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Activists in St Petersburg arrested for protesting against ‘gay propaganda’ ban

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Reader comments

  1. I just don’t know what Russian LGBT people can do about this…non-LGBT people are mostly so wrapped up in their own lives to engage with an issue that doesn’t directly affect them.

    How can they be motivated to help?

    1. It is rather tricky… if they say anything now they can pretty much just arrest you. =/

  2. Well done St Petersburg, the law was broken and they acted on it.

  3. The Russian have a way of making the truth go away, like putting people in prisons and mental hospitals. To be sure these two men were brave. Now if only more men were as brave as that, to stand up the to oppression of governments and religions and speak the truth to help set all LGBT people free. The majority of people want freedom and only a small percentage of people want to oppress them so if all people who want freedom stood up there would be a change. Fear is used to stop people but if those fears were exposed and the people who create that fear were exposed then the majority of people would go free. Now is the time to be brave people and stand up for freedom of all LGBT people around the world and know that it is really just a few little mad men who want you to fear them. Expose them and their fears and you will overcome them and get freedom for all.

    1. George I agree with you to a point. I think the better way to look at trying to get others to accept the gay population is for them to understand when they are being hateful and bigoted towards gays that this could include others that are close to them like friends, brothers, sisters, uncles, aunts, dads, moms, etc. Unfortunately in some places it is still very dangerous to come out. This could cost someone their freedom or even their life. I agree also that there is a few loud mouth haters that are able to stir up others but unfortunately they do have their followers that consume all the hate they spew and many of these have resources (money) that we don’t have.

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