the church is at war with gays or Muslims or who ever they hate, like minority religions, etc.

  6. Lumi Bast 6 Apr 2012, 9:19pm

    If they were real Christians they would be against same sex marriage, because their Bible speaks out against homosexuality

    The only thing that matters is civil marriage

    1. de Villiers 6 Apr 2012, 9:35pm

      It’s not for you to define who is a real Christian any more than it is for a religious individual to define who is a proper gay or trans person.

      1. A real Christian is someone who follows the Christian Bible, which says men who have sex with men are an abomination and should be put to death, says that homosexuality is unnatural, and says that homosexuals will not inherit the kingdom of God.

        If you believe in a God like that, that’s pathetic.

        1. Utter nonsense. Every text needs interpretation. Get in touch with Karl Hand – who is mentioned in the article – Google his name and read what he’s written. He’s very gay and very biblical

        2. By cherrypicking the bible you can support a whole host of crimes against humanity. Not only murdering gay people. How about slavery? Child-rape? Ethnic cleansing?

          I’m not a Christian, so what you all believe is irrelevant to me, but these people who signed this letter seem to take away the good parts of the bible. The “love your neighbour” and “do unto others” parts. Calling them “not real Christians” says a lot more about you than them.

          1. de Villiers 7 Apr 2012, 9:35pm

            They are Christians but have a poor understanding or interpretation of the texts – or perhaps a simplistic one.

            Being ‘x’, whatever is ‘x’, is often a fact rather than an idea. The exception appears to be America where you can be un-American by one’s behaviour. I have never heard of a person being un-English or un-French.

      2. de Villiers 7 Apr 2012, 12:46pm

        Lumi, you do not know what you are saying. It is really ignorant and uninformed. How upset would you be if one were to start spouting about what was the meaning of a gay person or a transsexual if they had no real knowledge or learning of it.

        I do not believe in the simplistic notion of the divine that you have raised. It is not a meaningful description of what is a fairly complicated subject.

  7. Interesting. My old church, Hillsong church in Sydney, isn’t listed. If I recall correctly the founding pastor was very fond of young boys.

    Ah, wait. That was a secret. It came out just before I left.

    1. Hear God Word
      Romans 1:26 – 27
      26 Because of this, God gave them over to shameful lusts. Even their women exchanged natural relations for unnatural ones. 27 In the same way the men also abandoned natural relations with women and were inflamed with lust for one another. Men committed indecent acts with other men, and received in themselves the due penalty for their perversion.

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